Is Waking Up Between 3-5 AM A Sign Of Spiritual Awakening?

Hey earth angels, Melanie Beckler here. And in this video we’re going to look
at what it means when you keep waking up between three and 5:00 AM
without planning on it. So this can be a sign
of spiritual awakening, but it can also be something else. And so we’re going to look at what it
means to wake up between three and 5:00 AM from three different perspectives so you
can identify for yourself what it means for you. So before we dive in, I do just want to say that this time
period between three and 5:00 AM coincides with what is known as the witching hour. So this is a time in which the veil is
thin and accessing the higher realms of spirit becomes easier. It’s a time of internalized consciousness
when most people in your local area are still sleeping. And so it can facilitate
further awakening, clear communication, and receiving clear guidance from
spirit and even opening your third eye. So more on that in a second, but first, let’s dive into the first layer of
meaning about what waking up between three and 5:00 AM means. Because it’s not always a
sign of spiritual awakening. And while I personally am not a Chinese
medicine expert or practitioner, I know just enough about Chinese medicine
to understand that different periods of the day are associated with different
organs and systems of the body. So from a Chinese medicine perspective, waking up between one and 3:00 AM can
be a sign of liver chi stagnation. So the energy of your liver
could be stagnant in some way. So if this is you, if you’re
waking up between one and 3:00 AM, it would be good to ask yourself, have you been experiencing signs
of liver energy stagnation, like irritability and anger? Were you drinking alcohol
before you went to sleep? Or are there other factors that you’re
aware of that can validate this Chinese medicine perspective that your liver may
be crying out for some help between one and 3:00 AM in the morning now from
three to 5:00 AM in Chinese medicine, this time period is
associated with the lung. So waking up between 3:00 and
5:00 AM without planning on it, without an alarm clock. Of course this can be a sign of
a lung imbalance that your body, your lungs are literally reaching
out for help for your awareness. So if you’re waking up
between three and 5:00 AM, it’s a good thing to ask yourself, have you been experiencing
sadness or grief, which are correlated with the lung and
maybe contributing to that imbalance of lung energy? And if the answer is yes to either
of those for liver or for lung, it would be a good idea to do a little
more digging and research a about how to clear those emotions. That can be the cause and trigger of an
imbalance and blockage in your physical body. But then also to step up the self
love and care for your physical body, for your lungs, for your liver.
So that’s the first perspective. And in that area, it’s not exactly
a sign of spiritual awakening, but it is a sign that
your body is reaching out, reminding you to do the
emotional clearing work. Because when your emotions
are clear and centered, higher light is able to flow through
you and you’re also able to access clear divine wisdom and guidance within
because your emotional state is balanced. Now onto the second layer of meaning
about what it means when you’re waking up between three and 5:00 AM from a
spiritual awakening perspective. So I mentioned before that this
coincides with the witching hour, which is sometimes seen as being from
3:00 AM to 5:00 AM it’s sometimes seen from being 2:00 AM to
4:00 AM but either way, it’s about these early morning hours
being a time when the veil is thin. And so with this you’re waking up at
this time could be a call from spirit, a call from your team of guides, a call from your soul to get you aware
and alert at this hour so you can progress in your awareness
and consciousness to unlock
further levels of your clairvoyant perception and receive higher
guidance that is available to you to guide you, to support you in your life. And one of the things I’ve noticed from
myself when I’ve woken up during these times on a regular basis,
and in talking to others, you’ll often wake up in this window to
receive guidance that’s meant to help get you on track with the
purpose of your soul, with your soul work and soul mission,
and doing your work in the world. So this time period is one in which
you have easy access to the hypnagogic state, the state of consciousness that is in
between being awake and being asleep. You’re not fully awake and
grounded in waking reality, but you’re not asleep and anchored in
the dream world of the subconscious. Either you have a foot in both and
essentially have a foot in neither. And this hypnogogic state is incredibly
conducive to activating clairvoyant perception and to tuning in to
higher guidance and clear sight. Alternatively, it’s an insurance
point into the astral realm. Things like astral travel or out of
body experiences can be more readily available at this time. But for me, it’s also just an opportunity and
a reminder to connect with spirit, to become receptive and
aware of the higher guidance
that is available to you in that moment. So there may be a tendency from the
lower ego mind to get a little worktop or frustrated thinking, why am
I awake? I’m awake again. I’m going to be so tired at work tomorrow. Do your best to release those
thoughts. Quiet the ego mind, reinforced yourself. I’m going to feel great and be energized
tomorrow regardless of how much sleep I get tonight. And then just
become aware and tune in. I recommend tuning in through your heart
center at this time to go within to access the infinite field, the quantum field of possibility through
which you then are able to open to the guidance, clarity, insight and love that is available
from spirit for you at that time. And now the third level of meaning that
also coincides with waking up between three and 5:00 AM being a
sign of spiritual awakening, is that this is a powerful
time for manifestation, for co-creating with spirit
blessings in your life. There is a beautiful Rumi quotes that
I want to share with you that is: “The breeze at Dawn has secrets to
tell you don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep.” So this is a
profound teaching in a short amount of words. It illustrates that this is a time in
which you can co-create with spirit. And so this could take a
couple of forms. On one hand, you could stay laying there in bed, basking in that hypnogogic state
between sleep and being fully awake, meditating, opening your heart,
filling yourself up with light, connecting with your teams and
spirit, raising your vibration. And then from that centered aware, high vibrational state where you’re
connected to the vast fields of infinite possibility, you can call forth the clear feeling
and vision and knowing of what you truly desire in your life. Paint the picture in your mind of what
your life will look like when your desire becomes a reality. Feel the emotions of your
deepest desires coming true, the sheer joy and elation of being alive, knowing that you’ve created
incredible experiences in your life. See, feel, know, experience, the reality you desire to manifest
as if it’s already come true. Feel the feeling, bask in the joy and beauty
of your manifestation, anchoring with your life and know
that doing this at this time, early in the morning is a powerful way
to manifest and you are supported and able to cocreate with spirit to
manifest blessings in your life. Now, the other side of this Rumi
quote, don’t go back to sleep. Speaks about this being a
powerful time for creation. So on one hand it’s a powerful
time where the veil is thin, where your psychic senses are amplified. So if your desire is to further awake in
your clairvoyance, your clear audience, your clear perception of spirit, this is a very powerful time
to get up, to sit up straight, to meditate and to tune in. It would be a great time to check out
my third eye opening meditation that guides you to activate your third eye in
a tactile and powerful way so that you can perceive clearly the higher light of
spirit and receive the divine guidance available to you. So get up and do the meditation to
activate your psych excite and activate an expanded sense of awakened
consciousness that is available to you. Now the other side of the coin is
that it’s a powerful time of creation. There are many incredibly successful
people in the world. Wayne Dyer, comes to mind. He was someone who was very vocal about
the fact that he would wake up at like 3:00 AM and that’s when
he wrote his books. I know Hal Elrod is another author who
publicly proclaims that he wakes up in these early morning hours because that’s
when he’s creative because that’s when he’s able to flow the
guidance of spirit through. So are you a writer? Have
you been wanting to write? Do you wake up with an idea,
get up, put pen to paper, and allow that transmission of guidance
and inspiration to flow through you. My husband also regularly wakes up
between four 30 and five in the morning because he’s driven. He knows what his purpose is and likes
using those early morning hours to get into action to get into
the flow of creation. So as you can see, there’s a few different angles and layers
of meaning about what it could mean for you when you wake up between three
and 5:00 AM and the key to unlocking what it means for you is awareness. When you wake up at those
early morning hours, tune in, ask yourself, ask your
guides. Why am I awake? Now tune in to your emotions. Is there a heavy emotion
coming up for release? Was there some crazy dream that’s
coming up to be remembered or cleared? Is there some guidance?
It’s coming in for you, or is there a desire that you
have that you want to manifest? Or is there a reason for
you to get out of bed? Do that meditation or start writing to
allow divine guidance and inspiration to flow through you? I can’t
answer this question for you. It’s very personal, but you have the guidance within you
that you need to unlock the answer and clear knowing that is available
to you in every moment, not only in the wee early hours of the
morning and every moment when you clear your mind, open your heart, drop your awareness inward and tune in. So I hope this video has been
helpful for you. If it has, please give it a thumbs up. Also, comment below and let me know if you do
often wake up earlier in the morning, let me know what time, because if a lot
of you are waking up at a certain time, we could dive in a little deeper into
intricacies of those certain times and of course the numerology and
angel number meanings, but really ask, why am I awake
now? What do I need to know? And then tune in. Thank
you so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next video.

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