The Religion of Unity and the Unity of Religion: Remembering the Bahá’í Faith and Bahá’u’lláh

The Religion of Unity and the Unity of Religion: Remembering the Bahá’í Faith and Bahá’u’lláh

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  1. What a sweet man. I want him to simply arrive at the logical conclusion that Islam is the only accepted path and that Muhammad was the final messenger.
    He rightly offered Gillespies idea that spirituality is one, yet societal norms differ.
    Only in Islam is this seeming difficulty earthly law revealed in the Quran for all peoples, places and times.

  2. Donald Moderational
    Religions are fundamentally different. Hinduism is polytheistic, Islam is monotheistic and Buddhism does not believe in god. How much did the founder of Bahai religion know about Hinduism and Buddhism and Zoroastrianism, before he declared oneness of religion. Did he choose nine religions, because of holiness of number nine in Bahai faith or He was not aware that there are many more religions. Did He not know that even the qualities of God among the monotheistic religions are so vastly different that one wonders if they are speaking of the same God. So. the unity of religions are beautiful on the paper, but in reality this theory is quite shaky. The Bahai theory of progressive revelation, that every religion in regard to the laws are more adjustable to its era, and the Bahai as the last one is most practical for our time , does not stand once the holiest Bahai book, Aqdas is studied. Despite claims by Bahais, in this book of the 19th century, women in social rights are inferior to men. Women are exempted from pilgrimage. God even does not speak to women directly.They receive less inheritance than the men, the House of residence will always belong to the older son. Bigamy and even polygamy under circumstances are allowed. Women are not allowed to serve on the universal house of justice.The law of stigmatizing the thief and burning the arsonist at stake, not only did not meet the standards of the 19 century, but they never can be put to practice .
    Despite the claim of the unity of mankind, not only women but the non-Bahais are discriminated, as the non-Bahai relatives and teachers can not receive inheritance. In the Ahmad tablet, the Bahais should act like a consuming fire toward non-believers and in Habib Maraghehi tablet, the non-believers should ask the status of their father from their mother. What about a person who is ex-communicated from the faith and should be shunned by wife, children, parents and siblings. Is this unity or more division? There are many other issues , but I will keep for future discussion.
    In conclusion, the content of the book is important not the claim to modernity. If time was important, then every contemporary poet can claim his book of poetry is more advanced than Saadi and Hafiz who lived 700 years back.

  3. Astonishing and explicit explanation of the Baha'i religion. Thank you so much.
    I like how this religion says all the prophets or messengers of God are one.
    Coming from a small country in Africa where there are so many religious diversity and conflicts, I had wondered as a child why all these racial wars? Now I fully understand
    there is so much to learn from the Baha'i religion. Life is both a material and spiritual journey and I am still navigating my way through it.
    Thanks again for the wonderful presentation

  4. Baha’i Faith teaches oneness of God , oneness of humankind n oneness of religions ,basic foundation for the peace on earth.

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