TEAL – Ghosts and Afterlife

This is gonna be a long explanation,
Is that Ok? Ok… how do I explain a ghost… So, if anybody is familiar with my
articles and books I refer to thought forms as a Tulpa
it’s an old word that was used in Tibet What a thought form is, is basically, a thought that has been thought long enough
that it’s vibration, instead of behaving in wave function is starting to behave more like a particle
in its properties. So, even though it does not have what we might call… to some people doesn’t have a sight,
and a sound, and a texture; It still has more of them than
just the thought that you would think of as an abstraction Thoughts are abstractions, but it’s a more manifested version of a thought and these thought forms can, at times
(metal with electricity) they can sometimes manipulate physical objects they can manifest in many ways, and they’re incredibly dependent on people who are focusing on them So, if somebody who is able to see them, like me, the chances are that you’re gonna get a lot more poltergeistic activity (what people would say is poltergeistic activity) because they can actually utilize the energy of other things within this universe, in order to manifest themselves. When you die your entire… You are Source energy so, your energy which you are completely focused
into this physical body would pull back out of this physical body would pull back out of this Tulpa which… a thought form is essentially the idea of you so, this identity that you have in this life,
any issues you may have from this life, is part of this idea of you which I’ve called a Tulpa so, you would pull back from that and you’re now part
of this unified consciousness Source what most people call God However, this thought (because every thought that’s ever been thought exists) is still vibrating and if it’s got a lot of energy, which it does around…
it often does when there’s a situation where a person dies and they have a lot of emotional energy going on
still, like a murder; This energy can sort of surge into form so, people may perceive them moving things people may perceive them trying to get messages across, things like this. What most people don’t understand is
that there are two types of Tulpas There are the exiting Tulpas which is what a ghost is, that means that it is not connected, essentially,
to this bigger part of Source It’s just this idea that is still operating and still manifesting itself with those previous issues that it had before it died Which is why there is this whole thing
about ghosts having unfinished business it’s that your identity, which you have left behind in death, still is participating in its prerogative it can be talked out of this, I mean,
you could focus it out of it, people who are living could focus these thought forms
out of form into the light, like you would say. But there is also an entering Tulpa So, when people are on their deathbed quite often they will suddenly be able to speak to people that they knew during their past, a lot of people around these individuals would say:
“Oh well, they’re hallucinating” When what it actually is, is that in their coming so close to death,
they are able to now have this more objective view and so, they’re able to see thought forms and so, this energy that is part of Source can come back into one of these thought forms,
you can reconnect with anyone I mean, potentially, if you die you can reconnect with any thought form that happened centuries and centuries ago but, lets say that I had an incredibly good friend and I had died, this life was over, I’m now part of Source I have more objective view than I have had before; I can reactivate this vibration of this thought
that that person knew the “me” that they knew in this life, and if they are going through a difficult situation,
it may be a benefit for them to see me in that light again because that’s the one that is familiar to them and the one who comforts them, so I may choose to go back into that and this is when you would call… This type of ghost is an entering Tulpa, not an exiting Tulpa, which means that has a direct connection to Source. This is also what people call Angels This is what an Angel is Is that Source has projected itself into a thought
that has not quite a physical structure yet but it’s still serving a purpose here on this Earth Which is different than a ghost of course, which is the exiting Tulpa which is just a thought form of you the idea of you in this life, which is continually
sort of stuck in this pattern of vibration, still Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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