Tales of demons and gods 253 [ENGLISH SUBTITLE]

Tales of demons and gods 253 [ENGLISH SUBTITLE]

Chapter 253 : Defeat the legendary monster! so many! flash! Don’t run away! What? ROAR!!! Ah ah ah! Whoosh! roar how could there be so many!? human beings have numbers of such a powerful weapon of law… why not exterminate the monsters directly? not explode? doesn’t he have so many hidden weapons at all? Damn! you dare to trick me?! What! These hidden weapons are indeed fake! I knew it! he can’t have so many at all! exhale! you are DEAD! Aren’t you afraid of death? Your bluff is useless! Die little ghost! Die! ward! Eh! glow AH! What! spinning… Opportunity! rrrr! oh boy, he actually hiding it! Really… *&%## looks good? subscribe, like and comment. help this channel to improve, join Patreon.com/sukoberajo and paypal.me/sukoberajo. thank you so much

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  1. Those two monsters had been alive for thousands of years, yet they both nvr learned how deceptive humans can be. lRip those two Lol

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