Scary Warning Signs Pets Can Give You

The philosopher Aristotle said that
humans have five senses those are hearing sight touch taste and smell but
many say that animals and pets may have a sixth sense did you know there are
some signs from your pets to look out for which suggests you’re in danger from
a cat who can predict people passing away to a dog who can spot cancer and
also a very scary reptilian animal which can sport a nuclear event find out how
your pet could sport that you’re in danger and he may just save your own
life I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at scary warning signs pets can
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notification bell too in the summer of 2007 a cat found fame worldwide that’s
because the cat named Oscar was written about in the New England Journal of
Medicine it was claimed that Oscar the cat could sport when a patient was going
to pass away somehow it had predicted hundreds of people passing away to
nursing home and it was able to make these predictions just hours before the
people passed away Oscar had been adopted by the staff of steer house
nursing and rehabilitation center in Providence Rhode Island
he made the predictions by wandering around the patient room he would then
sniff the patient and then sit down by her Oscar would then purr while sitting
next to the patient the patient would then pass away and Oscar would leave now
this sounds like something from a horror movie but the staff began using this to
their advantage when the staff cottoned on to Oscars ability if they were able
to alert the family of the patient Oscar had predicted would pass away most of
the families would not mind Oscar being in the presence of their passing family
member however some families did not want Oscar
in the room at the time so they shot him out but whenever they would do that
Oscar would get very angry and stop meowing and scratching at the door
some people theorized that Oscar was cursed and was actually causing these
people to pass away rather than predicting it but the question that
experts and laymen were all asking was how does Oscar do it well animal experts
have put forward various theories many have said it may be to do with a
specific smell produced by someone passed
away these people may emit a certain chemical which is not detectable by
humans however Oscar may have a heightened sense of smell so he’s able
to smell these chemicals another expert told BBC news that felines can’t send
sickness in their human and animal friends and another animal expert named
Jacqueline Pritchard said she was sure that Oscar was sensing a vital organ
shutting down but how would that explain oscar sitting next to the patients
before they pass away well this is kind of McCobb but some say that Oscar may
enjoy the comfort of the heated blankets placed next to the passing patients but
Oscar is not the only animal to ever spot danger for example in 2004 when a
massive tsunami hit Sri Lanka many animals predicted it and fled to safety
according to National Geographic many elephants screamed and ran for higher
ground dogs also refused to go outdoors
baffling their owners flamingos also abandoned their low-lying breeding areas
and zoo animals rushed into their shelters and zookeepers could not get
them to come back out so if your pet is behaving in a strange way then they may
be sensing a natural disaster coming well so if you like a bit of danger when
it comes to pets and you have a snake then watch out for their every move that
is because some snakes can predict a new going off that’s right you don’t
necessarily need gigantic ray domes and radars to spot nooks going off some
venomous snakes for example pit vipers can sense
infrared that’s because pit vipers have what are known as pits these are holes
which can be found between the nostrils and the eyes these are actually
heat-seeking organs and they allow snakes to see in the infrared this
allows them to hunt at night but it also allows them to see infrared radiation
emitted from Yuke’s so if your pet snake is freaking out one
day then a nuke may be inbound dogs can also spot things like seizures for
example on the 7th of November 2007 a seven year old girl was having a seizure
Mayibuye tiss suffered a life-threatening seizure one day no one
was in the room with her at the time except their family dog Jack Jack was
able to sense her seizure and then alerted Mae’s mom Michelle Jack knew
something was wrong so he ran up to Michelle and began barking screaming in
a crazy manner Michelle was able to call an ambulance
and thankfully mayor survived but if Jack didn’t sense what was happening
then mayor would not have lived but if you think that’s amazing then get ready
to hear this many experts actually claim that dogs
can spot signs of cancer in the winter of 2011 Emily Clark was on her laptop
that was when her dog Mia jumped on her lap and become Muslim
the flesh on top of her left chest she was closing her eyes and muzzling
furiously Emily tried to push her away but her dog kept nuzzling her this made
Emily quite worried so the following morning she visited her GP she asked for
an ultrasound and it turned out she had cancer and it was right in the left side
of her chest just as a dog Mia predicted she was quite embarrassed to say it but
she actually admitted to her GP that she came in because of her dogs actions she
thought her doctor would say you’re crazy but no instead her doctor was not
skeptical at all as they’d heard it all before according to many doctors they
have people come in all the time when it turns out their dog has predicted they
have cancer thankfully Emily was able to be cured
and it’s all thanks to her dog Mia she was only 24 at the time so she never
imagined that that would be the case so if you ever see your dog doing this then
take note as it could be a big warning sign but now it’s time to make your
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