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So now the Mormon missionaries are trying to convince Chris that God wants his church to build temples where they do things like get married forever – now there’s a scary thought – and where they make promises to Him. Very serious promises with very serious consequences
if they fail. But these temples aren’t just church buildings. They’re big, they’re expensive, and they’re
exclusive. You have to qualify by keeping a whole list
of commandments before they even let you in, like paying the Church ten percent of all
the money you make and never drinking coffee, I guess that count’s me out. Chris
Your description of Mormon temples is so different from the Biblical
temple. Not one ceremony in the LDS temples was practiced
in the ancient temple in Jerusalem. Elder Smith
We believe they were practiced, but the rituals were corrupted and finally lost to the church. Chris
Actually, that’s not supported by the Bible or any ancient document. Not even the Book of Mormon, which claims
to have the “fullness of the gospel” says anything about temple marriage or family sealing
or doing ordinances on behalf of the dead. Elder Young
Maybe I can help out here. You see, some rituals are so sacred and holy that God doesn’t want them to be exposed to the whole world and ridiculed. Elder Smith
That’s probably why they weren’t mentioned in the Book of Mormon. Wanda
Hmmm. Pardon the pun but sounds fishy to me. Chris
That’s an interesting thought. But here’s what Jesus said. Elder Smith
The temple rituals are sacred, not secret. Chris
Sacred or not, they are secret. And those things that are sacred to authentic Christianity are the very things we don’t want to be secrets. That’s Jesus speaking in Matthew 10:27. By the way, how many temples has your church
built so far? Elder Young
Over 150 all around the world. Like Solomon’s Temple in the Old Testament,
they’re literally the House of the Lord. The Savior visits His temples and so these
are the holiest places on earth. Chris
I’m sorry, guys. But you just don’t have a proper understanding of the original purpose for God’s temple. Elder Young
I wasn’t aware of that scripture… Chris
You should also be aware that in the Bible, God appointed only one temple on earth at a time to reflect the fact that there is only one True God. And the work was always for the living and
never for the dead. Everything that happened in that temple was
public knowledge. Every ritual is spelled out in great detail
in Exodus and Leviticus. Nothing was secret. Do you know when? Elder Young
The Roman army destroyed Jerusalem and the temple in 70 A.D…didn’t they? Chris
As predicted by Jesus. And it has never been rebuilt. Do you know why? Elder Smith
Because the time wasn’t right. God did finally bring the temple back and
He did it through the prophet Joseph Smith. Chris
The Bible records that at the very moment Jesus died: “the veil of the temple was
torn in two from top to bottom.” This symbolized the end of temple worship,
forever, because as soon as Jesus paid for our sins, the final and ultimate sacrifice
had been made and there would never need to be a temple ever again. Wanda
Makes sense to me. It is because of these teachings from the Bible that Christian’s have NEVER been and NEVER will be a Temple building people. The fact that Mormon’s want to mass produce Solomon’s Temple shows a lack of understanding of all Biblical passages.

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