Textbook Claims Vegetarians Possess Better Morals

Textbook Claims Vegetarians Possess Better Morals

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A new textbook in India is reportedly drawing criticism from academic professionals for
its not-so-tender outlook on meat-eaters.
The book, titled ’93New Healthway,’94 praises vegetarians, not necessarily because of their
diet, but for what their diet allegedly does for their morals.
b ’93…claiming that meat-eaters cheat,
lie, forget promises and commit sex crimes. The book on hygiene and health is ‘a0printed
by one of india’92s leading publishers’94 b0
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advocates of the research believe in the philosophy of ’93you are what you eat.’94 In fact,
inmates of Tihar Jail in New Delhi are i only
i0 served vegetarian food.
A socio-spiritual education coordinator explained b ’93the belief that non-vegetarian food
produces two very strong negative reactions ’91anger/fear’92 ’85 ‘a0’91We believe
that killing an animal releases toxic hormones and that gets into human beings, which further
creates a negative impact on his moral, mental and physical well being.’92’94
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cf3 ul ulc3 NDTVulnone }}reports the book contains more statements that might make the
book even more questionable.
pardpardeftab720sa240 b cf2 ’93It has lauded the Japanese for
their vegetarian diet, which it says leads to a longer life span, while ignoring that
Japan is known for sushi and seafood. ’91They are vegetarians and live longer than most
other peoples. The generous use of green leafy vegetables, soya beans and grams has helped
the people to maintain vigour, strength and endurance throughout the centuries’92, the
book says; there is no mention of the fish in Japanese diet.’94
And while India has a long history of vegetarianism, the UN Food and Agriculture reported the highest
record of Indians’92 per capita consumption of meat since the database was created.

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