LEAP OF FAITH – Inspirational & Motivational Video

LEAP OF FAITH – Inspirational & Motivational Video

If you want to be successful Here’s the thing you have to do You have to jump There is no way around you have to jump Every successful person has jumped you got to jump You got to take a leap of faith You got to dash off that cliff, and you got to jump out there as far as you can You can not just exist in this life you have got to try to live If you are waking up thinking that there’s got to be more to your life than it is man believe that it is Believe in your heart of hearts that it is But to get to that life You gonna have to jump I’ll tell you why I call it jumping See God when he created all of us. He gave every last one of us a gift at birth. He never created a soul without endowing them with a gift You just got to quit looking at gifts as running, jumping, singing, dance It’s more than that It’s if you know how to network you can connect dots if you draw if you teach Some of y’all fried chicken better than anybody else bake pie, some of you cut hair color hair some people do grass I got a partner man Never wanted to go out with us cause we stayed out too late come on man go out nah I got to get up early cut miss Johnson grass. We kept laughing at this dude How much they pay you. He got a landscaping company in Cleveland worth four million dollars Cuz all he do is cut grass but he was gifted at it I got a partner own a detail shop make $800,000 a year Detailing cars he got six mobile trucks worth $800,000 a year all he do is detail cars That’s his gift. That’s what he loves to do You’ve got to identify that gift now listen to me when you see people in life When you’re standing on the cliff of life you see people soaring by And you see people soaring going to exotic places you hear about them doing wonderful things Maybe you look up the street in your neighbor just gets a car every year every two years How is he doing that. Have you ever thought maybe This person right here has identified their gift, and is living in their gift Because your bible says this is your bible says your gift will make room for you Your gift not your education you gonna get an education that’s nice But if you don’t use your gift That education only gonna take you so far I know a lot of people got degrees man, they ain’t even using them. It’s your gift But the only way for you to soar is you got to jump You got to take that gift that’s packed away on your back You got to jump off that cliff and pull that cord that gift opens up and provides the sore If you don’t ever use it you’re gonna Just go to work, and if you getting up going to work on a job every day that you hate going to That ain’t living man, you just existing. At one point in time you ought to see what livings like But the only way to see what living like you got a jump Here the problem But just be real when you first jump Let me tell you something parachute will not open right I’m sorry. I wish I could tell you it did but it don’t. When you jump it’s not going to open right away You’re gonna hit them rocks You’re gonna get some skin tore off on them cliffs. You’re gonna get all your clothes tore off. You’re gonna get some cuts on you you’re gonna be bleeding pretty bad but eventually Eventually the parachute has to open that is a promise of God that ain’t a theory That’s a promise this promises is true cuz listen to me. You cannot name one Single thing God has not gotten you through Name it And if he ain’t got you through it he currently pulling you through it right now and The living proof of it is you sitting in here If he hadn’t got you through it you wouldn’t even be here So if he ain’t never not got you through it. Why would he not let your parachute open It has to open man, you gotta jump though now Here’s another thing You can play it safe and deal without the cuts and tears You can stand on that cliff for life forever safe But if you don’t jump, I got another promise I can make you, your parachute will never open You’ll never know, you never know what God really had See your God has wonderful life Once again, I will refer to your bible now you go down there you memorize these scriptures you don’t apply them to yourself. Your Bible says that he comes to give you life to give you life more abundant if I were you I would jump Because that’s the only way to get to that abundant life. You got to jump, man You got to take a chance. Now when I get through talking there those of you discuss this in the car well I got bills and I got I got bills Whether you stay on the cliff or you jump you’re gonna have bills Well if I quit my job I’m a ruin my credit If you got a job you living check to check even if you got a-1 credit You can’t buy nothing else no damn way At one point in time do yourself a favor Go see what God really do. God hold you up, man. He ain’t gonna let you fall. He bring you this far to let you fall. Do yourself a favor, man. Before you leave this world, before you die Jump, just jump one time You

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  1. "Your gift will make room for you".. I listened to this 4 times already! I didn't know that Steve Harvey had words like this.. He's usually about relationships. Beautiful words of encouragement/wisdom/knowledge to (apply)! God is real!!!

  2. Steve,
    It's something about
    that name Jesus, that word
    bought tears to my eyes truth
    be told,I must jump I have dreams hit a lot of bump
    But if it wasn't for God
    where who was on my side .

  3. Mr. Harvey, you should go back to the president and make the deal to help the homeless whocares if hate or lie him he's willing to help and the homeless need's it

  4. I will never forget the day he said you will know when it's time. I thought I knew. Sold everything and left. I cussed this man all the way across the US MAP !! I faced all my fears and took the leap of faith and it was sooo hard!! It's been nearly a year now. A very hard year. Moving to a city I knew noone, I have slowly built my new life and finally in the position to write my book❤. The book I've wanted to write my whole life. God really does open doors for you!! I'm alive and grateful for seeing this. I was nearly dead on the inside before I finally believed in myself. This man is part of that reason!!!! I am a gifted writer and I'm LIVING my LIFE!!! ❤🙏❤ Thank you, Steve!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. I watched this speech a couple years ago. I battled jumping for years. I jumped with no safety net below. Just my heart given to God and all my faith and trust in Him. The best feeling is living my life for God and what He has for me and not what I had for myself.

  6. Amen Steve and we are all born with talent and are God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God!!!!! I claim the victory of getting myself out of poverty and I owe it all to God and I am on my way and He never said it would be easy but I still kept going!

  7. I’ve watched this video countless times. The first time I watched this video it really made me think. I want to become an Aerial Videographer/Photographer. I’ve pushed that dream off for the longest time, living life on the side of the cliff playing it safe. But, I know god has a wonderful life for me. I’m not living life on the side of the cliff anymore, this is my time to jump and take my leap of faith. God is good!

  8. Steve Harvey I need you I got a lot of songs and poems written and I need some help getting them out there! I believe they can help others. I am ready to jump!!

  9. Steve Harvey has become one of my absolute favorite motivational speakers. His words are true and speak right to my heart. With that being said, I read all the comments in this thread and was uplifted by almost every one of them. The words of encouragement you all had for one another, restores my faith in humanity. Love and happiness to you all.

  10. This is good! It has to open! I love it! I'm Jumping!!1 Thank you Lord for using Steve today to speak to me! I'm Jumping! Wow!

  11. I love this. Steve Harvey has such simple faith. So many of us "church people" have head knowledge, maybe even heart knowledge where we believe and know God's Word is true but we DON'T ACT ON IT!


  13. Steve Harvey you're the most Inspirational Speaker I've ever heard you have me believing that I can do anything I put my mind to so many things you said made sense I found myself asking how could I not JUMP thank you Mr Harvey for your words of encouragement may God continue to be a blessing in your life..

  14. Idk why this is making me cry… I’ve been battling jumping for about a year and I jumped about 2 months ago my parachute hasn’t opened yet , but I know God had got my back. I’m ready to live in his will and live my abundant life!!! I pray this for me and my family!

  15. I’ve listened to this 5 times. It has been life changing! Best motivational video EVER. Brought me to tears every single time❤️

  16. Amen! My greatest victory has been surrendering to Him! We are ALL are fearfully and wonderfully made, unique, on purpose, for purpose! That is equality! Sometimes our freewill gets in the way of His will. Thank you, sir, for continuing to jump and share your wisdom!

  17. This is profound..I'm loving this one. Deep, Steve. Got to listen to this a few more times..JUMP, the gift will provide the soar.. Righteous!

  18. I'm jumping I'm ready to live.
    I'm jumping with my gifts.
    God have been so good to all.
    Thankful and Grateful everyday.
    Thank you Jesus Christ! Amen!

  19. If this channel has blessed you, make sure to subscribe & share it with others & lift them up to the Lord! bit.ly/2trohE7

  20. When Steve walked out that studio in this video (4:34) and that man was standing there with an umbrella and took his jacket… man oh, man!— I WANT THAT! that's my destiny.

  21. So yesterday I watch spiderman into the spiderverse…out of it i only get one line running through my mind….when Miles ask Parker how does he know he's ready…the reply…you never know. You just take a leap of faith. Today i come across this…i see what's going on…..it's time i jump

  22. OMG!! This message REALLY touched me It feels like you're talking to me! Don't know how I ended up on your video. My guess is the Devine power of God!! I MUST jump!!! Thank you Steve Harvey….

  23. That’s so… true Steve we are going to die. Really think about that! Why not give it your very best shot. Why not??

  24. I am in a place in my life right now where It feels like im at a cross road. I feel stuck, non productive, and unmotivated. And its beginning to mess with my head. There has to be something more for me in life than just remaining in the same place forever on idle at a standstill, not moving up or down forward or backward, just dreaming and waiting. Watching while everyone else around me moves up the ladder, traveling, and "LIVING". I try to convey this to my bf and consult in him but he is just indifferent 😐 and nonchalant, and really just seems to not care either way. His plan is truckdriving, but he just seems to not be concerned about my direction. So I believe my next chapter isn't supposed to include him because i feel like its important to surround yourself with people who are motivated and motivate you. I've been praying, meditating, just desperately searching for direction, but now…… I think its time to jump. Time to take a leap of faith, before it's too late. To follow my heart . To take a chance. And this video is great motivation! Thanks Steve! ❤❤❤

  25. He believes in GOD, not in your own strenght. He trusted in God, regardless of the opinion of others, he trusted. Hallelujah 💞👆💕

  26. I jumped for the first time in 2015. I hit the cliffs but God turned my mess into my test and then into my testimony. Following God has been the best thing in my life. It was worth the leap of faith.

  27. Steve you are big blessing. God he is working through you .you are very lovely person. God bless you and your family and friends.

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