Spirituality For Beginners: The 9 Incredible Traits Of A Spiritual Badass!

So many people reach me because they find
one of my videos on YouTube on spirituality and something clicks with them. Without knowing it, they’re actually going
through a spiritual awakening and then they want to learn a lot more. “Hey, Christina, what’s spirituality? And is it different from religion? And how do you even become a spiritual person?” We’ll be answering these questions in this
video, and also I’m going to share the nine incredible traits that you can cultivate to
become a spiritual badass today coming up. Hello, beautiful soul. This is Christina Lopes, the Heart Alechemist,
here to help you open your heart, heal your past, and live with purpose. If you’re new to my videos, click on that
subscribe button and also on the bell so you get notified as soon as I publish new content. All right. Let’s get straight away to this video. Here’s what we’re going to cover today. In part one, we’re going to go over what spirituality
is, then in part two we’re going to discover the difference between spirituality and religion,
and then in part three, and most important part of the video, I’m going to share nine
core traits that you can cultivate to become a spiritual badass. All right. On to part one, “What is spirituality?” Spirituality is just the direct experience
of something beyond your five senses or something beyond the ordinary world. That’s really the gist of what spirituality
is. It’s the direct experience of non-ordinary
states of consciousness. Now, I’m going to bring author Sam Harris,
and neuroscientist Sam Harris in, because he’s got a really interesting passage in his
book Waking Up. Here’s the book Waking Up. So I’m going to leave a link to this book
in the description if you want to read it. So the reason that I’m bringing Sam Harris
is because he’s an interesting character. He’s an atheist, actually, but he wrote a
book on spirituality. And so the reason I’m bringing this book in
is it’s going to already give you an indication of how different spirituality is from religion. But listen to what Sam Harris has to say in
this passage. “We seem to do little more than lurch between
wanting and not wanting. Thus the question naturally arises, ‘Is there
more to life than this? Might it be possible to feel much better,
in every sense of better, than one tends to feel? Is it possible to find lasting fulfillment
despite the inevitability of change?’ Spiritual life begins with a suspicion that
the answer to such questions could well be a yes, and a true spiritual practitioner is
someone who has discovered that it is possible to be at ease in the world for no reason,
if only for a few moments at a time, and such ease is synonymous with transcending the apparent
boundaries of the self.” So there’s a little taste of Sam Harris and
what he has to say about spirituality, and I couldn’t agree more. I disagree with him on other areas. I’m not an atheist obviously, but I love Sam
Harris’s take here on spirituality, and if you want to read more, his book is in the
description box below. All right. On to part number two, and that is the difference
between spirituality and religion. So I get a little upset sometimes. Not upset, but sometimes I get a little bothered,
because when I talk about being a spiritual person, a lot of times people assume that
I’m religious. And so it’s really important for us to make
a distinction between spirituality and religion, because it’s like night and day, really. And so I’m going to give a little comparison
of spirituality and religion to help you. You can be spiritual without being religious. There are a lot of religious people too, actually,
an increasing number of religious people that are becoming spiritual, but again, these two
things aren’t synonymous, so we need to separate them and figure out which is which. And the reason that this is really important
is because so many of us are waking up around the world and yet we only have templates for
religion. So we basically think that when we start waking
up, we can get really confused, because we may not be into religion at all, but we may
be looking for an alternate way to see the world, and that’s where spirituality comes
in. So again, you can be spiritual without being
religious. So I’m going to go over some of the top differences
between spirituality and religion to help you kind of see where you fit in. So the first one is that spirituality is very
inward focused, okay? So spirituality goes from the inside out,
all right? And spirituality develops with really no set
of rules. It’s based on direct experience, your direct
experience of the cosmos, of the universe, of God, if you’re a spiritual person that
believes in God, a little bit different than Sam Harris, but all of this experience, the
direct experience that you are going through, it’s inward focused. It’s from the inward out, okay? With no set of rules. You’re pretty much the person that sets the
rules when it comes to spirituality because you’re setting your own rules. Religion is very different. So religion has an outward focus in, so religion
comes from the outside in, and the reason that it does that is because religion is really
based on a set of rules. It’s really based on rules that are developed
by other people, or by scriptures, or by books that were written by people. And so what ends up happening is, when you
are religious, you are taking the truths or you’re taking information from others, either
in the form of a priest, an imam, a scripture. Whatever it is, you’re taking information
from the outside and you’re bringing it in. So religion very frequently comes from the
outside in, and it has specific sets of rules, especially different religions have specific
different sets of rules. So again, religion has rules. Spirituality does not. Spirituality is very based on individual experience,
okay? So those are the first couple of differences. Another difference is that spirituality is
not based on faith. This may seem a little bit weird, but spirituality,
because it’s inward focused, and because it’s reliant on my direct experience of non-ordinary
states of consciousness, or my direct experience of God, or my direct experience of angels,
of mental silence, mental stillness, whatever you want to call it, but it’s my direct experience
of that reality, I don’t need faith, right? Because direct experience transcends faith. I don’t need faith if I have direct experience
of the very things that other people may have to believe in or may have to have faith in,
all right? This is very different from religion. Religion really does rely on faith, because
a lot of times people who belong to religious institutions, because they’re experiencing
the universe or God from the outside in, they’re experiencing a God that was described to them
in an old book, and they’re taking that description of God as their own. Because it’s outward in, this relies on a
lot of faith, because a lot of times religious people may not have direct experience of the
very states of consciousness that spiritual people do. Sometimes they do. There are a lot more religious people waking
up to spirituality. But up until very recently, spirituality and
religion were very divided on this, and that a religious person had to rely on faith, whereas
a spiritual person doesn’t need faith at all, because they have direct experience of the
very states of non-ordinary consciousness that mystics, that all of the great masters
of the world had. And the last difference that I really want
to stress here is that spirituality is based on personal sovereignty. This is so important. This is such an important one for me. So spirituality is based on personal sovereignty. That means that because you are relying on
what’s in your heart, because you’re not following a set of rules that any religion has established
or any organization has established, you are standing on your own two feet, and you are
having direct experience with God, with angels, with whatever you want to call it, with the
universe, with a tree. If you’re an atheist, it doesn’t matter, but
you are relying on that direct, very individual experience. It’s just you and God, or you and a tree,
or you and nature, okay? So it relies on that direct experience, and
that means that I am sovereign. I stand on my own two feet, and I experience
that. Nobody’s telling me how to experience that,
all right? So spirituality relies very, very strongly
on personal sovereignty. Religion does not. Religion is actually the other way around. Religion has been established really to take
people out of their sovereignty. So if people were really in their full sovereignty,
they probably wouldn’t belong to religions, especially the more fundamentalist ones. Because what religion does is it sets those
rules that are really strong, sometimes rules that are completely outdated, and it doesn’t
really matter, but those rules on how I should behave, what I should do, how I should live
my life, all of these rules, all of these commandments, it takes away my sovereignty
as a human being. And so what religions expect is that you walk
around like a sheep in a herd. Spirituality, not so. In spirituality you are the person that takes
care of all the sheep, all right? So you are the herdsman, you are not the sheep. You’re not a flock of sheep. You are autonomous human being in your own
intelligence and in your own divine power. Religion does not allow you to stay in that
sovereignty, because if you start to stand on your own feet, if you start to have direct
experience with God, what if your direct experience is completely different from what scriptures
are telling you, or from what your priest is telling you, or from what your rabbi is
telling you? If that happens, you are to release your opinion,
and you are to rely on the authority within religious structures. So you see how religion is set up to sort
of take you out of your sovereignty? Not so with spirituality. With spirituality, you stand on your own two
feet. You may follow videos, you may watch my videos,
you may watch the videos of a bunch of different people, bunch of different spiritual teachers,
but those videos in no way are telling you what to do, and they’re not telling you you’re
going to hell if you don’t do this or that or the other, you see? So it’s very, very different. And so this is one that I really want to stress,
because this is happening to more and more people. In fact, I’m having more religious people
reach me every single day saying that they are in fact awakening to their own personal
power and to their own sovereignty, and they’re finding out that God is not at all as religions
say he or she is, okay? And why is it? It’s because a lot of religious people are
becoming spiritual, and so they’re starting to have direct experience of source energy,
of creative energy, of the universe, and they’re realizing that a lot of things that they were
taught within religious organizations isn’t true at all, and it’s not based on love. So that’s the last difference that I wanted
to talk to you about, and hopefully this’ll help you kind of locate yourself and it’ll
help you give you an understanding. Especially if you’re new to spirituality and
you’re really kind of anti-religion, you’ll now be able to understand that you can in
fact be religious, I mean spiritual, without being religious. They are two separate things, and you can
see where you position yourself and where you want to position yourself, really. All right, on to part number three. Now that we know the difference between spirituality
and religion, I want to share the nine core traits of a spiritual badass so you can start
to cultivate these traits and come into this beautiful, beautiful spiritual badass that
you are. It’s in you. It’s in you. Okay, so here are the nine core traits. The first one is, a spiritual badass has a
beginner’s mind. Okay, so what does this mean? What’s a beginner’s mind? Beginner’s mind is a term that’s used a lot
in Buddhism, and what beginner’s mind is, is it’s this ability to constantly see life
and things almost for the first time every single time. Now, this may seem like it’s an easy trait,
but it’s really not, because our brains are kind of made to see things repeatedly, and
as soon as they get repeated, it sort of makes this little kind of automated programming
going on in your mind, and you just keep thinking the same thing over and over and over again. So to have this beginner’s mind, this really
requires a lot of awareness to be able to do this, all right? And the beginner’s mind really is when you
are just able to constantly learn new things, to constantly see the world as if for the
first time. So you’re very flexible. You don’t really hold onto beliefs. You don’t hold onto your ego identity anymore. You kind of hold it really lightly. So you don’t really hold on strongly to any
certainties. You just kind of, you have a beginner’s mind. You’re always willing to learn new things. Always willing to learn new things. You see, if you ever meet a so-called spiritual
person that thinks they know everything, they’re not a spiritual badass, because they’re missing
this key characteristic. The beginner’s mind is essential, okay? So never lose this characteristic. No matter how old you are, no matter what
kind of expert you think you are, no matter how good at life you think you are, always
remember in the back of your mind to cultivate this beautiful openness and curiosity, to
learn new things, to see things differently, to not hold onto beliefs or certainties, to
just everything lightly, everything lightly and everything open, because that’s how you
cultivate this beginner’s mind, and this is the first key, core trait of a spiritual badass. The second core trait of a spiritual badass
is that a spiritual badass is very curious about life. So curious about life. They have this beautiful, open curiosity. This is very similar to the first characteristic,
and what this one means is that you’re basically constantly asking questions. You’re constantly looking for new things,
for different things. You’re constantly asking questions. You have no certainties, not a lot of beliefs. You’re just kind of open to everything. And what we find is that as people really
go along their spiritual path and become more in their mastery as a spiritual being, it’s
almost like they age backwards. They have this sense of wonder. They know they have no certainties, and they
are just completely open. The more mature they are on their spiritual
path, the less they say they know. This may seem like a paradox, right? How do you mature but then you think you know
less. Well, it’s because the spiritual badass is
so open and so curious about life that they really don’t take life that seriously. Their curiosity never stops. And you’ll see this in great spiritual masters,
where they become almost childlike in their behavior. The Dalai Lama is one of them that has this
energy, this childlike energy. No matter how much the Dalai Lama knows, no
matter how much he’s studied across decades and decades, when you listen to him speak,
he speaks with this childlike wonder, and he’s very curious about the world all the
time, okay? So that’s a great image of what it means. This is the second trait of a spiritual badass,
is just this open curiosity about the world. Core trait number three is that a spiritual
badass surrenders to life. I talk about this a lot in my videos, so I’m
probably a broken record when it comes to this, but surrender is a key trait on the
spiritual path. It’s so key, and the spiritual badass knows
how to do this, okay? So no matter what life throws at a spiritual
badass, they always say yes. They always say yes. If God says, “Jump,” they jump. If God says, “Swim,” they swim. Whatever it is, they do it. They keep surrendering to life. They keep saying yes to life. Now, they keep doing this and they keep surrendering
even through extreme difficulty sometimes, okay? This happened in my life and it happens in
the life of so many people that I work with. We have to learn how to surrender through
the difficulties and the challenges of life. And so what ends up happening with the spiritual
badass is very different from a person who’s not spiritual or a person who’s unawakened. So what happens with the person who’s unawakened
is the challenges and difficulties, the pains of life will end up making them … They’ll
become hardened. They’ll become cynical. They become closed down. The spiritual badass is the other way around. So they surrender into everything, meaning
that whatever challenge, whatever pain comes into their life, they surrender into it, and
instead of becoming hardened and cynical about life, they become more open, more tender,
and more loving, right through every single challenge and every single pain. So this radical surrender, it’s really what
a spiritual badass does really well. Radical surrender is just knowing that I’m
taken care of, that I’m loved, that I’m so honored, that the universe loves me, that
I live in a benevolent universe, and I surrender to it every single day. Core trait number four is that a spiritual
badass values direct experience above all. So I talked about this already in this video. A spiritual badass really is focused on direct
experience of life, of the universe, of God, of nature. Whatever it is, they rely on direct experience. They won’t take anyone else’s word for it. They have to feel it or experience it themselves,
all right? So that’s a key, key core characteristic of
a spiritual badass. They may listen to others, they may watch
videos, they may have a master or coach or whatever that helps them through, but at the
end of the day, the spiritual badass will always end up relying to their own internal
compass. It doesn’t matter if they have a bazillion
people around them. It doesn’t matter if they have a coach or
whatever. The coach or the teachers can help them, but
at the end of the day, they still rely very strongly on their own internal compass and
on their own direct experience, okay? So that’s very, very key for the spiritual
badass, is this ability to just directly experience all these non-ordinary states of consciousness,
to directly experience God, or love, or source, or connectedness, or oneness, whatever you
want to call it, all right? So a spiritual badass relies on direct experience. Core trait number five is that the spiritual
badass is courageous. So courage is essential, because again, if
the universe says, “Jump,” the spiritual bad-ass will jump. Even if they don’t know what the heck awaits
them, they will jump. They go through, if something comes to them,
if a challenge comes to them, they go right through it. Even if they are scared shitless, they still
do it. So if they have pain to process, a spiritual
badass says, “Yep, let’s do it.” If they encounter a very difficult situation
in their lives, they say, “Yep, I’m going to go right through this.” If they encounter emotional turmoil within
them, they won’t run away. They won’t go on a shopping spree. They won’t go have sex with a random person. They won’t go drinking. All of these different escape mechanisms that
we’ve all developed, the spiritual badass doesn’t do this. They go right inside and they say, “I’m going
to heal this. I’m going to work on this.” And it takes a tremendous amount of courage
to be able to do this type of work, and the spiritual badass is so, so courageous. They’re courageous. A lot of times they develop this trait over
a long period of time, sometimes through extreme difficulties. This is true. Sometimes they’re just born courageous, but
a lot of times they develop this trait through training and through mindfulness and learning
how to go with life, all right? So there is core trait number five, be courageous. Speaking of being courageous, if you’re interested
in what that kind of looks like and how that’s developed, check out this video here I did
on what a spiritual awakening really looks like. I really shared parts of my own life and parts
of the lives of clients that I work with, so if you’re interested in going into that
and learning more deeply what a spiritual awakening really looks like, I’ll leave a
link in the description box below for that video. Core trait number six is that the spiritual
badass is self-aware. Okay. So the spiritual bad-ass is someone who, when
anything happens in their outside world, they’re very aware to go right within. They don’t distract themselves too long here
in the outside world because they’re very self-aware, they’re self-aware of their emotions,
they’re self-aware of the things that need to heal. They’re self aware of the things they need
to express. They’re self-aware of any pain or trauma that’s
coming up, and they become more and more self-aware as they get good at practicing their healing
skills, their mindfulness skills. So the spiritual badass is very self-aware. They will not point fingers to the outside,
so you won’t hear a spiritual badass say, “I’m like this because my mother or my father
made me this way.” You will not hear these words. Or, “I did this because my husband was horrible
to me.” You see, finger pointing? Spiritual badass does not finger point. Spiritual badass goes through life always
with their vision inward, being very aware that life is a mirror, that life is based
on resonance, and they go right through their difficulties one day at a time. If challenges come up, they go through those
challenges, but they do that with a lot of self-awareness, knowing that their lives are
co-created by them. They’re not some random victim of the universe,
okay? So the spiritual badass is very self-aware. Core trait number seven is that a spiritual
badass is extremely resilient. So yes, a spiritual badass, I mean, resilience
is the ability, let me just define resilience in case you don’t know what it is, resilience
is the ability that we have to bounce back up when we go through difficult challenges,
okay? It’s our ability to bounce back from a difficult
situation. That’s what resilience is, and spiritual badasses
have just an unlimited amount of resilience, because a lot of times spiritual badasses
have been through some pretty difficult challenges in their lives, and they just learn how to
keep chugging along. If they fall down, maybe they stay down for
five minutes. Maybe they stay down for a week. It doesn’t matter, but they always get back
up again, okay? That’s resilience. And so the spiritual badass is extremely resilient. They’re courageous, they got all those other
characteristics going, but if they were courageous without resilience, it wouldn’t do them any
good, right? Because if you’re not resilient, when something
happens in your life, you just fall down and you stay down, and if you stay down, you can’t
develop the characteristics that then help your soul mature. You just kind of fall like a lump of coal. So the spiritual badass doesn’t do this. They fall down, they get up. They fall down, they get up. And every time, this is another characteristic
that goes along with being resilient. Every single time the spiritual badass gets
up after falling down, they get up and then they start taking notes. They start taking notes on the lessons that
they’ve learned from this fall. Not only the lessons that they’ve learned
so that they can apply to their own life, but the lessons that they’ve learned so now
they can help others so they don’t have to go through the same difficulties they did,
all right? So the spiritual badass is very good, they’re
very resilient, but they’re also very good at taking the falls of life and turning it
into just this amazing ability to help themselves and help others avoid kind of the same pitfalls
of life. Core trait number eight is that the spiritual
badass is self-loving, so a spiritual badass has such tender love and compassion for themselves. They have a lot of compassion for the road
that they’ve walked, for their journey. They have so much compassion for all of the
difficult things that happened in their lives. They’re nonjudgmental about themselves. They may have an inner critic, because I think
pretty much everyone has an inner critic a little bit, but they don’t let the inner critic
or the ego take over with any negative self-talk. They are just so very tender and loving, and
at the end of the day, they know that they are so valuable, they know that they are so
unique, and they know that they are irreplaceable in the eyes of God. They know that, and they live that. And this self-love, this self-love is so powerful. It’s actually the core of their power, is
self-love, because the more that they come into this understanding and to this feeling,
the more that they feel about themselves the way creator feels about them, the more they
stream through this love of creator that’s palpable to everyone around them. So a spiritual badass is just, they will not
push themselves down. I mean, there’s already enough things going
on in life, right? We already have enough challenges and enough
difficulties in our own lives. Why would we push ourselves down? Because that would make no sense, and the
spiritual badass has mastered this ability to be so tender and so self-loving, to be
their own champion, to be their own soulmate. The spiritual badass is amazing at this, and
then they hold that self-love and they mirror it back to others. So you know when you’re around someone that’s
very self-loving, because when you’re around them, you can see that love mirrored back
to you, and it’s a very beautiful feeling. Core trait number nine is that the spiritual
badass is empowered. And what this means is that the spiritual
badass has just been through a lot in their lives, right? They’ve been through a lot. They have that resilience. They have that courage. They just keep going. If they fall down, they get back up. And so they basically go through life almost
like a runner trains for a marathon. They keep training, and they keep training,
and as they play, as they heal, as they work with life, as they work with God, as they
work with their souls, they come more into their power. They stand taller, with their chest out a
little bit more each day. And as they work with life and all of the
challenges, they come more into their power. They’re self-loving, like I said before, and
so that self-love helps propel them into this power, and they live life in this power sovereign
state. I’ve talked about sovereignty already too. And so you can just see or feel a spiritual
badass from a mile away, because their power travels. It travels. They don’t even have to open their mouths. You know that that person is really powerful. You know they are standing in their power
even without them opening their mouths, okay? And so the spiritual badass has really come
into their power. They’ve come into their sovereignty. They love themselves, and they love others,
and they love the universe, and they stand in their power. They are no longer afraid of who they are. They make no apologies. They do not apologize for who they are. They don’t try to box themselves into what
other people want them to be. Nope, they’re done with all that. They stand in their power, they stand in the
power of who they are, and they live that way, and you can feel that power from a mile
away. Now I want to hear from you. What core trait of a spiritual badass did
you resonate with the most in this video? Let me know in the comments below. Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel
or head over to my website and take my heart quiz to find out if your heart’s blocked. And don’t forget this video that I curated
for you about what a spiritual awakening really looks like. All right, beautiful soul. I love you. I am out.

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