No campus science victory. Civ 6 Deity Sumeria – Part 1

No campus science victory. Civ 6 Deity Sumeria – Part 1

welcome back to another civilization 6 playthrough I am extremely excited for this playthrough they first of all thank you for all the subscribers and people left comments and whatever YouTube things that YouTube does it’s a lot of fun interacting with everybody. Second of all don’t be afraid to leave a comment especially for this series because this is my first attempt as a no campus science victory rush or not a rush but it’s a science victory game. I have a plan it’s a three-step plan foolproof here are the game seeds and stuff like that they’ll also be in the description below the video we’re also gonna give Canada a second chance if you watched the last playthrough they did a really horribly well that will do this one will give them pink maybe they’ll do better with pink here is our starting location it looks pretty good I’m just kind of looking for a lot of flat land around the area so let me tell you about the three-step plan to victory first of all one is war carts we’re gonna build several war carts and take over our nearest neighbor to get additional cities the second is these things we’re gonna build these everywhere literally everywhere but what I mean everywhere I mean every tile the next thing is we really want to get this wonder right here this one are really really good we need to find at least two scientific city-states so if you don’t know about this wondering what it basically does if you find a scientific city-state it gives that city there, whoever built this wonder plus 15% science okay and if we have two scientific city-states fifteen percent boost applies to all of your cities and this you know also works with policy cards and stuff like that so it’s a really good wonder especially when we’re not gonna have any campuses or great scientists or stuff like that you’ll also notice that I am playing with some mods the mods you know the description of stuff will be in the description of the video they’re just UI mods I’m trying to try them out trying some new things to see how goes but let’s get this started with a scout and let’s look around here it looks like we have eye of sahara right here just a bad bad natural wonder but it is what it is just meant our nearest neighbor ut oh this one could be a problem they’re usually militaristic civilization maybe we should just take them over right away our first tribal villages let’s hope for something good actually a builder would be really really good new pop okay new population is acceptable we have really horrible horrible tiles that work we should just kind of buy one of these we need to get a better production tile let’s use the power of Gilgamesh’s unique epic quest ability receive a tribal village bonus let’s see what we get alright inspiration a to miliatry tradition that’s pretty good just got our war cart and it couldn’t have come at a better time look at this Scout or this sling or just sitting there trying to come after us we’re just gonna build another one we need to get two or three of these maybe 4 this city should be pretty easy to take over looks like we have another one right down here oh look at this one this barbarian village is spawning a ton of Units we should just get this one in and get out of here there are a lot of barbarian villages around us look so one over here one up here and one down here maybe we’ll get three war carts take all these out and then go after Scythia for our second tribal village come on settler? archery bonus eh that’s okay let’s get started with our unique improvement there we go look at this tile this tile actually really really good already oh man the barbarians are coming hard we need to back up here let’s let’s attack one of these there we go we have basically raging barbarians everywhere and look at this this is just crazy we can’t attack here ready to back up to make sure we do not lose this unit they are trying to pillage everything I saved one build left here so we can just improve it as we go wait to take off these slingers man so much stuff I mean these barbarians are already causing issues looks like we can take this out come on yes and we got a nice eureka bonus got a military tradition this should make our combat much easier there we go just like that Pantheon and our favorite one religious settlements is not there right now it’s a choice between this one +1 production for every marsh oasis and desert floodplains we get a couple production there because they’re gonna have our unique improved on there but I’m just gonna choose for fertility rights we need to get city growth we need to get our cities basically as tall as possible to work all these amazing tiles plus we get a free builder that means another more science it’s time to denounce Scythia lets us do it we have three war carts we’re pretty much invisible 81 combat strength right now, come on time to change our policies to maximize production we’re going to choose maneuver and urban planning let’s do this what well where does it pass and buy they just found it a city right here and it’s so close to us maybe we just go after them instead time to denounce our other neighbor maybe it’s probably not the best idea to basically denounce everybody we’re gonna wait until the next era to clear this barbarian encampent and also found our city in the next era there we go golden era this is just perfect let’s see what everybody else is doing oh they all got gold era too okay for our dedication we’re gonna choose monumentality we really really need to expand and we are kind of behind than that so that’s what we’re gonna choose let’s take out this barbarity encampment there we go free promotion 20 faith let’s found this city right here looks good enough for our business and immediately build this iron mine let’s do it right now causus Bell declare formal war we have all of our war carts here lets us bring is oh oh man we got the city down in no time hopefully here we go we got it pretty much this turn I believe yeah pretty easy lets us do this our first city early empire because we know we have six population that’s how you do it you just get early Empire to get six population you don’t need to actually found cities come on this city is gonna be difficult to actually keep with loyalty let’s buy this tile here make sure we’re working that one over there we’re also gonna assign a governor well this put this guy in there minus 10 that’s not too bad as for policies we’re gonna be using this one here and colonization we need more settlers so the loyalty and stuff like that this will be perfect we’re just gonna finish our next war cart that’ll be one two three four five war carts that’s plenty that’s plenty for now we’re slowly bringing in our war carts over here let’s completely surround this city you’re trying really hard to take us out this is a little bit of a pickle here this heavy chariot is attacking us every turn we’re gonna use this one to take out this one there we go hopefully we this one won’t be able to attack us if we get the free settler that would just be amazing let’s just attack and this thing there and we’re going to attack this one there and we’ll sit this one and this one I hope it’s gonna live I am not entirely sure we’ll just move this one over here this is gonna be close we can’t take it out it looks like this thing is going to kill our our war cart and this one over here we need to run away with this one see what happens oh it lived okay perfect they will give us peace and they’ll give us gold per turn but look at this we can do this we can take over their city let’s just do this get another city we got it yes we got it let’s make peace hundred seventy gold and cede these two cities this is it just perfect they have a lot of greviances against us this city is also going to be super hard to keep whoo I don’t know if it’s gonna be possible we’ll keep this war cart fortified right here to block in their remaining settler maybe I’ll go to war with them in the future once we get knights and upgrade our units here if we look at our capital oh man I brought this warrior back to deal with this scout and also this encampment if it can with the gold we got for peace we’re gonna buy another war cart we desperately needed to you know make sure our empire doesn’t fall to the barbarians which are just spawning basically from everywhere this is playing that good episode so far we have what four cities about to get five and six I think we’re gonna found this city down here I’m trying to figure out a good plan for a industrial zone, damn, aqueduct trifecta thing down here it’s gonna be great if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments right nine point six science of per turn that’s actually kind of bad we need to get these sellers going and then basically get builders everywhere we can all right thanks for watching this episode

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  1. If you want an industrial zone triangle w/ those aqueducts you need to create an off water city just under you capital, it might be hard or maybe not worth

  2. that's a nuts amount of barbs.

    whats your rule for capturing a city with a campus? i'm assuming you pillage it and then don't repair it?

  3. not a great start, but I hope you'll pull it off
    you may consider going for religion for faith to buy great scientists (they are worth like 1000 science) and also bust your empire with food (feed the world) and science (wat +3 faith +2 science), but it maybe too late already
    having many routes will generate a lot of science (especially if you build harbor for trade route and sea port for +2 science from military research)
    pillaging stuff also helps (you can easily win with pillaging exploit, but whats the point?)

  4. Just discovered your channel, thanks to the youtube algorithm. Seriously, you deserve much more subscribers and you will get them soon i think. Looking forward for the next episode

  5. try to get a domination victory with only your capital city
    (cannot claim enemy cities but you can claim other capitals)

  6. Remember to build renascence walls in all your cities before you research steel. that will let you get extra science by running military research. you can also get some extra science if you found a religion and grab stewardship or cross cultural dialogue and then pick up wats. having a good faith income will also let you faith buy great scientist. if you can grab hildegard you can turn a holy site into a substitute campus. you can also use darwin, galalieo, sagan, Janaki, or kwolek as they also don't need a campus.

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