Hey guys, welcome back to my channel
and welcome if you are new here. My name is Ella and this channel is
all about spirituality, manifestation, mindset, and aligned
business. In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you
one of my favorite Kundalini kriyas, all about strengthening your aura and
increasing your magnetism for what you desire. Your aura is the electromagnetic
field that surrounds our body. It’s basically like this
container for your life force. It helps you amplify your confidence,
your certainty, your sense of security, your trust and love,
and essentially when your aura is strong, it acts like a shield for you to
defend against any form of negativity, things that will draw down your vibration
and it defends you from any sort of illnesses and negativities of sorts.
Now when your aura is strong, of course you raise your
energetic vibration and as
a result of that you become a magnet for all of the things that
you desire. Now, on the other hand, when your aura is weak,
you become susceptible to negativities, to a lack of self trust, to being
paranoid. And as a result of that, you attract in a lot more not so good
things and negativity and potentially illnesses that not only penetrate your
mind, but also your physical body. So that’s why it’s extremely important
for us to work on strengthening up our aura. So not only can we feel
positive, uplifting, joyful, confident, and loving, but ultimately this helps us raise our
energetic vibration to not only become a master of the things that we desire, but really to become this magnet massively
attracting in all the goodness. Now, the kriya that I’m going to
share with you today takes, you no longer than nine minutes to do
and will instantly help and strengthen up your aura and attracting the things
that you desire. So without further ado, let’s head on over to the yoga mat and
I will show you guys exactly how it’s done.
All right, so I’m out here in some fresh air and
I’m ready to show you guys first of all, how do you tune into a Kundalini practice.
Now, before we begin any Kundalini kriyas, it’s important that we
do the tuning in process. Basically what this does is that it
tunes us into the Kundalini practice and connects us to all of the masters
of Kundalini before us, right? It kind of ties us to what is
called the golden chain of masters. So this is how we do it. First start off
by sitting comfortably, cross legged, and just begin by taking a few deep
breaths in. So taking a deep inhale in, exhaling out
another deep inhaling, exhaling out, deep inhale in, and exhaling out.
Then bring your hands together at your chest
and just rubbing your hands together, creating heat between your hands. Then bringing your thumbs to
your sternum right over here, pressing your hands
firmly against each other. And then we’re going to chant the mantra.
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. I bow to the divine teacher within me.
Okay. So we’re going to chat this three times. So we’re going to breathe in and
out and then breathe in to chat. ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO,
ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO So when we pronounce ONG, you’re bringing the tip of your tongue
to the upper palate of your mouth. So you’re really creating the
sound Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. Okay. So after we tune in with
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, we also have another protection mantra,
which I will chat through for you guys. And we chant this three times as well. So this is how it goes. Aad Guray Nameh.
Jugaad Guray Nameh. Sat Guru Nameh. Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh.
Aad Guray Nameh.
Jugaad Guray Nameh. Sat Guru Nameh. Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh. Just take an inhale in and exhaling out. Now you’ve tuned into your Kundalini
practice and I will show you guys how to get this kriya started.
Yeah. So for the first part, step your feet back and your hands
forward into a downward facing dog here. It’s really important to externally
rotate your arms and keeping your hands about shoulders distance apart,
spreading out your fingers, pressing down from the base of your
index finger and your thumb and really pushing your pelvis up and back. Then
inhaling as you lift your right leg up, keeping your legs straight
and then here as you exhale, bending your arms and lowering
your head towards the mat. Inhaling to straighten back up and
then exhaling to bend your arms, lowering your head towards your mat. Continue on the right side
for one minute and a half. And then switching over to the left
and continuing on the left side. Bending your arms down,
lowering your head down, coming back up for another
minute and a half. In total, this first part will take you three minutes. Now for the second part,
begin by extending out your left arm. Forward your left palm,
facing the right, closing your left palm as if grasping a
pole and placing your right hand under and then over to grab hold
of your left fist. Then here, inhaling raising your arm up
60 degrees and as you exhale, lowering it down to shoulder level. Again,
continuing this inhaling, lifting up, exhaling,
lowering down for three minutes for the third and final part, begin by
placing your palms about six inches apart. And then inhale as you draw your arms
back and down and exhale as you bring your palms close together
about six inches apart. Continuing this movement of bringing your
palms close together and drawing them back for three minutes. So after we’ve done the full
nine minutes of the kriya, now it’s time to tune out of the practice. So the way that we tune out of a Kundalini
practice is by singing the longtime sunshine song two times, which I will
sing along with you guys right now. And then after that, I normally like to end my practice
with three times the sound of sat nam, which means truth is my identity and sat. Nam is perhaps the most well known
mantra of Kundalini Yoga and Kundalin technology that really allows us to
affirm that truth is our identity. So let’s begin by singing
the longtime sunshine song. May the longtime sun shine upon you. All love surround you. And the pure light within you. Guide your way on. Guide your way on. May the longtime sun shine upon you. All love surround you. And the pure light within you. Guide your way on. Guide your way on. Now after singing the song, let’s chant
together three times the sound Sat Nam. Truth is my identity. So we like to chant the sat
as long and then a short nam. So rubbing your hands together, bring it to your chest and inhaling. SAT NAM SAT NAM SAT NAM And that’s it.
You’ve completed your Kundalini practice. I hope you enjoyed this kriya. If you want to join a community of
badass lightworkers just like yourself to chat all about spirituality,
manifestation, mindset,
and aligned business, then be sure to check out my Facebook
group, the Badass Lightworker Tribe. You can head on over to the link in
the description box to join this group. This is a high vibe community full of
likeminded individuals just like yourself. And it would be an absolute
pleasure to have you join us. So that’s all I have for you guys today.
I hope you enjoyed this Kundalini kriya, and I cannot wait to catch
you in my next video. Stay light and shine bright my friends.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed this video and this Kundalini kriya. Let me know below how you found it <3 Much love xx

  2. This was an amazing kriya and I love the simplicity with how you instruct. Also, love having the words for the chants as well!

  3. Hey! Nice video! I'm form India! Where did u learn this from?
    I think the mantras spelling is kind wrong! It needs to be pronounced properly

  4. What a lovely girl you are! Thank you so much for sharing this and your beautiful light… This is exactly what I needed to face my day as none of my regulars were helping my vibration raise at all… Thanks to you I am wrapped in a rainbow bubble of love and light and I’m going to Namaste a while 🙂

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