The Haunted | Finale Episode | February 9, 2020 (With Eng Subs)

The Haunted | Finale Episode | February 9, 2020 (With Eng Subs)

it’s possible that someone
else is responsible. You called me Mommy? Is she really there? I won’t let her near you. I hope I’m wrong, that Jordan had nothing to do
with Monica’s death. If she disappears,
how can we get any answers? Aileen is sick.
She says she sees ghosts. I have information on
Jordan’s past. You said you’ll leave your wife
and we’ll be together. Mama’s coming home. No! – You’re mine!
– Let her go! Monica! I won’t let my family be ruined. I thought you told Ma’am Aileen
at the house blessing yesterday. I couldn’t find the right time. Besides, they looked okay. They looked happy. Did Jordan treat you okay? That’s why he’s so scary, Nikki. Okay. Who’s done with
their drawing? [CLASS SHOUTING] Me, teacher! Looks like Angel’s done. Kids, let’s look at
Angel’s masterpiece, okay? Okay! Angel, can you show us
your family? This is Daddy, this is me,
Mommy, and Mommy. [KIDS LAUGH] Kids, be quiet. Mommy and Mommy? Why are there two moms? She says she’s my mommy,
but I’m scared of her. Are you and Nikki
talking about me? What do you mean? No! Did you tell Bernard?
What did you tell Aileen? – I didn’t say anything.
– Don’t lie to me. I hate when people
make me look stupid! I’m telling the truth, Jordan.
You’re hurting me! Don’t tell anyone. I’m bothered by what
your daughter said, that her other mommy
just pretends to be nice. That means she still hasn’t
forgotten about her. What if that spirit
is still haunting her? Nanny, not now. Hey! – Your phone.
– Okay. Take care of it. Hello, Lorraine. Hi, Bernard. Is something wrong? It’s nothing.
I just wanted to say hi. That’s it? It’s been a while
since we’ve talked. So you miss me? I thought you called because
you have something to say about Monica. No, I don’t. Or maybe you have something
to say about Jordan. Lorraine, just tell me. Jordan was there
the night I went to you. Bernard… I’m sorry. I lied to you. I need your help. Okay, kids. Remember,
you may use the glitter glue and stickers on
top of your tables, okay? Yes, teacher! – That’s mine!
– It’s mine! – Kids, stop it!
– It’s mine! Ouch! Oh, no. We need to
get you to the clinic. – Dear, come here.
– Are you the mom? You pushed me! Angel, what happened? I didn’t push him. – Then who did?
– The woman. What woman? The woman who says
she’s my mommy. Mommy, she’s still here.
She follows me to school. Dear, don’t worry. The day will come when she won’t
have the power to scare us. – Stay here, Mommy.
– Yes. Mommy’s right here.
So go to sleep, okay? Your nanny and I
are watching over you. Jesus is also watching over you. Okay? Go to sleep. It all started when Jordan and
Monica had a relationship. Aside from me, Mr. Caloy,
a security guard at Mom & Me, also knows about this. Before Mr. Caloy could
tell Ma’am Aileen, Jordan went to him. He fired Mr. Caloy and
accused him. Bernard, I’m scared. Monica has such a hold on Angel. We did everything to get rid
of her, but she’s still there. What do we do? Nanny… Jordan knows that I know.
He might come after me. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you’re safe. Mommy? Nanny? Mommy? Mommy, where are you? Angel. Let me go! Come with me. I don’t want to! Don’t make Mommy angry! You’re not my mommy!
You make me do bad things! I’m protecting you because
I want us to be together! I don’t believe you! You can’t get rid of me because I’ll be with you
wherever you go! We’ll be together,
you, me and your daddy! I don’t want to! You’re not my mommy!
[CRIES] Angel? Angel! Angel, dear. It’s just a dream. Hello, Aileen. Lorraine told me that
Jordan and Monica used to be together. I’m aware of that, Bernard. Nikki also told me. What’s your plan
now, Aileen? Honestly, I have no idea. Be cautious around
Jordan, okay? Call me if you
need my help. Okay, thank you . Okay, bye. Why? Is there a problem? What’s Nikki doing here? You should leave now.
I need to talk to my wife. Jordan! I’m sorry, Nikki. – Are you going to be okay?
– Yes. Are you sure? – I’ll be fine.
– Thanks for coming. Is this just pure
coincidence, bro? The day Angel
had an accident was also the last day
Monica’s family saw her. What’s this? You asked Bernard
to investigate me? I don’t think it was
coincidental, bro. Angel fell down the stairs. She was comatose. That was also Monica’s
last day alive. – Why do you keep on–
– I’m so confused! Come on, Aileen. Do you really believe I can
hurt other people? Yes, I do. Did I ever lay
my hand on you? Never. But what about Monica? Huh? – What did you do to her?
– Monica? What does she have
to do with this? Is that what your friend’s
been telling you? And you chose
to believe her? Are you all
ganging up on me? You, Bernard, and that
nosy friend of yours. Leave them out of this. They were just helping me. Tell me the truth, Jordan. – Did you kill Monica?
– I didn’t! I didn’t kill Monica! I didn’t even know
she was dead! Monica’s dead! I saw her ghost! It’s her spirit that’s
been pestering our family. Wait a minute. Are you sure that
Monica’s dead? It’s highly possible. Aileen. Listen to me. Let me go! Listen to yourself. Have you gone insane? Just stop it, Jordan! You always use my
condition against me. I’ve fully recovered. I’m not sick anymore. I know what I saw. Monica’s spirit
has been pestering us. That spirit’s so obsessed
with you and Angel. Why? What have you done to her? How come she can’t
seem to forgive you? Mommy! Angel! – You’re a bad person!
– I’m not! – I don’t like you!
– Please, Angel. – Let me explain.
– You’re mean! You’re a liar! You hurt my mom! If she’s dead, how come her body
was never recovered? Aileen ? Aileen! Let’s go, Bernard. The body was probably
buried immediately. Why did Dad hit you? He’s like the woman who’s been
claiming she’s my mom. She wants to hurt you too. She wants to be with
me and Dad. Dear… I will never let
that happen, okay? I won’t give you the chance
to prove your allegations. I will get rid of the evidence. You won’t be able
to prove anything. You alone, God,
are our only hope, and You alone will grant us
all that we need. We know that
You will never abandon us in our journey in life, and that You alone will save us from death. May you deliver us, O Lord,
from all harm. This we ask,
in Christ’s name, Amen You know
I never liked that man, Aileen! Do you really know him
that much?! You were right all along, Ma. And I’m sorry. Now I know – Jordan’s not
the man I thought I knew. That’s Jordan’s car. Maybe you were right. He knows the police
are investigating him. And he’s here to get rid of all the evidence
implicating him. That’s enough, Jordan! Get away from her! Monica! Monica! Monica! Monica! Monica! Angel?! Angel! Angel! [PHONE DIALING] Aileen? [KNOCKS DOWN DOOR] Please! Please… Is this where
you brought Monica’s body? Just tell the truth, Jordan. It’s for your own good.
Do this for your fam– I did not kill anyone,
Bernard! This is all Monica’s fault! She wanted to destroy
my family! Please hurry up and
pack your things, Nanny Jonay. What if Mister Jordan finds us? If we leave right now, he won’t.
Now hurry! Do you think Monica
will ever leave us in peace? I have a family, Bernard! I love them very much! And I will not let Monica
tear us apart! You’re right. Monica will
never leave us in peace. But now’s our chance to get
away from Jordan for good! Do you think Mister Jordan had
a hand in Monica’s death? I don’t think Jordan’s
innocent anymore, not after everything
that I learned! This will all be over if you turn yourself in
to the police. Do this for your family,
Jordan. We’re going now. I’m really sorry
about this, Nikki. Okay, thank you. Bye. – What’s the meaning of this?
– Jordan. What are you doing?
Are you leaving me? What are you doing?
Are you leaving me? I told your brother not
to get involved! – What did you do to Bernard?!
– Aileen… Aileen, please! Don’t worry about
Bernard, okay? I just want all of us
to be safe – you, me, and Angel. We have to leave.
We’re going to start over. No, Jordan! You need to turn yourself in!
For Angel’s sake! No, I can’t do that! I’m not turning myself in,
Aileen! I love you, Aileen.
And I only did what I did in order to protect
our family! Let’s go, Aileen. Come on! – It’s too late!
– We can start over! – It’s too late!
– We can start over! It’s over, Jordan! You’ve already
destroyed this family! You don’t want to
come with me? Fine, then. But I’m taking Angel
with me whether you like it or not! And there’s nothing
you can do about it! – You wouldn’t dare!
– What will you do?! Call the cops
on me?! I knew it! You think I’m worthless! You’re no different
from your mother! You’ve always treated me
like crap! Nanny? What’s going on? – We’re leaving.
– Where are we going? Angel’s coming with me
whether you like it or not! Jordan, no! [GRUNTS AND COUGHS IN PAIN] [PHONE RINGING] [RINGING CONTINUES] Hello, Bernard? [PANICS] Oh, my god! Jonalyn,
get out of my way! Move! Angel, come on!
We need to go! I’m not coming with you! We need to go, Angel! You’re scaring me! Come here! Let’s go! – Let me go!
– Angel?! – Mommy!
– Let her go! I’m not leaving without
my daughter! Leave us alone, Jordan! – Get out of my way!
– Let go of me! – No!
– Angel! – Let me go!
– You’re coming with me, Angel! – I’m not coming with you!
– We’ll be together forever! – Monica!
– Monica! Let her go! Don’t you dare
hurt my daughter! This is the only way
I can be with Jordan! Stop it, Monica! I’m not coming with you! I knew you couldn’t leave her because of your daughter. But I understand now. Deep down, I know you
love me, Jordan. That’s why I’m taking
your daughter with me! But I understand now. Deep down, I know you
love me, Jordan. That’s why I’m taking
your daughter with me! Now, we can finally be a family! Monica, I can’t give you
what you’re asking for! I’m not going with you!
That’s impossible! You know why? Because you’re dead!
Do you understand?! – You’re dead!
– That’s enough! You’re the same! You’re also dead! Hey, are you okay? Don’t come any closer! Bernard, don’t you dare! Please stop this.
Please. Put the gun down! Please, Jordan. Give my child back!
You can’t just take her! Aileen, please forgive me. Angel. Angel, please
forgive me. I didn’t want things
to end this way. Monica, please let
my daughter go. – Never!
– Please leave them out of this. – I’ll go with you!
– I’m taking her with me! Please stop this! Too many people
have been hurt! Rommel died!
I lost my husband! My daughter lost her
father because of you! I’ll take your daughter
to the afterlife. You can’t take her from me! No! That’s enough! Angel! Angel! Angel! Angel! My goodness! Angel! Angel? Angel? How? What happened? Did you get hurt?
What happened? – How did this happen?
– Someone saved me. – Who?
– It was a woman. – She saved me.
– Who? She said she’s
my grandmother. Thank you, Mom. Thank you. Mom would always say that God won’t give us more
than we can handle, and that I just need to pray
and have faith that my prayers will be answered
at the right time. I never heeded those words then. But after everything that’s
happened to my family, I’ve learned to
call on Your name and pray wholeheartedly,
knowing that You will listen. And now I understand –
there’s no force more powerful than Yours,
O Lord. Because You are
the only true God. And now, we will face
tomorrow with new hope, knowing now, more than ever, that You will never
leave our side, and that You will always
deliver us from harm. [CHEERING] Happy birthday, Angel! – Say thank you to everyone.
– Thank you, everyone! Go on, join them. Ma’am Aileen. – Lorraine!
– Hi. – This is for Angel.
– Thank you. Sit down, please. Wow! [WONDERMENT] Aileen. Bernard. Thank you for coming. Wow! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday,
happy birthday… Happy birthday to you! Hooray! Can you share with us
what you wished for? I hope Daddy will be
happy and at peace. He’s not with us anymore, dear. I know, but I still hope
he’s happy wherever he is now. Yay! [CHEERING AND CLAPPING] – Action!
– Wait. Round of applause, everyone! It’s Monica. Honey. Oh, sorry. You keep calling everyone
honey. We’re friends, right? Friends… Sorry! – Sorry!
– What’s wrong? Don’t be scared. You’re laughing again! The envelope’s with you. Thank you so much!
We’re done! Cut!

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