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  1. If there was a magic genie who could
    make ONE problem disappear in your
    life, what would it be?

    Comment below, and I might make a
    video to help you make that problem

  2. HI Dan, your content is fantastic when it comes to explaining high level entrepreneurial framework and abstract directional advice from a sales and marketing perspective, but if you could add a little specificity on other important aspects of entrepreneurship that would be of tremendous value and fuel further growth in your channel. I'd highly recommend you create two videos: 1) Your high-income skill strategy is brilliant, however, let's say the high-income skill is developed and the aspiring entrepreneur also has an efficient way to prospect and close deals, how do you protect yourself legally at this critical stage of the business when you're just a one man (or women) show with a high-income skill and the ability to deliver it to your target market? Specifically, what do you recommend from a legal perspective in terms of putting together your first customer agreement / contract? Should a lawyer be consulted? What should be considered here? You could share what you did at the early stages of your copywriting business as I'm sure you had some sort of agreement in place and dealt with some legal considerations early on. To ensure the most amount of views (this video could hit 300K to 400K+), I would call it "Closing Your First Deal – How an Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Protect Themselves Legally When Starting a Business". 2) What do you recommend for business structure? For example, should the aspiring entrepreneur operate under their own name which means there's no need to obtain a business / tax licence and registration, or do you recommend incorporating from the get-go? What are the key considerations when it comes to business structure and tax? To ensure the most amount of views (this video could hit 300K to 400K+), I would call it "What Business Structure Should an Aspiring Entrepreneur Use When Starting a Business in Canada". Thank you Sifu.

  3. Fantastic! I did a video on this precise subject a little while back, the power of belief and being able to visualise the future is so incredibly powerful, it can literally change our lives.

  4. Sifu. This by far the best gift I have got from you. I will be focused. I will work on my body first. Then will focus on HTC. Meeting you very soon. Lots of respect and love.

  5. Hey sifu! Thankyou for this wonderful video, it just touched me emotionally!💗
    I have a question that what should we do when we have more than 1 high income skill but we are not established in any of them! What do you think that we should start from?
    What will be the first high income skill among them to choose from and moving forward?
    Thank you so much again sifu!
    And I hope you would answer my question!
    Lots of love to you😘😘

  6. I don't get alot of support from my family and friends,when I watch your video's it gives me all the confidence I need to believe in myself thanks Dan.

  7. Wow, what an inspiration you are Dan. Amazing video and almost made me cry. Made me reflect on my past. Thank you for encouraging me and your effort for your videos.

  8. What an AMAZING video!! It popped up in my feed at the EXACT right time. I've had so many people tell me that they believe in me. In 2019 I'll honor their faith in me by starting my YouTube channel and publishing my first book 😁😁

  9. Thanks Dan, I appreciate that you believe in your mentees especially since I've always doubted myself. Hope to meet you in person!

  10. how do you measure the value of the things? How you decide that the things (goods or services) are worth the value or price? – I'll ask it again and again till you answered it in your next videos.

  11. such a inspiring video Dan,ya my dad believe in me,when i was broke in life that man only keeps me going,what ever comes in my way,we all have that one person in our life to motivate and believe in ourself now and then….

  12. Just like the book "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz. Believe you could move a mountain. Believe you WILL and COULD succeed. A good reminder again, Dan.. Loving how straightforward you convey the message. And btw, would you care to cover a topic on how do we respond to friends, relatives borrowing money from us? Should we lend them? Under what circumstances? Do we expect for a return? I would very much appreciate it, Dan.. Love from Indonesia <3

  13. This is so inspiring. You are a great teacher and once I achieve most of my goals in this lifetime, I will reference you as one of my idols who pushed me to become successful and one day give it back to upcoming students of life as well. Thank you so much for your heartwarming message. I needed this in my life right now

  14. Great video. I love your content. I am very interested in the law of attraction. I would like to ask what your views are on superstition when it comes to self actualisation? I have read authors say it should be completely cut from your mind, along with simple wishful thinking. Thanks

  15. Dan Lok. You are just amazing. Thank you soo much for this video. I'm going to be a billionaire and I'm going to change the world. I believe in myself

  16. A good mentor! Just like a father! A friend! And a mini god who can also hit my conscience when my ego starts to rise above my strength. Becos I have very strong belief system. But what if am wrong! That's the magical genie I need. To put that on check!

  17. Dan , you inspire me to work harder in life , even tho i only have a job but i put in 13-15hours a day just to make some money come in like you said , you cant start anything without money .

  18. I Like to Say , Thank you Dan Lok ( Sifo ) to me You Are A Mentor Mind , thank u !! thank you !!
    i like to ask you a question , that :
    What are the dumbest mistakes that you make in the first year as an entrepreneur ?
    i mean after you have your first business success !!🙏

  19. It was an honor and privilege to see Dan Lok live in Vancouver this year at his event. Thank you Sifu, for believing in me. I've had to borrow your belief many times.

  20. Dear sir,
    I'm k.s.Bala Krishna from India , huge fan of yours .
    I'm having fear to do runs all time in my mind
    I fear to talk in public
    I fear to open my feeling about others
    I fear everything.
    Please help me

  21. Thank you for believing in us Sifu! After just one year since I found you, my years of absent self belief has been washing away

  22. This is so inspiring, Dan! At the beginning of my online career, I don’t have the power to believe in myself. Thankfully, my internet friends whom I admire about their new kind of business encourage me to start on it. Though I may have doubts about it but they truly believe in me that I can make it. And through that, it gives me the courage and believes that I can reach what I want to be in my life.

  23. Wow, this is what I actually needed. I am going for a meeting tomorrow and I am a food blogger. The only thing I am lacking is, Belief in myself. I am glad I came across this video. Thanks Dan!

  24. Thank you Dan !what can you tell about financial competence ?what do you recommend for improving that ?your experience is brilliant for us 👍thank you for all your advices !

  25. Sir, Mr. Dan Lok. I really believe in myself, but perhaps what I understand that believes in myself means is not right, because I'm trying and trying but no results yet. I'm looking how to afford the money for HTC Certification Course, and I know that there is my breakthrough. I'm sorry to write that here, but I want you to get my real situation. I'll never give up and I'll get it for sure. But, Why is it taken too long? Thanks a lot. Sincerely Enrique.

  26. Every video is becoming more and more impactful. This one really hit me, because I too experienced others who saw something in me and underestimated myself. Thank you for your time to share your stories, and keep sharing them because they really are helpful Dan.

  27. Sifu, you're so awesome! I watched like 140 of your videos in the last 10 days, and that's not the end. I will make you proud and reach my goals. Thank you very much for the effort to teach us and go on, you have so much impact on millions of people all over the world, which is just amazing! Best regards from Germany!

  28. DanLok in big banner in a love conference …..he saw a great possibility……Vision …Belief….I believe to see you in future …..u are there …I'm there too…..

  29. Belief can be quite tricky. It's one thing to say you believe, but you have to feel it. You have to be it. Be belief. Once you are truly belief, that's when you'll get the results.

    To get to that point of being belief that's where it helps to have help like Dan is talking about here.

    Thanks for the story Dan. 🙂

  30. I started YouTube video after I was severely injured and stayed at home resting. It is more of a self entertainment or just something to help me cope with my new reality. Yet, the channel got views. People comes to my medical center from far to see me. I can't believe it. Life is full of surprise.

  31. It's a very exciting emotional lesson. Thanks Dan!
    Really reminds me myself, how I didn't believe in myself, how I used to be so shy, introvert and so not fit for public lecturing.

    Many times you look very cynical Dan, or even mad, but while looking deep inside of you we can discover the "little kid" that's hiding inside of you (like there's inside of anyone of us). Thanks for sharing with us this video 🙂

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