The Belief System of 3D, 4D, and 5D and How to Make the SHIFT

this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
the belief system of 3d 4d and 5d levels of consciousness and I’m gonna show you
how you can easily make the shift into a higher level welcome back to another
video my name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness now on this
video I’ll be sharing with you the difference in the belief system of being
in what is called a 3d level of consciousness a 4d level of
consciousness and a 5d level of consciousness now the reason I’m going
to share this with you is because right now on the planet there are these
different perspectives these different levels of consciousness that are all
available to us right now in the present moment now first off let’s just
recognize these as different rates of vibration that come with it different
perceptions now in general what is happening on the planet right now is
there is a shift in vibration that is happening and the 3d reality is still an
option the Forty reality is an option the 5d reality is an option almost like
you can think of it as lens through which we can see the world if we choose
it and the idea and the truth of the matter is that it’s not so much that
when we ascend to a higher level we go to some other separate location that’s
away from where we are it’s more so that as we raise our vibration we then
perceive of a reality that is equal to that level of belief and that level of
being so getting into higher states of consciousness is not about going
anywhere other than being here right now and I say that because as a lot of
people go through this transition the way that we interpret it sometimes we’ll
get these these maybe these dreams or these visions that it has to do with
going somewhere else even back in 2012 it was a very popular eyes way of going
about it thinking oh this is where we are 3 4 D 3 D level of reality we’re
gonna go to a 5d we’re gonna be a completely different place we’re gonna
go somewhere else and it’s more so about understanding that these are all
available right now and we shifts through them without even knowing it
there are times you’re in a 4 D level of existence or if
forty level of consciousness there are times you may get triggered you may
watch the news and get pulled back into a 3d level of consciousness and there
are times that you may be in a 5e level of consciousness it all fluctuates
depending on your state of being and your level of consciousness in that
moment but what you can begin to do is train yourself to be in these higher
states of consciousness so let’s give it I’m gonna give you a general overview
and then we’ll get into the specifics of Egypt belief so as you can see where you
are and how you can move up the scale so to look at this let’s see 3d 4d 5d 3d
level of consciousness is a identification with form 3d level of
consciousness is about duality good bad light dark up-down
this is duality and this is also a reality of control because on the planet
right now there are certain systems that are in place that keep people in a level
of control the financial system is one of them there is the the way that you
call the back government some people call it many different names the Cabal
or whatever and whatever it is there are certain there are certain powers at play
that we think has a lot more power than they do but honestly they don’t have as
much power the real powers with the people but the thing is is if you
control the focus of seven and a half billion people it then creates a certain
timeline so when we look at this what we see is that there’s a certain level of
control that may be happening that keep people in the 3-d level of consciousness
because the 3-d level of consciousness will also have within it lower
vibrational states of emotion so shame fear guilt anger if we keep people and
trained in those vibrations they stay in the 3d reality therefore reinforcing
that and then from that point it just keeps the level of control in it
so 3d level of reality is identification it’s thinking this is Who I am
it’s when we grow up thinking that we are our body or we emphasize the ego and
it’s also the dream of separation it’s where we believe we are separate from
everyone else and it’s a funny thing sometimes sometimes I’ll notice it like
when it comes to sports teams for example I was talking about this day of
the day when it comes to sports teams somebody
that likes the Raiders and somebody that likes the Rams for example they may be
at a football game and they may dislike each other and they may even want to
fight each other because of their position a letís of what team they’re on
and how passionate they are about the sport the truth is these two people have
so much more in common than they Iike even can imagine because they both like
football and there are many other people on the planet that don’t even like
football and if you were standing on a line somewhere and you tried to have a
conversation or somebody that didn’t even like football it would be less in
common to somebody that actually is really in really pache about football
even though they like a different team so the point of that is understanding
that whatever we emphasize if we emphasize separateness we create more of
that and we create more conflict instead look at what we have in common because
we have a lot more in common than we can imagine we can even look at that of we
could look at that of race this is my culture that is your culture I am this
color you are that color and we can emphasize that difference in color but
if you were on a different planet where there was jello like beans and there was
like floating jellyfish and there was all of these different animals and
things that would were so different than you you would look at that other person
and be like I recognize you please come let’s go do do it let’s go
through this together because we have so much in common but you see it’s all
relative we’re all floating on a planet we have
so much more in common that we can even imagine but yet we set we like to
emphasize the separateness because that’s how we’ve been wired but that is
the belief system of a 3d level of reality 3d level of reality we think
that we are our ego not aware always that we are immortal spiritual beings
live in temporary human experiences and part of the purpose of life is to wake
up to who we really are to wake up out of the 3d identification and realize hey
I’m way more than just this there is so much more to life than just this and as
we become aware of that we start to expand ourselves and then as we expand
ourselves we start to see things with more awareness because we realize that
this is just a dream it is a dream is identity identification with form and
it’s who we think we are but is not really just who we are but part of the
purpose of 3d reality is to wake up it is to learn to observe the thoughts it’s
learn to learn to observe the the ways we may get triggered because you cannot
solve a problem from the same level the problem was created as Einstein said in
the same way you cannot transcend 3d by being entrenched in 3d you must learn to
observe 3d you must learn to observe your thoughts and know that the thoughts
are not who you are but in 3d level of reality you think that the thoughts you
think are your identity the things that have happened to you in the past is your
identity so identification is the belief system of 3d reality separation is a
belief system of 3d reality labels are a 3d system of reality desire is a level
of 3d reality I am here and I really want to get over there that is a 3d
level paradigm now there are high levels of paradigm where you can still manifest
but in the 3d level of reality that’s where it mostly stays is in this desire
this long and always wanting to be somewhere else not where I don’t really
be in the present moment and another thing when it comes to 3d level of
reality is linear time-space reality there’s a big emphasis on it not that it
doesn’t exist in 4d however this time space linear reality is like this is my
timeline then this happens in the past and then the past is over here and the
future’s over here if there’s an emphasis on it now this is all 3d level
of reality now what we are doing as a planet as we are waking up from 3d
levels of consciousness and moving into four and five D levels of consciousness
what you can think of it as is the dream that we live in is transforming that
back in the day this is back in and just see
this resonates with you if you ever read Dolores canons books call on what’s
called qhht quantum healing hypnosis technique where people are in the
deepest levels of brainwave activity their higher self comes through and you
can ask any question and they’ll ask questions like why did you incarnate at
this time ask questions like why it is what is this relationship with this
person in your life questions like you know what was the soul contract all
these different things that the higher self knows ask those kind of questions
her books are transcripts of those sessions with thousands of thousands of
people now thousands and thousands of people that have gone to her have said
that the reason they came to earth right now is to go through this transition
from 3d to 4d and 5d levels of consciousness because there’s this
quickening of vibration and as we go through this we’re able to get rid of a
lot of karma we’re able to really move ourselves in a quick way up the
vibrational scale and we’re able to go through immense transformation in a
short period of time and we’re doing it together we’re doing it collectively in
the past you may have had the Mayan civilization that ascended their
vibration out of into a new level of reality we’re all doing it together and
we’re staying on planet for this we’re staying this is a physical type thing as
well so we’re going through this transition and what happened was is
there was a call that was sent out back in the 1940s 1930s a call into the
universe that said we need light workers here earth Gaia needs help so that we
can begin to change this planet now the thing is is there’s freewill here and
you forget who you are when you’re born here there’s other planets where you may
go and you may remember who you are and there may be a higher vibration where
you just always remember that you are unconditional love and bliss you are an
immortal spiritual being you remember your life purpose all of this stuff
there’s a veil of forgetfulness here on earth and you forget that and what
happened was is there was a certain level of control of this 3:40 level
reality there were certain beans that were influenced this reality in a
negative way there was a certain level of control over the planetary of how
everything goes and what happened was as this call was sent out and one of the
triggers for it was a nuclear bomb because when a nuclear bomb goes off it
doesn’t just affect our reality it ripples out and it affects other
realities and that’s not allowed because we can do
whatever we want within our own free will but if it starts to influence other
galaxies other universes like that then that it becomes something that needs to
be dealt with this call goes out lightworkers high vibrational beings
many different forms of souls you listening to this video you would not
have heard or even been watching this video if you were not one of these
people a light worker from a higher dimensional state of consciousness
decided out of compassion and love that you would come to earth to help make
this transition because here’s the thing it’s not like we can just as a higher
dimensional beings influence this reality and do all the work for us in
order for us to influence it we must incarnate within the reality
system itself because that’s how it works we must forget who we are
come here we knew it was going to be a little bit more difficult because we
were going to forget but then we’re going to go through the process of
remembering so we decided to come here then what happened is we came here we
forgotten who we are we go through these challenging now we’re waking up again if
you’re listening to this video right now you are waking up out of the 3d and into
higher states 4d or 5d level of consciousness and 5d level of
consciousness is where most of us chill much more at the time 3d it’s just a
very temporary thing and we’re moving through this transition right now and
over the next 10 20 30 years whatever it is a lot of stuff’s gonna change on the
planet for the better some of it will appear to be worse at first because it’s
old systems breaking down but nonetheless we’re moving out of the 3-d
and 4-d now let’s look at 4d level of reality 4d level of reality could also
be considered more of a dreamlike state some people would consider it the astral
realms when you think of 4d reality think of things more in terms of
vibration its vibration it’s also something you start to experience more
so than identify with so in 4d level of reality there is also more flexibility
the belief system would be more flexibility and time and space instead
of saying this things happen linearly in 3d we say things are beginning to happen
more now you can begin to play around with time you could say oh I’m running
kind of late for this thing instead of rushing to get there trust the process
and simply visualize getting somewhere on time works like
magic because time the more identity we give the time and the more emphasis we
give the time the more time we create that’s a 3d level of reality 3d level of
consciousness 4d we realize that it’s more about being and it’s more about
vibration so if there’s something you want to experience in your life the
manifestation process would be let me embody the vibration of it now and let
me choose my own state of being the belief system of 3d reality is I am a
victim things happen to me the belief system a 4d level of reality is you
start to realize that you are a creator of your own reality and if you’re
watching my videos on YouTube then you’re already embodying a 40 level of
consciousness more of the time because you are taking responsibility for your
vibration for your thoughts your feelings and your emotions that is the
key you must begin to embody more of that understanding that you are
responsible you could say well all these things happen to me in my past but they
didn’t happen to you they happen for you and I get it because I had a childhood
that was much more painful I get it I had to transmute that and the key is is
understanding to take responsibility for it because the one thing you have
responsibility of is how you respond to what has happened or what has happening
you can choose your response to it and choose the meaning you give it maybe it
was a negative thing but what you do is you see it as a way of something you
could have grown from something that made you more strong more powerful a lot
of the most negative things that have ever happened to me
growing up or whatever it was has made me so much more powerful because I
transmuted it and I’ve seen it as that in the 40 level of reality things are
more flexible life becomes much more of a dream think of Harry Potter Harry
Potter resonated with so many billions of millions or billions of people
because it’s closer to our true reality of things being magical and things being
much more flexible but right now we have an emphasis on 3d reality through the
collective consciousness of seven and a half billion people or more
therefore we emphasize that magic isn’t real magic could be real and Atlantis
times back in the day magic was real but there was greed in Atlanta
times what happens was we ended up falling back down into a 3d level of we ended up falling back down into a 3d
level of consciousness but now we are redoing that and raising our vibration
back up so 4d level of consciousness is when you may begin to play with crystals
you may understand geometric form everything is geometry you may begin to
understand that time is more flexible that when it comes to this process it’s
more about vibration you are a creator of your own reality that is 4d level of
consciousness and as you realize that life is more of a dream the more you
realize that the more your life becomes a dream have fun with this process allow
things to be watch how your life begins to change
now 5d level of consciousness is also an option
5d level of consciousness is actually beyond that a belief beyond that of
reasoning this is when you get into being this is when you understand that
everyone is connected the belief system of 5d reality is that we’re all one and
we are all connected 4d is there’s still a little bit of duality but it’s more
flexible good bad light dark it’s still there but we have a little bit more
awareness awareness is what raises us into these higher states 5d is the
awareness and the knowing that you are connected to everyone else you come into
contact with you have a connection whether you realize it or not and when
you see other people as extensions as yourself you then treat people in a new
way you then realize that they’re not so separate and you start to see things as
more of what you put out is what you get back because what you do to someone else
you do to another aspect of yourself however in a 5d level of reality you
start to let go of labels I remember listening to sadguru’s experience who’s
like this enlightened guy from India and when he went through his a lightning
experience he was on top of this hill and he could not see where he began and
where he ended he dropped the identity the vessel of separation the vessel of
identity of labels he dropped it and he realized that he is everything when you
transcend 3 4 D reality it’s about realizing that you are not just this
avatar body you are also the dimension in it of itself you are not just the
drop in the ocean you are also the ocean in a drop that’s the 5d level of
consciousness so you become more present to the moment you just are everything is
happening now we are moving into that as we go on and
there is more opportunity for us to be in that be present to the moment you can
become aware of the beliefs you have you can become aware of the thoughts you
have but begin to let them go this is when you move out of reacting to the
environment and when you move out of the desire and you realize that everything
is perfect as it is this is also when you begin to let go and surrender and in
the 5e level of consciousness there’s an awareness that you are divine you are
divine light and you can allow this to kind of shine through you you can allow
yourself to embody more of this light and understand that what you do to
someone else comes back to you because you start to in a way live
within the universe itself you allow the universe to manifest
through you when I make these videos the only reason I can do daily videos on
YouTube is because I get into a flow state and I allow it to flow through I
allow this 5d energy to flow through to you and then people say oh when I watch
your video I get a buzz I feel really good
well it’s not me it’s not air in the Avatar from 3 4 D it is the 5d level of
consciousness that flows through me I become a vessel you see we start to lose
eye you could say Aaron that sounds egotistical are you saying that you’re
5d level of consciousness I’m saying that in a 5d level of consciousness I
begin to dis identify with these forms so it doesn’t matter because there can’t
really be eagle dare for it to work can’t be like I’m gonna get into 5d
level of consciousness and grow on subscribers on YouTube and get more
people to listen to me know it has to be a divine intention this and 5d is when
we begin to align with the divine line with the divine I like that
so being aligning with the divine now being here now in being an unconditional
love you are connected to everyone else being more in your heart center create
from your heart I have meditations for creating from your heart as well that
will help you with this process so these three perspectives are here right now
you can choose to be in 3d and I said shoes but you will feel like you’re a
victim in it and you’ll feel like you don’t have a choice but don’t listen to
the news so much don’t watch the news be aware of how you feel around certain
people begin to observe the thoughts in 3d you didn’t begin to move into 4d
where things become more of a dream you want an easy way to raise your vibration
have more fun see things that’s flexible they see things as a form of
be in the present moment and understand that as you take responsibility for your
life you move into a higher state of consciousness and then you can
eventually observe your beliefs and then you can let them go and you will then be
in a five D level of consciousness being present to the moment lying to the
divine understanding who you are we’re all going through this shift together we
all have options to be in these states of consciousness right now it is simply
where are we vibrating and what do we choose so a question for you which state
of consciousness do you think you’re in right now and what will you do to let go
of old beliefs or to let go to in order to be in the higher states go ahead and
leave a comment below and let me know where you are because maybe I’ll make
more videos on showing how to go from this to this to this you let me know
also I have a meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point
it is the meditation that allowed me to move from three to four to five D levels
of consciousness if you want it it’s absolutely free it’s going to be in the
top of description box below it will help you to raise your vibration I
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this video feel free to like the video if you liked it and subscribe if you
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as always peace much love and namaste

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