The Ego’s Unseen Influence on Your Spiritual Awakening

Why is a spiritual awakening so confusing? Here’s what you need to know about the ego’s hidden influence on your spiritual journey. Hi, I’m Saratoga Ocean, and I help people to navigate their spiritual awakening and embark on a powerful path of ascension. In this video, I’m going to explain why a spiritual awakening can feel so confusing, and why you might sometimes feel stuck. I’m going to share some key things that you need to know about the ego’s hidden influence so you can achieve instant clarity about what is going on in your spiritual journey. This way you can easily shift to your true center of power. Now make sure you watch this video all the way through, because later in this video, I’m going to be sharing one of the deadliest, most common tricks that the ego uses to sabotage your spiritual awakening and what to do if this happens to you. And knowledge is power, right? I think you will be amazed as I pull back the curtain on why the ego gets created and what its true purpose is. And if you’re new to my channel, hit that subscribe button because I will be posting many more videos to guide you on your spiritual journey. Now let’s start with how and why the ego gets created. The ego is essentially a product of the finite physical world. You actually need the ego in order to be able to operate here. Now the ego only helps you with information that comes through your five physical senses. It is no help at all when it comes to you as an infinite spiritual being. And this is where the confusion starts when it comes to your spiritual awakening. You see, a spiritual awakening essentially consists of a powerful paradigm shift in your identity. It’s where you shift from the weaker physical identity of the ego to your much more powerful identity as an infinite spiritual being. And the ego will fight you on this every step of the way. The ego will tell you you’re crazy. It will tell you there’s no such thing as a spiritual awakening. It will send you into a very painful charade of looking for outside proof and validation that what you are experiencing is real. What the ego is really looking for is physical validation, because that’s the only thing it recognizes. It literally has no contact with the higher spiritual realm. Let me explain why the ego has no ability to recognize the higher dimensional realms of existence. The physical world as we know it is the product of duality. And duality was created by inventing the very first, original lie. The simple explanation is this. In the beginning there was only the oneness of infinite Omipresent Love. And everything that was created, was created as a manifestation of that Love. So all existed in a perfect state of harmony and oneness. This was a beautiful state of being known as “I am”. I am what? “I am Love.”. But then a bizarre thought was created. “What would happen if things were known as being what they’re not, instead of being known as what they are?” And now you have an illusion of things being either Love or not Love. And thus was born the conflicting state of duality. So look at it this way. You have your true self, the self that is a total manifestation of Omipresent Love and oneness. And this self is what we like to call the spiritual “higher self”. But because we are in this dimension of duality, there is also a “false self”. And the false self is the ego. And that false self is a manifestation of what you’re not. So we actually end up with an experience of two selves to match the dimension of duality that we live in. So the ego will say that you are not all of those wonderful, empowering things that a spiritual being really is. It will tell you that those things are not really real. Because if you were to truly become all of those wonderful things in full, the ego would cease to exist. Now, here is why the ego is necessary in the physical world. Have you ever heard it said that life is but a dream? And this is all just an illusion? Well, that’s because the physical world in no way represents the truth of the real world of Omipresent Love. The physical world is primarily a world of reflected light. Because in essence, it blocks the manifestation of divine light. Things in the physical world do not emanate light. They reflect light. And that’s what makes the physical world appear to be dense and solid. It’s because it represents a barrier to the full manifestation of infinite divine light. Now where you have the full manifestation of infinite divine light, things then express fully as what they are. But in this finite world, you have a world where things cannot fully express as what they are, in the sense of being the full manifestation of infinite divine love. And therefore you have to artificially label those things. And that is what our earth-based languages are for. Our languages are designed to literally label everything with some kind of finite identity. So the main purpose of the ego is to serve as an artificial identity for each one of us in the physical world, so that we can effectively interface with this finite reality. In other words, we have to have an identity that can be understood in relation to all of the other separate identities in the world around us. So, for example, you have a car which is a separate identity of an object. You have a tree, an animal, a chair, and so on. And then you have your physical self, which is another separate and very complex identity among all of the other separate identities in this world. And you are brainwashed from birth to believe that this separate, false identity is who you really are. So you come to believe that you are your ego. Now, the ego’s job is to protect you in the physical world. It seeks to preserve and protect this false identity as a way for you to survive in the physical universe. And we all know that it ultimately fails, right? Because everybody dies in the end! But nonetheless, your ego will fight your spiritual awakening every step of the way. To the ego, your awakening represents a threat to the very survival of your false self. Now here’s what you need to pay very close attention to. I’m going to share with you one of the deadliest, most common ways that the ego uses to sabotage your spiritual awakening. When it fails to discourage you from believing that your awakening is real, it will resort to the following. It will try to get you to attach your experience of your awakening to the ego itself. It will encourage you to take on a new, finite identity related to your spiritual awakening. But this identity will be just as false as the old one! The ego encourages you to create a new version of itself as an awakened spiritual being. It will try to attach a new spiritual label to you. It will label you as maybe a lightworker, a wanderer, a starseed, or something such as that. It will treat these words as some sort of a badge that identifies you in the physical world in a new way. In a way that the ego can recognize. And this is why I and the beings that I channel as Telstar prefer to view these terms as action words rather than as nouns. We prefer to view words like lightworker or starseed as indicators of a higher purpose, rather than as mere labels to ride on. Now here’s how you will know if you have inadvertently adopted these terms as labels in accordance with the ego. Your actual experience of being a lightworker, a starseed or a spiritual being will begin to fall flat. You will eventually feel that you have reached a dead end with no answers. You might feel frustrated, stuck, unfulfilled. And that’s because if you adopt these words as mere labels to identify yourself, they will become empty. And so will your experience. So here’s what you need to know and what you need to do. You need to realize that the ego serves as your physical, finite identity that makes it possible for you to navigate this physical, finite world. And that’s all it is capable of doing. It has no power to recognize the real you, in the higher sense of your divinity as an infinite spiritual being. You see, the ego is finite and separated from everything else. I mean, that’s its job. And you, on the other hand, are an infinite and powerful creator of divine proportions. So don’t expect the ego to recognize the real you or to sanction your spiritual awakening. It simply can’t. So if you try to bring the ego along on your spiritual awakening, you’re going to end up confused, doubtful and quite disillusioned. But on the other hand, if you understand and accept the ego’s natural limitations, you will not waste your energy on trying to incorporate it into an experience where it cannot go. So let the ego help you to navigate your experience in the physical world, wherever that is appropriate. But don’t allow it to become an authority on your profound spiritual awakening. That is expecting it to do something that is completely outside of its range of capabilities. Now when you apply this understanding, you will have instant clarity about what’s what. On the one hand, you have the ego, which is your false self, whose purpose it is to help you navigate this finite physical world. And then on the other hand, you have your absolute true self, which is the full manifestation of divine, Omipresent Love. And you need this clarity to be able to navigate your spiritual awakening and to, ultimately, ascend. Now, here’s the truth. Your real authority about your spiritual awakening is your heart. Your heart has the full scope of knowledge about who you really are in the highest sense of the word. Your heart literally lives inside the infinite realm of Omipresent Love. Everything you need to know can be found there. And that’s where you will find your real validation. So learn to listen to your heart. Let the ego do its utilitarian job here in the physical world. But know that your heart is your highest authority when it comes to your spiritual awakening. And as long as you don’t confuse the two things, you will always have the clarity that you most need. So if you like this video, give it a thumbs up. And leave me a comment below and let me know if you found this information helpful. And be sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. And hit that notification bell so you are the first to know about my new upcoming videos to support you on your spiritual journey. And with that, I’m sending you loads of love, light, and positive energy. Have a beautiful day. Namaste.

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