Most Powerful Technique to Change Beliefs (Use This)

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron, and I hope people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you a powerful process for changing your beliefs about who you are and Really an understanding that our beliefs are creating our reality now I believe that this video can give you practical tools that you can apply towards using your mind in a powerful way to actually Work for you instead of against you now understand as I said in a lot of my videos I believe more powerful than just understanding the secret or the law of attraction is understanding that our beliefs are creating our reality That what we believe to be true will always be reflected back to us and that this is something That’s very common to see and what we call even science even if you look at a placebo effect You can give some a pill that doesn’t really have anything in it And if they believe that it makes them feel a certain way They will get that result if it believed if they believe that it will cure them it will and it also has the opposite effect So if you were to give someone for example an amphetamine which is something that makes them very hyper But you were to tell them that it was a sleeping pill they get tired and they fall asleep Now our mind is that powerful and our beliefs are that powerful that they can push through Chemicals they can push through so many things in our life and once we become aware of it We really start to gain our power back now the first part of understanding our beliefs Is that most of the language we speak has the beliefs inside of him? We just have to become aware of what we’re saying well believe you know we’ll say like I can’t go do that Or this is just the way it is anything that we see that we have a definition about in Tales within it a belief about the way that we see the world so we’ll believe oh, I can’t go do that Or if I go do this then this will happen is that inherently true, or is it just a definition that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy So the first part of this video is just simply becoming aware of the definitions. We have for the way the world works This is something I’ve become aware of of whether I think certain things have to be easy or hard or whether certain things You know certain people always have to be a certain way as I drop the definitions and the labels on to them I find that Everything in my life gets reflected back with that change now the technique I’m gonna be giving you guys has to do with something that is called nlp Neuro-linguistic programming is something that tony robbins uses It’s something that’s very powerful for using our mind in a powerful way now It has to do with understanding that around any subject. We can possibly imagine. We have a certain way that we relate to it we have a certain representation now each of us thinks in one form or a multiple form of Modalities of sensory perception now. We think of this as some of us are more visual We can see things in our mind is something that we remember memories. It’s very visual some of us are more auditory That’s someone like me. I’m more of I can hear things very easily of thoughts that I’ve had in memories or a certain past I’m able to hear it in a much more powerful Way some people are just straight-up kinesthetic And they’re able to feel it now the idea is to find whichever one your predominant in and pay attention Specifically to that one as I go through these different subjects so around the idea of money what images come to mind what? Definitions. Do you have about it what beliefs? Do you have what kind of visual representations come to your mind? Maybe as certain memories from your past What is your self-image around money? how do you view yourself and money as You look at these what you’ll realize is what we can begin to do to change our beliefs as we can Disassociate from our current view of money if it’s not serving us and what we can do is see that visual perception We can see it fading further and further away We can imagine the colors going from color to black and white We can imagine it dimming away from us if our primary Modality is hearing We can make it sound like the volume is going down and down like we’re turning the volume on it What we do when we do this exercise is we’re creating distance from our old belief our old perception of money But now what we can do is we can wire in the preferred state of being the preferred Representation by taking that visualization of what we prefer Experience, so now I want to ask you the question is what do you prefer to believe about money and as you see that vision? Maybe it’s a certain memory of the past of you coming into a lot of money Maybe it’s something that you want to experience in the future Whatever it is imagine that and see it getting brighter and brighter in more detail more color more vividness the Volume is going up and louder and louder and louder and as you do this exercise What you are doing is you are wiring in a new belief that makes you Viscerally feel differently you see with the old way that we thought in the old beliefs. What happens is that those representations? Those visions visualizations make us feel a certain way And in that state of being it becomes self perpetual under this new idea of understanding What you can begin to do is to associate those powerful memories of what you prefer? Imagine this sound getting louder and louder Imagine the pitch are getting brighter and brighter and As you do this you start to find that you start to relate to the idea of money in a completely new way I believe that this video can allow you if you do that over and over again to wire in a new Representation for the way you see the world to relate to yourself in a completely new way And it can change you from the inside out now the last thing. I want to do is another exercise You can throw into it And it’s a feeling of certainty it’s a feeling of belief Anything that you want to believe more in or you want to feel certain of what you can do is Imagine this metaphor in your mind you have the left side in the right side and Imagine you have a filing cabinet on the left side is everything you know to be true it’s everything you feel search enough on the right side is everything you don’t know to be true and everything you’re uncertain of if You want to bring something into your life and feel certain about it Imagine the left side of your brain is something that you already feel certain of and Remember whatever that is get into the feeling state imagine yourself with something you already know to be true Maybe it’s that you’re very good at feeling connected to your family Imagine those things imagine certain scenarios and as you feel that feeling of certainty What you then can do is ank in another memory of something you want to believe maybe it’s the belief about money it’s a belief about having the same type of Relationship with finding and attracting someone in your life now imagine that person and knowing that they’re going to come into your life or imagine the money you want to create and simply Imagine that you move it from the right side of the filing cabinet and to the left and as you do that you are now certain of whatever that is and what you can then do is wire in that feeling over and over again by mixing and Anchoring something you already know to be true with something that you want and prefer to be true What you begin to do is make things more certain for yourself? You’re going to start to believe in yourself more, and you’ll find that the more you do this the more certain You become of what you want to experience so with that being said I hope you guys enjoyed this video feel free to like this video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already And as always I will see you guys on the next bit peace much love Namaste

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