The Power of Believing (Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life!}

The Power of Believing (Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life!}

Hi wonderful one. Thanks so much for being here. Iam Wendi Blum and I’m an entrepreneur ,author and a business coach and I am 55 days away from getting married you guys and I never would have guessed that I’d be getting married again I’m 57 my fiancee at 72 he’s been single for 25 years. So we have a lot going on We’re moving in a couple weeks. We’re getting married in a few weeks. So it’s kind of crazy around here but today I want to talk about the power of believing and our belief system and So many people when it comes to relationships they they make statements like I’m never gonna find a guy or it’s too late or I don’t come from the right family or my Circumstances are just too crazy right now that could never happen for me but I’m here to share that anything and everything is possible and there’s this saying that I Will believe it when I see it But maybe it is I will see it when I believe it Maybe everything is reverse Our belief system is nothing but a lot a lot a lot of opinions mainly the opinions of the adults that we grew up with in our environment that a lot of those beliefs are based on Fear and laugh and doubt and worry, so all that goes deep into our subconscious Mind and so that’s why when we see something modeled for us Then we then if we can see ourselves as that other individual we begin to think that it’s possible, but if we see ourselves as separate or different from the person that’s has the success in their life or in their business then we don’t actually identify with that being possible for ourselves and our belief systems are so Tricky because our mind wants to just hold on to what we believe we defend it We actually look for validation To prove that we are right but life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy Actually, the word lie is in the word Believe and we can change our belief systems at any time how do we begin we begin by just leaning in just a little bit and Thinking or saying if it’s possible For someone else then it could be Possible for me most recently. I’ve had a new client come to me who is 76 with a goal of leaving her job to launch her career in business at the age of 78 I’ve experienced so many things like that situations like that from people in all walks of life That have achieved all levels of success at all different stages of life even when it seemed in probabl which actually even has the word that probable that impossible even says I am possible because if you have the idea you have the desire inside of you that Is because it is possible and the more that you can hold the vivid vision then your training your belief system to actually Consider that possibility and if you can put yourself in the picture and see it To you directly to you and feeling the feeling as if it has already happened That act as if it has already happened Thing if you can actually feel and have a visual experience in your body that you can feel the touch of the soulmates or Leaning over and gently kissing you on the cheek If you can have that feeling over and over and over again, then it’s much more likely that it can happen If you can visually see your bank account growing and growing and growing with more clients and more opportunities where you feel the sense of Freedom and you feel success from the inside out then before you know it you’re going to be making those extra phone calls and the right people are gonna show up and these opportunities are just going to show up because you’ve cascaded this positive energy this Feeling out there in the ethers into something bigger and greater so the belief muscle you just start very small you can prime first thing in the morning and When you believe in yourself There’s going to be a much higher probability that somebody else is going to believe in you too So you say those affirmations you write those daily Declarations you you wake up in the morning hopeful and excited About the day and even when the day doesn’t go well then at the end of the day you forgive yourself and know that Every day is a blank clean slate everybody is given a brand-new day each and every day to begin again and if you’ve watched my videos Here on Numa the new year Every day every week every month every year is a new beginning and it doesn’t matter your age My Yonsei is 72 years old you guys on 57? It’s never too late more excited now than ever about the future of what the future will bring and Remember that you are deserving that it is your birthright There are gifts and talents inside of you and you can impact the world even if you impact one person in that one person is you and that is what I wanted to share with you today because I believe In you I’ve seen the most amazing things happen spectacular phenomenal things happen with my clients and students with their Manifestations and building their businesses having these beautiful lives it is Possible and I believe in you and remember that you are awesome. Thanks for being here You can subscribe below hit the little notification bell. I upload new videos each and every week

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  1. Our belief system can keep us stuck or help us create a beautiful life.
    BOTH realities always exist for all of us. What was YOUR key takeaway after watching this video?

  2. Excellent video, I don't think I really need to say that I agree totally given my last video lol. I will say though, I love the quality of your videos, the recording quality and the smooth transitioning

  3. Congratulation to you Wendi an not long to go until the big wedding day! Your are very beautiful, an totally can relate to wat u are saying, all the fear and doubt! Very interesting topic, ❤️❤️

  4. You're so beautiful inside and out! Thank you for putting out such encouraging content out there. Shifting beliefs seems like such a difficult task but we need to remind ourselves that we define our own limits 💪

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