[Touhou Vocal] [Tennenjemini] Dear big sister~remix ver.~ (spanish & english subtitles)

Who is lurking inside my mind is another side of myself (you know?) The world I’ve closed is now light and cheerful, but only for me Along the boundary, I’m troubled by countless corpses and unknown words What lays inside my memories, is a scream echoing inside this empty room In the past, the sister being hated were together (to cry) And a long ago, alone, big sister, ah, she was offered to go in the underground I don’t want to be hated. This is why I closed my eye If my third eye didn’t existed, no one will ever be afraid of me again When I’ll open my eye again, ah, I will have back myself So that the day I will be able to live at ease with everyone I will tell big sister from the bottom of my heart “I love you”

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