Ism-e-Zaat Allah Ki Kunji Kis Ke Paas Hai? | By Younus AlGohar

Ism-e-Zaat Allah Ki Kunji Kis Ke Paas Hai? | By Younus AlGohar

Who Holds the Key of God’s Personal Name? For God’s name to enter the heart and the heartbeats begin echoing with the name of God continuously this is a great blessing from God, it is not a joke or a game. There has never been a single person in the entire human history who has been able to invoke the heartbeats with the name of God with his own efforts; neither has there been any prophet or any saint who has managed to do this. This is God’s mercy and blessings and he can grant it to whomsoever he wishes. And for this purpose God has his own staff, obviously God doesn’t do everything on his own. God has a staff of his own. No matter which office you go to you’ll find out that the concerned party does not do the work all by himself or herself, they employ staff to do the work. In a similar way, God has his own staff which consists of Muakkilat (angel-like creatures), Gabriel etc. This staff is responsible for completing tasks for God at Arsh-e-Ilahi (The Throne of God). God has also appointed his staff on earth. The Earth-staff are those who have been granted God’s friendship and God stays in contact with them. They are commonly known as Siddiqeen, Sualiheen, Fuqra, Saints etc There are many different ranks. Whichever aspect they are experts in becomes their title. For example, some people complete MBBS and become physicians. The common doctors we go to when we have a cold or flu, they check our pulse and measure our heartbeats and check our temperature and they give us some medication, they are physicians. They are very common doctors. There are some doctors who learn the knowledge of blood: pathology and they are called pathologists. Some people specialise in bone structure, some people specialise in ailments of the heart and they are heart-specialists. Similarly, in this path [of Spirituality] some are Sualiheen and they are those whose souls have become enlightened and begin to engage in the worships that the body carries out. When the souls become enlightened they perform the same worships as the body. Such people are Sualiheen. Amal-e-Sualeh are the deeds in which your souls are involved. People in Pakistan translate ‘Amal-e-Sualeh’ to mean ‘good deeds’ That’s what they say, don’t they? And the Amal-e-Sualeh have a lot of value in God’s eyes. God grants great rewards for them. Now, let’s suppose that a man is feeding the poor and his act of kindness is being printed in the newspaper and people are praising but he only feeds them when his photos are being printed in the papers and the cameraman is there. If his photos are not being printed in the papers then he would not feed the poor, so can we declare this as Amal-e-Sualeh? It’s not considered a good deed if it is done just for the purpose of showing off it will definitely not be accepted by God. Therefore, you cannot call every good deed ‘Amal-e-Sualeh’. The deeds of the body which are good are called ‘Hasanat’ What are they called? Hasanat And the deeds in which your heart and soul are involved are not ‘Hasanat’, they are Amal-e-Sualeh. So, there are some people who are called Sualiheen. They are those who offer Salat with their body and their soul comes out of the body and offers Salat with them as well as the sub-spirits of the Spiritual Heart. Helping the poor For example, Waqar went to Burma and Syria, and rescued so many families from there and resettled them in Nepal. Of course, he [Waqar] will not stay there for the rest of his life however, once his souls become enlightened and strengthened, he will be sleeping in his home and his souls will go to Burma and help people. It would become a mystery! People will say that Waqar Zaka was dancing in a club, how did he come here? How did this happen? A fight will ensue. Faiz will say, ‘No, he was in the Ministry of Sound club with me.’ And the Rohingya Muslims will send messages like, ‘Thank you, Waqar for coming here to rescue us.’ What will that mean? It will mean it was his souls When the souls become enlightened and they leave the body then the body can continue sleeping. This is freedom. Freedom from what? You are imprisoned in your body. You are imprisoned in your own self. The body is a prison. Prophet Mohammad stated something in a Prophetic Tradition and upon hearing it, you will understand why he said it. Prophet Mohammad: This world is a prison for an Enlightened Believer (Momin). Who is the Momin? The Soul. The soul is the Momin for which this body is a prison. When all these souls leave the body, then what is death? Then how will you die? Everything inside you has come out, just the body is left. Everything the body is supposed to do is being done by the souls; they are able to travel. One of the souls is present here and another soul is in the Kaaba. Mujaddid Alif Thani was approached by some people who said, ‘We saw you at Kaaba one day.’ He said, ‘I didn’t go, I was here.’ A few days later another group came and said, ‘We saw you at Medina.’ He said, ‘I didn’t go, I was here.’ They told him they were certain they saw him at these places and he said, ‘I did not go.’ They asked him who was it, that looked exactly like him. He said, ‘They were my inner.’ What is inside you? Your souls. This is the special knowledge. Many Spiritual Dignitaries have said in Punjabi – Punjabi Proverb – It’s not suitable to speak of the special knowledge amongst the commoners. – Punjabi Proverb – And if you do that then the commoners will only oppose you and degrade you. This is because this is for the elite and this knowledge is not understood by common folks. Speaking of the special knowledge amongst the common folks is just like cooking a sweet dish for a street dog and asking it, ‘How does it taste like?’ What will the dog say? The dog will not understand it. This is the special knowledge and it will never be understood by the common folks, because it is not in their destiny. God does not make everyone his beloved. However, those who are chosen to become God’s beloved, then the first step for that, according to the road-map is that their heartbeats will become synchronised with God’s name. Once this happens, then believe me this simply means that God has chosen you for his friendship. Now, your spiritual graph will gradually increase, it shall never decrease. You will continue to gain close proximity with God. Your mind, your Spiritual Heart and your intellect will continue to be purified, the transparency will continue to increase. As the time goes by and the production of Divine Energy in the bloodstream increases, the graph will continue to increase. Do you understand? His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said about this knowledge that the people who abide by Sharia (religious law) are incompetent as compared to those who obtain the Divine Energy God says to them, ‘Look at my creation so that the Divine Energy from your sight enters them and they come under my blessings.’ So, there’s a difference between the two. One is restlessly worshipping to obtain salvation and the other does nothing for his own salvation, rather, he is connecting humanity to God. Can every man connect people to God? No. Then who can? One who has been chosen by God. When God chooses someone then he grants them this knowledge and this power. God’s name does not enter one’s heart by itself. Those who think that this is no phenomenon and can be done by anyone are more than welcome to try. What are you and what am I? This phenomenon is not even in the hands of any prophet nor any Faqir nor any special friend of God. This only occurs upon God’s wishes. When God wants it to happen then he uses the intermediary of his saints and his friends. If God doesn’t want it to happen then everything is useless. However, when God does want it to happen, he can use anyone as an intermediary. When God does want it to happen, he can use anyone as an intermediary. Now, HDE Gohar Shahi spent 20 years on dispensing this knowledge. 20 years . Since 1980 or 1981, HDE Gohar Shahi contended to bring prosperity to Spirituality. This endeavour began to target the the souls that recited the Declaration of Faith in God’s presence in the Primordial Times. The souls who recited the Declaration of Faith in God’s presence are called ‘Predestined Loving Souls’. And when they entered the world, those predestined loving souls have this passion in their hearts to reach God. They are born, they go to school but their souls are dormant. Gradually, they reach puberty and adolescence and when they grow up, they have this fire in them for God’s love but they don’t understand it because their souls are dormant. The yearning and longing for God’s love is present in them but it takes them to the dancing floors or they become lost in the bottle. But that thirst is for God’s love. The thirst for God’s love. And when their time comes, God guides them towards a Spiritual Guide. Nothing God does is a coincidence. If you think something is coincidental then that is not the case. God makes plans and he is one to take precautions. The events of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow have been planned by God a long time ago. Everything is pre planned by God. Do you understand? With the blessings and grace of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, the teachings of Spirituality have become common and His Divine Eminence has also conferred the permission now, I would like to say something here Many Spiritual Dignitaries came who we say are either from the Qadri Sufi Order, Naqshbandi Sufi Order and some Spiritual Dignitaries belong to the Soharwardi Sufi Order and some belong to the Chishti Sufi Order. There is one group of people who raise slogans for Moula Ali and we know them as Shi’ites, however, according to the esoteric knowledge, the people who have actually obtained spiritual benevolence from Moula Ali belong to the Chishti Sufi Order. Do you understand? There are those who think they are connected to Moula Ali exoterically. However, there is a group of people who have obtained spiritual benevolence from Moula Ali spiritually and that Sufi Order is called ‘Chishti’. They are also called the Chishti Family in Spirituality. Who are the Spiritual Dignitaries of the Chishti Family? If you go to India, there is a saint called Usman Harwani and his disciple, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Khwaja Bakhtyar Kaki, Baba Farid Ganj Shakar these people belong to the Chishti Family. Although in terms of Spirituality, the Qadri Sufi Order is the greatest Sufi Order and our initial teachings also follow the Qadri Sufi Order. However, personally I am fond of the Spiritual Dignitaries of the Chishti Sufi Order. The Qadri and Naqshbandi Spiritual Dignitaries have been quite arid. Whereas the Spiritual Dignitaries of the Chishti Family, like Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, Ameer Khusro, Nizamuddin Auliyah, they were so great, and Baba Farid, I feel a special connection to them. Although I am not related to the Chishti Family but I enjoy their spiritual temperament and their spiritual lifestyle, it’s quaint and romantic. And the other Sufi Order, which was our initial system, the Qadri Sufi Order which has the spiritual benevolence from Abdul Qadir Jilani. And the Spiritual Benevolence of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order comes from Abu Bakkar Siddique. And the Soharwardi Sufi Order they are like the half-caste children whose parents are of different races. Or like when a donkey and a horse copulate, the offspring is called ‘mule’. And then there is something like that in alcohol as well, there is Russian Vodka and Absolute Vodka, mixing the two together creates a new brand called ‘Mule’. In a similar way, the Spiritual Dignitaries of the Chishti and Naqshbandi Sufi Orders, the combined spiritual benevolence of the two creates a new kind of Sufi Order which was called ‘Soharwardi’, like Sheikh Shahab al-Din Soharwardi. Now, all of these different Sufi Orders are attached to the chest of Prophet Mohammad (Saw). All these Sufi Orders reconnect at one place. Now, the final Ghous-e-Zamma in Pakistan was a retired army officer in Kohat, Mohammad Ishaq. He left the army and built a Khanqah. Mohammad Ishaq was from Naqshbandi. Sultan Haq Bahu was from the Qadri Sufi Order. Amongst all these Sufi Orders, superiority, was granted to the Qadri Sufi Order. Why? Because Prophet Mohammad did not give the key to the Personal Name of God to anyone else for except Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. This is why his rank amongst the saints was the highest. Whether it is the Chishti, Naqshbandi, Soharwardi Sufi Order or any other Sufi Order or any other saint, even if the saint is one who has seen God but he was not granted the permission to enlighten the hearts of people with God’s name by God. So what happened? God appointed one personality: Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani and then he further delegated this power. Do you understand? Therefore, before the arrival of HDE Gohar Shahi, it was not possible for anyone’s heart to become revived directly. So what happened? First the aspirant would have to purify the Carnal Self for 12 years in the jungle, after spending 12 years in the purification of the Carnal Self. Now, to purify the Carnal Self one had to follow either the Chishti, Soharwardi or Naqshbandi Sufi Order. After adopting these Sufi Orders, you would learn the teachings of purifying the Carnal Self and when the Carnal Self would become purified after 12 years, then the Spiritual Dignitary from either the Soharwardi Family or the Chishti Family or the Naqshbandi Family, then he would have to make a request to Abdul Qadir Jilani to accept you for Opening of the Spiritual Heart. And then, with the permission of Abdul Qadir Jilani, that particular saint would be able to grant you Opening of the Spiritual Heart. So that would happen after 12 years spent in purification of the Carnal Self. After 12 years, then the saint must request Abdul Qadir Jilani to accept you. So, the key was with Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Have you understood so far? There has not been a single saint, for except Abdul Qadir Jilani, who had the key to God’s Personal Name. Do you understand? Now, in order to obtain Opening of the Spiritual Heart through God’s Personal Name, the very first condition is purification of the Carnal Self by adopting a particular Sufi Order. And it would take 12 years to purify the Carnal Self; without consuming anything prohibited. If there was a single morsel of unlawful provisions in your earnings, then the Bayt (pledge of allegiance) would be broken. People say such terrible things when they join the gathering, as if they know what Spirituality is. They come and swear at us. For 12 years one would have to be extremely diligent in abiding the religious law, if you uttered a single profanity, you would be exiled from Spirituality. And if you still don’t mend your ways then the Spiritual Guide would send the divine creatures to beat you up. God is a witness. I am speaking about the initial stages. In the first three years, after meeting His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. In the first three years, if I was able to wake up in the morning for Fajr Salat, it was a very good thing. I’m telling you the truth and the days I was unable to get up, I would be beaten up so much, sometimes the divine creatures would come and sometimes the jinns. A slap from here, a punch from there and if I still didn’t get up then they would carry on beating me and tell me to go to the mosque. They would beat you up badly. I began to say I don’t want to adopt Spirituality, let me sleep. I don’t want Spirituality! But it would go unheard. This went on for three years. It ended when one day, late at night, around 3:00 or 3:30 AM I was returning home from a programme in Clifton, all the way to Pak Colony, on foot. I was extremely tired and my parents had locked all the doors and it was the winter season. I climbed the wall and jumped into the house and I injured my leg very badly and it was fractured and I began to bleed. But I was so afraid that my father would wake up and beat me more that I didn’t even cry. I sat quietly and spent the night on the patio and then suddenly, I saw a beam of light came from above which began showering theophanies upon my heart. My heart came out of my body, it was completely black. The theophanies continued to fall upon the heart, so much so that it began to shine like a mirror. And then the Name of God came flying from the sky and stuck to the heart. And then, my heartbeats ever since then have been so rapid, even right now, right this minute. When I stand on the ground, [the force keeping us grounded] is called gravity in the scientific language. However, in spiritual language, the core of the earth is called Earth’s heart; the centre. God has placed a heartbeat in Earth’s core and that heartbeat says ‘Allah Hu, Allah Hu, Allah Hu’. This is why God said, ‘Everything in the world invokes God’ The heartbeat which says ‘Allah Hu’ within the core of the earth, the voice, the heat and the vibrations are reaching the entire world; the trees, mountains, oceans This is why God said, ‘Everything in the world invokes God’ However, when the Name of God came and became affixed on the heart, I felt for the first time ever that my heartbeats were faster than the Earth’s heartbeat. So when they became faster than the Earth’s heartbeats and I stand on the ground, I feel like the ground is shaking. I would begin walking and stop and the ground was still shaking. I feel this on many occasions. And this happens when the vibrations of the heart become stronger and greater than the Earth’s heart . And when your heart’s vibrations increase then your gravity also increases. However, this is a spiritual phenomenon and when you experience it then you will understand it yourself. When the Personal Name of God ‘Allah’ came onto the heart I was no longer being beaten up. The divine creatures would come and just stand there and tell me to offer Salat. If I would say I will offer Salat, they would be happy and if I said I am sleeping, they would return. They would go back. So when this happened, I immediately went and told His Divine Eminence. I said, ‘The divine creatures came and they didn’t hurt me! They left! And His Divine Eminence very strictly said, ‘No, now you must offer Salat. Now you must not neglect Salat at any cost. You must continue to offer Salat.’ So I was to offer Salat regularly, without fai I said, ‘My Lord, the name of God has entered my heart now.’ His Divine Eminence said, ‘One whose heart shines with God’s name must not neglect Salat.’ I thought it would be okay to neglect it but that is not the case. You must have heard it as well. Now, this was a strict order from His Divine Eminence so I could not slack on offering Salat. And then the way I offered Salat was so intense that I became worried. I would go to offer Salat in the mosque, ‘Allah Hu Akbar’, the clerics are reciting the Koran in the mosque and suppose they are reciting ‘Kul ho Allah ho ahad, Allah ho samad’, but I would hear Surah Rehman coming from my heart. My heart would not follow the cleric, it would offer its own Salat with zeal and fervour. And then, I would be offering the Friday prayers and the clerics would finish it up within five minutes and the Salat from within wouldn’t end. My heart would start reciting lengthy verses like Surah Baqahrah and I would have to stand there and wait. So, I would go to the mosques to offer Salat and people would leave after ten minutes and I would have to stay there for three hours. hese were some issues that arose. Three hours! It would take an hour for each rakat. No worry about the surroundings. I would be oblivious to who is around me because when the heart is reciting then the body was like it’s under the effect of chloroform or anesthesia, completely unaware. My body would become drained of energy. I would offer the Isha Salat and honestly, may God curse the liars, just to offer the four obligatory rakat i it would often take six hours. But then, gradually what happened was, let’s say right now I am tired and it is time to pray and I am telling myself I will go, I will pray, what a nuisance. I will go! One day, what happened was I was just thinking that I will go and pray, I looked up and saw that I am offering Salat. I was sitting due to laziness but I saw that I was indeed offering Salat. And I’m offering Salat and at the same time I’m sitting watching myself and I begin to think it would be amazing if I could just carry on watching myself like this, I’d continue to offer Salat and watch myself doing it. This whole time I thought I was just imagining it that I am offering Salat. It never occured to me that it is actually me offering Salat, I always thought that it’s my imagination. I’m tired so I’m thinking wouldn’t it be great if I just sit here and the Salat is being offered at the same time? Who wants to spend six hours doing it? One day, while I was sleeping. Now, my father used to taunt me and say, ‘Oh, he thinks he is a dervish. He’s sleeping and it’s time to offer Fajr prayers.’ He belonged to the Chishti Sufi Order and he would criticise a lot ‘What is this?’ ‘What kind of Spirituality is this?’ ‘He offers all other prayers but not the Fajr prayer, I curse your Spirituality.’ He would say this and leave. But one day, after accursing me as per usual, he left to go to the mosque to pray and upon arriving he saw that I was already there. At first he was scared but then he looked closer and realised that it was actually his son. He figured that I must have made my way out of fear. So he prayed and then came back home and saw that I was still asleep. He called my mum, he held the Koran in his hand and asked her whether I went to pray or not. She put her hand on the Koran and said, ‘No, he did not go.’ He placed his hand on the Koran and said, ‘He did go.’ Honestly. One is saying I went and the other is saying I did not go, both swearing by the Koran. This became worrisome. He woke me up and I said, ‘Let’s go to His Divine Eminence.’ I took my father to meet His Divine Eminence. His Divine Eminence said, ‘Yes, this is Spirituality. A time comes when the souls within a human being become revived and enlightened then have the ability to offer Salat as well. Then His Divine Eminence asked my father a question, ‘Tell me, Salat, which has been made obligatory upon you by God, is it necessary while you are living as well as after death?’ My father was silent. He said, ‘I don’t have an answer to that.’ He was told, ‘If this was an obligation only for when you are alive and not after your death then why did Prophet Mohammad see Moses offering Salat in his grave on the Night of Ascension? If this was an obligation for when you are alive then why was he offering Salat in his grave?’ And then His Divine Eminence said to my father, ‘This is the problem with you people, you are aware of the Salat as long as you are alive but who will offer the Salat when you die? Is it written anywhere in the Koran that you are not obligated to offer Salat after death? No. The clerics and those who talk about Sharia (religious law), if you ask them where it is written in the Koran at what point Salat is not obligatory? You think you die and Salat is not obligated on you anymore? You have not died! Your soul is still living! he body went in the grave, not your soul! As long as you have the body, you are aware of the Salat but but when the body perishes and mixes with the earth then who will worry about Salat? No one. And when God asks about Salat on the Day of Judgement, you will have an answer for the Salat you offered in your lifetime, what about all the ones you missed after death? Wouldn’t it be better if you engaged the one thing in Salat which is not affected by life or death? And that thing is your soul. When you engage your soul in Salat then it doesn’t matter whether you are in bed or in the grave, the soul will offer Salat. This is why those who learnt the knowledge of the souls, and they engaged their souls in the worship and prayer, they were the ones who would tell their souls to pray while they slept. They are called ‘Muarifeen’. They are ‘Muarif’. You think they are asleep, no it is their bodies that sleep but their souls are offering Salat with Prophet Mohammad. This is the knowledge of the Muarif. Abu Hurrera concealed this knowledge from Umar bin Khattab who had asked him, ‘You were in the company of the prophet for a long time, tell me what you learnt from Prophet Mohammad.’ Abu Hurrera said, ‘I told you of one type of knowledge but I will not tell you the second because if I do, you would kill me.’ Which knowledge was that? It was the knowledge of your body sleeping while your souls are offering Salat with Prophet Mohammad. The body is sleeping here and your heart is continuously saying ‘Allah Allah’. The body is in the mosque or workplace or with the family and your soul leaves the body to offer Salat in Bait ul Mamour with all the prophets. There is the Sharia (religious law) for the body and there is another Sharia (religious law) for the souls. When Prophet Mohammad lead the Salat
for 124 000 prophets on the Night of Ascension, that is called Shariat-e-Ahmedi which is for the souls. If your soul becomes capable of offering Salat today then you will be eligible to join the Salat of 124 000. That is Shariat-e-Ahmedi and it is the Sharia of the souls in which you must offer Salat at Bait ul Mamour. Some offer Salat on earth and some offer Salat in the higher realms; some offer Salat at Bait ul Mamour. You will offer Salat in accordance to your rank. Bulleh Shah: When I learned about the True Salat, I forgot about the worship places. The True Salat is not offered in mosques or temples, it is offered in the presence of God. The True Salat is one in which you are able to see God. You say ‘Glory to my Lord, the most high’ and God responds with, ‘I am here, worshipper.’ You say ‘Glory to my Lord, the most high’ and God responds with, ‘I am here, worshipper. Carry on.’ When does one obtain this Salat? his Salat is obtained when all your souls are enlightened and empowered with God’s name. They will become fully trained in the span of three years, when they are fully trained they are no longer dependant upon you. For example, a child is dependant upon the mother. When the child grows up then the mother is taken care of by the child. Similarly, currently your body is like a mother to your souls. When you offer Salat with your body and go into prostration, the souls also bend down with the body. When the body straightens up, the souls do the same because they do not have the power to do this on their own. However, when they become enlightened and empowered with Divine Light and leave the body, they will no longer be dependant upon the body. When the souls are no longer dependant upon the body and they reach Bait ul Mamour, then God, as a form of reward, begins to shower theophanies upon the body as well. After which, when people shake the hands and touch the feet of such people, they will obtain Divine Light. his is why people revere the Spiritual Dignitaries. When people make mention of the Spiritual Dignitaries then God showers blessings on them. Do you understand? Now, let’s go back to the Personal Name of God. The Key of the Personal Name of God was only with Abdul Qadir Jilani. The day that His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi declared, The day that His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi declared, ‘When I was in Lal Bagh, Ameer Kalal, the grandson of Abdul Qadir Jilani came to meet me and greeted me on behalf of Abdul Qadir Jilan and passed on the Key to God’s Personal Name.’ Then, a thought came to my mind that the Key to God’s Personal Name was to be given to Imam Mehdi from Abdul Qadir Jilani, so why was it given to His Divine Eminence? I pondered this. And later I realised that His Divine Eminence must be the Imam Mehdi which is why he was given the Keys. What is the evidence for this? If the Key to a lock is only in my possession then the lock cannot be unlocked by anyone else, right? Can someone else unlock it? No, it’s not possible. As long as the Key was with Abdul Qadir Jilani, all the Sufi Orders: Qadri, Chishti, Naqshbandi, Soharwardi all of these four Sufi Orders would dispense Opening of the Spiritual Heart because they had permission from Abdul Qadir Jilani. They would distribute it. And when that Key was transferred to HDE Gohar Shahi from Abdul Qadir Jilani, then none of the four Sufi Orders can render the Opening of the Spiritual Heart. This is what i say: Is there any Naqshbandi in the world who can use the Key of God’s Personal Name to initiate someone’s heart? Is there any Soharwardi Spiritual Dignitary who can do this? Is there any Qadri Spiritual Dignitary who can do this? Is there any Chishti Spiritual Dignitary who can do this? If anyone can do this then the first thing I will say is that I mistakenly believed HDE Gohar Shahi to be Imam Mehdi. That’s what I will say first, and then I will say, ‘Here, I lied, so you should behead me.’ I can’t say anything greater than that. No matter which Sufi Order you adopt, whether it is Qadri, Chishti, Soharwardi or Naqshbandi, no matter which Sufi Order and you ask them to revive someone’s Spiritual Heart: the name of God should be written on the heart and the heartbeats should echo with God’s name. This is not possible. This is because the Key to God’s Personal Name is no longer with Abdul Qadir Jilani. The Key to God’s Personal Name is now with HDE Gohar Shahi. What is the following evidence that the Key to God’s Personal Name is with HDE Gohar Shahi? The following evidence is Waqar. If the Key was in Abdul Qadir Jilani’s possession then Waqar would not have been invited into Abdul Qadir’s Khanaqah because he goes clubbing. If Abdul Qadir Jilani had the Key then he wouldn’t let him in and he wouldn’t want to hear my name. He would say how can such devils be granted the Personal Name of God? We have no goodness to our name and if our hearts have been initiated then it is solely because of HDE Gohar Shahi’s blessings and grace. I am telling you the truth. Now, what was the standard kept by Abdul Qadir Jilani? He wasn’t lenient, he would not allow just anyone to come and sit in his company and entertain them. No, it wasn’t like that. Let’s suppose someone came crying and pleading to become a disciple and Abdul Qadir Jilani felt merciful, then he would show leniency and perform Bayt (Pledge of Allegiance) on him. No, that would not happen. Definitely wasn’t like that. A man used to go to him every single day and ask for Bayt and Abdul Qadir Jilani would shoo him away. The man went numerous times. Multiple times and he would sit there with no intention of returning. One day, he became adamant to obtain Bayt. Abdul Qadir Jilani then checked him through Spiritual Insight and he came to know that that man was truly a Predestined Loving Soul. Upon this revelation, he was willing to perform Bayt on the man but he told the man to return the next day. He instructed the man to perform ablution before going to sleep. So he performed ablution and went to sleep and one after another he experienced nightfall 17 times. How many times? 17. And in his dream he slept with 17 women. How many? 17. It means to have sex with them, with 17 women. He was incredibly troubled, he thought this has never happened before that he had sex with a woman in his dream. Abdul Qadir Jilani told him to sleep after doing ablution and all this happened! Stupefied and worried, he went to Abdul Qadir Jilani and told him what happened and Abdul Qadir said, ‘This was a blessing. Your fate was tainted with 17 cases of adultery and I switched into your dream. This is why I was not accepting your for Bayt because you were to commit 17 acts of adultery. If Bayt was established and then you committed adultery then the Bayt would be broken and I would not take you to God, therefore, I firstly purified you and then accepted you for Bayt.’ Even after 12 years spent in Purification of the Carnal Self, he had very high standards. And then we look at ourselves. Now, listen, there are people who are habitual liars or they like to do publicity stunts, they know that people know their reality so they make things up in the hopes that people would praise them. For God’s sake, for the Lord’s sake, of course the liars will be cursed but peep into yourselves and think are you even worthy of being a disciple of Abdul Qadir Jilani? Read his books. Do you think Baba Farid would have rendered spiritual benevolence to you? Do you even know what kind of standards they upheld? Do you think you are worthy? Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani said in his book that he refuses to accept anyone for Bayt if they have consumed even a morsel of unlawful provisions. And here we are all drenched in unlawful provisions. You have to call spade a spade. Do you have any idea how many ‘morsels’ of unlawful provisions you must have in your body? Actually, forget about that, can you tell me how many morsels of lawful provisions there are? Face the music, man. Face the reality. I always remember, I still remember, how I spent my life. There is no action, no action is in our control. Everything that happens is by the grace and blessings of His Divine Eminence. We are zero in our own being. If His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi was not generous upon us and He didn’t bless us then not a single person would have bothered with us. We are incapable of becoming Sufis. There is a very high standard of becoming a Sufi. Purification of the Carnal Self etc what do you say? Were our deeds and actions allow us to enter into Sufism? Lawful provisions are imperative for a Sufi. I’m unsure what perspective the Muslims keep about this, however, in Sufism, earning lawful provisions is incredibly crucial. This is because eating unlawful provisions brings filth into the bloodstream. Divine Energy runs through the bloodstream and then it reaches the souls. If your blood itself is impure because of unlawful provisions then you will never be successful in Spirituality. That man committed 17 acts of adultery in his dream and when his fate was cleansed, then he was accepted for Bayt. There has been a large number of people who only managed to obtain Opening of the Spiritual Heart in their lifetime. Only one subtlety in their bodies was revived. There were a scarce few who were granted the ability to revive the Human Soul as well as the Spiritual Heart. The heart would say ‘Allah Hu’ and the soul would say ‘Ya Allah’. The heart says Allah Hu and the soul says Ya Allah, meaning both left and right side of the chest are engaged in Dhikr. And then there is a third subtlety, the Sirri, which says ‘Ya Hayyo Ya Qayyum’. Can you imagine how it must sound when simultaneously the heart says Allah Hu, the soul says Ya Allah and the Sirri says Ya Hayyo Ya Qayyum. And then if the fourth subtlety also engages in Dhikr, it will say ‘Ya Ahad’. And then the subtlety in the centre called Akhfah will say ‘Ya Wahid’. Now, these five souls engage in invocation of God simultaneously and constantly. Imagine how the person must feel! There must be such an abundance of Divine Energy. Would he have any time to think about anything else? You can hear God’s name echoing within yourself! And if the Carnal Self also engages in invocation of God. The Carnal Self also has its own invocation. The invocation for the tongue is ‘La Ilaha Ilallah Mohammad Rasool Allah’ and the invocation of the Carnal Self is the same: La Ilaha Ilallah Mohammad Rasool Allah. The Carnal Self is what needs to become Muslim in reality. The knowledge of the Carnal Self is the most troublesome. Once the Carnal Self is purified then everything else is easy peasy; the rest is just a formality. God said in the Koran: I am hidden behind the veils of your Carnal Self so obtain the insight The biggest issue and the most difficult is purifying the Carnal Self. Previously, people would have to go into spiritual retreats for 12 years. And then HDE Gohar Shahi declared, ‘I will not send you into the jungles. If you continue to spread this message of love, I will convert it into the time spent in the jungle!’ This is the permission granted by HDE Gohar Shahi that those who go clubbing are allowed to spread this message in the clubs and there is no sin attached to it. So, I spoke to His Divine Eminence about [Waqar] and His Divine Eminence already knew about him. And His Divine Eminence said, ‘You have my permission and protection.’ There must be so many souls who don’t have the knowledge but they have the longing for love. but they have the longing for love. Due to the lack of knowledge, they look for that passion for love in human beings, however, when the key of God’s Personal Name fits into the lock of the heart and Divine Energy is inserted then you feel at peace. You feel immense tranquility. This is the missing link. This is the peace, this is the contentment, this is the satisfaction. This is the peace that I searched for which was impossible to find. God has kept contentment in three things. One renders ultimate peace and one is a substitute peace. The one which renders substitute peace has two levels, one is given as a reward and the other is unlawful. Contentment comes from Invocation of God’s name when it enters the heart and the other contentment comes from the damsels. When you enter paradise and you sit among the damsels now, lust includes desperation and restlessness, but when you are up there with the damsels, even if you simply hold their hand, you will feel tranquil. It’s not about lust. The stories told by the clerics are utter nonsense. You will just feel peaceful. In a similar way, God has also kept contentment in women, however, to obtain that one must marry. Some people try to obtain it through unlawful means and some obtain it through lawful means. However, these things render temporary peace. The peace of the heart which comes from Divine Energy is as such, whether or not your stomach is full, your heart is happy. Whether or not you have money in your pocket, it’s not a worry. You are lost in your world. You are the king of the world. Even if you don’t have a bite to eat and you don’t have clothes on your back but you’re able to make it rain with a flick of a finger. You can move mountains with a flick of a finger. his is the power of God which is being manifested through God’s men. These are the blessings of God the doors to which are opened through the beloveds of God. However, this happens when God has total control over you. The biggest thing which managed to convince me that His Divine Eminence must be the Awaited Imam Mehdi, although His Divine Eminence never said it. His Divine Eminence never said, ‘I am Imam Mehdi’ or else you could bring evidence for it, give us a challenge. This is the reason why the members of Anjuman Sarfaroshan-e-Islam degraded me because His Divine Eminence never said it, why am I saying it? This is why they oppose us You can check their websites. Our website is called and their website is called ‘Org’ and ‘Com’. Our website says that His Divine Eminence is Imam Mehdi and their website has a statement of His Divine Eminence, ‘I speak of the signs of Imam Mehdi. I didn’t say I am Imam Mehdi.’ We understood it and in the light of our own research we declared it. The most profound thing which convinced me was the following statement: What difference does it make whose progeny you come from and whether or not you are Sadaat? Let’s suppose he is from Sadaat but he knows nothing and he is the son of a Jatt but he has the ability to transfer God’s Light into someone’s heart then who is better for you? What do you think? What are we going to obtain from being Syed? We need to become human beings! Right? That’s the truth, isn’t it? What will happen if we become Syed? We need to become God’s men! We need our hearts to become connected to God. There was a Syed who was from Sadaat and he was in a bad condition. This is an incident from Sultan Haq Bahu’s era. So, his conditions were terrible, he was in dire need to get his daughters married off. He thought to himself, ‘Perhaps I should request a saint of God for a prayer to God for my betterment.’ Somebody told him that there is a Faqir in Jhang, and if went to see him and requested for a prayer, then his circumstances will improve. So, he went When he arrived, he saw that Sultan Haq Bahu was urinating under a tree. The man thought, ‘Oh, he is such a villager. He just lifted his loincloth and started peeing under a tree, how will he pray for me?’ And then the thought came to him, ‘I am a Syed, why did I come to a Jatt?’ When this thought came, he receded and Sultan Haq Bahu, who was at a distance, urinating stood up and he had a small stone in his hand to clean himself and he threw that small stone on the ground like this, the stone went tumbling and bouncing and landed as gold. Then he said, ‘Those who have been granted the spiritual chemistry by God have the ability to turn stone into gold,’ ‘God is the one behind this, so it makes no difference whether you are a Syed or a Jatt.’ So, those who have been granted the spiritual chemistry are able to implant the name of God ‘Allah Allah’ into the soil of the heart through their spiritual concentration and that is their blessing upon people. Yesterday, I requested His Divine Eminence to confirm it to Waqar, because I think he doesn’t believe what I am saying, whether or not somebody’s heart will be initiated by him. We went to the Realm of Examples and saw that there are a countless number of souls and we were shown their deeds and they were all engaged in different activities and His Divine Eminence said, ‘These are the souls who will engage in these same activities in the world. Grant them Opening of the Spiritual Heart.’ And [Waqar] gave them Dhikr, and I am a witness that there were at least 70-80 souls and the Dhikr began immediately.V Now, all of this is said and we are happy to hear it but if tomorrow nothing happens when he grants Dhikr, then the day after tomorrow nothing happens and then the day after that nothing happens either then he will say we are liars. This is why you must test it to believe it. When he grants Dhikr to people then he will find out what a massive power it is. If you look at the Spiritual laws, then one who has the permission to grant Opening of the Spiritual Heart then the rank of that person in God’s accounts is that of a saint. They enter into sainthood. Do you understand? The more people who obtain Opening of the Spiritual Heart and become connected to God, the more your value will increase in the eyes of God. Connecting the creation of God to God is the most important thing. Salat can be offered at any time but the acceptance of Salat is dependant upon connection with God. If you have no contact with God, you are not connected to God then you can carry on reciting Salat as much as you like. You should at least establish a connection with God. And then people say what is the use of establishing a connection? Why do you have to get married? If you sleep with a woman out of wedlock and have a child with her do you think the society would accept it easily? No, it wouldn’t. A relationship must first be established after which come all the rights. You haven’t gotten married, you haven’t done a Nikkah. Besides, you will see that when you get married to someone then you will worry about her. Otherwise there are so many women but you don’t necessarily care about them. But if you get married to someone then you will care about her whereabouts etc and before your marriage you wouldn’t really care because you have no connection with her. Once a relationship is established then you will worry about her. In a similar way, when you establish a connection with God that is when he will love you more than 70 mothers. People say, ‘We are starved, where is God? Where is God’s motherly love? He doesn’t care about his creation.’ But the creation has to become creation first. You have turned away from God, you are engaged in evil acts you give rise to mischief and chaos in the world. You are constantly troubling the creation of God so why would God care for you? You will have to establish a connection with God. God did not send all the prophets and saints for you to revere and worship them, they were sent so that they could teach you how to establish a connection with God. As soon as you establish a connection with God, you are no longer in need of an intermediary, now you can speak to God directly. When the connection with God is established then it is between you and God. Any thought that comes to your heart will immediately reach God. You do not need any intermediary because now your heart has become the intermediary because it has become connected to God. Your voice will reach God through your heart.

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