[PAX EAST 2020] Curse of the Dead Gods – Gameplay Overview Trailer

[PAX EAST 2020] Curse of the Dead Gods – Gameplay Overview Trailer

Welcome to Curse of the Dead Gods, a rich and demanding rogue-lite, releasing March 3rd in Early Access on Steam. Seek untold riches, eternal life and divine powers. All lead to this accursed temple, a seemingly-infinite labyrinth of bottomless pits, deadly traps, and evil guardians. For even a chance at surviving, you’ll need to explore the darkest depths, hone your combat skills… and even sacrifice your humanity. Combat styles are varied, dynamic and tactical. Make use of a wide variety of weapons, each with their own unique moves, attack speeds, ranges and advantages. Many have special attributes, providing various passive and active bonuses: poison your enemies, set them on fire, or trigger a flurry of critical strikes. Manage your stamina use and pace your attacks, dodges and parries. Well-timed blocks are risky, but allow you to offset damage and decrease enemy defenses before unleashing a devastating counter. The environment and traps can also be used to your advantage. Trigger hidden spikes with careful timing to decimate entire groups of foes, or light braziers to reveal the darkness and weaken monsters. You can improve your odds of survival through various means. After overcoming a room, you can steer destiny and influence what might lie ahead. Improve your arsenal, gather treasure, and uncover new secrets. Offer gold or sacrifice your own blood at the temple’s altars, in exchange for mighty relics. Select well, as your choices can make for powerful synergies between your character build, weapons, and even Curses. Over the course of many runs, successful or otherwise, collect skulls from your enemies to unlock persistent blessings. As you explore the Temple, you’ll suffer from the corruption of the God of Death. Your corruption level will inevitably build up by enduring certain attacks or willingly offering your blood to altars for more power and healing. This corruption inflicts various potential curses with unique properties. Each curse is a game changer, forcing you to rethink your approach to exploration and combat. Exploding enemy corpses mean another obstacle in battle, but can be used to unleash devastating chain reactions. Relentless traps make exploration harder, but you’ll have an easier time impaling enemies on their spikes. Adapt effectively, and you may find blessings in disguise. Slaying the Champions of the Temple through epic boss fights heal you from the effects of a single curse, slowing down the corruption’s spread and giving you a brief respite, before your slow, inescapable death. Death is likely, but it doesn’t mean the end. Return to life, unlock blessings, and delve deeper inside the Temple. Each run is different and has more surprises in store. Through the months to come, we look forward to introducing you to many more features and improvements based on your feedback. Curse of the Dead Gods is a modular game with a great amount of replayability, and we believe that Early Access will help us make the most of it. No matter what you face, go deeper into the Temple in Curse of the Dead Gods releasing March 3rd in Early Access on Steam.

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  1. Yupp I made a gameplay video for it, I've played 4 hours and it's kinda challenging, it plays like darksiders genesis but it's a bit slower

  2. Is the only player choice an old man with a walrus stache? I'm not a fan of tribal temples personally either, so the aesthetics are definitely not for me. I don't think you'll be able to change these things as they would require all new art assets, but if the game doesn't do as well as you hoped, you might consider the lack of choice/customization in avatars and a lack of imagination in your choice of settings as areas to improve upon for your next game.

  3. what a terrible game. quick cash game developers rushing to create garbage games. this will only be alive for 1 month after release because the kids will get bored of it.

  4. Just found out about this through one of your sponsored videos, gameplay looks amazing for a simply yet strategic blend between an ARPG and Slay the Spire 🙂 I wanted to make an isometric version of Slay the Spire but you guys beat me to the idea! Love the concepts and the idea of short little battles! Looking forward to playing it!
    Edit: Please tell me it’s on PC!

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