Sufis of Afghanistan Full Dokumentation

[Music] [Music] This movie bears witness to Islam it is devoted to what Western call Sufism is that Muslims themselves huge piles that food However, it was not turned in Arab country but in Afghanistan this film and therefore also a testimony on a little known face of the republic dakar many Afghan foreign are horsemen warriors people courageous and hospitable they are not just like all countries Orient afghanistan modernizes from year to year and place district the capital Kabul a place for large buildings and kabul wide avenues of up to Recent measurements on the relay was a kathmandu path of the road broque and hippies solves horde kabul existence still remains usually like what she was through the centuries Here Lorient of travelers poets harmed rutte [Music] oh [Music] not the peace of a simpler life is rediscover the treasures travelers he wore himself but had long [Music] Furthermore kabul afghanistan four large factories Jalalabad-side pakistan Kandahar Au Sud Mazar I Sharif Conan ceyrat east to the border of iran all these old towns is kills in asia and cultural significance spiritual importance for afghanistan is not only a land of violence and courage is also a land of wisdom and spirituality ages missed its famous mosque considered the largest in Asia we will open the first one [Music] [Music] eras not only the mosque it is a tangle of streets and streets thousands of houses there not open to visitors and all foreign launch sea beats the heart Secret afghanistan choir Islam Islam whichever countries Arab girl and not that of the neighbor famous Persian on the terrace of a these houses three men drink ensemble le child’s play tv the national drink of the Arts sees never wine with a neck and denial him evolved from the capital most Afghans are Muslim tide combines two of his men to me longtime friend of the brothers companions for many years of my travels in Islam to that the man still receives today young or cap ASPAC a Sufi glitch the follower of a net his name is abdul samad he works as a civil servant he found his place in neighboring Afghanistan Development he does not wear a beard that is Yet tradition but is heir to an esoteric teaching dating back to the prophet mohamed it is attached to an initiation line what is called in Arabic if it has received a meter the transmission of spiritual impulses years baraka by the recent wave of Hindu guru Tibetan word is m become fashionable but Sufism Afghan and Arab remain still free from all modes and sacred relationship of the master to the disciples to keep its requirement its simplicity purity and size master teaches to be dying to these limitations a death that Sufis denominated freak to remain in the infinite consciousness not glorious freedom called the bin living god to issue worse Representatives different orders religious or tariqa in afghanistan yet today they account number are scattered throughout the country and often live in villages prestine only available I think that which has long suffered from its experience human condition as imperfect unfinished and has one day to find her guide on the path of transformation of being is at what depth without roots love and gratitude So a disciple m is larger than another even if his advanced age it is more reverence because the worst Persian word used in Iran and Afghanistan to denote spiritual masters means any just old age but this is my master or rather, I am his disciple he is who accepted the charge to guide me least on the way of purification and of the inner release this wise whose consciousness is almost stripped of physical envelope and it centenary teaches only by silence but silence of a wise and richer than all the words provided that all the other esoteric doctrine Sufism outhouse gives parentage traditional master to disciple a fundamental importance Mouride disciples of a single worst feel deeply as brothers feeling of brotherhood among Sufi seven years humanity there including non-Muslims I know something few Europeans have approached this master Village piane I do not think can ever forget the love that This testified to them other wise provide a popular extension in the established network despite his fame staff in a humble village lost in the mountains Hotel Master let up coming him all who had either that africa as famous as it is a master Sufi does not broadcast its ideas personal or subjective opinions it transmits good knowledge prove generation confirmed generation as Tantric Buddhism Tibetan yoga or beneficial where Sufism is a science highly developed and complex with technical vocabulary like all sciences including the Sufis recognize the body of Latifa called the subtle centers Lataif singular plural are the fulcrums of ascetic both mental emotional physical and spiritual esoteric knowledge of Lataif is given to heads-up followers but individual instruction is one aspect of Sufism another face being 16 years banking group particularly collective practice As the Afghan pronounce zik in so the term person does it mean to remember to remember remember the actual single god while Islam holds in two statements there it is the second source of these cynical claims ahmed for this prophet and that the envoy Allah the first is translated French generally there has limited lives that God cares gives this truth its metaphysical sense esoteric everything is relative except absence is Alain remember those gifts to remember asserting its own fundamental reality the reality of a reality tube aignan independent of all that is not God [Music] [Music] theirs [Music] [Music] [Music] it is clear engages the entire Participants all its functions on ap Cairo emotion the most feelings jan fervor fervor but this is controlled by the party thought that concentrate in different formulas Koran dpt in turn and in the voltage at the size Finally centrist during the mistral body cites commitment it participates through the motions rhythmic and breathing [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Input splitting speech without having mastered exhausted or termites suffocating after a few ringleaders or even the back of his blood ph it profoundly altered narrative candidates inexperienced happen to it oklahoma or woman remained for many years now on numerous and all dream several hours with 8 am alternating rhythms and rapper some mayors night from Thursday to Tuesday he would be the point between Muslims continued until the moon and for the one point members circle of losing control the crisis I want to use this word lasts than a two minutes he refuses then normally its position as master exclaimed energy to forces or not found but this expression is channeled through a complex technology which we speak again in the second part of this Rape is the fruit of a long and rigorous a drive to this method [Music] the master of the same name brotherhood participate in located offshore the du du scex symbol unmoved mover of the event Universal ground in pictures vicissitudes of the phenomenon [Music] [Music] m ah ah [Music] [Music] but on knowledge and mastery the subtle energies is a Science and Social but the other isms of Islam outside the legislation or case without roots for transcend in religious practice common to all Muslims before a bra Sufi dr abdul samad is Muslims who initially observe the Ramadan fast if moun lo possible free pilgrimage is ie household Mass daily namath called in Persian [Music] the sun has not yet risen on herald that soufi Abdul Samad accomplished the first prayer that of water Sufis are the mystical Islam but they are not monks at Unlike other religions no monasteries in Islam mohamed prophet has managed this miracle to establish a fourteen centuries company that is entirely a vast monastery with his five prayers daily itself preceded by ritual ablutions it punctuates the day Muslims as the third of offices of all sex two nuns mark the clashes Christian monks allahu akbar god is great and while hardly peak day on Sufi era that saw my dean road studying the sacred books and the Koran yet the words hadith of the Prophet pronounce either as an instrument of revelation but as master spiritual Greenhouse said we take a number of most words precious tradition of the universal because the peoples of the Third World statistically it is ready we often forget how top culture and erudition reached the ancient worlds also forget the memory of those who learned by heart word of mouth books wisdom and the words of life today in publishing as everywhere the reign of quantity replaced that of quality compliance pound duo veneration almost disappeared while they remained intact in the world Hindu Buddhist or Muslims no French translation of the Koran did may rethink its splendor text from the dress as Sanskrit is Indeed a sacred language transmitting Much of the teaching by even composition words of the game roots prefixes and suffixes even the infancy first of classical Arabic lessons already a wonder for those who is interested in spiritual doctrine that is why in the tradition whether Muslim or Arab black love letters must be Also included in the precise sense of the word love swan graff Muslim law not allowing figurative painting including the representation of beings humans much of Islamic art consisted in the perfect drawing letters of the body sometimes a sentence only is registered bodies and illuminated by impregnating sublime meaning style signs is ali graff wrote the words that summarizes the supreme metaphysical teaching Sufism Lama or judy the LNAH it is being a god is the name in nice the supreme identity larbi calligraphe qu’il les eyes Variants of the alphabet CUFI Arabic Persian decorating the walls of mosques and of that crafty embossed universities Countless Korans from the 6th century were written by hand and carefully preserved and is certainly brought in graphics a universal value because its beauty pictorial is sensitive even to those who do not speak the language [Music] the Koran and Hadith was taught commented generation in Universities stores that trained the teachers of the law mills or Sharia law has sometimes was opposed to the voice as esoteric is opposed the letter c ber Sufi were condemned by the molds but the importance of this conflict must not be overstated, and many Teachers madre st we were also Sufi brotherhoods member in Afghanistan elsewhere the modern universities up gradually address me but many of those are still living one thinks of the great time without any other means of locomotion that horse or camel students feel free to travel for weeks and months to come to study with a master including without newspapers without radio and without TV celebrity had yet then crossed borders raptors konya fes in Damascus from Cairo anish kapoor bima [Music] if Maurice Binebine arabi and the master most revered Arab Sufism Sufism non-Arab countries Turkey to India is dominated by monkey famous Jalal ud Din Rumi including a specialist commented here a mas navy of the most important texts and most precious of all wisdom human Sufis say that the navy is mas almost equal to the Koran I dare say this admirable text is almost equal Upanishad also to the king or tao te the Bible when he finished reading daily Sufi sacred books abdul samad goes to his office I asked Abdul Samad to testify through this film for Islam and tass Aouf en afghanistan car il m’a paru perhaps the most exemplary of all Sufis I have known for 15 years it is indeed a man inserted into the new modern life and afghanistan which nevertheless remains unswervingly faithful to the teaching of the prophet and the tradition of his country when sound off the appeal of jeans for the second month Prayer of the day in son Ahmad on the place of his work is his carpet During namaz as will do it too workshop in their their their stall shops thousands more citizens and rap it is recommended to participate in the collective prayer at the mosque but when operational requirements forbid it is allowed to pray Alain alone or akbar god is great à salam aleikoum the disciples are not sushi months they have not abandoned the world they live in the world without being of Sony are generally craftsmen traders or ticket are encountered often in alleys and bazaars that old neighborhoods in modern and new buildings offices although the whole drive personality and was also humble disciples worse or auction among these was selling its workers manuals what do we recognize not breath only the fact that they themselves always the beard and the tournament is Sufi was returning to his conscience professional in his honesty scrupulous in his generosity to his fervor in religious practices as j is sometimes recognized as the depth of his gaze in light of her smile [Music] that many times with my Afghan companion whereas alley to alley of shop to shop we seek a Sufi which we do even always know the name twice just three years we look a have all felt accuracy Here he is the work of the hands by honor among Sufis besides its administrative functions Abdus Samad also practice the art of mat he practices with his wife and his children because Sufis are almost all married and had children because it is not engaged in the path of but in the view of the Sufi m not I felt not a fan of I children but I am a father all it requires in because they have been studied with comprehension the status of Muslim women was severely criticized by Western I want first of all specified that the Muslim shoots may by as her husband in the spiritual life and teaching Sufi masters for film these pictures I respected the principle of Islam that a woman does not leave to see his face there are only few foreign years in a Muslim circles Orthodox I could not turn or plans or even met these mothers but the world is changing and they change very fast traditional societies disintegrates before our eyes everywhere I was able to see the exceptionally Afghan women face living the old law express all these faces joy inner peace and especially the fullness This discovery led me to study a little seriously the same texts Koran and distinguish in traditions concerning women which is essential and what is incidental added through the centuries for contingent reasons it without bias the teachings of the prophet have to order not to enslave the woman but contrary to defend and protect Who would suspect such a woman Muslim could seek divorce sexual dissatisfaction about polygamy it was intended allow widows to remarry and avoid the fate of mistresses and of lonely mothers in other companies it became unlike wholly wives if they have a woman and a sex life Sufis there is Mecca for ten sites also father if married with two three wives of Children are more numerous reports or if they are nephews and nieces the little son that this group foo Muslims in general and in Afghan especially in an immense love for children it often happens that the son of an udder but there necessarily is the eldest son chosen as his successor talk by then famous words of Jesus let me come to the little children is often returned in memory when I stayed close to Sufi master that many times I have witnessed the tenderness and care with which these know if respected by Adults teach children and often in the first years of existence which plays a destiny and it is a blessing for a little wash was awakened by a mayor and growing up where his influence many of these boys and girls of Afghanistan are still their studies in Koranic schools where they not only learn to read and write but to recite by heart the isla candid truths of the sun or the Dry heat is overwhelming it is cool in the shade of the courtyard [Music] This school located inside the Anaqua to give the remains of a Sufi master that together and say to there larnaca laughter that my route 10 near mazar i sharif the right to speak and al hilal roland girls as much as Boys learn from childhood the attitudes of prayer or a soul this prayer that at least if they remain true to the faith of Islam they will perform five times a day all the days of their life each of the daily prayers has a number of series successive attitude each series with the re name and Body participation in prayer pledge of the true concentration of the true meditation is an essential all spiritual disciplines Oriental children are naturally dispersed and it is not too early to teach them to return to themselves if its singular infinite love radiates mostly adults the approach worst of Tagore’s also a light for kids gilani [Music] at and and these small Afghan village lost not know neither Zorro or Superman but they dream to emulate Ali the son of Prophet the chariot and where there is the king of friends view in last place after prayers collective children are silent and still still with adults then the wren mingles with that of men shout the name Allah to call God with all their might with their whole weight [Applause] I’ve even known a boy polly Khumri 12 who had requested and obtained from become a disciple of a law master Naqshbandi dice game watching in the middle adults during the silent etr serious peaceful established itself already open to the depths of his being [Music] the third prayer of the day it is the erat mosque amid his brothers in Islam that match Call the month jeans Sufi Abdul Samad will accomplish Islam is a religion eminently egalitarian and democratic measure to Measuring god men are nothing Prince is nothing much that plowman I saw General Officers and common soldier prayed side by side on the same rank [Music] in view of images taken one day week are those of the amendment as but in some other brotherhoods Sufis among the worst of Tagore not set the degree of purification of the dc renewal of facts such as density prayer becomes intercepted communion Single ash erasing claims individual is a core at a time grand perfection a sublime testimony the true face of Islam awa guilty and bucket made [Music] after the third the mass of the Sufi Abdul Samad day goes on jamy tomb which was both a scholar and a mystic who translated and commented by piercing the great Arab Sufi maurid in Ibn Arabi jamie was therefore a defender of the metaphysical doctrine wpt Ahdath al houdoud uniqueness be a visit to your drawing is not admitted throughout Islam Wahhabis eg prohibit visit a grave whatsoever but all Muslims agree to never bow before a tomb Quentin Afghanistan goes to a cemetery it is with a deep sense gratitude towards Muslims more Once this is respect for the past easily understood by Western so keen to progress if turned the future it is perhaps here where one of the points radical difference between the mentality modern one that gives primacy to see the old consciousness and that which recognizes the superiority of letters clearly revealed to a Hindu for Buddhist and a Muslim must have the courage to say to a real Christian essential truth already revealed no innovation that is there today in Milan lard who attained liberation mukti Buddhist Lesage who made the Nirvana lesage Sufi who performs the death to oneself or faded and Living in God or baca is forever located in the fullness of being that perfection is timeless and requires no progress Muslim followers soufi particularly strives to achieve this in turn full human stature that so many wise expressed before her century in century generation to generation another grave near herat you are more famous even than the jamy Mausoleum Rouadjia abdul lahoud sai Ansari slips one of the largest Mystics of all Islam is just As the pride of the small Afghan cemetery that surrounds the tomb dansaert there remained a quiet asylum there reigns such a peace that remains there without wanting anything other than this Silence the Afghan people that we sometimes qualifiée of brutal because he was heroic in battle is indeed a people of infinite delicacy [Music] Europeans have often talked of fanaticism of Afghan Muslims embodies perfectly the other face and l’islam the face of benevolence of respect Love contemplation [Music] in truth it is impossible in Islam speak the term pilgrimage to tuna Pilgrimage is strictly for that of Mecca only the word tour is suitable for tomb is venerated the saint lie the faithful drop of a copy of the Quran before losing to go down in the holy book the word Islam itself means you it not submit submission in Arabic is put under a year’s tics particular accomplished in silence and stillness enables enough to be at the same length wave at the same level of vibration where lived and died saint whose remains are buried here in the tomb a wise each according to its degree of comprehension those that can not exceed the level of desires and fears demand strength consolation hopes that transcend their personal world egocentric communion in gasoline divine [Music] if some fall have a reputation local or provincial it is mazar i Sharif in northern l’Afghanistan a center whose radiation overflows largely the country’s borders it attracts a steady stream of the faithful and women as much as men whose belief and love sometimes not supported for hundreds of kilometers is Mausoleum ali the law of the prophet fourth caliph in Islam for the king of soul cali friends god rest here is not considered as proved by the standards of the historical science but nobody can deny the exceptional atmosphere reign around the mausoleum and music [Music] [Music] the two temples of Church of mosques even at the surface of the planet are death scene to the time you look and photography as a museum we visit the Mausoleum ali Mazars is a tomb but will instead remain alive intensely alive witnesses today yet the fervor of old [Music] [Music] oh after having gathered at the tomb of jamy great Sufi Abdul Samad dedicated a spiritual exercise that Sufis call to idle repeating a 99 God’s name with the help of a rosary me a Sufi master said the different names for god attributes are like so many drugs to cure various different diseases of the core this asceticism based technique truth on knowledge very thorough psychological than this that Sufis called different naf various aspects of the psyche human during its evolution individual and silent form and motionless of zikr repeating the name is an essential practice tass Auf in some ways it can be closer to perpetual prayer or prayer from the heart of the ics in asthma Orthodox Christianity or a jap Hindu or the repetition of mantras even in Tantric Buddhism oh [Music] then when the sun has just been sleep this is the fourth and penultimate Prayer of the day you will notice that in turn direction of Mecca to pray soufi Abdul Samad was placed before the Tomb jamy to rotate back to this one thus confirming the refusal fierce from all forms of idolatry however subtle it makes the strength and greatness of Islam and nothing God is reliable if there is all relative except the dark night falls the night falls on era gone home before go to bed abdul samad ends his day Muslims and Sufis by the fifth and last namath lahrari there is the under the will there is divine call Demo RAMED and prophet of Allah allah akbar, or God is great when the first ends part of his testimony on the Sufis afghanistan I want to express a sense of personal gratitude for all Afghan friends for fifteen years have come to love their countries discover the greatness of Islam and of the Auf tass and especially my license you turn to this film [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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