Lesson 2 – Religion or Jesus – The Pioneer School

Lesson 2 – Religion or Jesus – The Pioneer School

Welcome to this second teaching on our online
bible school today I’m going to talk about religion contrary to what Jesus came with
much of what we do in the churches today have much to do with religion than it has to do
with Jesus’ teaching and what Jesus came with today, many Christians Sunday after Sunday
dress up to go, to a holy place to a church to do church activities and you see that in
other religions people dress up and go to a special place to do special religious activities
but Jesus didn’t come with that He came to build a new body you and me. We today who
belong to Jesus we are the temple we are filled with the Holy Spirit we are all priests and
we are anointed by him and he wants to be a part of that our everyday life and you are
going to see that in this teaching and I believe that this teaching is going to help you to
set you free to come into the life we read in the book of Acts God bless you.
Yes it is good to be with you this is the second teaching on our online bible school
The Pioneer School and I look really forward to being together with you again. The last
time I took you through some church history, (as you can see behind me) and I have got
a really good response out of it many, many, people have contacted me and said that it
has been revelatory for them and it has confirmed many things they have had in their heart but
it was not easy for them to see exactly what was wrong but the Holy Spirit had been dealing
with them and during the teaching last time it was like woo now I understand it! and this
is often the response I get from my book The Last Reformation because when people read
my book many are amazed wow this is what I have in my heart and this is the same question
I have been walking that many years and now suddenly I understand it and this is the response
why? because this is God who is building, Jesus is building his church so Jesus is now
working in so many people over the world and I believe we are standing right in front of
The Last Reformation and we are soon going to see that this is going to explode all over
the world because God has been working during the history as I told you last time and he
is still working today and if you want to somehow help with this then spread this word
let the teaching out talk to people about The Pioneer School let ,many people join and
then let’s see this happen right now and let’s see that people again start to get
up on fire and live the life we read in the bible many people somehow is dying today inside
the boxes, inside the churches and if people ask me Torben why do you do this? Why do you
want the reformation of the church? I want it because Jesus wants it I want it because
this is Jesus heart and I also want it because Jesus has called us to make disciples and
I can see that this system the way we do it now it is not effective in making disciples
so people have been sitting in church many years but still they don’t know how to serve
God they don’t know how to heal the sick and cast out demons and lead people to Christ.
And there somehow are many because they don’t know how to serve inside the box but they
just sit and watch other people and do it they are slowly dying because everyone of
us is called to serve God every one of us is called to be used by God and if we just
sit and listen and don’t do anything and then the life is slowly coming out of us and
we need that reformation because so many people has once been of fire for God but now they
are dying spiritually and many have died already. And you know to fall away, we talk about we
should not fall away but, to fall away from God is not to leave the church, to fall away
from God is to leave the first love, so you can still continue in the church you can still
raise your hand you can still do the things you have done many years but if the love for
God is gone the first love for praying the first love for the word of God if that is
gone then you have fallen away, and what I am doing with this teaching now we see so
many people who have fallen away somehow they come to church but they have died spiritually
but when we somehow start to work with them, train them the fire is coming again just before
this meeting I wrote with someone of face book, a guy in Denmark I had not met him personally
but I trained somebody I took somebody out into the street and this person who then trained
somebody else, who then trained him and I got in contact with him because his life was
totally changed! and his testimony is that he had been sitting in a church many, many,
many, years and came on Wednesday, came on Sunday, he read his bible like two times a
year, but then suddenly, a reformation started in him suddenly he saw he could do something
he came out on the street he learned to heal the sick and it changed something inside of
him and now his life is totally changed he is seeing miracles every day now and it’s
not only miracles out on the street it has changed his personal life with God he just
wrote to me that last many, many, many years he had only cried a few times because he could
not cry it was when his mother died or other members he cried but the last two weeks after
he got started he is crying all the time and he is crying while reading the bible he is
just reading the bible every day now he is praying all the time now and he is crying.
And people around him are in shock and he is now telling the testimony in the church
and he is going to take other people out on the street today and tomorrow he is going
to take the pastor with him out on the street and somehow what happened with him changed
the whole church because suddenly the fire came inside the church and people saw that
we can do something. People saw that we don’t have to wait we already have it we just have
to go out this is his testimony but the one who trained him who just got trained by a
friend her testimony is the same she is like come to church many years but was spiritually
dead there was no more life. But suddenly she came out and she got trained and she saw
that Jesus could work and suddenly last month she has led people to Christ she had baptized
people with the Holy Spirit she had baptized people in water and her life is totally changed
and what I see there is, both people tell me the same that people around them now say
what is happened with you? Tell me what is happening with you and this is people who
are not non -Christian people who get saved with a non-Christian background and what have
happened with you, no! this is somehow Christians who have been sitting in a church for many
years but with other people around in the church are asking what is happening I want
this and suddenly they see that they have fallen away from their first love because
the light is coming in and the darkness is going to go away, so what we see now is the
testimony is spreading not only we are not talking only like me like when I got saved
from a non-Christian background everybody is like what is happening with you no we are
talking about people who are already coming in church and been there many years but when
the life suddenly come maybe for the first time this is so strong so radical so everybody
around them is like what is happening with you yes, and this is what we are seeing now. Prophetic word
I got a prophetic word some year ago where somebody saw a big barrel plus a lot of fire
inside but there came a lid over that fire and the fire slowly died out but then I came
away and then I took it and suddenly the fire came up again and I think it is a good picture
of what God is doing, that when we change some of the things I’m saying here you see
that a fire is going to come to start again because in the last teaching I tell you last
time for many of you it has suddenly created a new hunger for the word of God because now
you want to dig into the word of God you want to see what it is all about before many was
like o I knew what it was all about but suddenly it creates a new hunger and this is what God
is doing so I’m so happy this is what is happening I am so happy for the response and
what God is doing. I also got some critical response It’s always
like that because again people have different glasses like I told you last time and if you
listen to my teaching and really have big glasses on you, if you have these glasses
on this is something you had problem with if you had glasses like this to view through
this other thing you will have problem with and there was like two things there was somebody
who wrote to me and said I was unbiblical in my teaching last time and I just want take
that the first thing was when I talk about church the first church building came during
the period of the Catholic Church and during that period and before that in the book of
Acts it didn’t have a church building somebody said that was not true I was not biblical
because in the book of Acts they have the synagogue and Paul went there to preach what
you have to understand when you read the book of Acts the book of Acts is very much focused
on the Jews because it was that time, So Paul he went to the synagogue because this
was a Jewish place it didn’t mean that when they went to other countries where there was
not Jews they did not build new synagogues no because it was not the teaching Jesus came
with so when Paul went to the synagogue you cannot compare that with us going to a church
building today also you see that where did they have bread? Where did they have communion?
They had that in the houses why did they not have communion in the synagogue? Because they
could not do that because the synagogue was not the Christian fellowship the synagogue
was the Jewish fellowship the old covenant and there was not breaking the break because
it came with Jesus later it came with Jesus and it was something belonging to the new
covenant and was something they did in the houses.
So when Paul was preaching in the synagogue he did that yes but he wanted people to understand
Jesus was Christ and wanted people to repent and sometimes they threw him out and other
times there were people who said I believe you I want to follow you and then they followed
Christ and left the synagogue and went with him so the synagogue is not the church also
when they came together at the temple around the temple some people say that it was a Christian
gathering a church but the temple was where they proclaimed Jesus where they preached,
where they healed the sick also where they were together but it was not like a church
meeting where they break bread it was like a market place today where Christians coming
together sharing Jesus and proclaiming the word of God and people getting healed and
saved so when you read the bible you have to somehow take the glasses off to see what
the word is saying another thing somebody said to me about the thing with infant baptism
they said I was wrong because they baptised infants in the bible and came with some examples
where you read in the book of Acts how the whole household got baptised I want to say
that also that one said to me that I said that last the infant baptism start after this
period but he said that it started before and this is about right the year 200 you saw
that in the history they say there was the first infant baptism but what I said was it
got accepted like a doctrine later and became part of the church so it was not because some
of the things started before Constantine but there it got accepted like a doctrine so some
of the things happened before Constantine period.
But they did not baptise infants, babies in the book of Acts and I can show you very fast
for example when we take the book of Acts chapter 16 you can read about the jailer and
his household that everybody somehow got baptised and people today often somehow put something
into the text to get it to fit with their doctrines and then they put into the text
that there is babies in that household but we don’t read that so if I read the text
in the book of Acts chapter 16 you can read that they say believe in the lord Jesus and
you will be saved along with everyone in your household and then they shared the word for
him and everyone who was living in the house hold and we read later that everyone in his
household was immediately baptised ‘that everybody in this household got baptized doesn’t
mean that everyone got baptized, I want to say that in another way again and again you
read that a big multitude came it Jesus and he healed everyone do that mean that everyone
got healed no or yes, it doesn’t mean that every person got healed that every person
who was sick got healed and there is a difference there when you read the bible that everybody
came a big multitude came and they all got healed it didn’t mean that each of them
who were there got healed but each one who had a need to be healed got healed and the
same here when the whole household got baptised it doesn’t mean everyone in that household
everyone who had a need to get baptised got baptised. And babies don’t have a need to
get baptised and if you just take the glasses off you can also read that the entire household
rejoiced because all believed in Jesus so we read the word the entire household the
entire household means infants babies then the entire household later would also mean
babies and the bible says the entire household rejoiced by coming to faith when have you
last seen a baby rejoice by coming to faith? When have you seen that? you have not seen
that so this is just an example often we think something is unbiblical and there is people
who is really smart and a lot of doctrine and very fast and say this is very unbiblical
but this is because they put something into the text to get it to fit with their traditions
and this is just an example often when we read the book of Acts we forget that this
is a Jewish place they take the Jewish synagogue and make it something it is not and when we
read about the baptism we put something extra into the text because we want it to fit with
our traditions and I believe somehow we need to make things more simple we need to take
the glasses off and just read the word read it as it says and believe it and don’t try
to change the word to fit to your theology no change our theology to fit with the word.
This is what we need simple faith read the word obey the word and like the man who I
told you was totally changed also on fire because he got kick started because he was
out praying for people this was so simple Luke 10; 9 Jesus said go out heal the sick
preach the gospel this is so simple everybody can do it, it is so simple so the word of
God is so simple we somehow make difficult. Jesus didn’t come with religion where we
need seven years of education to understand what he was saying no he came with a simple
life children could understand and often children have much easier with this than we have because
of the problem up here we take a lot of things in a complicate it instead of do it simple
So I’m going to do it like I did last time to take you through some church history, we
have the book of Acts revival Christianity and as we read in the bible Jesus the same
today but many things got changed during that period and this is what we are building on
today the Lutheran church building on the Catholic Church and everything today looks
like this and we really need to see a reformation because Jesus has commanded us to make disciples
Jesus has commanded us to equip and train people, and the way often we do church today
is that people are not equipped they are not trained they are sitting and they are listening
to somebody doing it and we need to change that focus and again train and equip people
we need to get Jesus out of the box and be a part of our everyday life.
And this is some of the things I’m going to share with you now I want to start with
telling a testimony of my life and the last years after view of things is started to see
things more testimonies I’m going to tell you now a testimony like the book of Acts
a testimony how like you see the Holy Spirit is guiding us how people is getting saved
and how Jesus is the same today and I will tell you the testimony because it is somehow
helped me to share what I’m going to share so I hope you are ready. Israel
About one year ago my father he really met God and he got baptised my father I came from
a non -Christian background and my father when I got saved he didn’t want me to have
anything to do with the church but now he is changed and I got the chance to baptize
my own father and it was amazing and then about half a year ago or something like that
I was home with my parents and we were sitting talking about Jesus and talking about Israel
because they had been at a meeting where someone was talking about Israel and when we talked
about Israel I talked to my father oh I’ve always dreamt about going to Israel and to
walk there and see the places and I said to my father I want to go there and take my family
with me and then I said because I felt something and I believed God wanted me to go there very
soon and it was suddenly because it came out of me this is what God want me to do but I
didn’t think it was going to go so fast because just two days later I got a phone
call, I took the phone call and it was a woman from Jerusalem Israel who called me and said
I need to talk to you two days ago you know the same day I was at my parent’s house
two days ago I went to bed the Holy Spirit woke me up and said to me go in write signs
and wonders in utube I did that and suddenly you came up I saw a video and saw your website
and I saw this is different there is something here and I wrote down your telephone number
and now the Holy Spirit has been saying to me that I should call and invite you to come
to Israel come to Jerusalem and live with us and I was like ok nice and I said just
two days ago I was at my parents’ house and I’ve always dreamt about coming there
so let’s pray and she sent a message saying tom I have just sent two thousand five hundred
euros to me so I can come with the whole family but this is how God is leading us so like
three months ago I was in Israel in Jerusalem and I stayed with my family for a whole week
and I was out in their places and it was really amazing and I asked, Jesus what do you want
me to do here? What do you want to show me here?
And one time we were going and we were going to the sea of galilee and we went down the
place you read about the gospel of john chapter 41, you read after Jesus rose again he came
to his disciples and was standing there and they were out fishing and he said that they
should cast the net on the other side and they got a lot of fish and they came in and
Jesus asked Peter three times do you love me and we were there that place and I was
standing and looking where Jesus sat and made the fish and sat together and it was amazing
to be there and now they have built a big Catholic Church there but they didn’t have
at Jesus time and often the hard thing being in Israel it was because everyplace something
has happened many years ago now there is a big, Catholic Church or Lutheran church and
somehow it kills it destroys the simple life we read it destroys the life Jesus came with
But we were there and when we walked up around the Catholic Church at the sea there was a
woman in a wheelchair and the one who was with me she went to her and I came there and
this woman was from brazil and I didn’t understand what was wrong with her but a bus
had destroyed her knee or something and she was not able to walk and she said the woman
who was with me can you pray and I just put the hands and pray for her and suddenly a
lot of things happened because she like jump up from the wheel chair she was walking around
she was shouting! And shouting! in tongues and saying a lot of things I didn’t understand
and suddenly a lot of people came from the sea up there was a whole group there also
some people from china who were taking pictures and she was walking around the wheel chair
was empty and she was shouting! And shouting! And then from the Catholic Church there came
a priest out shh! shh! Shh! Be quiet! Be quiet! And he was standing in his big beautiful garment;
the whole picture was so amazing what happened! And I saw later there was a sign saying be
Quiet, and the sign be Quiet, was in three different languages and she didn’t care
she was so happy and this man was be quiet be quiet! And suddenly the rest of the group
came and mob and somebody from Brazil so somebody could translate he was saying and she was
shouting no more pain! No more pain! I can walk! I can walk! Then one more came can you
pray for me? And I prayed for him and he got healed and one more from the group he came
with a cane can you pray for me? I prayed for him he got healed one more came and said
I’m the pastor I invite you to Brazil, one more came and said can you pray for me? I
want what you have? And I don’t believe in giving I believe in praying for people
for them to receive the Holy Spirit not the anointing like we see in the church today
I’m going to explain that later. I just laid my hands on him and don’t know
what happened but God came over him I think he made he got set free he fell to the floor
and to the stone and he was laying there on the stone in front of the Catholic Church
and to be there it was so amazing and suddenly everybody was looking at me and somebody was
taking picture and suddenly I had I have to go now it was too much focus on me so I went
and I was so shocked and I have it on video I have a video on my website on last reformation
the video is miracles in Israel and there you can see in my video and I am so shocked
at what just happened and it was so strong to experience that setting the same place
Jesus had walked the miracles the same place and now Jesus had the problem with the Pharisees
and now we have the big Catholic Church where the priest came out shh! Shh! be quiet he
was more interesting in that we were making noise than this woman had met God and have
got healed. And it was a really strong experience for
me and afterward I went to the place where Jesus had lived and on the video I say look
this is his home town this is where Jesus had lived now he is not walking here on earth
and suddenly yes he is of course Jesus is walking here on earth I am his body’ you
are his body’ and Jesus is still healing people in Israel today he is healing people
all over the world why? because he has not changed we are his body this is the normal
Christian life and later the last day I was there we talked a lot a lot of things happened
other things happened also the last day there I was on the mount the temple mount where
the temple had been of course the Israel Jerusalem had been destroyed at times so it was not
exactly those stones but it was the place the temple had been and I was standing there
where they now have two different mosques and I was standing there and looking and right
here right here right here the holies of the holies here the temple the temple have been
and then it came so strong to me because suddenly but now the temple is not there but it is
because I’m standing here because I’m standing here the temple is here because I’m
the temple the Holy Spirit is here because the Holy Spirit is inside of me.
And this is some of the things I want to share with you now the revelation of we are the
temple the revelation of we are the body the revelation of the Holy Spirit inside of us
we are the body of Christ and that mind-set that understanding is going to set so many
people free when they first start to understand that but somehow during our religious glasses
during our way to make religious meetings many people have heard that the temple is
not something you go to you are the temple you are the body but they don’t understand
they don’t see it. So I want to show you what Jesus came with
and I want to provoke you like I did last time I hope you are ready for that.
First I want to show you what is the normal use of the different words like church and
things of course there is always people of the church who understand different but this
is the normal view when I say church I want to say this video and other videos I made
on this teaching is in high definition so you can go and turn the quality up to high
definition and you can see all the texts I have this paper so I just want to let you
know that. ‘Church is not just somewhere you go it
is something you are’ Church, what is church? for many people church
is a temple a place you conduct religious activities worship so on and this is the normal
mind-set if you say church to people the first thing that comes to peoples mind is some building
you go to, to do religious activities but this is so far away from the understanding
the first disciple have church has nothing to do with a holy place Jesus came to destroy
that mind-set he came to destroy that mind-set so he could build a body he want to build
a body the temple is not there now because the temple is here we are the temple of God
and we know during religious activities the way we do church today we create another mind
set because we don’t only learn by what we hear we learn by what we see so you can
come to a church for many years and you can hear church is not this place church is you
but we show by our life that we have not understood it for example I know many people who have
been together with friends they have sat at home and spoke about Jesus share testimonies
and have got a lot of good out of it. But they would not say there what they had was
church they would say no we were just together we had fellowship but we were not church but
it was church it was as much church like the rest is church because church is not just
a place you go it is something you are. When I then talk about or, when I say priest
most people think a priest is someone who has an education a special calling and priests
those who came to them, those who got baptised and communion and somehow stand between us
and God and that mind-set is so opposite what Jesus came with and today we build on a foundation
that is so opposite Jesus words If you see in the bible you see that there was a high
priest and that was Jesus Christ and when used the word it refers to the body of Christ
the priest hood of Christ we are all priests but somehow in the Catholic Church there came
a man between God and people and God and somehow there were only some select people who was
priests and they have a special anointing but they who could baptize they could share
communion and they somehow stand between God and people.
During the reformation Luther he came with somehow with the priest hood of all believers
that means that we don’t need a priest between us and God we have Jesus Christ so he changed
that so we don’t need a priest between us and God but he didn’t change it so we didn’t
need a priest this way so we don’t need a priest between us and God we can now have
relationship to God but he didn’t change it that we were all priests that we can all
baptise and that old mind-set is still embedded many in people. I remember not so long ago
there was a woman who called me and she said “I have a son and he is very good he met
God through some meetings he is 19 years old and he is total on fire now he wants to get
baptized, can I baptize him? And I said yes! You can “yes I know I can but Tom, can I
baptise him? I said yes! You can, Jesus has commanded you to go out make disciples and
baptize him see he has commanded you to do it! “yes but Tom’ you know I’m not like
a priest” but no we all priests you can do it yea but, I said you can do it…but
she didn’t do it why because of her glasses because somehow what she came to somehow created
a mind-set that there was people who was special anointed called who could do that and us lay
people cannot do it and Jesus hate that teaching I believe he went against that he washed the
disciples feet he wanted to show us we are all brothers, we all priests with ‘one high
priest Jesus Christ. And everybody can baptise everybody can do
it can do ministry there is nothing in the kingdom of God for people who are special
called for ministry and people who are not and that mind-set somehow limit the growth
so the growth today is limited to church to a meeting to a priest so today when people
want to receive Jesus because we have not made disciples and trained them. We think
ok let’s take you to those people who can do It, I also had that mind-set I remember
the first time I cast a demon out. We understood that Jesus wanted to be a part of our everyday
life and we had a gathering in our house and suddenly there was a woman who fall down and
was making a noise and shaking and shouting something in English with a big male voice!
And as I had never tried that before I was like ‘woo a demon, a demon, and she was
shouting and what she shouted was ‘go to hell! And when she was shouting that my first
thought was ‘I need a priest’ why did I think that? I had the Holy Spirit inside
of me I was a priest I didn’t have the education but God had called me to be a priest I was
ordained not by a system but by God. Because when I got saved I got called I became
ordained I became a priest and I received the Holy Spirit so I had everything but because
of my mind set when that happened I thought I heed a priest no I don’t need a priest
I just need to learn by doing it so I went to her like because there was no priest and
we can be happy for that today there was nobody else than me so I was somehow pushed out into
it so I was like where is the priest o’ there is only me ok who are you and she said
‘go to hell! And I said’ who are you? ‘Go to hell! And I became so angry and so
I said ‘no you can go to hell! And then she got set free in the name of Jesus ‘yes!
So I saw that woo’ it is working I have it already and this is somehow the church
in many churches today you need to be ordained to do ministry but in the book of Acts they
were not ordained, yes I believe in a calling but not to a very few select people a calling
for an organisation no, we have a calling from God each of us we are all called to do
ministry but somehow many people think if I need to do ministry I need to build up I
need to take the right education and then they finish and then the glasses on them and
then I need to somehow do ministry inside that box but Jesus didn’t come with the
box he came he want to be part of our everyday life he want to be a part of our everyday
life and then the next thing I can say is worship service when we talk about worship
service in our mind set a Sunday a special place a special time where special people
do special things that others cannot do so we think that worship is special time special
place where special people do special things that you and me and other people can’t do
and this is so much in our mind-set that we go to meeting and we expect God to work there
and this is good but what about Monday? What about Tuesday? What about Wednesday? What
about everyday life with Jesus? We don’t expect that when we are together we don’t
expect that. I was down sending a book yesterday and I
was sending some books out and in front of me at the post office there was standing a
boy hey I know him because like two months ago I took him out on the street and I was
together with him a few days and train I’m and with me and people got baptised and saved
and he saw that and he was a Christian who saw another who come here and he come in another
church but I met him yesterday so I was like hey let’s take some coffee so we sat down
took some coffee and what we do there we have church we talk about Jesus I disciple him
we heard testimony he gave me something back and I was totally high after I had been talking
to him in one hour and I could see his life got totally changed last month by meeting
me and what we did and he thanked me so much and said things have changed everything thank
you because you want to make disciples thank you because of what you gave to me and for
me in many years I didn’t make disciples lives because my mind-set was discipleship
was something you had to be ordained to do somehow you had to be priest had to be Sunday
and it have to be to a meeting and somehow we limit God so much in that mind-set.
And now I understand that discipleship is part of life when you are together with people
talk about Jesus you are disciples and you train them and this guy he is not coming my
church he is coming in another fellowship and what is happening with him is now affecting
the fellowship is coming so we are called to disciple people and our focus have so much
church instead of just making disciples. But during the history church became something
it was not and worship became something it was not and the Holy Spirit I can take that
now the Holy Spirit the anointing many people think this is for the few select people in
special time and they have some time from the old testament we have the temple and the
priest was coming in and the prophet in the old testament they were anointed by God and
anointed by a prophet and today in some church denominations we have a lot of anointed meetings
where people come to get anointed and that was my church background and I got saved I
went from one meeting to another one conference to another why because I wanted a man of God
to lay hands on me so I could get the anointing. And I can see that that mind-set had destroyed
that church and that church denomination somehow because now we have a lot of people going
from conference to conference from meeting to meeting to receive something the already
have if you are saved if you are filled up baptized with the Holy Spirit you have the
anointing because in the new testament when it talks about the anointing it refers to
the Holy Spirit and when you receive the Holy Spirit you have got the same power hat raised
Jesus from the dead. So you don’t need a new anointing because there is no new anointing
so each time you read in the book of Acts or in the letters talking about laying their
hands on people I believe in laying on hands and praying for people to receive the Holy
Spirit but this is only something you do onetime then you have it if and to get filled by the
Holy Spirit is not something you receive outside it was from your innermost being it’s going
to wrung out when you get it, when you get it what you already have it then you are going
to receive give and it will be given to you it’s not about money it’s about life can
you see it so somehow we have mind-set today where people think church is a building and
priests are special select people worship have to have a Sunday meeting in a special
order and the Holy Spirit is for a few select people and it’s never me.
So people somehow continue their religious activities they go to church to do religious
activities to the Sunday meeting they are he and the priest who do all the things and
the Holy Spirit yes we go to the Sunday meetings and Sunday get somebody to pray for us because
some day we hope we will receive something so we can go out and serve God, I see a lot
of fruits of what we are doing in training people and we have a lot of testimonies with
people we work with where people are getting saved and set free from demons even like everyday
life we never talk about anointing here we never used that word we never talked about
the gift, no we just do it we just live it because you have all the gifts through Jesus
Christ you have it all, the gifts are there, but there is somebody who maybe say yea but
it is not everyone who have the gift of healing no’ but you don’t need the gift of healing
and to heal the sick what! You don’t need the gift. Let me explain is it everybody who
is an evangelist? No! But can everybody evangelise? Yes! Is everybody a prophet? No! Can everybody
prophesy? Yes! Is it everybody who has the gift of healing? No! But can everybody heal
the sick? Yes! How does that work? ‘if you read in Ephesians 4; 11 God talks about gifts
he has put in the church gifts that is to equip the saint to do the ministry so you
don’t need the gift of healing to heal the sick these signs follow those who believe
if you are born again believe go out and act on the word of God but if you continue doing
this a lot and then somehow equip others to do it then it becomes a gift, then it is a
gift so it’s not like o’ I can heal the sick o you have a gift no’ everybody can
do it, somehow the gift God have given me by what by equipping and training other people
to do it and this is I do with my words it’s not with my deeds like come and follow me
and I show people to do it and they just continue to do it it’s not like I lay my hands on
them and they receive something I have. I have people contact me tom I want to receive
what you have and you can get the Holy Spirit and I can pray for you and you can get set
free from demons I can pray for you and you can get healed I can pray for you but if you
have the Holy Spirit already there is nothing more you just have to live it out because
there is this opposite mind-set like my friend Don from The Last Reformation USA he contacted
me he saw my video and it was him who invited me there and I remember in the beginning when
he contacted me he said “Tom come here I need you to kick-start me! I need to be equipped
by you! I want you to take me out on the street” and I said ok but you can do it, then later
he wrote to me “Tom, I want to wait because I want to make a video where you do it you
train me so I’m waiting for you” but then some days later he wrote to me o “Tom! I
could not wait anymore so I went out yesterday and people got healed and I took another person
with me and trained her and now she is doing the same” he could not wait anymore he didn’t
have to wait because when I came there I didn’t came there to lay my hands on him to give
him a new anointing no I came to somehow just help him disciple him train him show him what
we already have so when you see this video somehow think o’ I’m waiting for a new
anointing I’m waiting for something new no you don’t have to do that you don’t
have to wait to get the teaching of healing the sick before you do it read the book of
Acts read Jesus word go and do it. Simple, read it act on it, read it act on
it and often when we change this mind-set often the religious mind-set is changed and
then we start to live the everyday life yes you can go to a church on Sunday yes there
can somehow be a priest yes you can have a service yes you can do those things but don’t
limit it to those things don’t limit it to there is only one priest don’t limit
it to it have to be there because if you read it in the book of Acts how much in the book
of Acts is happening in church meeting no’ you see a life everyday life, but life everyday
life should be everyday life with Jesus. And many people don’t experience that life because
in their mind-set church is a place priests are few, worship meeting can only happen there,
and the Holy Spirit there is never enough of him.
Religion is not what Jesus came with, this is not part of Jesus words Jesus came not
to build a new religion Jesus came to build a kingdom a kingdom that is very different
than all other religion but if you look at what we are doing in the body of Christ in
the churches often there is not so much different than a church meeting or mosque they come
together they have the building doing things but Jesus came with something that was totally
different he want to be the head of the body he want a body to work it was not somehow
a membership it was a living body it was love, it was family. And not just members so what
did Jesus come with when we talk about church he came to build a new church I just want
to read some places, from the bible 1Corinthians 3. Paul is saying do you not know that you
are the temple of God and the Holy Spirit dwell in you, this is the way Paul is saying
do you not know, DON’T YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD’ and the Holy Spirit
is in you. later in the same letter in chapter 6 he is saying that ‘know that your body
is the temple of the Holy Spirit so he is saying the same again and again don’t you
know that your body is the temple you are the temple of the Holy Spirit I am the temple
I am Gods temple I am the church it was what Jesus came with I am the temple I am the church
when Jesus talk about priest there we have if I ask people ‘ok’ where in the bible
do we read about priest many think of Ephesians 4;11 others have given prophets evangelists
shepherd and teachers and the word shepherds is the word for pastors
Shepherd, we have shepherd in every church today the only place in the bible you find
that word shepherd is in Ephesians 4;11 this is the only place ‘you find it three other
places but every time it referred to Jesus he is the shepherd the only place you will
find shepherd where it refer to Jesus is in Ephesians 4;11 and out of that small word
we build a whole church today out of that one word and in the context you don’t read
how the things is working like I said before as an evangelist often in many churches fellowship
evangelist is those who go out and evangelise no those that evangelise are disciples evangelist
is someone who you read about in Ephesians 4;11 who equip the saint to go out and evangelise
but in our mind-set when we hear the word we immediately read with the glasses and we
think shepherd is a priest who have a church who is ordained who is have an education who
have a special calling who do those things when you read in the bible we are shepherds
we are all priests there is leaders in the bible also like bishop and overseer is the
same word but again it was very different at that time and I my book The Last Reformation
I am going to go more through that also but I want to say we need to change our mind-set
we need to come back to the priesthood of all believers because everybody is called
to serve and if we want to see a fruit and want to see the churches growing we need to
understand that everybody is priest everybody can baptise and everybody can do communion
everybody can do those things there is nothing in the church with lay people and ministries
there is of course leaders who we have to respect also but leaders is not standing over
us and leaders have not more authority in the kingdom than we have no they are standing
together with us to help us and to show us the way so Jesus came with this ; I am a priest
I am called and I can baptise and do everything the bible says this is what Jesus came with
what about the Holy Spirit what Jesus came with that the Holy Spirit the same power that
raised Jesus from the dead, live in me. We all have the same Holy Spirit the same anointing.
I remember I had a meeting in Poland and I had really tried to go through this in Poland
I tried in Poland a lot and it is so in their ,mind-set kills the church and they do it
all over the place but I had a meeting in Poland and there was a young girl who got
saved and she got baptised with the Holy Spirit and then there was a man I prayed for who
fell down and a demon manifested and he was going to get set free from a demon so I too
the girl who had just been saved and say come with me this is a demon you have the Holy
Spirit inside of you and now you sit there and you just talk to that and you command
that to leave can you do that, and I did that and then I continue praying for people and
I saw one of the elders in the church he went to her said something to her so she stood
up and sat down again and I became so angry when I saw that and I went to her again ‘hey’
you are with me it’s my meeting you go on and do that and she sat down again and one
more time this man came and said something and she sat down so I went to him and said
what is happening here and he said yes but this is a demon and I said ‘yes’ yea but
she is new, I said ‘yes’ she has never tried that before and I said ‘yes’ but
she have the same Holy Spirit like you and me and she is never going to try if we don’t
let her start and now is a good time to start it, and this is my meeting and I became so
angry because somehow he was hindering her learning and growing because his traditional
mind-set so I said this is my meeting and I will talk with the pastor afterwards so
I took her again ‘now you pray and command the demon to go. The next one I pray for was
a woman who came down and she said to me oh can you pray for me many years ago 20years
ago I lost something when I got saved I was on fire I was talking about God I was praying
for people but then a leader in the church came to me and said you cannot do that because
you are a woman and his words somehow killed me and since that the fire have gone and I’m
like and I’ve met that again…and again and again.
We have so much we put leaders in a pedestal in a place where they should not be and a
few words somehow can kill the fire we should not do that we should respect people but we
all ministries we are all priests and I prayed for her and she got set free here and the
fire started to come again I’ve met that again and again. So later I was with the pastor
from the church and I was together with one of the leaders from the Pentecostal movement
in the whole of Poland and we were sitting in a café and I looked at them and said you
have a problem here, you know you don’t make disciples ‘why don’t you let anybody
baptise for example why don’t you let the new people baptise and the priest a good friend
I respect I came as a friend but not his view of things his he said to me ‘yea Torben
but they have not done that before and I said no and they are never going to do it if you
don’t let them do it ‘yea but we don’t have strong people we have a lot of people
who have a lot of mistakes and they are not ready for that and I was like ‘they are
never going to get ready if you don’t train them if you don’t equip them let them learn
by doing and let them do by growing and then he said something so much shocking and that
somehow showed how much you can have your glasses on because he said to me ‘Torben
who was it who baptised Jesus it was not a woman it was not anyone it was john the Baptist
it was a prophet and Jesus waited 30 years to get baptised so we should not baptise people
immediately and he said that and I was shocked to be honest how can a man with a big church
who’s in many ways very smart who have read the bible many years say something as this?
You cannot use Jesus example of waiting 30 years to get baptised today. And say that
people should not baptise immediately at the same time you cannot use john’s example
it was special and also the bible says the least of these in the kingdom is greater than
john but there you just see this mind-set have crept into the church and this man he
is burned out he is so frustrated and he is so like why do people not grow why do not
something happen in church why is I’m burned out why is it so hard to be a pastor and if
you ask people in the church do you want to do what he is doing they say no I don’t
want to start a church because this is so hard for him it is hard because we are building
on a wrong foundation it is hard because the focus is wrong yes there is leaders in the
church and yes there is something called pastors but it is a function it is not a position
a pastor is a function not a position an evangelist is not a position a prophet is not a position
I is a function a function I a church not over people but beside people to serve people
everybody can do ministry so Jesus went against much of this the Holy Spirit when you got
saved you received the Holy Spirit you don’t have to run from one meeting to another if
you want to grow and be filled the bible says I would say in Ephesians 5. That you would
have to be filled by the spirit but you don’t get filled by the spirit by going to meetings
you get by giving give and you shall receive. Receive it for nothing give it for nothing
when you start to pray when you start to give the Holy Spirit then the life is going to
come ‘yea! Then you are going to come to get excited for example here in Denmark we
have bible camps and people in every big church have their own bible camp where people come
and listen to meetings a whole week come for meeting and of course a lot of good things
happen and I have seen people come there and write of face book afterward o’ it’s been
an amazing week so fantastic but we have our own conference also we go to a non-Christian
music camp with 10000 young people who don’t know Jesus who is drinking and encouraging
and don’t know anything about God we go there with new people and people love Jesus
and we tell about Jesus and each person which have been with us is going home this is just
been so fantastic writing on Facebook the best week of my life I’ve got changed I’ve
got filled up woo and you see the exciting in people and the exciting is that every time
and to be honest I have not seen so many people going from a meeting being the same exciting
but I have seen people every time when you give when you serve and you get excited this
is what we are called to and when you change your mind-set this is what you are going to
experience the last thing worship meeting worship service is when you bring yourself
to God as a living sacrifice and become Jesus hands and feet, and this is Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for worship meeting also, but worship meeting is not only
this, worship is to God when you bring yourself when you go out you are the same church when
you are together with people sitting and talking about people on the coffee table your church
when you go on the streets and evangelise and talk to people about God this is somehow
worship this is a service to God can you see it I just want to end on this note, religion
our system is saying that church is a special place where you do special things priest is
again special people who do special things there who have an education who is ordained
and somehow they can baptise somehow they can do communion somehow they stand between
us and God and worship meeting have to be a Sunday and a special place where you have
to do special things because when you don’t do those special things you cannot call it
a worship meeting and the Holy Spirit is the anointing is only for a few select people
that mind-set I had for many years and because I had that mind-set my life was total different
from what I read in the book of Acts and what it is now but now because I understand that
I am the church I understand I am the temple I have the Holy Spirit inside of me the anointing
the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is living inside of me I don’t need
to focus on getting a lot of gift I have it already in Jesus, I am the priest, I am called,
I can baptise, it was not so long ago I was in Germany and many people got saved and baptised
and not so many days ago a priest from Germany wrote a letter to me ‘Torben who have given
you the authority to baptise those people and he was against me because it didn’t
happen in church there. Jesus he have given me the authority because Jesus had called
me the same way he have called you I am the priest I am the church the Holy Spirit I have
him. Worship meeting is part of life something
you do everyday life what I want you to do the next week to our continue the next teaching
when you read the book of Acts try to take those truth here, and try to say it try to
reaffirm in yourself ‘say I am Gods temple I am the church say it to yourself when you
are down shopping standing in a shopping mall standing in the line I am the church I am
the priest ‘I am a priest’ those people here I am their priest I am the church I am
called to those people and to do worship meeting somehow is to bring myself also like a living
offer sacrifice to God so when I become Jesus hands and Jesus feet I somehow worship him
I honour him say that ‘and understand that you have the same spirit that raised Jesus
from the dead this is what I want to share this time if you take those simple truth I
am the church I am the temple the Holy Spirit is in me I am a priest I am ordained by God
I am called by God I don’t have to wait I also have the Holy Spirit inside of me the
anointing I don’t have to go from meeting to meeting to receive something new I have
it already and Jesus have already commanded me and tell me what to do so I read go out
pray for the sick lay the hands on the sick then people want to get healed I am the priest
because I am the church because I worship God by giving my body to him I do that and
then you will see amazing things. Ok I hope you understand that and I look forward
continue to next I don’t know where I am going to share other things I don’t know
let’s see what God is what way God is going to take it just take one lesson at a time
and I believe that this is going to be a beginning of something new and again as I told you last
time if you have a question and want to go deeper The Last Reformation my book and what
I have seen is many order that book and then they give it out to many people like I have
just one in Holland who bought five books and then he ordered five more because he want
other people to read it because it do something inside of people because they are longing
to get free because they are longing to experience he fire again are longing to be used by God
and you who are priest in the church and somehow are a little afraid now I think now hey I
am ordained I am a priest what’s happening here I just want to say to you that is freedom
relax I was working as a priest I was a priest in the traditional way and I was not happy
because people was not growing and I was fighting and striving trying to do everything but I
saw that this mind-set was and I changed this I was so much more fruitful than I have ever
been before and I didn’t lose people I didn’t own people so I cannot lose them but I didn’t
lose people because when they saw that I wanted to set them free and equip them they somehow
respect me not because they were member not because I owned but because of love because
of respect so I want to say it to you who are priests who are leader in the church this
is going to set you free this is going to set your church free this teaching so again
I am not against the church this is not against the church this is freedom and I just heard
some pastors on some statistics 80% are fighting with stress in the church’s today so many
people stop before time before they become pastor leaders because of their stress and
it go over family and it goes against the family and the kids because they are working
all the time and they are doing all the things and somehow it is an unfaithful job to be
a priest inside the old way. But Jesus didn’t come with an unfaithful job he has us called
leaders but we have to do it the right way so we are bearing fruits and so will experience
in freedom ourselves.

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  1. Woww cest merveilleux detre sur le terrain et faire des guérisons et ammener les gens a Christ et se repentir ! Maintenant il me reste a savoir guérir ,jai gueris ma maman au nom de Jesus je suis née cette année et moi aussi je veux faire sa Volonté ! Mais guerir tt les gens ? Je sais pas si je pourrais mais jaimerais ca ! alors je vais suivre tes lecons Merci !

  2. Thank you Torben; what you are teaching the Body of Christ is confirmation of what the Lord has been revealing to me the last few years. I haven't been to an established church for over five years now, simply because something doesn't feel right and you have explained and put into words what I and other Christians friends have been experiencing and what the Lord has been revealing. He is bringing His church back to the place where it should be and out of the hands of manmade religion!! So thank you again and God bless to you!!! The Lord be glorified in His church, amen!!!

  3. I love these lessons but this one spoke to my spirit and it it burning hot. I have been praying for the sick and see healings for several months but this opened me up for so much more. I've been wanting to do just exactly what he speaks of and I didn't know how to go about it. I always felt like I wasn't ready to teach people that I would lead them wrong. But I see so clearly now. Thank You and Blessings from Jesus Tourbin!

  4. The word SHEPHERD it is referring directly to Jesus but it is found in many places through out in the Bible, not only in three others, as states here…

  5. It's soooo stunning to see the need of God on internet wheras our churches are empty. Jesus said to Vassula Ryden, that they (the priest hierarchy) had transformed His garden into a desert and His lambs don't want to go to the desert. I believe Dorben has started something REVOLUTIONARY (certainly a heresy for our catholics theologians) but that each christian is eager to live. Let's pray our lord to give every christian the courage to go out and pray for each other, make disciples around the world. The 21st century IS SPIRITUAL, no doubt of that.

    Dorben, I really was like you living inside a christian community and feels the frustration of the depth of stupid obedience to my superiors for stupid stuff and not living the life in abundance that Jesus promised to eveyone.

  6. Torbin, thanks so much for waking us up to the true love of Jesus! I live in Moscow , Russia! Pls is there anyone of your students in Moscow or a place where to be prayed for?It is amazing to see people getting heal just like that!
    Pls reply

  7. Torben I enjoyed the first teaching, and a lot i knew. I really do not enjoy the Church setting. Also (church) really means called out ones. Enough of that, my deal is I have a longing to lay hands on people, but lack the nerve, I put this on my own shoulders. I have been Baptized yet I do not have the gift of tongues or any other gift that i know of. I was at the mall several years ago and saw a man with a Bad knee,I wanted to pray for healing for him, but didn't have the nerve. Sorry to say, Do you think i could have a demon spirit blocking it or something? I have let go of all my hate and pain from the past, have forgiven everyone in my past. Repented also just cannot get to next step. Any suggestions? My name is Joseph I don't have mine own forum to type on.

  8. I've been struggling with addiction for 38 years. Im at the end. Either I die or I live fully for the Lord. Plz pray that im healed of addiction for pills. I've had heart pain since I was 7 years old. The pain went away when I used pills but now recently the pills don't work. I want to heal so I can heal the broken hearted. The suffering is a 24 hour torture…when will it end. Help

  9. Acts 13:1-3- You said you believe in laying of hands and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.But we only need to do that once Then we are filled with the Holy Spirit forever and I believe that. But what is going on here, we know by Acts 11:22-24 That Barnabas was already filled with the Holy Spirit. Yet in Acts 13:1-3 The Holy Spirit asks that Barnabas and Saul be set apart for him. So after fasting and praying they LAYED HANDS ON Barnabas and Saul and sent them off. So do we have the anointing of Holy Spirit when we first get the baptism and we then just need more anointing for certain tasks or what is going on here? Anybody have any God-given insights?- 45:50–46:03.

  10. If i had a penny for every doubting christian that tried to put Jesus back up on that cross and got re-baptised i would be a rich man.
    Jesus knows your heart when you got baptised he knows if you meant your baptism.
    Maybe you didnt grow as fast as you would have liked, maybe you have been a laid back christian like most of us have, Yes get out there and be deciple but dont give up on your Faith because someone has planted a seed of doubt in you.
    I have seen 7 people from my fellowship that has been re- baptised after getting involved with Tolben, surely they were not all false conversions.
    If you were baptised and someone caused you to lose your Faith in your baptism im sorry but Jesus went to the cross only one time for us.
    Some people say you have to say certain words in a certian order for your baptism to work.
    Only you and God knows if you meant your baptism he knows your heart.
    Dont let any man tell you different, the enemy wants to steal kill and destroy what God has done for you.
    Many are getting baptised by tolben and his team and it makes TLR look like many are coming to christ through Tolbens ministry, it makes me wonder how many if any were new believers or just decieved doubting christians.

    Tust in him alone.
    God bless you in Jesus name.
    I pray this helps.

  11. I believe the one who's voice is talking is Jesus. Thank You JESUS for using this man. LAST REFORMATION HERE I COME.
    p.s i have a comment may some min. ago, i want to delete it but i cannot find it anymore. I will take it easy as you have said sir torben. God bless us all. Please come to the philippines too. LOVE YOU LORD!

  12. Beloved Brother Torben … I am so blessed for our Lord Jesus.! For having found you in such a time as this.
    A week ago I prayed for my mother in Law for she had a severe sore throat, and she was healed. Praise Jesus!
    Also she’s been suffering from her knees, severe pain in her legs for a sone years.
    ( yes I had prayed for her legs before, but she wouldn’t get healed.)
    But oh my my my …. I prayed for her yesterday 04/04/18 around 7:35pm USA time.
    And she was healed!!!!
    The pain was gone.! Aleluya…👏👏👏🙌
    Praise be to our Father in Heaven for having send His only begotten son Jesus to earth to save us.. and for having sent his Holy Spirit to comfort us, to equip us and to guide us the right path.

  13. I went to Moody Bible Institiute and studied in the Pastoral Studies department. Had God not led me to do my own independent study on the life of Moody, I would have said you're a liar. D.L. Moody and "Baptism of the Holy Spirit"??? But I did my own study and in a corner in the library I found a book by D.L. Moody where he told the story of a very special night in his life when he experienced the infilling of the Spirit in an amazing way and how the fruits of his preaching went through the roof from that day forward. How very sad….

  14. Thank you ….God bless you! 💕🙏🙋🏻🔥📖🕊🗡🎺….Merci Beaucoup …Torben ….Canada Québec ….

  15. Wow I’d like to see the daily walk of those down thumbing this teaching. This is normal true Christianity in Christ! Read the Bible

  16. What the Last Reformation does not teach!

    Jesus Christ was resurrected the first day of the week the day after the Sabbath that followed the crucifixion. (Matthew 28: 1) This day is reminiscent of the new creation that took place in Christ, and the entry into the dispensation of grace. It is the first day of the week that Christ again showed himself alive to his disciples (John 20:19); that he appeared a week later to Thomas (John 20:26); that he created the Church by sending the Holy Spirit to Pentecost (Acts 2: 1). Pentecost is the first day of the week, the 50th after the 7 Sabbaths of the Feast of Weeks (Leviticus 23: 15-16). On the first day of the week, Troas Christians gathered to break bread (Acts 20: 7); the faithful of Corinth were exhorted to set aside their voluntary offerings on the first day of the week. (1 Corinthians 16: 2).

    Is really the Lord Jesus-Christ fighting against the first day of the week worshipping service?

  17. We need this reformation because it will take us back to the roots, back to the beginning of Christianity. Your church is the original church that got lost. Let this message reach the kind of people that are meant to do this kind of discipleship! Amen!

  18. Here is the thing, you do lay your hands on these people which could transfer your annointing to them. I assure you, I did receive the Holy Spirit a few months ago bur I have yet to fix a Minot tinnitus in my right ear.

  19. Powerful brother. I live in ireland and am sharing it with some of my friends. I would love to go and visit with you if that is posible please let me know
    God bless you

  20. Alexis Daniel
    Pioneer school lessons teaches the destruction of the worshipping Sunday services accused to be the worshipping of the Sun god and the church building named the boxes . Totally different spirit from Evan Roberts Wales revival so that the people will come back to the church building because they repent … First lessons of the Pionneer school are very clear

  21. God bless you brother,that priests and them religious ,culture they are so stubborns ,sometime they get angry also,they dont like to lisen,blind pastors,destruction.

  22. Excellent reasons to baptize a baby into Christ

  23. There is a lot of excellent teaching here. However, even Christian teachers, according to James 3:2, stumble a lot. There are a few topics covered in this video where I would like to raise a concern:
    1. The Bible does provide a good-governance system to help Christian disciples, and this good governance involves governors (called "overseers", also "elders"), who do things like teach. For a brief overview, please see "Expect perfect governance systems from God for His people", http://christlifemagazine.blogspot.com/2017/06/expect-perfect-governance-systems-from.html?m=0
    2. There are many excellent reasons to baptize babies (even as soon as possible, while they are in the womb), into Christ: http://christlifemagazine.blogspot.com/2017/01/excellent-reasons-to-baptize-baby-into.html?m=0

  24. Great!!!! Great!!!! It is a confirmation what I had in my heart all those year.. frustration.. because I wanted to serve God, and I couldn’t.. what I could do was serve coffee and clean toilets. Thanks God for your life!!!

  25. Hey torben I hope you can one day come to USA, I’m in Georgia. We don’t have people like you that could teach us the way you do. Pray for me as I keep fighting myself in my head againts lust.

  26. Thank you so much for this message, May God increase you.I have a question, wemen covering their hair before praying what do you think about it?because is biblical.

  27. Also, Messiah's "church" is "egglesia" which means "called out ones", it is His physical BODY, not a physical BUILDING/STRUCTURE.

    We are His SAINTS.

    That is one erroneous teaching I learned about "church" that I have to go to this BUILDING/STRUCTURE.

    Paul went to the synagogues because the gospel of God was "to the Jews FIRST", they are the ones God has the NEW COVENANT WITH IN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB. (Jer 31:31-34)

    The 1st Believers were His 1st Disciples who were JEWS.

    So that's why Paul went to synagogues.


  28. Its my understanding that Roman Catholicism performs water baptisms of infants (and older ppl) as their sacrament to initiate them INTO THEIR RELIGIOUS SYSTEM, not into God's Kingdom.

    All their sacraments are to make one part of THEIR RELIGIOUS SYSTEM. 😇

  29. The Restoration Movement in America of the 1800s said many of the same things. A return to the simple Gospel of Jesus. No mixed covenants, no rituals or relics of tradition. https://christianstandard.com/2019/03/the-new-birth/?fbclid=IwAR1gkOsGQ8dHc7fo1dX_OmQR1e0eWQ9m6DxqCRsXR4KYJxuLFAUCDwT8qWo

  30. it is impossible to go to church – we are the church.Amen.
    If you are a follower of Jesus you are not part of an religion! !

  31. I am surprised I haven't encountered this earlier but I believe I wasn't ready… But now After watching these videos God gave me faith and so yesterday I prayed to God the Father and in the name of Jesus Christ God, healed my wife from a headache and a back pain that she had for a couple of months now through his humble servant. To God be the glory! Thank you Jesus.

  32. Bless brother Torben. I am watching and listening to your teachings and I am nearly unable to stay seated. It is like having an outer body experience. My spirit is jumping up and down and can't wait to disciple. I have been manifesting The Lord Jesus Christ for the last 6 months and it is amazing what The Holy Spirit can do with one available body. I have been experiencing the book of acts with my little daughter (8 years old)…it is awesome! You are amazing brother Torben and these teachings are going to break so many chains that have kept God's children bound so so long…as long they yield to it of course! I understand that the strongholds are real but is like you said building His church and the gates of hell have to dismiss regardless! Praise The Lord Jesus Christ. Hy Spirit I love you beyond words could say. Thank you for never giving up on us! Amen. I appreciate you brother Torben

  33. Thank God just recently I'd been confused about baptism of trinity and oneness I know we can't read oneness and trinity but I was baptised frm oneness when I was 9yr old and 14years old and again I just baptise few months ago of trinity doctrine . My mind sometimes asking if my late grandmother was save? Because she brought me up in oneness teaching and she died of 86yrs old but remain the same faith but during that time she died 2013 the Lord rescued me frm muslim life and using this trinity doctrine i was suffering for 16months and 14days after I gave birth to my baby and she died 1yr and 4months, after everything happened i faced harrashment and persecution and I'm so happy for this the more I am more closer to His presence. I'm so amazed and so blessed when I watch your movie the last reformation 1&2 and now God show me and give me understanding that its all the same but must baptise in spirit tru repentance to the name of Jesus Christ. God is good he lead me to your videos.

  34. Brother, I truly believe this is the right way! I'm in Orlando Florida. I would like to meet you! God bless you.

  35. There are many things I would agree with you. Yet, I think it would be better to consider what the Scriptures say about meeting on Sunday: "And on the first day of the week, when we were gathered together to break bread, Paul began talking to them, intending to depart the next day, and he prolonged his message until midnight," (Acts 20:7). The first day of the week was Sunday. This is not Catholic church's creation. Further reading is https://carm.org/does-bible-allow-christians-worship-sunday

  36. "Wherever the bishop appears, there let the people be; as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church. It is not lawful to baptize or give communion without the consent of the bishop. On the other hand, whatever has his approval is pleasing to God. Thus, whatever is done will be safe and valid."- St Ignatius of Antioch, letter to the Smyrnaeans, AD 107.

    It is not the Holy Spirit which would try to undermine the Catholic Church.

  37. Yes the Lord has spoken this to me for years and I had to learn is the holy spirit revealed the lies of the enemy to me but the whole time the good Lord has protected me from the lies of the church and kept me out of that church because I always knew that I am the church praise be to God for this awesome man of God who's willing to share the truth no I'm going to go out and do this I always felt the urge to do it I just always held back but now it's time

  38. Awesome teaching, may God vontinue to bless you with favor to gain more laborers to the fields. Your teachings have activating power through the Holy Spirit. Glory be to God.

  39. Religion is a realy good business. It's taking money from people over two thousand years. It has all different shapes and sizes. It tries to be sneaky and look friendly to take ass much money and your mind ass it can.

    Just please realize that.

  40. What about Bishops and Deacons Paul was referring to in Timothy? Were these men overseers in house gatherings. I understood that the Ephesians had a 50k member following. I don’t think they had a church building but Timothy was certainly "in charge" Paul set Titus in Crete to finish the work Paul established and set elders in every city. Torben… I’m confused as to the undertone used by the TLR with regards to an almost “no church" stance… elders and leaders, shepherds etc are divinely set in place by the Spirit of God to establish order. I agree with you on a lot of what you teach but some TLR disciples out there seem to bring an anti church doctrine with them… babes in Christ, carnal Christians, who haven’t learned how to rightly divide the word of God. Church is important- I know you say it is also and we are not to just go to church but there is a building up against churches and even a talking down undertone by some of your disciples who have had bad leaders. It isn’t the case everywhere.

  41. I truly respect this brother in Christ! May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and give you peace. May your feet continue to walk in the way, the truth and life that is in Christ Jesus brother Torben and be encouraged that many here in America love you!

  42. Hilarious! Just because it says "and their household" got baptized, never mentioned that babies were included or that there were even babies there to begin with. What a silly presumpton on the part of the guy who said brother Torben was wrong…..a baby cannot even repent or come to the saving knowledge of the Lord yet! Geesh

  43. we get called an ordained by God,which is most important we dont need a religious figure to hand us a certificate an say ok your ordained no God does that when he called us God ordained us

  44. The same heart cannot say ‘I am the CHURCH’ and talk about ‘going to CHURCH’. Both can’t be right. Let us be clear: The first statement is the one that is true. I am the Church. 👍🏾 Going to church is man-made and not biblical. 👎🏾 May the Lord help us to know and stand by the Truth IJN! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  45. For myself, I don't have the confidence (yet) to go up to strangers and pray for them. What happens when you go out on the street and lay hands on the sick and they don't get healed. How do you handle that? It has to deflate you. At least feel embarrassed that it didn't work. What do you do in cases like that? Thanks and God bless.

  46. I had guy send me money from India to my bank I said God I can't send my info bank account God told me just do it I said okay and sure enough 700$ was there for ac unit and another time hot water heater

  47. Im from Indonesia

    I left the church, start my ministry 1 year alone.
    I heard a calling from my God, to do something in the field.
    I walk by faith even dont have someone to go with.
    Until now I felt my spirit become stronger. I know I'm in the right path.

    I found your videos, very blessed me. It s what I need to equip me.
    I kept asking God in my mind how I can do ministry as people in the book of Acts.

    Love it my brothers 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
    I will learn from these lesson
    Praise Lord Jesus

  48. Revelation!!! So many yes I have cried out, why don’t I fit into these western churches box.. since the day I got born again and Holy Spirit filled with fire, I was in the streets telling others and praying. The church was organized and went out on skater days and fed the homeless or held bible studies with Beth Moore. I was hungry and didn’t understand why people acted so differently on the outside of the 4 walls. They would say I’m weird or calm down. I was free and unfire. I couldn’t stop wanting to tell others. I would think are they reading there bibles upside down. Hear me.. I didn’t even know the Bible, I barely knew a couple scriptures. But I needed to testify that I was delivered in my living room from drugs 16 yrs prostitution, lies, manipulation, greed, anger, and a laundry list of things I use to do that I didn’t do anymore. Glory to god. Almost 4 moths after my road to domastis, I went to a church building and was told to say a sinners prayer. I was unfire, I got baptized 6 moths later and revelation came way stronger. I didn’t receive tongues until 13 yrs later. But I had a few of the 9 gifts.. but no one was helping me to recognize them and I thought I was so strange.. oh how I thank god for getting my hat and coat and running 5 yrs into it. I stayed home and read my bible and started to listen to to. Jakes and Paula white. There was a good amount of truth but something was way off. I heard turn it off. I did and went on by myself to continue on the streets. I have since day 1 had signs wonders and mirricals follow me all of my days. Oh father talk about the power of god and knowing that he said who I was and not man. Brethren I pray great truth and revelation be your portion.. I can’t wait to see all the true remnants in the glory when he comes to get us. Stay strong, Hurd up your lions and go forth to make deciples.. Holy Spirit of truth please remove all false teachings from us and help us to be lead into all truth and not by man.

  49. I just started watching and have to say if someone told me infants need baptized I would have to ask them why would an infant that doesn't even know what sin is who doesn't know good and evil need baptized for remission of sin? How many infants have committed adultery, fornication, false witness, hate, unforgivness, stealing, murder, drunkenness, extortion, witch craft, idolatry, jealousy, greed etc….

  50. So at 48:00 Torben explains the spiritual gifts and how there is a “gift of healing” but also “these signs for those who believe”. You can heal, evangelize, prophesy without the gift. A revelation I had this year echos the same idea. “The gift of…” (spiritual gifts) were an extra impartation beyond what is commonly available to us already as believers in Christ. “Gifts” we’re created for a specific need in the church “body” by the Holy Spirit for when we don’t have faith or lack what’s necessary to minister to others. This is a blessing because it means we are always covered. No matter what the circumstance we have been equipped in the body to stand in the gap for any need in the church so long as take that step out in faith. I’m so thankful Gods grace is always sufficient, always enough, and he does care and cover us for every little need. An example was my mom who, though Catholic, had simple faith for healing (no knowledge of tongues, etc) and could pray for others and they would be healed. We do not need fancy knowledge of theology. We do not need to feel we must keep learning but never ready to just go out and do. We just need to step out in faith. God’s will in the Bible is to heal, prophesy, and evangelize. He has provided the grace to do it in every situation. We simply must not give up and be determined that Jesus’ sacrifice fully paid for healing.

  51. The problem is not really the church building. The problem is actually the people who are in the church building. The church was supposed to be a house of communion and faith. But they turned it into a mega financial organization. That's where the problem began.

  52. Torben, I truly appreciate your ministry and I agree that the denominational church's rigid structures have hindered believers from being free in Christ to do His work on earth. I have left the system years ago and have been after the Truth at all costs since. Yet, I'm conflicted with a few of your teachings that are contradicting the apostle Paul's teachings:
    Would you consider Paul being in a box and leading people into the box forever for writing the following in the bible:
    1. women's function in the church – 11 Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. 12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. 13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve; 14 and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. 15 Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control. – 1 Tim. 2: 11-15
    2. laying on of hands – 14 Now when the apostles at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent to them Peter and John, 15 who came down and prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit, 16 for he had not yet fallen on any of them, but they had only been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. – Acts 8: 14 – 19
    3. Head Coverings – 2 Now I commend you because you remember me in everything and maintain the traditions even as I delivered them to you. 3 But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife[a] is her husband,[b] and the head of Christ is God. 4 Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head, 5 but every wife[c] who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, since it is the same as if her head were shaven. 6 For if a wife will not cover her head, then she should cut her hair short. But since it is disgraceful for a wife to cut off her hair or shave her head, let her cover her head. 7 For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man. 8 For man was not made from woman, but woman from man. 9 Neither was man created for woman, but woman for man. 10 That is why a wife ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels.[d] 11 Nevertheless, in the Lord woman is not independent of man nor man of woman; 12 for as woman was made from man, so man is now born of woman. And all things are from God. 13 Judge for yourselves: is it proper for a wife to pray to God with her head uncovered? 14 Does not nature itself teach you that if a man wears long hair it is a disgrace for him, 15 but if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For her hair is given to her for a covering. 16 If anyone is inclined to be contentious, we have no such practice, nor do the churches of God. – 1 Cor. 11: 2 – 16

  53. Je suis converti depuis trois ans et depuis le début je veut vivre comme Jésus et faire sa volonté car il a dit vous ferez les choses que j'ai fait et de plus grande encore. Je me sent mourir dans mon assemblée, j'ai été remplis du St Esprit avant mon baptême d'eau et je sait que le Seigneur m'appelle à cela car j'ai eu plusieurs guérisons miraculeuses je vais à une de vos réunions fin février et j'aspire soyez béni

  54. I think this is okay, but … they need to always give God the Glory. He is the one doing the healings and the holy spirit. I hear alot of people against this guys teaching. Is he part of the New Apostolic reformation?
    And would the disciples take selfies of themselves hahaha. And didnt God say. after he healed, to go out and not say anything to anyone.

  55. AT 1:00:00, the woman who was told, “You can’t do that. You’re a woman.” I have this story: I was once asked in Modesto whether women could preach. I had never asked God. So, I went home and prayed. Holy Spirit said woman could preach. I asked how that could be. He said, “Because I said so.”

  56. I really want to go to your conference in Austin, TX but I am without a ride brother! I am 25 and zealous for Jesus Christ and wanting more and all you are speaking but I feel I need a true baptism first. When I first started fasting and seeking The Lord as well I had a passionate zeal for going to Israel and still do, but this baptism needs to happen!

  57. Praise God! My brother was saved before me, then 6 months later I was saved, and my brother baptized me 2 months after I was saved! He also baptized me in the Holy Spirit and I received my prayer language! Haha Praise God!

  58. It is true we don't need a religious, well known, high position church leader to bring us to the annointing but we most certainly need to be led by a believer and an obedient servant of God, not just anyone. An unrecognizeable demon possessed person who wallows in sin or is 'unclean' should not lay hands on someone who desires the HOLY SPIRIT annointing. Dark Spirits transfer the same way, especially if there is doubt in the minds and hearts of both. A true deliverance will not happen. It may look like they were delivered but the dark spirit will still be attatched or transfered to them afterward so that they go on to commit evil. 1 Timothy 5:22 'Do not lay hands on anyone too hastly and thereby share responsibility for the sins of others.' Make sure that they confess the desire to renounce sin and evil and surrender to SERVE God rather than just desiring to receive blessings and forgiveness FROM God. Only then can they be considered annointed by the HOLY SPIRIT. Satan is clever and a deceiver. Jesus instructs us to be 'wise as serpents' meaning to know how Satan, the serpent, can use Christians for evil if they lack the knowledge of Satan's workings. This is evident in many areas of life.

  59. Those who are watching and learning from Torben and TLR, copy these videos to spread these teachings of truth. You can google instructions how to do this. Show them to loved ones and friends for a true revival. Satan will do everything possible to remove them in attempts to stop the coming of God's Kingdom and heaven on earth. Spread the Word and the truth like wildfire! Be bold! Be Wise! We are at war for the salvation of mankind and for World Peace! Be a soldier for Good and take part!

  60. Torben I think you are wrong when it comes to infant baptism. demons cannot cross water.. That’s why when u baptize those people in faith and repentance the demons come out. Now parents can speak over their children in faith and repentance (spiritual authority) and baptize them in water so that demons may not have entry through the indwelling sin in the child because every child is born into sin (the sin nature from Adam and Eve). You must baptize these children through water baptism as long as their parents have faith and repentance it will work.. then later on they must receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You are doing a great injustice in not baptizing the infants. All his household was baptized.. means ALL were baptized .. please don’t try to circumvent that fact..I appreciate all the work you are doing for his kingdom. When have I seen a child coming to faith? Here you go “As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy.” Why? Because the child’s mother (Elizabeth) was filled with the holy spirit. Luke 1: 41-44.

  61. We break bread and commune with each other at a physical location where people can repent and be baptized in water in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost.

  62. Thre is a 15,000 sq ft warehouse on 28 acres up here in South Dakota. Western South Dakota is a truth desert. Help!

  63. Every small child that I have shown the verse Acts 2:38, immediately say, 'I want to get baptized!' They have no preconceived ideas about what salvation is.
    Do not curse your children by calling them 'kids'. A kid is a baby goat. Satan wants you to curse your children because they are an heritage of the LORD. Remember, the goats go into eternal damnation and the sheep enter into heaven with the LORD.

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