Minecraft AfterLife SMP S2E16: Building King of the Ladder with Blondskunk

Minecraft AfterLife SMP S2E16: Building King of the Ladder with Blondskunk

Welcome back everybody to another Minecraft afterlife S.M.P. Episode anyways today if you guys can’t already tell, we are at the games district but that is for some finer while we’re going to be creating the fun stuff eventually anyways so for today we’re going to be taking over the king of the ladder project which was in charge of bleeding you alluded to was in charge of the project alongside with the Berlin river and booming crash I don’t I’m not too sure about the two others as I’m Berlin in crash but I know for sure Daniel was in charge of it and it just so happens that Daniel and Berlin are no longer part of the server and I believe this build is technically up for grabs so I figured why not take it upon myself to actually finish this build Make it is worth something we all as members can play on the server as currently if we take a look at the game’s history like it needs some more livelihood so I think for a good majority of my gent on the server will be to make the games district a bit more lively have some fun here make some members play some games here and what we’re going to be doing for the remainder of the suit I believe is clearing out the areas so there is going to be a nice little segment of where I’m just talking while I’m digging away and then afterwards we’re going to actually start the process of beautifying the building as that is something we’ve got the do but I’m not too sure if we’re going to fully finish the build but it should be decent enough anyways and whoa whoa what are you doing right there but OK So without further to do or further along or whatever the phrases we’re going to get started so yeah OK everybody now let’s get to the serious topic now the serious talk is sort of kind of old in comparison to the clips that are Cordy right now the majority of these clips that are recorded that you guys just saw were recorded in April and now a good bit of the stuff that was recorded afterwards and regarding King The latter is recorded more recently as an in June tenth time range type deal but aside. I still thought you guys would like to hear about the things that are happening within the group as I figured something big to you guys as some of you as you not watch the other afterlife members which I how they were command that yes go watch because they are a lot more consistent than myself and some of them are very informative about things that are happening when I should be too but either way I still feel like it’s something that should be discussed so I figured we should start talking about the members that have left the group so if you guys don’t know Duke dragon Frost Hutchie Daniel Lucas Berlin river gaming because have all left the group those are five members they have left within the span of the six months I believe so burning from January until now those are all the members I have left to watch think the last one that left was in April I think in that was Berlin I believe or gave me because one of those two I fully don’t remember but either way majority of those you two resolved on their own accords I mean we’re all on good terms with each other I assume because all they all left on their own when they didn’t get kicked and we were all like still buddy buddy I’m pretty sure as are on the after like discord but besides that I mean majority of them left on their own accord for you two reasons or for life reasons they either stop doing You Tube or got a job they got some I mean real life priorities over you to buy me a make sense now or they just no longer enjoyed my craft so I mean everybody has their moments in I totally understand so I mean we are currently at five people which is me why I want to go tonight FOX and crash and we of course are still trying to mediate that issue by doing that occasion of it which started on the night which was the day before the anniversary of season two and also we are taking initiatives by trying to invite people so we’re trying to prevent all those problems like the group just shrinking down so I mean don’t don’t like I guess imagine that the group is dying or whatever we like people tell us like are you guys fight over there we’re fine we know what’s have. Apne we know how to solve the problem we’re taking all the initiatives to do so though I mean people don’t really need to tell us how to do the job as this S. and T. Has been going on for over two and a half years now but I mean I’m pretty sure we’re good I don’t know I mean that’s just me I mean we’ve been in worse situations before I mean we’re trying to take the steps we’re we’re taking baby steps as we know the summer is like a big stepping stone for many of us that are in the group for college or maybe they’re going on vacation they’re starting their job whatever so I mean we’re kind of taking the summer slower than what we want to but that’s kind of what we have to do in order to ensure that everybody’s going to be fine when they get into their next chapter of their lives or well I guess crash is not going to is next chapter but everybody else’s basically college or job whatever they decide and I mean everything is fine for my knowledge we’re still trying to get you a to everything so no need to be worried and I think that’s really it I want to discuss with the U.S. So we’re fine don’t worry about it we start application of it we have a public discourse that you should join interact with us there’s a bunch of members or will I use people on it not members I guess that kind of makes it where it’s like me and there’s a bunch of after like Members know there’s a bunch of people in the community that interact on their we have phone we chat we talk we type everything and yeah so if you guys want highly recommend that you go check that out too and besides that I think I will let you guys get back to the rest of the video because I think I’ve rambled long enough OK everyone let’s talk about the skunk in the room and that is not this gunk over here what are you doing here skunk T.G.C. I’m trying to work on the king the latter just leave please me and look at she looking stupid boy oh yeah I asked you the beer oh man will either way where you when they get started on mining the king of the ladder figuring out what we have to do and have our little talk about the scope of the room and I also have to apologize. Now I feel like a bad person wow. Oh my gosh what are you doing skunk. I mean I guess we can get started let’s go skunk. Are you previously trying to find out the. Yeah I was getting cold too. And iron. You know. There’s a kidney there’s a K. With two creepers in it creepers. I hope they come and Jihad you. Keep running around. Thank you. Six. Six six. Six. Six six six. Six. Six. Six. Six. Six. Well a little my but this is a pain. I mean. I mean I think the courthouses that there. Is is just like it’s just big. This was just like in AL and detailed all over the places. You know like plop and blocks here plop in blocks there oh you got to go in here you got to dig this you’ve got a place this hero. What do you mean I mean you were a pain in the work it with during this. When he had bury me. Not not active you know busy away from the kids and the keyboard over here to laying there recording. Yeah yeah but. I told you earlier skunk. The that’s how forgetful you are just the lame records and all that. Going to talk about how you made this builds go. I mean the town halls all yours this is now yours. You know we got green. And then that. Then we got the blue and we got the yeller over here and then we got the RID over New Year. Like the staircase all US lobbies are before you on a staircase up. No what else to call it. All that I mean I thought your talk about behind the team area. To make it pretty skunk. Yeah you Sisco Do you agree with me just likes governing councils mine easy. No we got against their right now it’s gone. You are a pain in the work with there in this though because of that no you are delaying recordings. Don’t don’t even start with me. Don’t make me swaying in your face. But skulk because of all the troubles you’ve been doing to me I think we need to put this argument to rest or will this big debate I’m going to challenge you in advocating whoever wins it’s still in the castle. And I mean to be easy beating you. Pretty easy. Oh no that’s just going to be so easy it’s going you’re just going to lose it’s going to be like taking candy from a little baby skunk away you are baby Scott. Yeah you are look at you with your one little two. Yeah look look. I’ll be waiting for them be amazed skunk I have a good track record. I believe that is Hutchie LP thank you very much..
Doesn’t matter he’s still the richest. Leftist in here and it’s to his boy right the P.R. And White was second richest to begin with a war maybe crash crashes up there. I mean you’re over here at rock bottom. Where you are. Mike Castle. Saying. OK OK well fine Scott I think I think we’re done here today. Oh it will be you will lose my ways can’t have fun don’t I.

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy! Apologies for it being late and hope it turned out fine in your opinion! (I edited on a laptop, so yeah…)

  2. Jay I want to collab I have a pretty small YouTube channel .Please collab so I can grow I am a pretty good pvper. I am good at sw and bw

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