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Why on earth does God need my money? God can do anything, he can create planets… you’re telling me he needs my money. You know what? He does. I know you’re out there. There are a lot of people that
don’t like the church because we have a tithing doctrine and members of the
church in order for them to get into temples and be worthy you know
partakers of ordinances they have to follow this doctrine of paying 10% of
all that you receive for your income, and there’s lots of people that don’t like it because we have for-profit businesses like KSL, Deseret News, City Creek, and lots of
other agricultural areas around the world that produce lots of products, and
they think that’s weird because we’re a church, and we should be giving to the
poor, but, we do. Another thing people ask is why on earth does God need
my money? God can do anything he can create planets, so you’re telling me he
needs my money, now, well let’s talk about this. See, God entrust man to build up his
kingdom. That’s part of reasons we exist. Then money is a vital part of our
existence, we need money. It helps us do the things we need to do, and- If I don’t have money, Kwaku, could I eat? You could not. If I didn’t have money could I be
healthy? No. If I didn’t have money could I have a girlfriend/wife? I hope so, but no.
Okay, so we need money, and it’s a part of
consecration to give up what you need to further build the kingdom of God. That’s
what it comes down to, and this is not a law we created in the 1800’s it goes all
the way back to the Old Testament… Boom. And then before this it says, “Why are you robbing God?” & then its like what you said: God doesn’t need money, He doesn’t need our money. Robbing God, what this means is we’re robbing the the growth of the
church, yes. And so in the church when we’re giving 10% where does that go? Many things. Building temples, printing books of Mormon, crops and things like that raising food for people who need food, Getting clothes for children… it’s a lot of things. There’s a lots of
things you go on and on and on the fast offering like even if you
wanted to pay more money you can, yeah, but that money you can designate exactly where it
goes in the church and then at the end of the year like a fast offering you go to
the missionary effort & there is the humanitarian. there’s lots of things, at the end of the
year you have your fiscal year and it’ll show you exactly where your money went
into church, and it is a binding legal document, but I got a question… I went to Salt Lake, you guys got a mall huge mall Why spend money going to JCPenney, huh I think it’s funny cuz I don’t like JCPenney but my money’s going there man Uh you know, JCPenney is a
verified business, I’ve got no complaints My mother and father in law, & their family, they live where JCPenney was born. In Hamilton
Missouri. I didn’t know he was a guy. He hails from Hamilton Missouri, that
doesn’t matter… but anyway huh JCPenny trivia for ya on 3 Mormons huh the church does have businesses. It owns businesses, and it
invests regularly and in other businesses, and it raises a lot of money that way,
and guess what? We build up the kingdom of God with that money. Yeah, and we also pay
employees with that money so it’s not like there’s some dude and like the back
curtain that’s like give me the money no this money is being delegated to
employees this money is being delegated to those that are serving, you know taking
time off their jobs so that they can build up the kingdom of God through
humanitarian missionary work, yes, so you know the church gets a bad rap for these
things but why? And I understand you’re going to give me a huge reason on the
comments and that’s great, please write that down they’re coming they’re coming
we’re going to talk about tithing but what’s important is to remember that
you’re building up the kingdom of God and let’s talk about this compared to
other churches, because there’s nothing wrong with other churches raising money
at all, but pastors of other congregations and I believe priests of certain
denominations, they get paid because it’s their job. There is a lay clergy in our church The $$ that we’re raising isn’t going to the local bishops or die what happens a furious issues
that but it’s not what’s happening this is an important part I want to talk
about right here in the malachite there is a blessing for paying tithing we
talked about you know where it goes why we pay it number one it’s a commandment
from God yeah okay so that’s why we follow it but
there’s a reason behind us I’m not going to say I
thought it cuz it’s a commandment here it says if I will not open the windows
of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to
receive it pain tidings to the storehouse you know pain tied into the
church means the windows of heaven will open and it will be enough room for me
to receive the blessings that sounds marvelous
yes and you might say that’s wishful thinking well you know we could say that
about lots of things we could say that about the hope that we have in our
future careers we could do that about the hope we have in our future family
you know we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but by trusting in
God and trusting in His commandments knowing that he is a loving God that he
doesn’t need our money it’s to build up those around us
yes is really important to understand and by helping others around us through
tithing through offerings we will receive blessings and that’s not the
reason why we pay it I’m not like okay and tithing if I get blessings in return
but there is a promise I’ve even found in my own life when I pay tithing I can
just the blessing happen and even when you know we’re college students so we
were poor so when I paid tithing it’s not always we’re kind of like the
easiest but I give it and then it always like financially things work out with so
much better when I do for some reason things always happen also if a college
student you know dedicated 10% to the side and then a savings account and then
you’ve got like a fun thing and I’m going to rent over here you know by
digging these things up you will have a financially stable life because you’re
budgeting so in order to pay tithing you have to budget it out yes you know even
you have to pay 10% but there’s got to be budgeting going on you know so you’re
going to have stability you’ll be responsible and if you don’t if your
parrot izing you’re not responsible just paying because it’s a commandment and
you don’t have enough money you know tops for that man so it was just like I
don’t have enough money but I’m gonna pay my tithing anyway yes a lot of
people have questions of how do i exactly pay my tithing in the church you
know offers various ways to do that I know my friends who pay it through
stocks and the church has a system set up to show them like this is the amount
of stock that is equivalent to this amount of money and so this is 10% of
all your income you can pay it you know at the beginning of the year you can
some people say I need to paid every single month as long as you are paying
10% and you’re following the law I think you’re fine and you know what we have
many successful people in this church people who make a lot of money and they
could paid more than 10 but the church says well winter that
need time yeah and you know whether you want to pay it from your gross income or
net income the church isn’t going to tell you which one it’s just being
guided by the spirit and wanting to follow the commandment pure heart
wanting feels good yeah it’s pretty great for example and it’s awesome
so pay your tithing kids if you don’t let them find you hey bishop what
happens if I don’t pay my Kaiser we can hurt it quite so well thank you because
that’s it I just imagined him like you’re the bit just sitting at his desk oh okay I’ve got to talk to you sure I
have I felt like Bernie Sanders it okay let’s have a plot of the whole big the
sizing the top 1% big-boy discipline

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