So as many of you know the prophet has
asked us to stop calling ourselves Mormons and to stop referring to the
church as the Mormon Church. Did you just say the M-word twice?? Sinner!!! It isn’t a change. We’ve never been called the Mormon Church.
Our name our name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we
are latter-day saints. That’s the name that the Lord gave us in the Doctrine
and Covenants. He named this church. We have to remember his name and so we’re
not called the Mormon Church and we’re not Mormons so yes, we will be changing
our name. We do want to preface that you need patience. Like there’s a
reason we haven’t changed it the moment the president said this because
things take time. And he told you to have patience so all you haters out there…
Not haters, I feel like there are people with good intentions but there
are nice ways of saying things. An example of a not nice way of saying things is, “3 Mormons? More like 3 victories for Satan.” Like that is not a nice way to go about it. So thank you for your concern. We took it into consideration and yes we’re changing our name. Well I think people
people want immediate satisfaction. Mormon Newsroom hasn’t even changed the
name yet. A lot of like–– I don’t think any of the official Church
sites have changed. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is now the Tabernacle Choir at Temple
Square so give people time Tabby CATS. “No more nicknames.” We’ll see about that! Things
take time so we appreciate you fans who have stuck with us and have understood
that we have been in this name change process. Can I? Okay. “So… um…
guys… when are you guys gonna stop helping out Satan? Smiley face.” Okay I think this is important because a lot of people like– so they’re playing off
something that the Prophet said and he said that it’s a victory for Satan when
we fail to use the name of Christ in the name of Christ’s Church.
Yes. A lot of people take that and slightly twist it to mean
whenever you say the word Mormon, Satan wins. Like it’s a sin to say Mormon, which is
slightly different. The weirdest common saying is like, “So you’re gonna call it
The Book of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints?” First of all, reading
comprehension. Like the nicknames is Mormons because of the Book of Mormon. He’s not saying to
change the name of the Book of Mormon, Mormon is the author, you keep that name
but we do not take upon the name of Mormon to refer to ourselves, we take
upon the name of Christ. Prophets before have told us to be proud of the fact
that we are Latter-day Saints and they would say Mormons because we are set
apart from the world, we are the true church, we are the people who are in the
Covenant today. So the world refers to us as Mormons, be proud of that. And so
President Nelson saying still be proud of that but let’s correct the name. The thing is if we just continue to call ourselves that and more and more forget
the name of Jesus Christ, that is the victory for Satan because he doesn’t
want people knowing about Jesus Christ. He doesn’t want us, he doesn’t want people
associating Jesus Christ with us because we’re Jesus Christ’s Church so people often
want to pit the prophets against each other and be like, “Well your prophet before said be proud of the name Mormon and now your prophet’s saying not to.” You
gotta understand the context. What I think is really cool too is like when
you see in – you know missionaries walking on the street, right now the
culture is “Oh Mormons. Weird.” How cool would it be to see two missionaries down
the street and be like, “Ah, representatives of the Church of Jesus
Christ.” To that be what’s come to people’s mind. I think that’s the goal is
that’s what people think about but that’s like the culture because it’s
what it should be. And right before we say the name of the church, I know some
people have, I’ve seen a lot on social media about how people don’t feel
comfortable calling us that because they don’t think it’s fair that that they
have to call us the Church of Jesus Christ. They don’t believe we’re the
Church of Jesus Christ. You know Jehovah’s Witnesses? I still
call them Jehovah’s Witnesses, I don’t believe they’re the true witnesses of
Jehovah but I call them that because social literacy, right? So I can call them
that. I still called it the Holy Roman Catholic Church but you know what, I
don’t necessarily think it’s like the holy true church. So you can be socially literate. It’s Roman though. I do believe that. And here’s the thing, if you feel like it
hurts your religion to call us by the name that we prefer then, a little harsh
for saying it, you might just have a very insecure and weak foundation of faith. I know that’s harsh but it’s true. So President Nelson is a very smart man
and the people in church headquarters are very smart people and I’m sure they
understand that the world is not all of a sudden going to drop the term Mormon
and stop calling us that but us as latter-day saints and as members of this
church, it’s our responsibility to do our part even if we believe that other
people aren’t going to join in too. That’s okay. Not every single person
needs to call us what we call ourselves but we can still be proud of what
we do. Yeah. PS because changing our name, renaming the show is such like an urgent
thing for us because we do want to follow the Prophet, a lot of the episodes
coming out after you see this episode were filmed before we filmed this episode so
if we refer to ourselves as Mormons in the future still understand that those
were probably filmed well before conference so please give us a little
slack. That’s why David’s beard is so long. A lot of these episodes were filmed like months in advance so… I just love the beard– he always comments, “The beard is back!” He’s a good guy. Love that guy. Can you just imagine though if Mimi gets pregnant soon and we keep filming? Don’t worry, not gonna happen. It’s gonna be awesome. So how are we gonna reveal the name? On a one and a two and a one, two, three: Saints Unscripted! It took a lot of brainstorming to come
up with a name that all of us agreed on, we were all very– I didn’t like the name
at first, okay? But we love this name because Saints, that’s what followers of
Jesus Christ are called and unscripted, because we are not like official church
headquarters people. Like this is not run by the church. We are voicing our own
opinions and it’s unscripted, we just have little outlines with scriptures and
stuff that we want to use. Emphasis on outlines. These are talking
points. You probably notice how many times we say things that are really dumb.
Unscripted. Well guess what? Mormons remove the second m and you have
morons! That’s actually a good one! So in fact we are so unscripted that
sometimes we make plenty of mistakes in an episode and we have to film another
episode kind of correcting the mistakes that we made in the previous episode. We
don’t really delete episodes, do we? I don’t think so. Did we ever delete an episode? No. We just kinda correct and– but we’ve had some wrong ones. We say stuff wrong all the time. We’ve had some wrong ones. Believe me, you guys send me the Twitter
links. Something… K this is interesting because it comes from the show The Walking Dead. One of the characters
approaches the leader of a group and they’re disagreeing about something and
the leader says, “You disagree with me.” And the character responds, “I think you’re a good
person and good people can disagree” and I feel like that is a principle that
like needs to shine through this show that even though you might disagree with
us and even though we might disagree with each other we can still be good
people and it’s fine. You can be Catholic watching the show, you can be a Jehovah’s Witness, you can be an atheist and you can disagree with us but we can still be good people to each other. You probably won’t be Amish watching our
show though because they can’t have computers. Jack Amish, is that a thing? They’re Amish but they’re like, “I’m Amish but I’m Am-ish.” I like the Office and Parks and Rec
but I also like to churn my own butter. I don’t know. Am-ish. It’s kind of good that we’re
changing our name too because so many people are like, 3 Mormons, there are 4 of you. Which one of you isn’t Mormon? And like make jokes like that but there are
four of us so it’s good that we’re getting rid of this. You know that means?We get to be in more episodes together now! All 4 of us! That would be cool! Well we hope you like our name, we’re really excited about it. I’m getting rid of everything that says Mormon, okay? We’re still filming! I know! Just ignore him. Justin is taking out anything with the word Mormon off of our set. We hope you really like our name, we’re really excited about it. And thank you so
much for watching, be sure to subscribe to our channel, hit the notification bell
to be notified every single time we upload a video. You can also follow us on our different social media links. We have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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