JRF Podcast #191 The Truth about the Afterlife, Integrity and Honesty for Expanding Vibration

Hello, everybody. This is Jill Renee Feeler and welcome to today’s podcast, I am back from the Mary Magdalene tour in France and very happy to be here, I still have a bit of jet lag. But it’s all good, it was all worth it. Anyway, so we will share a live message today like I like to do once a week with you and let’s see, let me just say hello to all of you. Let’s take a couple of nice deep breaths here in through our nose and out through our mouth or however you’re comfortable doing it, we’re just going to center ourselves. Just it’s been a really crazy couple of weeks. I know for a lot of you, I had the distraction of the trip, which was wonderful. But some of you were really in the thick of things and I just want to give you a group hug. Okay, a nice deep breath here. Okay, I’d like you to imagine within your heart a beautiful looks like a pyramid or maybe a cone like an upside down ice cream cone. Without ice cream on the bottom, it’s just a cone. Beautiful, it’s rotating. If I look down at it, it’s rotating in a counterclockwise fashion from the top view and then as it’s rotating, it’s sort of, it’s like the tip of it comes apart and it basically falls flat into different sections that obviously doesn’t go all the way around because it wouldn’t be big enough to be cone if it’s a cone. But so it’s opening up there and really helping you access as your human self. More of your, I want to say loving energy, more of your compassion and grace and the part of you that doesn’t have to figure everything out. The part of you that is okay, and not having and neat, clean answer for everything. A part of you that knows, I want to say a soulfulness level of your eternal self that understands that on Earth, we don’t get neat answers and when you do, you should be very skeptical and suspicious. Okay. Okay, so staying right there in that vibration. For those of you that are new here, what are we doing? I, you probably have heard about near death experience stories where somebody has a profound experience and they feel connected to source creator God, they feel connected to messages, they have a clarity about this world and what this is in a sense of purpose in their lives. I have that but I didn’t almost die. So I have the effects of an NDE without having had a near death experience. So that’s a way that I came across on the trip. It’s like, hey, I could describe it like that. It’s always, it’s consistently challenge for me, challenging for me to try and explain to others that are not aware of this type of experience, what the heck we’re doing, okay. So when I share here, it’s not a prepared message, I’m not reading notes to I haven’t done research, I don’t do human research, in the messages that I share. I just get stuff and that tends to be very helpful and good and I would, it feels wise to me, it’s helped me in my life, to be an even better version of myself, and I love to help others be a better version of themselves and we as humans consistently underestimate what we’re capable of. So it’s an exciting, but also a frustrating time to be on the planet to be honest with you. You’re like, Yep. Okay. All right. So what are we going to do today? I don’t know. Okay, so I’m just going to close my eyes and just go deeper within myself here. As I sort of feel into what What we want to share. I was wondering if we go there. Okay. So the first, the first thing we want to talk about some alliances are being tested and challenged. This is happening on the world scale. We may talk a little bit about current events, we may not, I don’t know. But anyway, alliances are being tested and challenged. So notice that for yourself, where you may have felt a loyalty, or a sense of affinity with someone and yet, maybe for years, you’ve been overlooking something about them maybe a character flaw or an integrity issue that you just don’t want to overlook anymore. It may, it’s tricky, because some of us don’t like confrontation. But you’re better at confrontation than you realize, when you’re doing it for a reason of not hurting others feelings. It’s not to be rude, it’s not to be insensitive, it’s to be honest with yourself, who and what you are and what you stand for in your reality. Okay, that may be a big enough reason for you to be either confrontational, or, you know, confrontational meaning you stand up in your own boots, to a situation with another person or you stand up to yourself in terms of really pulling yourself away from well worn patterns of behavior that you don’t feel good about any longer. The age of truth starts with you, you with yourself, you in your life, you in your personal relationships, you in your formal and professional alliances. What you support in your world tells you a lot about you. Right! and it’s hard on Earth because the good guys don’t always look like good guys, the bad guys don’t always look like bad guys. It’s very complex and those overly simplified terms of good and bad and things like that, it just, it’s never really neat. So when something is handed to you, in a very neat little package about what happened and who’s right and who’s wrong. I’m asking you to be skeptical. I’m asking you to be honest with yourself be truthful with yourself that nothing is that straightforward on Earth. Everything is a little clumsy, quite complex, and not so easy to unwind and unravel. Earth is messy. Life is messy. So in a desire, hang on Oh, yeah, I feel that major ringing in my left ear right there. encouraging me to go deeper and say what I really mean. Okay, that’s fair. Are you tired of being manipulated? Are you tired of being lied to? Are you tired of watching other people lie to themselves, when they’re in their presence? Where does it stop? Where does it end? You can’t change other people, you can’t fix what is broken or disingenuous with another person. But you can decide for yourself whether you will support it or not. Whether you will look the other way or not. Whether you will pretend that something didn’t just happen that you saw right in front of you. Okay, Who is going to stand up and tell the truth? Who’s going to look right at the disingenuous behavior, the lies, the deceit, the manipulation and call it out and say, I see that, I see what you just did right there and I don’t like it and I won’t support this, I won’t go along with this. This happens on so many levels of humanity. It’s not just at the top levels, it’s at even on an interpersonal level that’s far beyond the public eye. So it’s not about cleaning it up where it’s gone. It’s about realizing any big or small role that you may be playing in it. That you simply may not want to be okay with anymore. Put your hand on your chest if you need to right here. Jill is mentioning to us that she’s worried about possible misinterpretation of this message. She’s saying that what if somebody quits their job, and they need that income? What if somebody, like, thinks they know the truth and call somebody out publicly, but they were wrong, and it makes things worse, harm somebody publicly when it was unwarranted and unjustified and not based on the full set of information. Think before you act, obviously and be sure you thought about it from all sides before you do anything bold, like quitting a job or ending a relationship or it’s hard to see the bigger picture from within the human body suit. It’s very, very difficult. Even from our angle, it gets messy. There are so many complex layers to every single human and then the interactions that you have either in public affairs or in personal relationships, employment as an employer, all of the different, the different versions of relationships. It’s confusing to us Team is like, what’s going on. But you’re coming to an edge here. That you’ll probably notice, if you haven’t already, where you’re just done looking the other way and you may be surprised where you find yourself in terms of in relationships and communities and groups. When you’re looking intently for someone that is of integrity, and trying to be honest with themselves, and therefore trying to be honest with everybody, that’s a real small group of humans, right. It’s hard to be popular with that kind of stance. Samson, you coming up? You’re welcome. You can come up here. Come on. Come here Sorry, I really want Samson up I still miss him from last week. Come here. That’s my boy. Okay. Okay, sorry about that. A little interruption there. Okay. I just said, where were we? and they said, maybe it doesn’t matter. Okay. The reason that we’re talking about this today is because many of you, in a very unique group like this are hyper focused and very vigilant about the purity of your light in this reality, okay. In order to keep that momentum going, of continuously increasing your light vibration on Earth, it’s important that you have the integrity to go along with it. That you know, you’re being honest, not just with yourself, but in all of matters of your dealings, okay. It’s impossible to be both. It’s impossible, in other words, to be out of integrity and to be fully in your light. So you may become extremely picky and choosy and may even be called judgmental, in terms of whom you will work with whom you will partner with whom you want to hang out with, based on lines like that and the trickiest thing of all, is that most liars on Earth, they don’t know they’re lying. The level of their self deception is so vast, that they don’t even know when they’re lying. Not even to the point of being diabolical. These are really nice people. These are very nice, well intended, “good” people that lie to themselves all the time and nobody notices. Well, not nobody. There are some that notice and for some reason, they just rub they rub you the wrong way, right? Some of you have a radar for that kind of lack of integrity, lack of self awareness. The ability to notice when you’ve made a mistake, and to adjust accordingly, that’s a very unique human, sadly, right? and it wasn’t always this way. There have been time periods on planet Earth, when the level of dishonesty and manipulation, withholding information etc. It was impossible. There was no cover for liars, deception and manipulation. Everything was so easily revealed and it was impossible to conceal things like that. But you’re in a very different timeline, where not only is that available, it’s the norm. It’s the norm. So again, just to be very clear here, the biggest challenge is that because of the lack of self awareness i.e. consciousness that most humans have, they don’t realize for themselves that they’re being dishonest. They think of themselves as a good honest person and yet, we as their higher selves could easily point out the levels of manipulation, deception, dishonesty, lack of integrity, etc. It’s very, very strange. So how did things change? Why is this timeline so different? It’s because of the energies. That sounds so bland, let’s go deeper. The grand cycles on Earth are associated with energy patterns, and related energy fields, that set in motion, a different range of human experience. It sets in motion a different range of consciousness and the timeline that you knew you were stepping into, you knew as your higher self in the decision to incarnate and the timeline. Oh shit, damn it, I didn’t. I don’t, that’s my least favorite topic and here we go. Okay. Okay, let’s stick on, let’s finish this idea and then we’ll get to the part that this one that Jill doesn’t want to talk about. She’s like yupiee! in ultimate sarcasm. Okay, so let’s finish this idea. At the point of conscious creation, your higher self knew exactly what timeline you were incarnating into, you had a sense of what the vibrational elements were, what the energy patterns were, all of them, what cycle you were being born into the grand cycles of Earth etc. So you knew all of that. Notice we said, conscious creation and yet, as we give Jill a hug on this one, many she doesn’t want us to say it, but the majority the beings that are incarnated on Earth right now are not the result of conscious creation. They’re the result of at one point there was a conscious creation of the higher self that got them into the body suit. But then at the point of various lifetimes, reincarnations, deaths etc. That being in their out of body, not afterlife, per se, but maybe mid life doesn’t work. What’s the term we want to create there afterlife does work it’s not to the point of full restoration with the higher self it’s somewhere in between corridors of death. You could look at it that way. But it is after human life. There are levels of deception, manipulation that happened there as well. So there are the vast majority of humans on the planet right now have been basically manipulated into reincarnating with the silly storyline of let’s see how you did and see if you have to go back to Earth. Eye roll. Okay. So when that happens from that sort of recycle bin of energy, the reincarnation perversion of what you’d already been working with in your previous lifetime. It, we’re gonna do a whole list here. Holy crap. Okay. I’m Just like Thanks a lot, guys. All right, okay. It’s meant to inform the informed, Okay, got it, pun. Okay. With that recycled energy experience, that individual does not have the full range of choice in which timeline they are born into. So there isn’t a conscious, it’s at that point, not a conscious incarnation. It’s a less conscious slash unconscious incarnation, okay. with much less say, and authorship in what that journey looks like. It’s very different, you guys energetically and even just the set of parameters that we get to pick as our higher selves when we’re going into a conscious incarnation versus what we’re talking about here as an unconscious incarnation that is under the cover it’s behind the veils it’s with limited information and the individuals that are so called running that corridor of death sort of reincarnation mill They are lying to themselves to they feel like they’re angels of something, but it’s not the variation of angels that we know from the all that is that storm trooper bullshit programmed energy that they don’t have good answers for anything and they love to make you feel like a fool. and like you’re not worthy. It’s very elitist. It’s very hierarchical. Sound familiar? Right. Yeah, we’ve got multiple levels of this nonsense on Earth and it pisses me off enough as my higher self well look where it got me here as a conscious incarnation, saying what I don’t want to say as Jill because I don’t like it, that it’s even happening, let alone talking about it. But if we don’t talk about it, when is it going to end? I know it sounds ridiculous, you guys. That doesn’t mean it’s not true. I can’t prove it. The levels of proof and tangible evidence We’ll never have that in this reality and that’s used against us all the time in this reality. So I’m done with the prove it to me to make me believe it’s real, we can be highly skeptical, very rational, exceptionally intelligent, and not fall for the bullshit maneuvers that happen all the time, not just while we’re alive but even after we’re dead. So it’s funny, because given the level of bitterness I feel right now. I’m asking my team, like, how does it go together? That I have this sort of endless ocean of love for humanity and yet a part of me is just resentful, almost about the level of misunderstandings and unconsciousness that are part of this reality. But what they’re saying is, actually, they go together perfectly. If I didn’t love humanity, enough to incarnate say, what sounds like ridiculous things. That’s the proof of my love. For this reality. How would it be possible to know, things like I’m sharing today? and to not be pissed off about it? That would, That bothers me, right? If someone knows what I know, and they’re okay with it, that’s probably not somebody I want to hang out with. And notice, I said, they’re okay with it, right? Not that they, So if I find, if I come across somebody that knows what I know, like this, and they understand it, understanding something doesn’t mean you’re okay with it. It just means you get it Like, I get how this happened. That doesn’t have to mean you like it. It doesn’t have to mean you support it it doesn’t have to mean you’re willing to go along with it. I’m not willing to go along with this. I’m not, I won’t, ever, ever. So how is this allowed to happen? It’s such a great question, right? and I know a lot of you geniuses are asking it and I don’t mean that sarcastically I mean, I mean that sincerely. So how is this allowed to happen in a dark age on Earth A whole bunch of nonsense happens. This is just one of them. Right? The idea that the so called enlightening and so called most conscious on the planet are just in La La Land. Not looking at this shit. I don’t get it. But there, I don’t know. I know I miss high vibe as they are. I know I’m as enlightened as they are. I know I’m as conscious or more conscious than they are. I don’t know. We might be different fabric of light. I don’t know. I don’t need to know. All I know is that if they’re happy with what they’re doing, and they feel like it’s, you know, important and meaningful to them, then God bless it and I know the same for me. So what are we going to do about this? Is it pointless just to talk about it? No, it’s not. It’s not. I’ll tell you why. When we as our humaneness are willing. It’s funny how my voice sounds like I’m about to cry, but I don’t feel like I am. Maybe my voice knows something I don’t know. Okay, hang on. Let me clear my throat. When our humaneness in our humaneness with our human minds, and our human consciousness is more closely integrated with what our higher self knows we’re a better version of ourselves, okay. Doesn’t mean we are more discerning, but we have a greater chance of being discerning. When we as our humaneness know as, Metatron said, I’ll help, thank you. When the human is informed with information from within their form, changes you vibrationally and energetically, and it helps you be more aware, more savvy, of who and what you consciously want to be within your ride within your humaneness. Okay, that carries over into the afterlife. That’s why the Freemasons go to those great lengths that they do to memorize a whole bunch of stuff in their human brains, with their different ceremonies, rituals at the different levels of the Freemasons. Okay. Yeah. The problem with that, and I’ve talked that before, or talked about that before, I just said top that before I’ve never said it actually, to the Freemasons. Okay Any Freemasons, if you’re listening out there, the higher the level, the better. I think you’re going to want to know that what you’ve stored in your human brain, if you haven’t effectively transmitted that into the level of your eternal consciousness into the bridge energies between you as your human and your eternal self. You’re not going to remember any of that, buddy. Okay, it’s going to stay right there in your brain and your brain is already shut down in the afterlife, right. I know, you know that and I feel like part of you has been rationalizing it that, I’m going to know it deep enough. Or maybe there’s layers of the brain that transcend, no it doesn’t. If you only have it in your brain as, like a list of laundry list or shopping list item, it does not go with you and the level of belief of it doesn’t matter either. Especially if it’s not a belief system that is going to get you through the afterlife, which I think is what you want. I think that’s what all of us want. I do not believe that anyone, any one would choose to have the human ride, get into the afterlife, and then experience the nonsense that happens there and reincarnate by choice. It’s under false pretenses and with misinformation, by misguided but highly trained individuals, they’re good at what they do. Their job is to get you back here. Okay. I want to say Scout’s honor, and Jill’s honor. Okay. All right. So since it is my sincere belief, and this is based on experience as my higher self that every single one deserves, after each and every human journey to go all the way not go like literally because you’re transcending the time space continuum if you do it, right. Okay. Yeah. If you get all the way home. So that ability that you have as your humaneness as your human consciousness to restore itself with your divine self, the higher self, the eternal self, you will transcend all of those silly gateways, those death corridors, and restore yourself back to source consciousness and there is no let’s see how you did, in a sense of to see if you pass, there is no test pass, you guys. There’s no let’s see if you have to go back. So even here today, this could affect your cosmology, not your biology, your cosmology, so that in the afterlife, you get all the way through, right? We’re going to, we could literally shut this whole system down. God, that makes me excited just thinking about that. That’s the real opportunity here, you guys. It’s not to wake in the planet, it’s not to have peace on Earth, Earth is, that’s not a great place for that, right? It’s not, you shouldn’t put your eggs in that kind of basket. Earth is far too dynamic for that and free will is very real and the level of manipulation is so high here, okay. The real opportunity is to break down these walls, in the afterlife and in the death corridors and I can feel Isis, I can feel Thoth, like cheering us on right here. Plato just said, I think she’s got it Do we have it? God, I think, Oh, Dear god, I hope we do. Right. I want all of us to have the full restoration of our source energy. We deserve it. It’s ours, doesn’t happen by accident. There’s a lot of forces against us in this process. Yeah. I just felt one of you asked, Why don’t I like to talk about it? That’s a good question. I don’t have a good answer. I guess that’s why I talked about it. Maybe what I thought were good answers before Aren’t such good answers anymore. I can tell you the reason I didn’t I used to not talk about it, is because I knew it would lead to these inevitable questions of where’s my Aunt Sally, then, you know, you know, concern, legit, sincere, reasonable concern of what happened to my loved ones did they get stuck in the afterlife? and there’s a, I feel my throat just hurting at that idea. Because it hurts that I and I am very sensitive about that Earth is hard enough, right! and every time I talk about this in any class, the ascension codes, The Outwitting Wetiko series, I inevitably get these emails from people that that you can feel their level of being pissed about it and I’m right there with you. Right. But not, It’s not a good reason not to talk about it, is it? So the human mind gets really, really wrapped up in itself in this idea, though, because it’s like, wait, that’s not fair. That’s right. It’s not fair. That’s why I’m here talking to you about it, brothers and sisters, because it’s not fair and I don’t like it either. Let’s stop this nonsense. You can’t stop it for anyone else, though. You can only stop it for yourself. So in your afterlife experience, when that nice polished looking, and possibly angelic being comes over, or however you want to imagine it and they say, welcome. Let’s see how you did and see if you have to go back and you’ll just go whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. No, no, you can pull that over on some other folks here, but not me, I’m gonna have a nice day or give them the bird, whatever you want to do, right? Anyway, just keep going. Right? Because that’s part of the scam and that’s just the beginning. You have to know you are sovereign eternally. It’s imperative that you know that you’re eternally light. If you believe that right there, you may crash into some of your other beliefs and truths, that are seen as very popular and very positive in this reality. Hinduism, Buddhism and a lot of other seemingly sacred, I do believe well intended teachings that you guys came about from within the dark age, as we were trying to explain what the hell is going on here, right! I mean, it’s so logical to me that, that at some point, within the dark age, when somebody showed up, incarnated as a conscious incarnation, straight from source energy, they look like a God, right? It’s like, this is a master, how are you a master and I don’t feel like a master, right? There’s all this. There’s a definite noticeable difference in consciousness, in demeanor, in behavior, etc. So one explanation that was posed was, maybe they’ve had so many lifetimes, and they’ve spiraled up into this very evolved form of mastery and if I do my life right, then I’ll be at a higher level next time, and a higher level next time and a higher level next time, and a higher level next time and a higher level next time into then I’ll be the human master. None of that is true. None of that is true. And I feel like such a bitch saying it. Because I know how many hundreds of millions or billions of people Are sincerely comforted and feel loved and safe And close to God by those teachings. But that doesn’t mean that’s how it really works. It’s just a story. I don’t like stories. I don’t like stories that keep you from the truth. And the truth is, you never have to incarnate again. You’ve never had to incarnate ever. Your soul doesn’t need to evolve. From the real level of divine eternal energy. Your soul is evolved as it wants to be. It wouldn’t come to Earth to get evolved either. No, no, no, no. Sing it, sister. That part never made sense to me when I was on Earth, yeah High five brother. Yeah. Yeah. So, God, I’m going to be really popular after this message. Not, right. Why is truth so uncomfortable, though? Because no one wants to be wrong. No one wants to be wrong, right! And the idea that someone has possibly invested their whole life, possibly abandoned their families, and core bond relationships over things like spiritual beliefs, right? They’ve sacrificed so much for what they thought was the truth. The idea that it’s not the truth is maddening, people get defensive, they get angry, they get mad at someone that is, I mean, no one wants to be told their whole life has been a scam. But this isn’t about your whole life. Your soul isn’t Hindu or Buddhist or Christian or Jewish or an atheist, right? Those are conventions of Earth. Again, I feel, I’m showing it as all of those conventions are ways that we try to make sense of what the hell is going on here? I don’t fault that intention at all and if it works for somebody, then I hope you never see this message. I hope that you just go happily skipping along your way and have a great life. But as your sister here, I do get concerned about your afterlife experience. Because I don’t want anyone reincarnating when they don’t have to, especially on that unconscious creation tract, where you don’t get all the choices you should have in an honest, conscious incarnation. You deserve that as a fellow member The source of divine energy that is the all that is. That’s why it matters to me. So I don’t want to look the other way. I know things that put a tremendous weight on my shoulders, putting me in a very uncomfortable and to me it would be an unenvious position. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know what I know. Cuz it never sounds right. It never sounds loving. When you hear someone share something with you that they’re so excited about spiritual teachings or enlightenment. You know, their mentor said this or they read this in a book and I’m just like, that’s wrong. That’s going to go bad. This is how it’s going to go bad. Do I just sit there? Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. When I say it, I rarely have anyone say thank you, it’s a thankless job. I’m okay with that. I really am. I know that as your higher self You are fine and the version of your higher self that is here and this sort of terrarium quarantine energy field called Earth that at one point you entered willingly and consciously and that another point, you may feel trapped in possibly because of unconscious incarnation. I want you free. That’s cool. Frederick Douglass just said a modern abolitionist. with pride. Maybe Youtube and my channel is like the underground railroad. I will make no time for bullshit here. I love you far too much for that and I respect you. I respect your freewill. I’m not trying to save you your higher self is fine. But I want to show you the right way to go. You can decide for yourself. But it’s unfair to ask everyone to decide for themselves when they don’t have the information they need to make an informed decision. Oh, well, they’ll figure it out. No, they won’t. Especially when this type of information is so under cover. Yeah. Okay. Mother, mother Mary just said That seems like a lot of love and light for one call. Yeah, well, I guess there’s different types, of different versions of love and light, isn’t there? There’s the kind that tells you everything it thinks you want to hear. Maybe in a condescending, patting you on the head kind of way and there’s the kind of love and light that grabs you by the shoulders and looks you in the eye and says, I want you to know this. So that you can be truly enlightened. A truly conscious being, not just in your life but after your life. Because it feels really really good to get all the way to get all the way there. There’s nothing like it. Was thinking of the movie Maze Runner, I’ve probably partially watched one of them. It’s kind of cool, isn’t it? That Hollywood creators and authors and things like that, because all those good ones seem to be based on books don’t they? it’s cool, isn’t it that authors can sort of break through those veils into maybe dystopic sort of versions of the bigger picture what’s going on here and not be that far off. So there we go. It’s funny, I’m just noticing as Jill, That I’ve shared messages like this before, but there was something very different about this one and I love how it is so related to how we started off. This is the cool part about doing it unscripted you guys. Where you can feel that it’s like our higher selves guiding us through a maze of misinformation and deception into the clarity of the right way to go. Jesus is like, do you want to say the other thing that’s been bugging you? Yeah, there’s another thing that’s been bugging me. Here’s another one. and this is so popular and I apologize if this is offensive to anybody. It’s like sorry, it’s a sorry not sorry, okay. But for all these things on social media that I see that say, If you can dream it, you can have it or you know, God would never, you know, you would never have a dream that you couldn’t achieve. Yeah, you could it happens all the time. There’s a whole bunch of things that we can dream that we can’t have. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m trying to be honest, so that you can save your time and money and whatever your heart, your love, your passion for something that is possibly not achievable in this reality, okay? Being practically, being practical and divine is a wonderful, powerful combination. Okay, but again, if they have, that kind of mantra works for you and it makes you happy, and it makes you a better version of yourself. Then I’m not, I will cheer you on, right. I hope it goes well. I really do. Okay, that feels like a wrap. Oh, my God, I cannot believe we did that today. Metatron is like, wasn’t expecting that were you? No, not at all. Okay, anything in the chat room that you guys want to talk about? Otherwise, I’ll do some announcements. This one I wish I was not even making today. We are not going to Egypt and Jordan in January and I fought it forever. There’s been months of me trying to put that freakin trip together and I’m so excited to go back. But clearly the timing is not right for January, 19 and I don’t know why as human Jill, I may find out why I may not find out why and that happens a lot with me. So I know I’m going with another group. But I don’t know when and it could be February 2020. So I’m just trusting it was very clear to me as that date of September 27th came more or is it was September 28 that I was going to make the decision whether we were going or not and it’s just not happening. So anyway, it’s okay. It’s all good and there must be really great reasons why. Obviously, I’ve already notified those that have signed up. But anyway, wanted to make it known here too. So anyway, Jesus said, see we don’t always get what we want. Amen. I wish it weren’t that way but alas! it is. Okay, what else is going on? The book “Being Your Light” I don’t have a copy right now because I sold my copy to one of the people that was on the Mary Magdalene trip Mary got my copy. It was so fun to be sitting on the bus on the Mary Magdalene tour and there were several people that had the book and they were reading it on the book and they quoted from page 141 from the book and it was just really really sort of a very surreal sort of experience to be sitting on the bus in a conversation with somebody and then having somebody you know a seat away reading my book it’s just like, God, it’s so humbling. I’m so glad I did that book, you guys. So glad. Highly recommend. Yeah, lots of great information in there and no bullshit. No bullshit. Okay. All right. No chats going on here. Okay, everybody’s quiet. Are you guys okay? Are you live? are you mad at me? What’s going on? Somebody chat something. Okay, what else in terms of news? Yeah, this is a really I can feel this sort of bold kick ass version of Jill that has sort of been tuned up further from the Mary Magdalene trip and Mary’s just saying I wonder where you got that from? wink wink, right! So strong. Okay. Very good. The Zion trip is coming up in a couple weeks, the Zion Retreat. That one of course is sold out at this late date. But I’m so excited for that one and given especially what happened today, I can’t wait to see what we do there. So very nice. There is literally no one chatting. I’m starting to get a little bit freaked out. Are you guys there? I see a whole bunch of people. What’s happening? Chat with me people. Are you there? Is my Wifi down? Oh, there you are. Now I can see them. and Jill is like, my team is like it helps when you turn it on, Jill. Okay, let me now I can see all of you. Okay, I’m sorry. Oh, that was hilarious. I’m like nobody’s chatting. It’s because I can’t see your chats. Okay. Let me make this bigger so I can see your question. Okay. Okay. She says I do have a question in the crossing over process. If the storm trooper energy is there to meet us and trick us, then do we also have our star seed family and our true guides that do try to assist us at all along that death process? Love today’s message Jill, thank you, much love. that’s confusing, and that I’ve shared the story before about how around, when did my grandma Gracie die? I think it was around 2020? it’s not 2020 yet. Oh, my God, I’m really out of time 2010 I think correctly. I think it was 2010 and I don’t, I’m like, do I want to tell the whole story again? Yes, I’ll tell the whole story again. Okay, so I was about to share like a remembering workshop. I don’t do those right now. But I was doing them at that point and I think I was about to share, a remembering workshop and record it and my mom had called and told me that my grandma Gracie was definitely in the last stages of her life. She was already in hospice, but her body was really shutting down. So I got off the phone with her. I was about to get on my call and I close my eyes and I opened my right hand and I asked to connect with my grandma Gracie and I showed up with her in this virtual space sort of situation and it was kind of like a viewing room and I was standing next to her and she, I said hi to her and she said hi to me, but it wasn’t like Hi, to her granddaughter, Jill. It was like hi, Like she knew me like I’m a spirit guide, guardian that kind of level. Anyway, she was very serious as her Gracie and we were looking down on her body and I said how are you doing? and she said, not well, look at me. pointing to her human body down below and I looked at her and I got kind of in front of my face and I said no, how are you doing? and then she made the consciousness step of disconnecting or distinguishing between her humaneness was not who was in the viewing chamber, okay. So she was like, Oh, oh, I’m okay and then she kind of like, sort of relaxed a little bit and we were kind of, you know, observing her human body and its stages are shutting down and the assistance that she was getting from the staff and then I said, Has anyone been here to see you? and she said, no, just you. But again, she wasn’t responding to me like her granddaughter. It was some other version of my Jillness, I guess. The version, Jesus said, it may be the version of you that can show up in a viewing chamber in the stages of the afterlife, touche, okay, so and then the minute she said, No, no one’s been here yet. other family members showed up. So my great grandmother, grandma Anna, her, Gracie’s mother showed up, my grandfather showed up, Grandpa Johnny, who was her husband in this life, and just a whole bunch of other people. I didn’t recognize her friends and family etc. and then this was the funny part. My aunt Phyllis showed up, and Phyllis was not dead yet. So Phyllis, Gracie’s sister wandered in and I said, Phyllis, what are you doing here? and she goes, and she winked at me. She died. like two months later, she was not sick. So that was really trippy and I told my mom about that. So that was kind of a fun situation with my mom Anyway. So where were the storm trooper energies in her situation and what I’m being shown now is that they came later on. Very complex. It’s very complex. So we talked a lot about this you guys in the Ascension Codes. So for any of you that want more information, I do recommend you at least check out the Ascension Codes just google Jill Renee Feeler Ascension codes, and check out that class. My classes are not bullshit. And I do not teach things like If you can dream it, you can have it because I don’t think it’s true. Okay. All right. I also don’t teach classes on teaching you how to do what I do, because, I don’t think I could number one, that would be dishonest of me. And this isn’t about what I can do. This is about what you can do. This is about your light, your eternal energy and what you can be here, right? Yeah, there we go. Okay. We may have just shut down some shady businesses Okay, but well intended. They’re trying to help I do believe they’re trying to help. It’s just misguided in my view. Okay, so this part about the storm troopers can come at different stages where they are most vulnerable, okay and almost anybody can be tricked at any point along the way. So again, the worst thing that can happen is that you incarnate again, there’s nothing worse than this, okay. So it’s, I mean, does it suck? Yes. but this is it. Earth can be made into a personal hell. It can be also made into a personal heaven and thank goodness for that free will and the range of consciousness that we have. So it’s no worse than this. But it’s the idea that it could have been something more, right. Yeah. So true. Okay. Alrighty, so and that, yeah, and I don’t know, I don’t know if you did the Ascension Codes, sister Hi, Rebecca. She’s saying hello, Jill. Good to hear you. Oh, I love you, sister. Okay, hey, Sherry. She’s saying this was a great message. Jill, I can’t imagine anyone being me thing other than surprised. We can always expect truth from you. Thank you. I take that as a huge compliment. Okay. blue stars. Sorry about that. But I’m not sorry, but the sorry not sorry. Again, because I love what we did today. Brooklyn, indigo. Hello, David. He’s saying thank you for the amazing footage that you shared from the France trip. You’re so welcome. And for those of you that aren’t on Facebook, you didn’t get it, right? I am, I just found today that the iMovie app on my iPhone makes it super easy for all the footage on my phone to get compiled and you know, sort of, I want to say algorithmically edited where I can put it on YouTube. So I’m motivated to do that. Robin is saying I love you great message today. I love you Robin. I hope you’re doing well. Hi, Kirsten, Hi Dolores. Hi, Sheila. Thank you. she’s saying your message makes good sense. You have had the same messages in one of your series. Yes and good to hear it again. Yeah, it was the Ascension Code series and the Outwitting Wetiko one. This one. This one has multiple messages. Multiple Yeah. And the way we came at it today feels really good. So anyway, gosh, we’re right at an hour. What a perfect time to stop. Okay, that’s it. I love you guys so much. Thank you. I invite you to check out my website at Jillreneefeeler.com or any of the other YouTube videos. Lots of important stuff there you guys and I’m not effing around. Okay. I take your light seriously, seriously enough, where I will say very unpopular. Maybe even sounding bitchy things. All for the purpose of you having the access to your light, your love, your eternal energy field, which should be in no one’s hands, but yours. It’s as simple as that. Right? and it does feel like a modern day abolitionist. I gotta say, yeah, Frederick Douglass. I mean, that was awesome. How he said that because yeah, it’s another version of slavery Earth, right, geez. Okay. All right. Bye for now. Love you guys. Bye bye.

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