My tips for finding a deity

My tips for finding a deity

welcome back this is Tiger lilie this time
of the year I may only post like one video a week because we have
Thanksgiving next week and then next month is my son’s birthday and Christmas
so around the holiday time I’ll probably bring him down to one maybe two videos a
week I think the last two weeks it’s been like 1 in 2 so it’s gonna get
really crazy because my kids are home from school and daycare and they’re
going hog-wild and I’ve been in the hospital because I
had a really bad allergic reaction from a spider bite my entire arm and hands
were swelled up and it was disgusting and it’s almost back to normal but I’m
on steroids antibiotics benadryl and they gave me shots so it’s not
interesting week but um we’re gonna go through how I found my deities and how I
can suggest you to find your deities if that is something that you want to work
with I get this question asked quite a bit when someone’s like well how do you
know who to work with which ones do you read up on there’s there are a lotta
pens on which route you’re going when I first started I of course started
reading about the typical gods and goddesses you normally hear the Greek
gods those are the ones that I started reading up on because like I said those
are the ones that you usually always hear about but as you kind of just type
into Google like pagan gods and goddesses there’s a link I will put down
below that has a list from Asian to Greek to Egyptian to African I mean a
ton and there’s added links that you can actually go to look at them you can read
up on them you can kind of feel for what you’re drawn to and I would start there
or you can do what I did after I kind of read up on Greek gods and goddesses I
wasn’t really drawn to any specific one really
wasn’t until I decided to really meditate and when I first started out
before I did any spell casting or anything like that I would just meditate
I would call on mainly my ancestors just to be there with me and guide me of
course that’s when I was casting my circles because I really wanted to keep
all the positive and what I needed in so that’s when I was really casting circles
but I would just call them my ancestors I would call my spirit guide to help me
the elements this the spirit to help me that’s what I did and I meditated for
weeks just to get myself one used to meditating and then to get myself
balanced kind of understand my own energy flow and how I felt when I knew I
was grounded and balanced and then I started paying attention to visions that
I would be getting and that’s when you can get a dream journal or a vision
journal or some type of book to write down any type of thing that happens to
you you keep track of it and I just started meditating and I would pay
attention to maybe random sounds that would come into my head random animals
that would pop into my head sometimes I would smell random sense and eventually
I would piece all this together and I went back to you know my websites and
started reading and that’s when Isis popped up and at first I you know I read
about her and I felt drawn to it compared to all the other ones that I
had read with Isis I instantly felt like I’m gonna keep reading her I’m gonna
keep her you know there’s something about her they’re just drawing to me but
I wasn’t a hundred percent sure it wasn’t until I had a tarot card reading
at a local metaphysical shop that my main card the main thing that stuck out
was Isis’s crown and I was like and I told her about it she goes well I think
that’s a sign that that you were needing that Isis has been you know O’Kane
working with you or just being connected with you as well and since the time that
that happened and I welcomed her in with me it’s been awesome I you seen my Isis
oracle cards I used those and I loved them
with me Isis is very motherly figure which of course if you know about Isis
she is a very motherly goddess I mean with her son and how she took care of
her people she’s the goddess of 10,000 names I mean she is the goddess of magic
as well but I definitely I get more of a motherly vibe when I do anything with my
kids I call upon Isis if I do anything when I
need that mother guidance I call upon Isis that’s when I really
connect with her more than really doing any magic spells of the specific things
it’s usually always something do with my kids or if I need that mother guy just
kind of shining up down on me and having that instance I know the meditation is
probably one of the biggest things I’ve heard of that people connect to deities
another thing is of course just reading through as many gods and goddesses kind
of pick out the things that you like kind of pick out if you’re seeing a
bunch of these animals in front of you like physically in front of you like you
see this type of bird all the time go look up okay what is this bird mean
if you see this black cat all the time of course that’s it look up okay what is
the symbolism of this cat who is connected to cats I see cats every time
I turn around I see owls I smell lavender all the time I am
always thinking about honey or I have this like Celtic sounding music in my
head or what I turn on the radio I’m always getting into certain songs think
about those things to your surroundings your think of your seven senses those
could be tied into something a goddess or God that is being drawn to you I have
only had one God come to me in a vision and he only lasted for about a week
because I don’t think him and Isis really clung together when I work with
Isis I was comfortable working with Horace and Osiris when I needed them I
feel like they’re like a package deal but me personally how I find deities is
meditation research paying attention to my senses
and my surroundings is the best advice that I could give you for figuring out
how to find your diet II and you may not
have one there’s some people that have a God in the goddess there’s some people
at me I just have a goddess I have multiple goddesses the more that I’ve
come into my path and it just depends on the situation
there’s Lakshmi there’s Aphrodite there’s Isis there’s Yemaya those are
the ones that I’m connected with right now a part of me is starting to starting
to be drawn to the Thor which that’s for not Thor Loki I’m sorry for another
reason when I need to do those uh interesting banishes Loki is probably
the only God that I really feel like I think he and I would get along when I
get in those those vibes but normally I mainly work with females with goddesses
I just have a very headstrong woman this thing but a lot of people talk to me I I
think my masculine kind of comes down a little bit more but I just work with
females more I don’t know it’s weird like I said you may not have a goddess
you may want to just work with the elements the spirit your ancestors you
don’t have to have a deity it’s not for everyone there’s no wrong way to the
pagan Wiccan that well I’ll say pagan because Wiccan does have kind of rules
and regulations so there’s no wrong way to your path especially if you’re
eclectic do what feels right for you do what you love if you have any question
and comments please put them down below these are just things that I have done
to find my deity or deities so I thank you be sure to check out next week I
will actually be doing a video for giving thanks to your deities it ties in
perfectly with Thanksgiving coming up so that’s what I’m not gonna go over too
big detail on how you can thank them and fully work with them instead of just
calling on them and being like okay now I’m done there’s ways to thank them
because if you don’t think them properly they could do the adverse work with
Aphrodite you don’t give her a nice blessing she may instead of give you
love she may take all kinds of love away from you so be sure to check out that
video that will be next week before Thanksgiving I think
you guys have a great rest of your day or night ma blessed be

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