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can you please help me welcome Paulus as
he comes up to the stage wow man what
did you do you really got the shouts going on it’s
good to see you thank you so much for
coming out here and are willing to share
your testimony with everyone here and
also with those who will be watching or
rewatching us on livestream and
we believe that it’s gonna bless a lot
of people let’s start off with your name
and where you’re from and why are you in
tri-cities I’m almost convinced that
everybody knows my name in church but
it’s paulus and I’m from Lithuania which
is in Europe yeah and I came as an
intern here and it’s a privilege for me
to be here and share my testimony
come on guys let’s put our hands
together for him being all the way from
Lithuania and thank you so much for
coming again would you please share with
us what was your life like before you
met Jesus Christ I think I call my
testimonies Jesus victory over my
life because you know like I was like
raised in non Christian family I mean
Catholics but not Christians actually
and I was born in a small city and the
only one the only way to get out of this
little city was the good grades and go
to the University so I was a very good
student and I managed to get to the
University in Vilnius in capital and
then all the things the happy thing so
called came to my life like girl sex
drugs and rock and roll everything you can
imagine like parties techno music
everything like that and and I mean it
didn’t take me long to get down on the
on the track and I was degreasing as a
person my morality went up my conscious
conscience was like switched switching
off a little bit and my moral values go
down and I got into depression of course
and depression addiction depression a
lot of girls casanova lifestyle even
though my finances and I managed to set
up business so I was like you know two
policies very much like one is like
and the other is like socially powerful
money traveling and everything like that
but I was lost from inside and empty so
would you like you mentioned to me that
you were searching for truth and what
are the things that you actually doubled
into before coming to Jesus Christ would
you please tell us about that and yes
the main reason I actually I started to
meditate because my friends see this
lost in me his depression and he said
paulus you cannot do it by your own you
need to meditate and then I started this
meditation and I got some really
out-of-body experiences and stuff like
like very serious stuff and I got
involved in the New Age religion very
soon after I went out of my body I had
this very spiritual illegal experiences
I realized that there is God but it was
not true God and I start to get involved
in all these Vedas so all this kind of
meditation yoga shamanism
Tantra Dawa it crystals of psychedelics
you ask everything you can’t imagine I
was there and before Jesus I like two
years I was all radically searching you
know for the truth and going as an
evolution you know yeah and
enlightenment so this a search for truth
and for fulfillment you were depressed
led you eventually into all of this
those dark things and would that help
you what did you find at the end of the
day last year I was in my bed after
drinking juice vegetable juice for 35
days I lost 44 pounds on top of that all
the meditation breathing exercises yoga
I was like mentally emotionally
spiritually in very bad condition and I
thought that I would die actually I was
I I couldn’t lift the book I was so weak
and I was so like depressed and
everything and in this bed actually I
found one book somehow came to me and it
was like a diary of one Christian on all
days and it was like a diary of Jesus
Prayer the power of Jesus prayer Lord
Jesus Christ have mercy on me and this
this prayer just it popped out from this
book and I just the time stopped
and I felt like you know this
supernatural peace and I started to cry
and I realized you know that’s like
Jesus is really calling me to step out
and I I mean at that time I was hopeless
come on you guys let’s put our hands
together for Jesus Christ our God is so
good in such a dark moment of his life
where when he was feeling like about you
you know died or disappeared and Jesus
used that little verse of the book to
pop out to him and touched him at that
moment so what happened at that moment
so I just started you know to repent and
I just really felt you know actually
every soul understands when its creator
comes to it I mean I was I get all kinds
of experiences blissfulness is extra Z’s
in these New Age practices I experienced
everything you know every nice feeling
but it was not God and then the real
true God comes to your bed you really
feel it it’s you cannot you know it’s
incomparable and that this Shalom this
peace came upon me and I just
nothing can compare with our God but the
presence of the holy spirit comes there
is nothing that can compare with that amen yes God is really good and and yeah
following four months I started to
repent I was crying I also experienced
all kind of manifestations but I pray
was praying for four or five hours a day
this prayer until I got born again and
then so wait a second so since that time
for every day you were praying for five
hours that exact that prayer that came
out of the diary right and you were
praying and praying
what kind of manifestations were you
experiencing was it deliverance that
took place yeah of course I mean I
was like since I was in this yoga
Kundalini practices I was not free and
since we don’t like pray for one hour
you can feel it you know that you know
in body manifestations and no nothing no
one could help me from Catholics
tradition unfortunately so I was looking
for truth how to you know set me free
and and then I got born again and I met
like born again people who helped me to
get deliver full deliverance kind of and
yeah and God is really good and but
during this month I also experienced His
grace and His mercy he showed me all of
my sins I made my sinlist like twelve
pages and yeah and I got this instant
freedom you know like I guess more and
more free and it was a blessing you know
to just experience this even though it
was very hard but this it was a blessing
to experience this journey what an
amazing amazing God we serve amen now Paulus with all of this would you
please share with us how is your life
now different after you receive Jesus
Christ it’s you know I mean it’s 180
degrees different now I’m engaged I’m
I’m not isolated I love people my heart
has changed I don’t need any practices
to make me love people I don’t need any
yoga to make me better person I have
Christ in me
living in me and that’s more than enough
that’s more than enough and I mean all
the relationship with my families
getting better everything just
increasing and of course it was hard
times it’s not like some kind of rose
tinted glasses on me but I mean I I’m in
the season where I’m really blessed to
be here in America to learn to get
grounded in the faith and actually I
don’t know just like I’m surrendering
cause everything what he has to offer so
powerful a couple more things do you
feel like the search for truth and
fulfilment has been actually ended for
you with meeting Jesus Christ I’ve read
100 books before Jesus about New Age and
occult and a new yoga autobiographies
didn’t give me any satisfaction I was
hungry and hungry and hungry and
when I put a Bible for the first time in
my life I got satisfaction and nothing
can satisfy me it can’t satisfy a
person nor glory nor business nor money
nor girls nor sex nor drugs not
rock’n’roll nothing nor even
enlightenment can satisfy a person and
only Jesus can satisfy a person come on
that is so powerful
paulus we are so happy for you and we
celebrate what God has done in your life
together with you today and we just want
to hear your advice to people who might
be struggling with some things you’ve
gone through and maybe those that okay
yeah pastor wants me to ask one question
how did you hear about hungry gen
ministry and our internship program yes
that’s actually at the same time I met
my future wife I heard about this church
two-like took more than two months ago
I met my Bavetta my girl which which we
came together here and she mentioned and
there’s a this practical Bible School
with the supernatural ministry and I was
praying for that
and she was praying for a person to come
together so you know everything was like
that and I I didn’t research I just
prayed about it and it happened to be
and I didn’t take any time to decide I
just like let’s go that’s awesome so how
do you feel now being here in the
internship how is it impacting you so
far it’s been two weeks now I mean I had
bigger and I had good expectations but
it’s just overflowing my any expectation
I had I mean teachers people love here
and and feeling that the Holy Spirit is
really boss here it’s like whatever I
need is like it come on Holy Spirit is
the boss here that is so awesome thank
you so much for sharing and lastly would
you please share word of advice to
people who might be searching for truth
or doubling in to different kind of
teachings and that are not from Jesus
Christ what would you tell them I would
tell them that you know I was sensitive
person I was going after my heart but I
didn’t know at that time that you cannot
trust your heart and actually a new age
is teaching to trust your heart but when
I trusted my heart in my life it went to
all kinds of sins so I suggest people to
trust the Word of God and not your heart
come on let’s put our hands together one
more time
thank you Jesus thank you so much we
appreciate you sharing your testimony
thank you thank you
why wasn’t that powerful nothing gets
better when you hear how God changes
people’s lives and how he brings them to
his to himself to his presence and how
the life the life when when it was empty
now is satisfied when it was going
straight to hell and living in Hell on
Earth now is with the Lord Jesus Christ

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