The five major world religions – John Bellaimey

The five major world religions – John Bellaimey

Transcriber: Andrea McDonough
Reviewer: Jessica Ruby In all times and places in our history, human beings have wondered, “Where did we come from? What’s our place in the world? What happens to us after we die?” Religions are systems of belief that have developed and evolved over time in response to these and other eternal mysteries, driven by the feeling that some questions can only be answered by faith and based on an intuition that there is something greater than ourselves, a higher power we must answer to, or some source we all spring from and to which we must return. Hinduism means the religions of India. It’s not a single religion but rather a variety of related beliefs and spiritual practices. It dates back five millennia to the time of Krishna, a man of such virtue that he became known as an avatar of Vishnu, an incarnation of the god in human form. He taught that all life follows karma, the law of cause and effect, and our job is to do our duty, or dharma, according to our place in society without worrying how things turn out. When we die, we are reincarnated into a new body. If we followed our dharma and did our proper duty in our past life, we get good karma, which sends our soul upward in the social scale. Our rebirth into the next life is thus determined by what we do in this one. The wheel of rebirths is called samsara. It’s possible for a very holy person to lead a life with enough good karma to escape the wheel. This escape is called moksha. Hinduism teaches that everything is one. The whole universe is one transcendent reality called Brahman, and there’s just one Brahman but many gods within it, and their roles, aspects, and forms differ according to various traditions. Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the preserver who sometimes takes on human form, and Shiva is the transformer, or Lord of the Dance. Durga is the fiercely protective divine mother. Ganesha has an elephant head and is the wise patron of success. Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world. And although most Hindus live in India, they can be found on every continent, one billion strong. Now, let’s travel west, across deserts and mountains to the fertile crescent about 4,000 years ago. Judaism began with God calling Abraham and Sarah to leave Mesopotamia and migrate to the land of Canaan. In return for their faith in the one true God, a revolutionary concept in the polytheistic world of that time, they would have land and many descendants. From this promise came the land of Israel and the chosen people, but staying in that land and keeping those people together was going to be very difficult. The Israelites were enslaved in Egypt, but God freed them with the help of the prophet Moses, who received the Ten Commandments and later hundreds more. They conquered the Promised Land, but could only keep it for a few hundred years. Israel sits at a crossroads through which many armies marched over the centuries. And in the year 70, the Romans destroyed the temple in their capital, Jerusalem. So, the religion transformed itself from a temple religion with sacrifices and priests to a religion of the book. Because of this, Judaism is a faith of symbolism, reverence, and deep meanings tied to the literature of its history. The many sacred scriptures make up the Hebrew bible, or Tanakh, and hundreds of written discussions and interpretations are contained in an expansive compendium of deeper meanings, called the Talmud. Jews find rich, symbolic meaning in daily life. At the Passover meal, every item on the menu symbolizes an aspect of the escape from slavery. The importance of growing up is emphasized when young people reach the age of bar and bat mitzvah, ceremonies during which they assume responsibility for their actions and celebrate the weaving of their own lives into the faith, history, and texts of the Jewish people. There are 14 million Jews in the world today, 6 million in Israel, which became independent following the horrors of genocide in World War II, and 5 million in the United States. But now let’s go back 2500 years and return to India where Buddhism began with a young prince named Siddhartha. On the night he was conceived, his mother, Queen Maya, is said to have been visited in her sleep by a white elephant who entered her side. Ten months later, Prince Siddartha was born into a life of luxury. Venturing forth from his sheltered existence as a young man, he witnessed the human suffering that had been hidden from him and immediately set out to investigate its sources. Why must people endure suffering? Must we reincarnate through hundreds of lives? At first he thought the problem was attachment to material things, so he gave up his possessions. He became a wandering beggar, which he discovered certainly made him no happier. Then he overheard a music teacher telling a student, “Don’t tighten the string too much, it will break. But don’t let it go too slack, or it will not sound.” In a flash, he realized that looking for answers at the extremes was a mistake. The middle way between luxury and poverty seemed wisest. And while meditating under a bodhi tree, the rest of the answer came to him. All of life abounds with suffering. It’s caused by selfish craving for one’s own fulfillment at the expense of others. Following an eight-step plan can teach us to reduce that craving, and thus reduce the suffering. On that day, Siddhartha became the Buddha, the enlightened one. Not the only one, but the first one. The Buddhist plan is called the Eightfold Path, and though it is not easy to follow, it has pointed the way for millions to enlightenment, which is what Buddhahood means, a state of compassion, insight, peace, and steadfastness. From the time he got up from under that tree to the moment of his death as an old man, the Buddha taught people how to become enlightened: right speech, right goals, a mind focused on what is real, and a heart focused on loving others. Many Buddhists believe in God or gods, but actions are more important than beliefs. There are nearly a billion Buddhists in the world today, mostly in East, Southeast, and South Asia. 2,000 years ago in Judaism’s Promised Land, Christianity was born. Just as Hindus called Krishna “God in Human Form,” Christians say the same thing about Jesus, and Christianity grew out of Judaism just as Buddhism grew out of Hinduism. The angel Gabriel was sent by the God of Abraham to ask a young woman named Mary to become the mother of his son. The son was Jesus, raised as a carpenter by Mary and her husband Joseph, until he turned 30, when he began his public career as the living word of God. Less interested in religiousness than in justice and mercy, Jesus healed the sick in order to draw crowds and then taught them about his heavenly father — affectionate, forgiving, and attentive. Then, he would invite everyone to a common table to illustrate his Kingdom of God, outcasts, sinners, and saints all eating together. He had only three years before his unconventional wisdom got him into trouble. His enemies had him arrested, and he was executed by Rome in the standard means by which rabble-rousers were put to death, crucifixion. But shortly after he was buried, women found his tomb empty and quickly spread word, convinced that he had been raised from the dead. The first Christians described his resurrected appearances, inspiring confidence that his message was true. The message: love one another as I have loved you. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus in December at Christmas, and his suffering, death, and resurrection during Holy Week in the spring. In the ceremony of baptism, a washing away of sin and welcoming into the Christian community, recall Jesus’s own baptism when he left his life as a carpenter. In the rite of Communion, Christians eat the bread and drink the wine blessed as the body and blood of Jesus, recalling Jesus’s last supper. There are two billion Christians worldwide, representing almost a third of the world’s people. Islam began 1400 years ago with a man of great virtue, meditating in a mountain cave in the Arabian desert. The man was Muhammad. He was visited by a divine messenger, again the angel Gabriel, in Arabic, Jibril, delivering to him the words of Allah, the one God of Abraham. In the next few years, more and more messages came, and he memorized and taught them. The verses he recited were full of wise sayings, beautiful rhymes, and mysterious metaphors. But Muhammad was a merchant, not a poet. Many agreed the verses were indeed the words of God, and these believers became the first Muslims. The word Muslim means one who surrenders, meaning a person who submits to the will of God. A Muslim’s five most important duties are called the Five Pillars: Shahada, Muslims declare publicly, there is no other God but Allah, and Muhammad is his final prophet; Salat, they pray five times a day facing Mecca; Zakat, every Muslim is required to give 2 or 3% of their net worth to the poor; Sawm, they fast during daylight hours for the lunar month of Ramadan to strengthen their willpower and their reliance on God; and Hajj, once in a lifetime, every Muslim who is able must make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, rehearsing for the time when they will stand before God to be judged worthy or unworthy of eternal life with Him. The words of God, revealed to the prophet over 23 years, are collected in the Quran, which literally translates into “the recitation.” Muslims believe it to be the only holy book free of human corruption. It’s also considered by many to be the finest work of literature in the Arabic language. Islam is the world’s second largest religion, practiced by over one and a half billion Muslims around the globe. Religion has been an aspect of culture for as long as it has existed, and there are countless variations of its practice. But common to all religions is an appeal for meaning beyond the empty vanities and lowly realities of existence, beyond sin, suffering, and death, beyond fear, and beyond ourselves.

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  1. Hi! I'm a Christian here too. Peace to us all! I'm so happy that everyone is here cause of this video. Thank you to the Lord our God for bringing us here. All the praises and glory is to the Lord our God and to his only begotten son, Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord for his kindness and Glories. Salamat sa Diyos. 😸💝✝️

  2. Wrong! Hinduism dated back not to Krishna but to the arrival of indo Aryans. Krishna is a myth, were don't even know whether such a person existed.

  3. Buddha is born from Lumbini, Nepal. Well of course Nepal does not exist back there, might be sub-area of India. I have made a video about Buddha, check my channel.

  4. This video made on 2013, mention there are 1.5 billion Muslim. Now it's already 2020, the Muslim is already 1.7 billion.

  5. Religions were created to divide people… But if I wanna believe in some religion I'd believe in a 10,000 yr old religion rather than a 1400 yr old one…

  6. Surprisingly, the video was entirely unbiased and the comment section was less of a warzone than expected. However, the video shouldn't have shown images of the prophet Muhammed (SAW)'s face or the angels' faces, such as Jibreel, due to the fact that, in Islam, the faces of Prophets are only described in written recordings and the angels are made of pure light and rarely assume the form of a human being. There are no actual verifiable photos or paintings of the Prophet or the angels.

  7. Muslims in comment section are not enjoying the video and learning it but rather trying to show themselves superior and trying to harass other people's religion.

  8. Assalam o Alaikum All🌸
    Blessed to be a Muslim🌙
    I m a muslim & I respect all religions & people's perspectives & beliefs because God(Allah) has given sense & mind to every human & every human has right to think & seek what is true. but being a muslim I believe Moses(PBUH), Jesus(PBUH) & Muhammad(PBUH) as prophets of only true one god ALLAH just like other prophets of Allah(Abraham, Joseph, Yaqoob etc) & they all were the messengers of Allah & his teachings at different times & eras according to situations & Muhammad(PBUH) is the last final prophet of Allah who gave & taught the final way of living to whole humanity till Akhirah through his lifestyle & teachings of Holy Quran by the will of Allah❤😇 & thats Islam🌙❤😇
    Stay blessed…
    Love from #Islamabad #Pakistan #AzadKashmir
    #peace #Islam🌙😇

  9. Presenter essentially lacks the understanding of Hinduism, as he wrongly claims that religion started after Krishna's Avatar! Instead Krishna was 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu who's care taker of this universe! Hinduism name basically coined because of mispronunciation of Sindhu/Indus Valley Civilization! Sindhu became Hindu by Westerners! Whoever lived across Sindhu river especially East, followed Sanathan Dharma/Religion believed to be 10-15K Years old… In fact it has 4 Yugas, current one is 4th one is Kaliyuga, preceded by DwaparaYuga and ThrethaYuga. Before Krishna, there was Shri Ramachandra, was born in Ayodhya who went to current day Shri Lanka to save his wife from captivity with his brother….

    Basically, when someone who claims to be credible platform, should verify information before releasing it to global platform which has access to almost everyone using internet! Comment section just gives the proof that unnecessary misunderstanding is new norm because of misinformation!

  10. Correction – the message of Christianity isn't just loving others as yourself: that's the second greatest commandment. The first greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind.

  11. Just gonna remind y’all to know that this video is very much over-simplified, if you want to know about a religion I would advise studying them, rather than taking this video for face value.

  12. 6 millions in “isreal” which became independent after the horror of genocide of ww2 , more like after committing genocides to Palestinians .

  13. If you want to get real technical you can classify Christians into a bunch of categories

    And the other religions as well sorry

  14. I'm atheist and I don't understand the difference of many religions (not saying they're all the same obviously, I just havent practiced or researched any so i dont have anything to base it off of) and I learned so much from this one video lmao

  15. Santana Dharma literally translates to eternal duty. And in Hinduism we have all varieties of philosophy from atheism to polytheism (in other words, you can be a non believer in God and still be considered a Hindu).
    The take away from this is that you must do your duty diligently.
    Duty to what? If you ask..
    Answer : whatever situation life puts you through… Do your duty (do what is supposed to be done by you) in that situation.
    If you have a child, do your duty as a father, if you are a husband or an employee, do what you are supposed to be doing as a husband or an employee… Etc etc…
    Karma logic is just a consoling hypothesis by our ancient monks to keep powerful people (Kings) in control and to focus their powers for the greater good of the kingdom.

    Every other religion out there is all the same just a different way of saying or seeing things in this world. Even science (the philosophy of scientific methodology and naturalism) is a form of a religion (a religion of Truth just like the others).
    The only difference is, science is yet to know God where as every other religion claims to know about God.

  16. Do anyone of you wonder how the evolved form of bacterias are all same, need the same thing and yet there are times when they fight over their "Gods". It's good to have faith in God… but believe me the Gods are wicked as humans.

  17. I Believe there is one God, the Almighty, the Holy, and there is none like him. He is the founder of the universe, he is the one we should worship only. Represent as the Father, the Son and (the Holy spirit which is what we have now in us). If you believe in the same thing! Give a 👍

  18. Just to letting everyone know, it highlights both India and Seri Lanka but refers to is as India. The island southeast of India is a completely separate and sovereign nation.

  19. And Buddhism was not originated in India ..Buddha was born in Nepal but achieved Englightenment in some old part of India

  20. Thanks for this really nice unbiased video.
    I really wish there are more videos like this and I hope people will stop fighting and arguing over religion.🙏🙏🙏

  21. Youtube, Interview with Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein. by 432HZ. he would like to explain 1492 to 1913 and how very very tall dust can freefall back into their own footprints on a Ball Spinning 1000mph.

  22. “On Human Suffering and the Concept of God” — the psychological basis of religious belief

  23. I am Muslim the religion Islam started from the first person on earth prophet Adam PBUH and Jesus Christ is also in our religion he is no god for us he is a prophet we call him prophet isa PBUH

  24. The fact you can say the sentence “Jews live in Israel” both in 1000 BC and in the 21st century is fascinating AF

  25. Prince Sidharththa was not the first Buddha. There were 500 Buddhas before him. He is simply the most recent which is why we worship him. In theory, anyone can become Buddha, but it is extremely difficult and takes several lifetimes of sacrifice to achieve enlightenment .

  26. The translation of the kalima doesn’t include “final” prophet
    “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is His messenger”

  27. Wonderful video & respect to All religions But 8:27 Islam was started when the Prophet Adam the ist human being was sent to earth from heavens and final prophet Muhammad (SAW) whose teachings are for All human beings..

  28. Jesus wasn't Gabriel's son Gabriel was a messenger to tell Mary that he will bare the son of God. Jesus is Gods son not Gabriel's

  29. As a Muslim myself, I'm extremely grateful for you not daring to put any painting or supposed depictions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him). Overall this has been an incredibly informative video giving us an aspiring view of the world's different, diverse and unique religions. Peace Be to all my Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddist and other ethnic religious brothers and sisters. Just remember be devout to your own respective faith (as they give you holidays ) and teach to be pious and sincere in life. Thanks for taking the time to read this comment 🙂 Peace Be to you All✌

  30. I hope all of you to find the way to heaven and immortal life with everyone and everything you love <3

  31. At the end, all religions are different roads for the same destination: Love. Its the human interpretation and our tendency to hold to everything (even our beliefs) which make things complicated. Education and a higher consciousness break those barriers.

  32. I have never got into religion before and never really understand it but i have been wanting to follow Islam

  33. Can we talk in calendar months instead of seasons people?… Spring is in a different time of the year in the southern hemisphere people! The whole world is not in the northern hemisphere…

  34. "My gods the real god!"
    "No mines is"
    Y'all both wrong it's obviously mine"

    Spoiler:They all kill each other! Eventho they all believe in stuff for which there is no demonstrable evidence.

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