KUNDALINI Awakening ~ Personal Experience

KUNDALINI Awakening ~ Personal Experience

Hi Friends! This is Victoria Vives and some of you have asked me about a Sacred Frequencies video for Kundalini, and also some of you have asked me about my personal experience with Kundalini. So I thought that before recording the Sacred Frequencies I am going to just share a little bit about Kundalini itself and… first of all, Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that refers to the spiritual energy located at the base of the spine, at the Root Chakra. And this energy is dormant, like a snake resting in that area, but you can awaken that energy and then that energy is going to rise
through the Central Channel cleansing each of the Chakras. and when it reaches the Crown Chakra, you may experience a state of bliss, deep meditation and even enlightenment. So this can be achieved through different methods and… in my case what happened is that it was spontaneous so I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t plan for it, I didn’t have anyone who could guide me or knew what it was so that was a little more difficult but in this case, for you, you have so much information nowadays in the Internet. There is so many people that is awakening at this moment. So I am sure it is going to be a blissful experience for you. In my case, in 1997, I had a near death experience so this was the catalyst for a spiritual awakening and a year later I felt that strong calling for exploring something beyond the physical. So I started meditating with a group and this group was from India and the name of the group had something related to Yoga but we didn’t practice Yoga, just meditation. One day in this meditation, I had an ecstasy experience and I felt that I was one with everything, I was in the void and suddenly an explosion of light like If I was one with all the stars and it was just amazing, so I thought “Wow! This of the meditation is just amazing. It works!” …but I didn’t know what was coming after that. So when I arrived home my body started doing movements, because it was moving with the Kundalini energy, I didn’t know what was Kundalini, I didn’t know that it would move my body… so, it was very strange, and my friends were like “What’s happening to you?” And that was part of the problem that we didn’t have any information. Then also, I would start seeing light and energy and I told my mom, so she said “Hmmm, I think you have a sight problem, let’s go to the eye doctor” and we went to the eye doctor but of course, the eye doctor told me that my sight was fine and also, I had the experience of perceiving people much stronger than before so instead to just feel them through my five senses I would feel them through their energy, meaning that before I could see them, I would feel that they were approaching but I didn’t know what it was. So I just felt a surge of energy in my body and becoming stronger and stronger and suddenly they would appear and I would say “Ah, that was what was happening”. And then somebody maybe was coming behind me to tap my shoulder and I would feel this surge of energy and I didn’t know what it was, and suddenly they tap my shoulder and it was really really overwhelming for me. At night, when I was going to sleep, I would go out of body and once again, I didn’t know what out of body was, so I felt that I was dying and I was so scared so, I tried to avoid going to bed and and then another thing is that when I was also falling sleep I would go into other dimensions and I would interact with other entities but sometimes there were situations that I didn’t like and I didn’t know what to do. So, slowly, I actually learned how to have kind of lucid dreaming and decide what I was doing and say “Wake up!” so I would come back to full awareness and to this reality and dimension. There was this day that I was at home and I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid to fall sleep so in that space in which I was almost almost asleep I connected with a being from Lyra Actually, I didn’t know it was from Lyra, until later that I was told. So what happened is that I saw coming through the window this light that turned into a being and it was just like pure fire, like the sun, a being like from the Sun and this being touch my feet and released all my stress and fear and it just felt so beautiful and that
experience was so precious to me and I will always
remember it. So that was the best that happened at that time. So all of that was a big learning for me and if I would have had a teacher or some information about Kundalini it would have been amazing. I mean, imagine this is something really cool to be able to go beyond the third dimension, and the physical reality but at that time, we interpreted that as me becoming crazy so my family thought, you know, I should just take a pill, at least that would make me sleep because I couldn’t sleep at night and after that after I took that pill for sleeping at night I was able to say “Ok, you know, I am going to come back to my prior experience of you know, just living in this physical world, doing the normal things eating the normal things and for two years I totally disconnected from spirituality. then I found a Metaphysics group and that was amazing because finally I could share with people that understood what was happening to me. So that was my salvation and as you can see I am still working in this field of Energy Healing and I love all related to meditation and all these themes. So that is my story and I encourage you to set an intention so that your experience with Kundalini is going to be just blissful and perfect, because it can be. You have all the information, there is a lot of people now embracing all of this and I am going to help you with what I know so in my next video I will be sharing with you Sacred Frequencies that can help you achieving that Kundalini awakening. Ok, so that was all for today and I want to let you know once again, I LOVE YOU and I love connecting with you, so thank you for being there. Bye! We all came from one Source shining like rays from the Sun but we may not know. Humankind is one Soul expanding like rays from the Sun but we may not know. Rise above! [Transcript/captions: Marisela Aponte and Victoria Vives] Reconnect with your Higher Self and [Transcript/captions: Marisela Aponte and Victoria Vives] with your Source. [Transcript/captions: Marisela Aponte and Victoria Vives]

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  1. Awesome personal story! Thanks for sharing. I find it quite interesting how DIFFERENT people's awakening experiences are.  Mine has been nothing like yours.. LOL.. but equally mysterious and cool possibly. – And because of the self-initiated way it happened for me, I have since continued awakening at great speed due to my strong knowing and belief how to further influence/create my reality. ======
    I will just share, myself, that three months after 3 different events (1) ADD self-cure (2) Mental Awakening and (3) transcendent, life-shaking ET/starseed epiphany – I had 2 additional experiences of an electronic nature. – One was a mind-blowing consciously initiated Light-Body activation where I went through Earth Star-Gate #11.. and another where I felt 2 electric laser beams: [one ABOVE my head and another from HEART area] move DOWN and UP along my spine, respectively, and meet in my pineal gland.. where I then felt/heard a resounding POP! – That must have been my third-eye opening. I've developed some "unique" abilities since then..  ;_) 
    Anyhow, THANKS FOR SHARING your amazing experience, Victoria!

  2. Hi! I am thinking that maybe I started my kundalini process but I think it may be blocked, because I am feeling pain and pressure in my tail bone area and my back since 2 months ago (when I started meditations and spiritual awakening). So, what do you think about it? Do you know someone with the same experience? Anyway, I gonna listen to your Kundalini sacred frequencies and root chakra frequencies. Thank you!

  3. This is false information. You have no idea what Kindi is. It is a dark spirit and if you wish to awaken the serpent by all means do so but be prepared for what awaits you on the other side..The serpent who invited you in through your selfish need for inner peace will lead you to destruction.
     Catch a clue people you are playing with literal FIRE..I know as I was under the influence of the Kundalini Spirit in the 80's and I am here to tell you it is not what you think it is. It is the ultimate sheep is wolves clothing, it is the pinnacle  of deception and it will ruin your life forever and that means now and after death.

     There is no enlightenment in Hinduism only eternal death …do not be deceived…

  4. Kundalini awakening; it's demon possessed, to be free of demons  you need to accept JESUS in to your life and ask for forgiveness of your sins.

  5. Why are people so obsessed with kundalini?  I find it really irritating in meditation, when my whole body starts vibrating it ruins my concentration every time.

  6. it is a fact that a one cannot get enlightened without  a master every one plzz read abt Ramakrishna paramhamsa and then judge this video

  7. I have been wanting to try to awaken my kundalini, but I have heard many people talk about seeing strange and terrifying creatures around them that they had never seen before. Does that actually happen because if I awaken my kundalini I want to be prepared for what I experience.

  8. It's like a step by step guide of how to let demons in your life. What is happening to the world?

  9. Might someone be able to explain Kundalini and its permutations within and among other traditions.  I see collusion between the Chakras and the Sefirot of the Jewish Rabbinical tradition.  Can someone confirm or deny whether practitioner's of Kabbalah and Kundalini are in pursuit of the same form of higher consciousness.  

    Also, I listened to a wise Yogi stress the very real dangers of pursuing Kudalini Yoga or really any form for that matter as it is disseminated in the west.  He didn't mince words when discussing the very damaging/"dark" elements one may encounter when pursuing this path.  He said the greatest intrinsic merit of most of the published written works on yoga is that they are filled with poor information that prevents those who are not pure in intent from moving forward.  He stressed that the ancient and accepted schools Yoga that one typically does not find in the west have many many important guards along the way.  He suspects that there are many teachers in the west who wear a positive veneer but really don't understand well enough the profundity of what they've been introduced to, or introducing others to.  Any truth to this?  

    Seems like at the very least people need take some serious precautionary measures before entering into any form of Yoga.  This does not seem like something people should take lightly.. Many Yogi's are doubtful of the success one can have with a Western psychological framework.

  10. There's something so familiar about your energy that I AM drawn to. I trust it completely, and it just affirms that everything is okay and that I'll be safe. THANK YOU Victoria!!! I have been watching you for years and you helped me on my journey so much! Infinitely Grateful! In Lak'ech <3

  11. I feel my energy but i dont know if it's kundilini how can you give yourself one. I've been doing affirmations." I am having a kundilini awakening "

  12. When I've had my Lucid Dreams…at the moment when it ended, I did not just wake up (didn't feel like I woke up) it was as if i was placed back into my body again….I went from eyes open in my dream…felt like I blinked and I was lying in my bed staring at the ceiling! I've had several lucid dreams…one was extremely lucid!!

  13. Amazing experience it is the curse of the living unless you have love true live it means you are dying in something you don't know. Because nobody ever finds out what is and it evetyone gets to ruin their lives very quickly.

  14. Intention is meaningless. living it is what you need.

    You are telling me you are Divine, and you have no EGO. It does not appear so.

  15. hahha she is lying … look at her eyes in micro level she cant face in the camera properly because she made it up and when we talk from our memory/experience our emotion is also get excited and aline but her case its not 😛
    anyways you need to go pro before someone like me bust you …

  16. Sorry guys. This is new age shit. It will not make you whole if you need psychotherapy to deal with pain. To deal with trauma and pain is hard there is no short cuts. Teal Swan is a narssistic and this video is for losers. You can't wave a light saber up your ass and heal. No short cuts. No aliens no vodoo dolls no kundalini up my kunda. But if your a retarded follower than please enjoy this shit

  17. “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God…” (James 1:5)
    “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

  18. It is God who put light into darkness. What would it benefit creation if it was only in the dark. God is light…and yes He also created darkness so that we could discern the difference.

  19. My comments hidden from view again? Reproduced on my page as usual. Let's at least be fair and balanced, for everybody's sake.

  20. 1 John 1 – God Is Light
    5 This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. 6 If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; 7 but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. 8 If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His word is not in us.

  21. Your Kundalini has not awakened, you have no clue about kundalini let alone having experienced it. SMH go do some Zumba or play tennis for fitness not yoga

  22. There're some negative people on here. How rude to come on someone's page and criticise their beliefs! Make your own video if that's the case. I thought it was helpful for what I was looking for. If it offends you why are you here?

  23. This has happened to me twice, and both times I thought I was going mad and quenched it with strong psychiatric medications. What a fool I have been. Perhaps it'll happen again for me one day.

  24. 12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death (Proverbs 14:12)

  25. So, I'm seeing different reactions to this video. I myself have had an opening, which changed my life for the better. There are people here who are convinced that it is evil, because their experiences were scary. I had a scary part to my experience as well. Mainly, this issue around the "rightness" or "wrongness" of the experience seems to exclude the fact that G-d is inside each and every one of us, and can be accessed, by each and every one of us. What people don't understand is that our unconscious selves are part of the G-d that we are taught to think is outside of us. Furthermore, the frightening aspects of the experience are also part of our own selves, and are made up of negative experiences from the past that are unresolved. Being in therapy while doing this is a good idea. Kundalini is all about being the very best version of yourself. This is why the unconscious becomes conscious, and why the Kriyas happen. They are guiding the person toward the ultimate goal of self-improvement. The reason that it has ever had a negative impact on someone's life is because that particular person was taught to fear it. It is no surprise to me that the folks who are on here spewing bible verses and condemning it, are people who would never allow someone close to them to find their true self, or are people who tried it when they already had narrow and hateful preconceived notions about it, and therefore had a polluted experience.

  26. It's crazy how people try to throw Christianity on others, even though it is one of the youngest of worldly religions. If there is any spiritual beliefs we should follow, they are the ancient ones, not the ones created in the past thousand years as a weapon to be wielded by the powerful, and used on the weak. People will fear what they do not understand though. We are taught to fear the unknown, taught to fear the darkness. But the darkness is beautiful, it is like a blank canvas, waiting to be painted on by the light.

  27. Thank you for sharing your experience! And I've had experiences with "dreaming". Just make sure to always ask God for protection whenever going to other dimensions. Some entities, if not protected, will try to take your energy away from you. They can sense that your spiritual energy is high, so they will try to put you in a state of negative energy like fear because that's somewhat like a food source for them. But once you know how to protect yourself and know which beings are good, your dreaming will become better for sure!

  28. That Kundalini is a demon and those demons are deceiving you.. You should repent and turn to the Lord and GOD Jesus Christ. He is the Creator and King of Kings.

  29. I just had it my heart started beating fast and I was stretching my arms and squirming on my bed I saw a bunch of ribbons of light wrapping around me and I feel different now I' have more energy that makes me feel better about myself

  30. You're wonderful….I have activated Kundalini and it's great to have all this info, like you said. Thank you.

  31. I try to read and learn these things but I am afraid I am unable to understand these things. I don't believe in kundalini and chakra and all that stuff.

  32. Thank You Victoria for sharing this wonderful experience! Similar was with me in meditation, from my Eye came out golden and different colors of Light rings, Kryas come out later in spinal. Bliss of the physical body I felt many times as well, i love it of most, like all cells celebrate and at this moment you dont wont anything, just continuing this blissful feeling. Much Love!

  33. Shallow and entertainment at best; someone close to Kundalini, let alone one who had the experience, would speak with an amazing sense of responsibility and compassion for all living beings. None of it can be found here.

  34. Now that is some creepy stuff, I must say. And I've seen some fairly weird things in my life. This takes weird to a whole new level.

  35. If everybody says the kundalini is some evil spirit type being the WHY TF WOULD OUR CREATOR PUT THAT THING INTO US ?

  36. Frankly speaking, I have many spiritual awakenings — everyday — without the need to practice Kondolini 'bullshit' doctrines. Mine occur, generally, in the morning after a good nights sleep. I like when I awake, because it means I am not dead. I feel soooo good too. After eight hours sleep, openning my eyes and seeing daylight is true enlightenment. I really like the night or endarkenment too. Each has beauty to behold. BELIEVE DAT!

  37. Has anyone really been listening to the experiences of people dealing with this kundalini?? Sleeplessness, fear, all these negative aftereffects. Sure you get a few good feelings, to keep you deceived and entrapped. But the root source is malevolent entities and forces. Why if these things are so good, would there be such great dangers for getting it WRONG? Jesus Christ is the true way. And he doesn't keep u sleepless and painful when you get something wrong.

  38. the awakening is happening and effectively manifests strongly in the woman. This is true, I lived it but sadly I stopped it (with much effort)… I miss Mother Kundalini today.

  39. I just had a bad experience in my dream. Your video assures me that I'm not alone in this field of human experiences. May the Creator help you lead the way.

  40. Thank you I have watched this video a lot of times Because it’s so genuine and I have the same thing a lot of pressure in my forehead and when I fall asleep I get stuck and paralyzed. I look forward to more to come but I am scared. If you did it then I know I can also. Thanks for connecting.

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