Short Cuts | Breaking News from Musa a.s.

Short Cuts | Breaking News from Musa a.s.

Moses (as)…where many people lost trust in Moses (as): “You led us to a dead end, to death. If we would have stayed at the Pharaoh, we would have survived. We would have been slaves but we would have survived. You promised us freedom, human dignity, a new live. And look you brought us to death. Death in the front and death in the back. We lost hope and trust.” They have been manipulated by the pictures they have seen. The red sea, which is red and the Pharaoh who is red. And there they lost. Who loses hope and trust, loses everything. Allah (swt) is going to make it. How is Allah (swt) going to make it? 250,000 children – babies – have been killed by Pharaoh, because a star-reader had said: “Your competitor will be born who is going to dethrone you. In this year he will be born.” And then all babies who were born had been killed. And then the mother of Moses (as) took her baby and put it into a box, into a river and entrusted him to Allah (swt). Look! She didn’t had another choice. What did she do? The action of the mother…now it is opening for us: The mother of Moses (as) is telling us:“Tell something about me, so that the mothers learn! I had to entrust my child to God. I left it simply into the river and the river directed him.” Normally, if you look at it physically…into death. In a box and then to death. Left to the hands of death. No! Not the hands of the death. Into the hands of God! You only have to trust. Let’s wait! Moses (as) was raised in the hands of the Pharaoh – a bad person. Who declared himself as God. But what happened? He became a prophet. And the one who built a golden calf, was a jeweller/goldsmith called Samira. He is born in the same year as Moses (as) and his mother also hid him. He should have been killed also. And his mother brought him to a cave and entrusted him also to God. And when she did that, Allah (swt) told Gabriel (as): “Go and take care of him.” Gabriel (as) took care of the child. He came every day and took care of him. He saw how he came from the sky and saw the whole light. And each step Gabriel (as) did on the bleak and barren ground made it green. And he got older. Then he took a piece from the soil and put it into his bag. This miracle-soil. And then much later when he moved to freedom with Moses (as)…Moses (as) went to the mountain and they stayed there. He was the fitna (confusion) maker. The plotter. “Everyone come together!” And he showed them the golden calf. But Jews have not been such stupid and didn’t believe in a cold calf. He took the soil and put it into the calf and the calf got alive. It started to move and to speak. Then they prostrated themselves to him. Moses (as) was raised up in the hands of the Pharaoh, a wrong God. He became a prophet. Samira was raised up in the hands of an angel, directly in the hand of God and even in the hand of Gabriel (as) and became Shaytan. In the hands of an ‘Esprit’. Espritos. Therefore Allah (swt) can do everything. We only have to hope and trust. And therefore there are the prophet-stories. Therefore there is the holy book. So that we learn and move according to it. And therefore we need the Sheikh. Because when you see it, you don’t understand anything. It needs a good explanation exactly at the right time.

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