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Today, Chris has brought up the subject of polygamy. The missionaries really don’t want to talk
about this. You see, Mormon men used to be able to marry
as many women as they wanted. To some men that may sound like a pretty sweet
deal. Chris
Can you explain to me why your church promoted polygamy? Was Joseph Smith just into women? Elder Smith
Of course not. That wasn’t the reason. Elder Young
God commanded the prophet Joseph Smith to restore the doctrine. If you know the Bible you know that it was
a common practice and it was mentioned in the Old Testament. Chris
Actually it wasn’t a common practice. Show me in the Bible, anywhere in the Bible,
where God commanded someone to take another wife. Elder Young
I can’t think of any passages of verse where he commanded it, but there were prophets who
did it and God certainly didn’t object. Chris
Remember Cain, who became the first murderer when he killed his brother Abel? Elder Smith
Sure. Chris
The very first polygamist in the Bible was a descendant of Cain. His name was Lamech. If you know the story, Lamech was not a good
guy. Elder Smith
Okay. Look. Plural marriage or polygamy isn’t a popular
doctrine these days. Wanda
That’s an understatement. Chris
But your Prophet Brigham Young taught that when Adam came into the Garden of Eden, he
brought Eve, one of his wives, with him. Wanda
Wait a minute. That’s not in the Bible, is it? Chris
Brigham also taught that the only men who become Gods are those who enter into polygamy. I’m not familiar with that teaching. Chris
That’s from the Journal of Discourses, which isn’t the Bible. It’s a collection of speeches by Mormon
leaders. And, it’s coming from a man who had 55 wives. The Bible clearly states that God made Adam
and Eve. Not Adam and Eve and Jessica and Priscilla. Elder Young
However, there’s no denying that great men like Abraham and Jacob practiced plural marriage. However, there’s no denying that great men
in the Bible practiced plural marriage. Elder Smith
That’s right. And it says in the Doctrine and Covenants
that God gave wives and concubines to David and Solomon. Chris
God wasn’t silent about it. Not at all. In Deuteronomy, God commanded the future king
of Israel to not “multiply wives to himself.” This is an explicit command against polygamy
because the king, who is the representative of the people, should be a model and example
for the people. In the New Testament, Jesus taught that it
is two in a marriage, not three or four, which make one. And Paul specifically taught in Timothy that
church leaders are to have only one wife. Although polygamy was a cultural custom, it
was never a doctrine. Elder Young
Well, even though the LDS Church doesn’t practice it anymore, we believe it was, at
one time, a commandment given to Joseph Smith. Whatever God commands is right. At one time, He commanded His people to do
it. Now He commands us to not do it. Chris
You realize that polygamy continues to be promoted in Mormonism by the simple fact that
Doctrine and Covenants Section 132 is a major part of the church’s canonized scripture. Why hasn’t it been removed? I’ll tell you why. Because polygamy is still practiced and accepted
spiritually by the church. Wanda
What! Chris
Let’s say the wife of a Mormon man dies. And they were “sealed” in the temple. “Sealing” is how Mormons refer to a marriage
ordinance performed in the temple by a high priest, right? Elder Smith
Right. Chris
Okay. So now this man can be sealed or married to
another woman in the temple. Current examples of this happening are your
own prophet, President Russell M. Nelson and his First Councilor, Apostle Dallin Oaks. But back to our example. If that second wife also dies, the man can
be sealed to a third wife. And guess what? Mormonism teaches that the man will have all
three wives in the afterlife. And speaking of polygamy, Mormon apostle Bruce
R. McConkie wrote,

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