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blessing you awakening people message
for today is mother god this is your call so open your soul take a deep
breath close your eyes and believe in yourself dear love this is your mother
God speaking you have all heard the planet will begin to shift success
during 2020 and the importance of being centered gravid in your hearts during
these times this is often absolutely true in its
absolutely crucial if you are doing not want the incoming waves run you over
abandoning after Shore children truth is merely one and it’s an equivalent for
all let go of the shore and flow with the
energies rather than trying to resist by holding on to false beliefs that the
motto I don’t know anything guide you assist you
let me explode even the truth that you belie were full truth many of them
warrant the ego mind cannot comprehend truth although it does the simplest it
can to imitate but this year children the complete whole truth will begin
surfacing on the collective reality as inside each mean truth energy and
intentions of individuals will begin to point out themselves more and more to
those who have eyes to a surgeon the ego will see all this as a reflection of all
the lies it holds projection are often big team it is just one truth dear ones
your ego doesn’t realize it but I do as I’m pure I’m walking among you come and
find me come and join me and let’s walk back into the sunshine together all my
hands is I hold yours in the last times I’m truth I’m that I am I really like
you dear children this option you call with all love mother God

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