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hey guys it’s Laura Giles with pan
Society. Thanks for tuning in. I have noticed that there is a little thing
that can slow down your spiritual growth you might not know if you’re doing it or
somebody else is doing it I’m gonna give you some tips on how to spot it and to
know if it’s slowing you down right after this okay so what am I talking
about well there’s this thing called inflation. Now what does that sound like
to you? inflation is about making something
bigger puffing it up right like you inflate your tire or you inflate an
inner tube so that you can go down a river yeah
it’s taking something that’s maybe flat or small and making it bigger so
inflation is just that so in this case we’re talking about ego inflation so
sometimes when we’re new to something and we discover something it’s like the
whole world opens up for us and we can think that we’re the only ones that know
it because maybe in our circle we are the only ones that know it and we
haven’t connected yet with other people who have discovered it or maybe we met
other people and that’s how we got there but it’s a small group so it seems like
it’s an elite kind of thing and that can make us feel self-important the problem
with that is is that we’re always growing we’re always reaching new
plateaus and if we think we’re there then we may stop going and if we think
that we’re better than other people then we might start isolating ourselves from
other people and that’s how we learn is by connecting with people who are not
like us so we make ourselves into this little tiny elite pool who are you know
maybe really important people in our own minds and we’re neglecting all of the
knowledge that’s going on around us we’re not tapping into that and one of
the ways that you can spot if you’re doing this is what look for labels so
how do you identify if you calling something coming yourself
something by something that is unique or high status or special in some way like
you know oh I’m a light worker oh I’m enlightened I am awakened I am a
shaman you might be engaging in inflation now this is not to say that
these things aren’t true but labels can separate us and pump up our ego so you
might want to be careful about labels another way to spot if you’re doing this
or if somebody around you is doing this is to look at how much they talk about
themselves I had this great experience and you know I have these great skills I
can do this I can do that and they’re not really all that interested in you
now you’re the center of your universe I hope that you think that you’re super
important I think you’re super important but you know that’s sovereignty and then
the next piece is connection so you also want to be connected to other people
around you and it’s easier to do that when you’re on equal footing so when you
start isolating yourself by titles and this is not to say that you haven’t
earned one if you’re a PhD put that doctor by your name you earned that not
everybody can do that so I’m not saying you know don’t claim your titles be
proud of your titles but if you kind of live in there and that becomes your
identity you could be engaging in inflation so another thing to look out
for is groupies so if somebody is engaging in inflation and you know so
here I am on this titled person position and I’m telling these people about how
great I am and they’re just like you’re so fabulous and they start gathering
around me and I start creating disciples probably engaging in inflation so
whether you’re the one that’s being up there that’s being worshipped or if
you’re a worshiper that’s probably going to slow you down because if I have an
audience not have to pander to my audience now I have to live up to this
this title and that means I can’t make mistakes it means that I can’t be human
and I can really relate to them on an equal level
and that creates separation – or if I am the one that’s doing the worshipping now
in order for me to be a worshipper my ego has to be smaller so that I can
inflate this one and there’s a power differential so it’s not good for either
side so just want to talk about this thing put it out there give you
something to think about again there’s nothing wrong with new discoveries
there’s nothing wrong with stepping it up in a really big way and being like
wow my eyes are open and and being a part of a new group an exciting group
and even having a new name for yourself but be careful about what it means it’s
really the meaning underneath all of these things that will create whether or
not it’s inflation if it means I’m separating myself if it means I’m
boosting up my ego probably inflation and that’s gonna slow you down so hope
that tip was helpful please keep sending in your questions and comments it does
help us to know what to talk about you know what are you interested in we want
to keep it interesting and we want to keep it engaging so thank you so much
for tuning in and we’ll see you on the next video ciao you

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