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♬ Oh, how you soothe me, ♬ ♬ You take away my breath. ♬ [Frances]:
Nothing could go wrong, nothing will ever go wrong if we follow the Spirit. [Diana]:
If you have to have one skill to perfect it’s just that skill of listening and following [Frances]:
Exactly. [Diana]:
It will give you a quality life in the end. [Frances]:
The result of the listen & follow is not anything but that you realize how much you’re cared for and how much you’re loved. And in the end, the end result and
the reward is a total relaxation of the mind, that, okay, I will never worry again, you know, I will always live like this and I’m worthy to live like this
in the most extreme situations. I think Awakening 2 Love is just completely led by vision and that kind of calling and whatever touched you as the inspiration to say, “I’m worthy,” And we are worthy to hear the call, we’re worthy to allow everything
to be healed by the Spirit, by God. So that, you know, that is completely up front and leading the way
for this big event in the monastery. It’s just one event of the year, so I think it’s inspiring. And if you feel something touched your heart as well then that’s a sign that yeah, let’s meet there. [Diana]:
Well, thank you— [Frances]:
Yeah, thank you too! [Diana]:
—so much, such an honor, and I do
really look forward to you on Awakening 2 Love. [Frances]:
Thank you. ♬ I will follow. ♬

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