THRIVE BEYOND MORMONISM 💗 An Incredible Weekend of Healing & Growth! (Leaving Mormonism) POSTMORMON

THRIVE BEYOND MORMONISM 💗 An Incredible Weekend of Healing & Growth! (Leaving Mormonism) POSTMORMON

hey everyone just heading to a
conference it’s a conference to support people like us who have left the Mormon
Church specifically but also for anyone I think really who has left a lifelong a
religion needing support as they process at all the healing process all the
different emotions that we experience it was leaving such a it’s pretty much it’s
an intense religion you know it is not an easy religion to leave let’s just say
that you can’t just move on and these easy as you might
think when it comes to you were in Utah the culture family
and just really processing a lot of these deep-seated beliefs
are now realizing that may not be so healthy so we are working through all
that if so it is quite the process and we are actually presenters at at this
event and we’re going to show some clips of our message and what we want to share
oh hi guys yeah just that these gosh you know all these people were meeting and
we’re making so many new friends and and some of these people are like they’ve
been out of the church for years and they’re like all strong and like even
further along than us and then and then you meet people that are like babies
like and then it makes we’ve only been out for just over a year and you meet
these people that are just coming out it reminds you of you when when you first
came out it’s interesting because they’re so vulnerable and and they’re
just so sweet and like little babies and you kind of want to like just take them
and put them under your wing and say it’s gonna be okay we’re gonna get
through this together but it’s just kind of a they’re my favorite types of people
for sure a lot of a lot of beautiful beautiful people that
you know that I really wanna you know they really want to find their
purpose their meaning in life it’s it’s interesting dynamic is diversity yeah
and I always tell people like you just have this automatic connection with them
when you meet people that archive gone through this experience it’s like this
instant automatic connection because I had no idea leaving
religion my religion would be this intense and so whenever I meet people
that know what it’s like and understand what this experience
requires of your emotions and your life I mean it’s really it’s been a year
since we’ve left hands little by little we are moving forward
we are healing and we’re processing it enjoy surrounding myself that they get
me understand this we started to give it a quick little
introduction and not go into too much detail because I knew many of you have
lending Olivia told us you listen to our recent Norman series podcast Oh sounds
like hours and hours of our length so we don’t need to give you more hours of our
life we want to give you a little bit more what we weren’t able to share the
hot message which I think it are some of the things that we’ve learned this past
year it’s been in the gear since you left and we want to kind of walk you
through that process and share some of the things that be burgers and the
mistakes that we made and that helped us through and so just kind of give you a
little background on us briefly by telling you that we both we’ve been
married for 15 years this art we have were kids we both serve missions I was a
Germany you do that and and Sean went to Virginia so soon after I got back for my
mission and just three months upper division and Sean but we have you know
friends from high school so we kind of knew of each other
sacrilegious I was even so we got in there in the podcast
explained we didn’t make it to getting filled getting married in the temple 2004 Sibley and those building pictures
and the temple comes out circle and that’s filled 2006 after VR for TV so it
feels kind of weird to not like that yeah but in some ways we can originate a
lot of what we are series in the church but so this is our family what’s cute
about this little guy right here this is Oliver and when we decided to leave the
church shortly thereafter he was about nine years old he says to me hey Dad
he goes you know we left the church now I’m gonna teach it to people lesson
plans now we got two episode to give this 15 and
we did our first episode about some of the things that we were frustrated about
the church assuring everybody that don’t worry like we have this movie in this
church and we’re gonna void some of our opinions but please don’t take offence
but this is what we really think this is what we see about the church that we
feel needs to change and not just kind of yeah so that that episode was the
beginning of us finally having the conversation with each other allowing
ourselves to voice those opinions because for many years we just suppress
our real thoughts about the church and so we finally have this open
communication and not only doing that with each other but besides you’re
probably and then they’re my block my left my podcast about just more about
personal development as well turned into our cool faith transition story and
we’ve been documenting it since last year to give evidence of 19 and in where
I had the kind of attack where everything just sink in and I was like
oh my gosh and they always end every season it was 20 episodes so I did this
I was like thinking I can’t even function I can’t do this so I was
literally going through this darkness soul and Shaun helped me through that
tremendously and after a few days in the past those
just like let go of everything I’ve been working so hard for for all these years
I can’t get through this I can push through and finish the season of the
podcast and then we’ll have a break for the sardor so I did an episode
explaining what my kind of time without actually sharing what was going on with
the religion and all that I just shared it no lately and then I was like okay
we’re finishing this season we’re taking a break from the summer and even in the
summer resting I’m gonna go I’m gonna start this up again will this happen
Dave I gave you to us so the though you all know how much it impacts you would
like more more than it’s deeper than anything I’ve ever experienced and I
really just thought like I don’t even know how to move on from it she could
eat for three days she couldn’t sleep she couldn’t she couldn’t function
seriously it was I’ve never seen anything like that in my life yeah I was
so afraid of anything I’ve never I mean I never experienced it before so I
didn’t know if it was way like I thought oh my gosh is this
how I’m gonna be a little late without their religion and they’re just gonna be
feeling like I’m falling and but it went away it was a nice leave us in my very
last episode of I’m here one of this year’s look daily and how the dark night
of the soul is so intense at first and then it gets a little everyday it’s a
little bit better and that’s how you’re able to keep going and so you just
realize that you just begin to put one foot in front of the other if you can
dispute out for a while eventually there’s a little bit of anxiety after
shop I think per month that I experienced but I still had hope that
eventually it would go away altogether and I’m here to say so blue I feel just like an empty bottle
my jeans are I just wanna climb on top of a fella
throw it off

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  1. Please do not disrespect a religion because you don’t believe in it it’s very rude to others please be respectful it’s very rude to call it a cult.

  2. I’m gonna leave you a nice comment. You two are such wonderful people! I look for the exmo channels because I wanna know how others handle it and feel like I’m watching friends 🙂 I’m a fellow exmo mom luckily my son was born after I left and wasn’t blessed or anything, no struggle to leave 🙂 I’m so much happier out of the church and I love myself 🙂

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