My Vision of Suling – My Spiritual Awakening and Past Life Experiences

hello friends welcome I just hear today
got a new camera here mal once more less the same model but the older one so this
one’s got a few new adaptions to it so this is my second camera so be using a
second camera view at times just to talk to you then we’ll come back to the main
camera well I wanted to talk about today is I’ve made a couple of blocks on my
website about my childhood and shepherding and then I’ve done one about
my vision of a beautiful oriental woman who happened to be su Ling my spirit
guide didn’t know at the time and then you know about my calling of my spirit
and you know becoming aware that I was a spiritual being through dancing and
having an amazing and most amazing spiritual experience where all my
chakras opened up on the dance floor and it was this beautiful energy flying
around the whole of me in it way up through my body and down through my body
until I was fully like every chakra in my body was open literally started
levitating across the dance world my feet were just very lightly tapping the
dance floor and my spirit took control and it was a wonderful experience you
know and I knew that you know after that experience I was a spirit for sure and
that if I could find that much there was to be more to find which I did you know
quite shortly afterwards actually because I had a friend that helped me a
great deal so you know and I knew there’s probably a God after that for
sure and you know that there must be some swell afterlife so it was a big
revelation to me but back in 1992 had a vision of a beautiful oriental woman in
my bedroom and I just going to quickly talk talk about that although I’ve
talked about that in my last blog you know I didn’t know who it was and but it
was my weekend off and I was sleeping and and to summit disturb me as though
the summit in the room and I woke up open my eyes and you know it was a
beautiful well conceived it’s a beautiful it was an oriental woman I
guessed very long hair really full long black
hair he went down to her niece and she was
walking away from me down the side of my left hand side of my bed and my eyes
just fall shut and I went back to sleep for a couple of seconds and he wouldn’t
do would you but it was all part of a spiritual vision that was meant to be so
they were helped to be closed again and suddenly I open my eyes again and she
was turned around holding a naked butt holding her kimono a pin or a dress up
in front for a black dress with white flowers embroidered on it and you know I
was just looking at her face and she was stunningly beautiful and she wasn’t
looking at it she’s like she was looking straight full but all sudden this look
his shock went across her eyes because she could see I was looking at her and
it was as though I wasn’t meant to know she was there sort of thing so then my
eyes were four shot again and then they opened again and she was kneeled down
almost trying to hide from me at the bottom of my bed and we just gazed into
each other’s eyes and it was beautiful you know you know you can look into the
soul of a person through their eyes when they’re open to you and I did you know I
could say the most loving person looking back at me a soul mate for sure then my
eyes were forced closed again opened again and she was gone you know I just
sort of wanted his comeback and wondered how she gave my house because the doors
were all locked it was that real she was that solid looking and then you know
just laid back thinking about it and thoughts started to come into my mind as
though she had come to me every single night after had gone to sleep snuggled
up behind me and I had a vision in my mind image in my mind of her snuggled up
behind me cuddling me loving me to bits and then you know that the thoughts went
on – as though I wasn’t meant to know about her and that she would left every
morning before I woke up I know just caught her out this time so obviously
the most loving soul to me I didn’t know what to make of it I didn’t know nothing
about spiritual things didn’t know nothing about clairvoyance and psychic
any of this stuff so you know I didn’t know what to make of that and that was
two months after I split with my wife in 1992 in the mid summer of 92 and it was
a precursor for what was going to happen later so
I found out who she was later so so then I went on and had a major calling I
decided to be a better person than I already was and start making
improvements in my life in awesome of the night if four and I had a major
calling to find something and in the end in March of 95 I found you know that
through that dancing experience that was a spiritual being and you know it went
on from there so you know I had a friend that I started working at Guildford
Borough Council grass maintenance in the January of 94 and somebody there Peter a
lovely man and so worldly-wise was amazing to listen to so many people went
to him for advice because he could give really good impartial advice
and you know he prevented me and you know he was such a conscientious man you
know I was very fussy about my friends but I could see you know here’s a person
I wanted to be a friend with so we become quite good friends he told me
later on that he knew I was you know as soon as the first day saw me but I
didn’t know they had a destiny a predestined life plan in fact as a few
do and you know he either had my experience and a month later I said to
him you know about middle of April of 95 I was really struggling to afford my
rent in the double rented room they said you know you could come rent a room in
my house we’ve had do lodges before and you know this is how much he said just a
donation and we agreed to small amount so so you know it made it very sensible
for me to move in there and when I was there I’d never had the slightest clue
that he was a very spiritual man and had a lot of spiritual abilities all the
time but knowing him for you and a course or I’d known him had no clue
whatsoever had any spiritual inclination whatsoever after I’ve been there a week
he he told me that he was a medium and a healer clairvoyant psychic and all sorts
of things and that you know he brought me a
message from my mother that passed over from when I was 10 so he was the first
person to bring me a message I’ve had many since through many different
mediums from my mother were very interested in true proof of what we did
together when she was here on the earth plane memories that we shared and things
we did together you know so you know evidential proof proves it to you
without a doubt also my grandfather and others have come to me that given me
lots of evidence the things we did while he was here and the others so it’s
wonderful experience you know and I was very inspired and had a lovely message
from my mother you know Peter later on took me to the
spiritual church and he said here you will find those of like mind you know
those pursuing those sort of things that if you have you’re interested in that
side of it you know you could learn a lot from and it took me there and I got
another message from my mother and my grandfather so it was beautiful when we
went back there once one more time a couple of weeks later and got another
message so I was very fortunate and you know it was a big welcoming and you know
it’s lovely to know they’re alive on the other side isn’t it you know if you want
to believe those messages if you’re skeptical of them don’t want to believe
it that’s fair enough so why was with Peter you know he was
very evolved and very in touch with the spirit realm and they told me you know
that are coming together wasn’t her accident that you know it was
predestined that he helped teach me some these things and Jay said to me how
mediumship works and taught me a great deal about all these spiritual gifts
while I was there I only stayed there for about three months and then I moved
back down this end of the country which it was on your hour away but I wanted to
move back down this way but anyway you know he said you know you’ve had past
lives and you’ve had five past lives and you’ve been black he didn’t know about
all my past life’s pieces I’ve been black I’ve been mark one of many
disciples of Christ while he was here he had hundreds of disciples so I was
marker to suck him had also been a soldier in a past life I’ve since found
out you know about su-ling and that might pass life to this life my last
life for this life was Japanese and samurai
are belief so he was because I’ve had a Japanese master come to me through
another medium say this is coming out of you you know the Japanese with a kendo
stick with a wooden kendo stick master so you know that’s obvious to me cuz jet
fooling over her name’s Chinese she is was Japanese in our last life because
she’s had four lives upon this world herself also so that was great as you
know so become evident you know I thought maybe it had been Japanese and
that’s how it met Zhu Ling and you know that gave me the proof that that was one
of my last past lives so I didn’t know about su Ling he just told me about my
past lives and then I had a bit of problem with some spirit and Su Ling
come and intervened to some extent it didn’t ultimately cure the problem but
she stuck up for me income and defended me and Peter then said you know I
thought what a good person wish she was and how much you must care about me to
do that for me and it was then that Peter told me that su Ling is your past
life wife and you know I was in a relationship that had just finished a
few weeks before this three or four weeks before this because I wanted to
find my soulmate and there she coming to me with all this love and I remembered
the vision and everything about her how much she loved me and all these things
shortly afterwards and now I fell in love with her and it was easy to do
probably in love with her she was such a beautiful person and Peter regularly
brought me message was from her but she said you know get on with your life down
here carry on having a relationships live a practical life and all these
things to me don’t have to do anything special for me so so but then Peter told
me about su Li and that she she was a very highly evolved from being from
plane ten and that’s where I’d returned from to from my past life to this new
life because each new life we have a new spirit and a soul to live and that adds
to the collective when you get real work and when you’re ready to back in a
spirit realm so the past life’s really doorman in
but su Ling totally devoted to me too as part of that whole life you know group
soul and it’s beautiful and Peter told me all of her names which had got
short-term memory loss but she’s got quite a few oriental say sounding names
and he told me that she’d had four past lives and I since found out she’s been
Chinese and then in a last life she was Japanese I don’t know don’t remember her
Japanese name she calls herself by su Ling which is a Chinese name so she’s
the most beautiful soul and she’s come to me so many times through mediums and
she gave me a beautiful golden rose of her love for me and through a medium and
how much she loves me so she loves this new life as much as she loves the old
because it’s all part of the same life isn’t it so it was a beautiful beautiful
experience finding out about su Ling and having this most inspiring and wonderous
awakening but you know soon things went wrong for me after I’ve moved back down
this way I got three spirits that come along and they started blocking me
because I had all these abilities to communicate with spirit I was talking
clearly to them in my mind and you know having psychic abilities and all these
things and it all shut down because I’ve got free spirit that come and really
blocked me seriously and attacked me quite regularly and they’re still there
today you know but I’m evolving beyond they’re slowly bit by bit I’m evolving
beyond their clutches because they’re in the dark of vibration and although I
suffered a lot and they attack me a lot and I had many many mental illnesses
because of what they did to me I suffer greatly depression and all kinds of
things and you know but it was a learning curve because sometimes you
suffer something in life and it teaches you something great about helping other
people and many of the very best healers in this world have suffered greatly
because they’ve got so much more understanding of what others are
suffering and so much more understanding of how to help that person which is
helped me greatly so though you know you want to get rid of these negative spirit
they still have brought a lesson to me and a good value but I I started
seriously meditating again to connect with su Ling cuz I couldn’t hear any of
them anymore and I was very in touch you know very clairvoyantly awakened because
it happened overnight with me some people you have to spend a long time
developing these gifts but with me just when I was fully you know maybe it was
too much but so spiritual congestion with what they’re doing blocking but I
you know went to develop my classes or thoughts couldn’t get nowhere in the
early days but since 2010 I’ve been laying down meditating with su Lee
slowly slowly slowly inch by inch these abilities are opening up again and you
know I’m not doing mediumship at the moment because I don’t form unblocked
enough but my healing abilities they never been affected by these spirit so I
can heal very powerfully still but it’s the play of one side of things and the
psychic side of things that they’re really able to block but I’m making
progress day by day and you know I got more and more and more in touch with su
Ling and she’s the only spirit that gets around me because she’s very evolved and
very powerful that I can actually hear at the moment but others are there and I
can you know sense them and these awarenesses are growing inside me once
again so you go down that big dark hole and then you come back up into the light
because when you get to rock-bottom there’s only one way left the garden
that’s back up and you know I’m totally devoted to doing that so I’m hoping in
the next year or two all these things will be no problem anymore and I know
for a fact that the spirit realm is working very very hard to find much
greater protections for us because one of the things that I become aware of
since and with Peter is that Peter told me there’s going to be a spiritual
intervention on this world because we’re doing so much damage to it through
pollution and Wars and different things that it’s been decided by God and the
spirit realm to help this world and to intervene and help inspire us to get on
a better track and take this world into a safer
a healthier environment for us so so spiritual awakening is do apparently and
that could be in the next few years and you know I feel that you know I hope to
contribute to that a little bit myself as well so the thing is that I also
wanted to talk about was was my past life experiences and they were most
beautiful so I found the most loving past life wife who I married down here
she put the ring back on her finger for a medium at the church
I said sir if you want to marry my life to through the connection to past life
you’re most welcome to and I love you to bits and we are soul mates and one day
she came along and said I can see you know sue Ling’s put the ring on because
I asked her if she would marry me and so she’s put the ring on for me so it was a
beautiful that was 2017 I think 16 gone remember now but while I was going
through my Awakening and all these abilities opened up to me I had for past
life experiences in 95 when I was going from my wakening in the end of April May
June and July I was becoming a welcome to all these abilities and I had I had
three – past life experiences then and to the next year and the first one I had
of my past life awakening in us in a small amount within me is that I’m
Dyslexic you know I don’t spell very well I find
you know spelling a very difficult reading quite difficult
maths just the same you know I’ve never been any good at maths but I went into a
garage and the woman picked up four items I asked for off the shelf and I
saw the price of each of them and when she picked the last ice him up I
instantly knew what it was going to come to and there’s no way I could ever add
those right in without and she flashed him over the till at night and told me
what the price was know it like that because it was exactly what I knew it
was going to be in my mind so that was a past life experience a mild one but it
was and then I was frightened you know because I am a
very believing equality and all these different things I’m thinking what if my
past life you know how is he with sueleen because you know I believe in
equality and all these things and I don’t know that was the second one or
the next one rather was I was a bit afraid because I know when you go back
into the spirit and you can be a real welcome to your past life and I thought
well I’ll disappear surely I disappear so it was given to me I believed by God
that I experienced my past life of well awakening all his confidence and all his
energy so there’s like six spirit energies really you felt like you’d have
to do a 24 mile marathon just to be tired enough to go to sleep you’re so
full of energy so had all my energies joined together in an wakening of my
past life all his confidence and that and you know I was so happy and I didn’t
want him to go away again but it only lasted about 30-40 seconds so it was
just to put my fears by because all it’s really like is that when you get awoken
in the past life you remember the rest of your lives and is as one being you
become one new being when you get awoken so it was just amazing experience and it
put all my fears to rest because it’s like this it’s like somebody hits you on
the head one day and you look you have past life of in Asia in spirit so it’s
like you’ve got amnesia to your past life so somebody banged on
the head and you lose most your memory you don’t recognize things or know
things you used to know if it comes back to you be very glad of that wouldn’t you
be happy to remember again and that’s the same being awoken to a past life
it’s a very happy experience and it’s all gay it’s all gay so you gaining a
lot of intelligence a lot of memories of all your past a lot of extra energy
because each new time at use time you come he have a new spirit which makes
you more powerful more powerful more powerful the more lights you have to a
level about eight or nine times if you come back after that it doesn’t really
have much effect so so it’s amazing experience then the
following year I had another experience that the confidence and energy of my
past life all six of my life forces joined together and you know you feel
superhuman just about and later on that year that’s when I had this what was
talking about just now in the autumn of 96 I was frightened that my past life
being so old and back in the past wooden tree
sueleen is very cool because men didn’t in the past did they they thought they
were better than women and I was a bit worried about that and because I wanted
to a straighter and complete equality so I was given a past life experience I’ve
totally woke up inside me in the background and all like a Phil’s always
loved welling out my heart true love for su Ling as much as I loved her of my
past life so it wasn’t mine and how much he loved her and in my mind I heard his
voice in by my game I love su Ling I love su Ling I love su
Ling at all this love welling out of me for her and I was so touched by I said
you take the four and he come to the front of me and he talked for his past
life through what his wife su Ling in the spirit realm my past life spirit
wife in the spirit and we spoke to her because she was in my presence at that
time as a spirit orb so he spoke to her and told her how much he loved her and
this is after well I was about 34 then so 33 he he spoke her after being asleep
inside me for thirty-three years and you know told her how much he loved her what
a hard time was go through because this is when I had the attacks happening and
it’s depression and different things these spirit were doing and you know
then he turned to those spirit and spoke to them and told them that they should
go away and give up basically but they didn’t and then he turned to me and he
said what a great asset I was to our life our life so so it was a beautiful
and very touching experience and then slowly he went back to sleep again and I
would just did want him to go away again I was so such
amazing experience you know you can’t wait to get awoken and you know you can
go into the spirit realm you don’t have to be awoken and father God will
carefully pick life’s down here that would be happy to be welcomed to their
past lives you know he won’t pick anybody that didn’t want to be a walk
into a past life so you afraid to stay in the spirit realm as long as you wish
without being awoken eventually you can go before God it is in the hole of
learning and asked to be a welcome to your past life and that is the most
wondrous and beautiful experience you could ever have and Peter
he’d had a past life as well so and he was also quite welcome to it so it was
amazing so I had the most amazing time and you know although you get the
negative side of things that you know there are bad spirit out there – you’ve
got to be wary them and protect against them that you see the good side of it
turn there’s so many good things through finding your own spiritual existence and
beliefs and progressing yourself because we are spirits having a physical
experience you know and this is just the first plane of spiritual evolution and
there are many more places 12 planes in old but man’s only made it to plane ten
I say that’s where su-ling lives on plane ten unless where I come from from
my past life is plane tin so when you get real woken you just become one
complete entire new being all lives as one new person not sick it’s different
lives taking turns you just become a revolution of all all six life so yeah
somehow I very much look forward to can’t wait and you get a lot more
intelligent and a lot more energy and a lot more abilities than what you’d
normally have and I believe the past life experience I’ve had will come back
again and there I will be able to tune into my past life and he was called
marking spirit realm that’s the name he chose and you know I believe I will be
able to have a partial awakening because Peter he could be awoken to his past
life when he wanted to and the difference between Peter as he was and
when he was awoken to his past life in channeling or the
humming his past life was quite amazing the levels of intelligence the wisdom
the spiritual understanding the abilities different things and you know
he was amazing person and he set me on the right track he was a the best friend
I’ve ever had and he was so psychic he could say so I was coming around to see
you or the phone’s just about to ringing it’s for you and it was every time he
was right so there are other psychics can do some of these things as well but
he was very evolved so yeah I’m going back to that place where he was
hopefully so yeah it’s good anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed this video it’s
going on the blog on my website it’s all gone so gonna be released on YouTube
shortly after that I’ll be doing a new blog this week hopefully yeah I put this
on later on this week testing the two cameras out just to see hello just to
see what they compare like together and you know what it’s like so be quite nice
going outside later on maybe in a year or two and having two cameras out there
mostly I’ll be just using this new one for the time being anyway thanks for
watching hope you enjoyed that you can see how happy I am being aware of spirit
you can see how happy I am on this destined path way of developing
spiritually how much I truly love helping you all as many people as I can
go out there and help through inspiration
happiness healing whatever form it is that helps you that’s the way I want to
help you and whether it’s just my voice calming you or you find something
interesting I say or my experience is whatever it is I do to to help your life
or make it a bit happier and so happy to do for you you know because I really
love and care for my fellow mankind here on this world and beyond and would
always try to help people you know through my videos and different things I
do anyway thanks for watching please look at the
links below because my website my magazine mp3 downloads other Facebook
links and other links are down there also you know please like my videos if
you like them yeah and please share them if you can the ones that you think will
help your friends or they might be interested in because that gets me more
subscribers so lovin likes you bless you Neil

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