Top Signs of Spiritual Awakening – Not What You Think (with Landria Onkka)

Welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube here to help you break through those fears and live an awesome life alright signs that your awakening Major signs that your awakening number one sign that your awakening you would not be watching this video I’m kidding sort of all right What do I mean by that You won’t question it but here’s what I want to share with you awakening isn’t always this big Eckhart Tolle kind of overnight thing right and that’s wasn’t overnight the Guy suffered since he was a child he went to kill himself When he was a kid he was so unhappy that’s not an overnight awakening That’s up you know what I think he was in his early 30s when he awakened? I mean that’s amazing why he suffered terribly till he finally boom he was gonna kill himself and awaken spontaneously But not spontaneously truly it, was just that he went from down here to up here your awakening is Most likely gonna be gradual most people’s awakening is you’re probably Much more awakened than you realize because I want you to think of one thing Think about how you thought and how you acted in what you did even a year ago? Have you improved do you feel that you’re more compassionate that you’ve opened up your beliefs that you’re more caring that you’re putting more attention into the present moment of how you active and and Realizing some of the things that you’ve done that aren’t so. I’m so smart, we’ve all done stupid stuff right and Thinking and realizing that you’re just human have you forgiven yourself have you forgiven others how have you progressed in this last year Awakening is a gradual process now here are few signs That this is happening first of all yes look back and ask yourself were you In your head that you’re thinking let’s just start with the thinking were you at this point a year ago 2 3 4 5 years ago and Think about how you act and I know myself we’ve all been in that material world Where we thought the material world would solve our problems and that that would make us. Happy now yes money does give you freedom and some other wonderful things but it certainly doesn’t go into your heart and Create that happiness it’s only a temporary material happiness same thing with the relationships and everything else It seems really great at the time but we know deep down that it’s really truly not happiness and that’s why so many times We come into these situations and we sit there and go wow I I’m not really feeling like how I thought it would be cuz it wore off right the relationship Wow, I thought this was gonna solve my problems then all of a sudden you’re picking on that person or whatever you know yeah it starts I Can’t stand the way you chew your food? right We all do it and then you’re gonna you know What happened well you know what that’s not true love that’s a short term Excitement and you might love that person but true love really surpasses that true love is so beyond Human description so ask yourself if perhaps You have evolved from a more materialistic way of thinking into one where you actually Realized that that’s not your answer I’m going to tell you What you are awakening because you’re on my channel so a materialistic person The only reason they’d be on my channel is because they want to manifest in three seconds by the way you manifest immediately the three seconds is so Getting you away from the negative thought takes about three seconds to go from here and switch over to here And you think I’m gonna manifest a lottery I’m gonna manifest a car I’m gonna man up this thinking that’s all you care about and I do get that but the good part Is those people are out here too and realize well maybe there’s something else there and then hopefully they watch a few and they realize well maybe I can be kinder Maybe the you know quantum field is picking up on all my selfish egotistical negativity and that’s why I’m not winning the lottery And by the way you can win the lottery on a low frequency it’s not about that it’s about what do you want to create on this planet you know what do you want to contribute and I think all of you on Here want to be something greater than just somebody who gets stuff I know it I watch you you hear your comments I I You know I see the amazing shift that’s happening in you so that tells me right now number one you are awakening number two you’re expecting something that very few people experience I I did experience a Massively huge awakening I mean one that was profound Where you’re not actually even in your body anymore you’re out here you’re somewhere back here It’s like you’re watching everything you don’t even want to talk because you can’t can’t even relate to your body your spirit You’re so ascended into the the quantum field which you can do anybody can do this it’s not like. Oh I’m some you know amazing enlightened person it’s just when you when you let go of all this and you finally just give up and you go this means absolutely nothing you Finally you know then your first energy field I call it the first energy field that’s your higher self you’re absolutely back into your higher Self and you’re functioning more on that level than in here So you actually are back you I would say back here because that’s how I experienced it I heard I could totally see that once I was like yes That’s what I experienced and that is you’re almost looking down the room is huge everything’s huge I mean it’s like expansive it’s like you are actually connected to everything and you feel it So, when you’re not you’re Feeling like a human being that’s frustrated and you’re all in here when when you go into that quantum field you start to experience that very euphoric feel of amazing bliss nothing can shake you nobody can do anything to shake you Byron Katie I think she was held up Was it at knife point I think was a knife point if you know don’t know who Byron Katie is? she has some really cool teachings and she went through a lot She almost died she went through a real awakening and I could tell When somebody speaks if they really are in a awakened state because they’re not speaking through their ego they still have personalities these deal They have fun they can go cray-cray and admit that they’re human and that’s what she does but you can tell When she sees in things and thinks about things it’s coming from a completely different level and this person who held her at gunpoint Knifepoint she no fear She just she knows nothing can be destroyed and she it’s just walking around with such a piece I think that’s what saved her life She just said you don’t want to do this and he didn’t so when you come from fear of course you’re generating that Those feelings when you let that go and if you’re interested in taking my eCourse um you know guys I’m gonna plug this every time it helps you to release the fear breakthrough fear up on Landry Anka calm or you can sign up on the Inspiration sign up it’s going to come out Here gives you information about that and gives you weekly free emails too that gives you tips I want to just make you aware of what you’re still doing that stops you from Expanding now there’s the second video the second dove email you get from me right away is my expansion meditation into the quantum field I Have you actually push out there because I know what that is and I experienced it and again nothing can shake you no problem no not you actually see nothing but the Possibilities you get excited and you get excited in a way where you’re not looking for that to cure you So number one if you were truly enlightened you would not be an amine on the maximum level she would not even open up this video so that may tell us me you’re on a journey of awakened state and you haven’t been spontaneously awakened Because you just don’t even need to hear this it’s like you don’t you know You know you have too, much time to put it towards something else All right so so you know you don’t have to have all the answers Enlighten people don’t have the answers They have an idea of what it is but they don’t know for sure because we’re still in human Bodies there’s a density to all awaken these That allows them to admit that they don’t have the answers it’s that simple So the Dalai Lama says I don’t know sometimes Yes, question they think he’s got the answers here because I don’t know I don’t have the answers to everything You know not, no one to lead us it’s it’s just crazy so you think about you go to the other side I mean Jesus you know it just keeps going I got a visitation by a master this was a dream stay and She was I you know the first thing I thought is This can’t be the one this can’t be the source but it appeared to me it wasn’t a light being it was a tional person of Master and I thought this is not a master this was somebody on a much higher frequency than even a master and I Realized that I was and I was out in the cosmos with him him of course they appear in certain ways depending on What what we’re creating? and I said You’re not God all right you know like sort of I figured out this outers like but it appeared to be godlike and He said there are I answered to 12 others above me Did you say 12 yeah in other words or maybe it was others above me and that there were 12 of them There are others in other words he was He was overseeing the galaxy Portions of the universe and that he said there are many others above me that I answer to he said so in other words he had his own job so We have our job here and here’s our little world and they have their own job? overlooking other worlds and that they have other means and energies above them that they have to answer to what That was a mind-blower I’d never heard that before and I thought How can there be well why not We have different frequencies here of course they continue on the other side so just remember you’re just going up in the frequencies Don’t waste your time here screwing around with you know Treating each other like crap thinking bad about somebody else judging not liking yourself why would you ever doubt yourself? where’s that confidence Why do you think that you were placed on this earth because you’re less than something amazing I mean come on McFly This is all just a big hologram so if you’re if you believe that you may be awakening it’s because you feel like you’re lighter you feel like you see things different you you you have a kindness about you you you’re getting tired of being mean or nasty or You can tire to judging people that are mean and nasty you’re tired of blaming the outside world But my boss if I hear one more nasty boss story why don’t you treat the boss really sweet and kind and and not expect anything back and that energy you put out is definitely going to affect them and you just don’t know but who cares so let it be Nasty that’s their pathway and by the way that’s the test for you so the other thing too is are you accepting your challenges as positive tests for change or do you see them as problems if you see all of your challenges all of them all of Them as positive opportunities for change for you to evolve you are absolutely on an awakened path You are going there woo that’s a big one? Because the number one thing people, do is they see the outside world is a problem they blame others they’re victims there’s always an Obstacle oh I hear this other I’m awakened but there’s this person stopping me and their negative energy like you are so not awakened holy cow this negative person that you’re complaining about is The challenge for you to say if I was awakened I would not see them as a problem there are no problems Because everything you think is a problem right now you created why cuz you’re trying to evolve You came here to evolve what are you gonna do with it You know what happens when you have an amazing life it’s cuz you don’t need them anymore You don’t need more lessons in everyone, someone will pop in and go You need to be more patient or. Oh you’re still doing a little judgment it still got a few rules there you’ve got, okay? Oops recognize it and go. Oh All right we got poom get rid of that one work through Recognizing that is not the problem I am the person creating a problem there is not another problem these are just frequencies out there expressing themselves They’re annoying I know it come on some of its really annoying So, dial it down alright so if you see the outside world people situations things as the problem then you have not gone in here and realize boom there you Control that yeah you do you do because that person shows up is because you allowed it Because you needed it because you ordered it because you’re on that frequency and any hundred other reasons why and it’s all energy so How are you handling things how are you feeling do you feel like you’re more Compassionate do you feel loved are you more patient do you feel like the things that bother you before? They’re not such a big deal are you less materialistic are you okay with letting go of something I had this a gal she Just wrote me this beautiful email and just said she knows she needs to go to a Condo and she had this big house and then I heard the story the ego going I don’t really need to but I know it’s the right thing and you know and Other people they’re moving because they have to but not me I’m going because and I thought. Bullcrap Right. Bullcrap you’re just trying to tell yourself a story you don’t really want to let go the house you think that it’s a downgrade if you go to a condo Welcome to my world my gosh I toast this I chosen one from eighty two hundred square feet to three thousand Now three thousand is a pretty big place I realized that but it’s really small compared to an eighty two hundred square foot seven bedrooms seven and a half bath home with a swimming pool bar And a wine cellar it was amazing but it, sure didn’t make me happy didn’t need that house it was too much Wow, my my life simplified I remember going into another home in a very prestigious neighborhood that was a fraction of the size And it was the most amazing house and everybody walked in that house set this house is amazing they didn’t say oh it’s so small compared to their house they said wow this is a cool house and What I did with it was even more amazing and it was plenty big for me really big I had guest rooms and everything, okay? but what if you don’t have that what if you have to let go can you let go of that and Stop telling yourself it’s a downgrade You’re creating that do you know what most people look at that and go up Get rid of it jeez what a burden. What who’s that prestigious for who? nobody cares you don’t they care about the energy of everything so When people this home that I’ve recently moved into most I keep this just keeps getting better and better I’m like I didn’t realize I could get any better than my last home But I made a decision To switch my energy, when you go into an awakened state you you don’t get attached to things So that’s another sign are you attached to things people situations Are you can you let it go, I’m? talking about everything Can you let it go so people if you don’t know that I’m not not too long ago lost my entire family not us at the same time my I got a divorce No problem with that not because it was a negative situation I just it was time to move on right, okay? And then I my mother died a few months after that then my dog died my cousin died my father died and then my brother died all very boom-boom-boom-boom within months of each other I handled it so well because people thought dogs died and Then my cat died I got really attached to him so his real, bummer but I released it and So you know the thing is is that it’s easy to get attached if you find yourself being able to walk away from stuff especially the material world and Going ahead and moving into a space and and still being okay in fact probably most of you who? awakened you’re actually gonna feel relieved You realized that that was a burden there was a burden because you were making it into something it wasn’t and that the true the true let’s just say awakening for you that true involvement of your spirit is to recognize that and then you know I Don’t do you know how much I gave away. Oh my gosh you wouldn’t believe how much I gave away like five different charities and then twice I had boxes and boxes and boxes that I called I put a post out to my neighbors I said go I had like power washers and blowers and Microwaves and jewelry and I everything I was I was giving it away you know I felt really good really good I still want to do more of that I Want to minimalize my life because it’s not about that stuff and then you find yourself Realizing that the attachment Was just this story that you needed it to be happy and you realize you never work with that so Detachment from the material world even situations relationships and if people die I’m not saying you can’t be sad but are you struggling with that do you struggle with the release of that you know do you you’ve you know it’s you it’s controlling your happiness versus missing somebody You know that’s the experience of being human is having that loving person in your life that you have to let go but they are not gone My parents are gone I don’t see my brother very much I think he’s got a lot of work to do over there it wasn’t not very happy with himself sweetest guy in the world though But my parents have made periodic visits my dad especially I’m asiye I mean I’m gonna die I what do you think you’re not gonna die so let it go you can’t take it with you I’ll tell you in fact the worst Situation for my opinion is to be so attached to material world Cuz when you go over that’s why a lot of you see these spirits still hanging around They have not let go of either a trauma an experience or Material things people that love the house this is my house right get out of my house They do the EVPs leave get out Okay I’m not attached to do it you can have it but that’s what happens and So part of their energies stuck there until some at some point somebody helps release them and they realize oh I Wasn’t really happy there, was just like you know possessive so so these are the these are a few a few there are other ones Awakening by the way all of these physical changes that your experiences are not necessarily all awakening symptoms They’re preparing you for it but if you don’t take the action you don’t have to go there if your DNA gets Activated which mine I I experienced that heavy duty for a few years Wow what would wake me up at night I call him electrical charges your body’s up you know and I found out I Literally I spent two years trying to figure out what that was? But I knew nothing, was wrong with me it didn’t hurt I’m like okay, what is this and? So somebody’s saying Kundalini awakened him like I don’t know what this is and finally Finally I think was Gregg Braden or somebody I found out that our DNA Which is not being used at all just like most of our brain isn’t it’s there because at Some point, when we can act like responsible human beings it gets activated So you’re not going to be able to use it unless you Become the responsible human being this is what I believe I believe it will be activated When you you hit a certain frequency and you’re ready? You’re ready because now you you have powers that are activated within the human body so the symptoms that you are experiencing from that DNA and You know spiritual involvement that that activation Sometimes is so powerful that it can cause Physical symptoms like high blood pressure and heart palpitations and stuff like I had all of that stuff by the way I started taking zinc and magnesium and it’s gone it’s gone you know sometimes you have to your body’s you know catch you have to shift and Make sure you eat right do all these things So, I want to share that with you because so many of you are awakening you think it’s supposed to be some jame dramatic thing and it’s not it’s not when you realize awakened people don’t walk around like you know Nuns I. Mean, even nuns are more exciting right you know Yes my child Bless you Cheese would that be boring if you came on my channels like that now it’s cool that there’s some people like that But I think the New Age the New Age and I don’t like to use that term because I think it labels up us I don’t like labels but the New Age of thinking to me it’s a global thing the New Age of a higher frequency in that means that we’re not all going to act like you know these like I said oh You know holier-than-thou kind of people the new awakened person can laugh loud be silly Have a glass of wine you know I hurt like tolay has a glass of wine once in a while Drink coffee drink Starbucks you know as people say hmm you’re having glass wine Really Christ used to well we have all these rules from religion and stuff, there are no rules no You know what the rule there’s a rule the rule is there are no rules, okay? I’m on the no plan plan that’s that’s that’s from was a long camp Holly very funny movie Yeah, you’re on a plan you’re on the no plan plan So I want you to realize that you can have fun you can be silly you can have a cocktail once in a while you can do all kinds of things and you know maybe even a Burger once in a while if you really feel you need to do that and and still be an awakened person Now I’m not encouraging that But what I’m trying to tell you is if you’re waiting you usually don’t want to do most of those things at least not uh You know on an abuse of level where it’s taking control of your life So you don’t lose your personality you don’t lose your drive to achieve things your goals are just different and you’re happier You’re happier so the number one thing I’d say is when things stop bothering you Welcome your awakened Your awakened and if you’re getting closer to that you’re awakened keep going recognize that ooh Why am I allowing this to bother me am I attached to things Am I attached the mature does it bother me to lose, things can you hand something over really valuable could you do it right now you wouldn’t believe what I was giving away I thought well why why don’t you know and I had some of it it’s like it felt like I was supposed to hang on to it I thought I don’t care about this stuff, he has no meaning to me at all zero right so somebody would be very disappointed if they came in here to Get stuff from me because I don’t have it I just don’t need anymore I got rid of it so I hope this helps I’m gonna have more of these videos about the signs of awakening But I’m going to tell you those are the major ones for you to think about it ask yourself if this is you and if you can start to raise your frequency by letting go of all of these things that are you’re attached to including how things should be This is how life this is how people should think and act This is you know I’m I’m from here so Everybody else has to think and act like me or or they have to have the same religion I do or the same this net Oh Bullcrap get over yourself all right that’s the Eco. Oh you’re done with listening the Eco that’s not who you are you’re not that so let’s stop listening to Bat bat bat bat all right you’re whole and perfect strong and powerful loving harmonious and happy Blessings to you my friend. Oh I have to bring the ego up hacker t IR I’m gonna do some hacker t videos if you guys don’t know who hacker T is you get to meet him in Upcoming eco videos he’s the cute eco that Sits here in talks alright namaste blessings light and love to you my friend

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