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Before we start the episode, let us take a look at a new development. Recently PM of Pakistan Imran Khan met US President Donald Trump and raised the issue of Kashmir Donald Trump offered to mediate the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan Kashmir is a complicated issue with the involvement of militancy. How exactly is he planning to mediate it? So let’s keep Trump out of the Kashmir discussion and talk about the ground reality in today’s episode We discussed article 370, article 35A, decisions of Nehru and Jinnah in the first episode on Kashmir After talking about the history and civics of Kashmir in the last episode, In this episode, we will discuss the geography and economics of Kashmir and ask some questions on Kashmir So let us understand the issue of insurgency The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits and The helplessness of the government.So let’s start! Do you know the real agenda of Pakistan behind Kashmir issue Why did 3.5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits had to leave their homes and land during exodus? Why is the youth of Kashmir picking up stones instead of books? The nation wants to know! Every time someone discusses the sufferings of Kashmiris, a question is raised about the Kashmiri Pandits This whataboutery is just like the one we see in the issue of Malda The issue of Kashmiri Pandits has kept Kashmir burning and some people have been using it for their vested interests The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is used as a trump card to trivialise the brutalities unleashed on Kashmiris through whataboutery even before one can start a debate on it It is a historical fact that Kashmiri Pandits have suffered injustice The incident dates back 30 years. Col.Tej.k.Tikoo has mentioned in his book How Shri Tika Lal Taploo, a Kashmiri Pandit and prominent advocate was murdered in broad daylight on 14 September,1989 The then ruling party Congress, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah could not even catch the murderers As you all know, when the government turns a blind eye to the wrongdoings in society, then injustice thrives Same has happened in Kashmir Almost everyday one Kashmiri Pandit was being killed and fear instilled inside the hearts of Kashmiri Pandits All limits were crossed when the Judge who had pronounced death sentence to JKLF founder Maqbool Bhat, pandit Neelkanth Ganjoo, another Kashmiri Pandit was also murdered On 19 January 1990, there were posters put up in Kashmir valley threatening the Kashmiri Pandits living there and asking them to leave the valley There were killings in large numbers. Both the pandits and muslims suffered The truth is that the administration did not take any steps to stop the forced exodus Only refugee camps were built for the Kashmiri Pandits as if leaving the valley was the only option left for them Why did the government not give them any assurance that they do not need to leave their homes and homeland If this question had been raised during that time, then the situation would not have gone as out of control Today the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits has become just another issue like mandir-masjid to create communal disharmony and garner votes during elections Kashmir was always going through violence but since insurgency, Kashmir came under the Militancy fire Since 1947, Kashmir was a cause of dispute between India and Pakistan But insurgency started in Kashmir in 1987, post the assembly elections Insurgency is said to be the child of the nineties Sheikh Abdullah, the reason for Hari Singh’s insecurity, about whom we discussed in detail in part one of the episode Sheikh Abdullah was unable to decide he wanted to stay in India or in Independent Kashmir This was the reason that he and his son Farooq Abdullah had disputes with the Congress government But no disputes or friendships are permanent in politics. Coalitions are formed at every opportunity for political gains Because ultimately all politicians have just one aim- to serve the public! Just like this, for the good of the public, Farooq Abdullah unwillingly formed a coalition government with Rajiv Gandhi in 1987 When there were protests on this, the candidate of opposition party Muslim United Front Mohammed Yousuf Shah was arrested who later became a very infamous name, Sayeed Salahudeen- The Chief of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen Jammu and Kashmir Liberation front, formed in 1964 and other militant groups like Hiz-bul Mujahideen are fighting against the Indian government till today Pakistan has continuously been accused of supporting such terror activities After Mufti Mohammad Sayeed became the Home Minister, people were hopeful that the differences between people of Kashmir and rest of the country will be resolved But the sufferings of Kashmir and its people are never ending On December 8,1989 JKLF kidnapped the Home Minister’s daughter Rubia Sayeed and conditions in Kashmir became worse since then In this period, Kashmir witnessed terrorism, political instability, militancy and there was an increase in the deployment of army in Kashmir to control the rising insurgency Few laws were broken during counter insurgency Hatred and mistrust kept growing from both sides and so did the number of dead bodies and the hope for peace kept declining Due to AFSPA, there were allegations of humans rights violations on the Indian Army After that, the act came into existence in Jammu and Kashmir also Many sections in this act force us to say that the act neither abides by the Indian constitution nor the International Human Rights The makers of this act have not defined the ‘disturbed areas’ The responsibility of this fell on the governor and central government Anyone can be arrested without warrant After the encounter of Hiz-bul Mujahideen Chief Burhan Wani in 2016, Militancy and insurgency found a new excuse People attended the funeral of Wani in large numbers and the Brainwashing of Kashmiri youth started once again Even the number of school and college students joining militancy started rising The number of youth joining militancy started rising post 2016 According to official figures of the army, only 16 youth had joined militancy in 2013. However, the number increased to almost 200 in 2018 The youth of Kashmir are picking up arms as casually as the youth of rest of the country pick up mobile phones This information has been taken from the data of the army But the government has failed to take any significant steps to control the situation And the youth of Kashmir has fallen prey to stone pelting and the Militancy fueled by Pakistan’s agenda We have been unable to do anything about this While our day to day problems are mundane like waking up late of work, being scolded by boss, ac stopped working, load shedding etc According to a survey done in 2016, 45% of people in Kashmir suffer from mental distress Their stress is not because of simple day to day problems but because of the brutal conditions they are facing in Kashmir Unofficially the estimate is double. It is said half of the people killed were innocent civilians People in Kashmir are losing their eyesight not because of TV and mobile phone radiations but due to gun pellets fired during stone pelting incidents The normal functioning of day to day life has been destroyed in Kashmir. Children in Kashmir are neither able to study nor play like other children. Militants try to take at least one boy from every home to join militancy Then the same boy’s family is harassed by the Police while the boy is harassed by the militants At an age where we feel we can achieve anything in life, the lives of Kashmiri youth is being destroyed The unemployed youth of Kashmir has taken to stone pelting aided by money coming from Pakistan and losing their lives because of it The issue is not only about the Youth or other people of Kashmir. It is also about the youth in the Indian army who are deployed there It is not just one section of society that loses lives in violence in Kashmir Attacks like Pulwama and Uri still make it to news headlines and there is national outrage But what about the army men who are martyred every year during violence in Kashmir This year, more than 50 army men have attained martyrdom in Kashmir. But did we care? Did we outrage on the increasing number of death of army men in the last five years If not for others, at least for the army, we need to understand that bringing peace in Kashmir is extremely important But Pakistan also has to cooperate in the Kashmir issue in order to bring peace to the valley Pakistan claims to support the people of Kashmir but even the people of Kashmir know that in reality no body cares for them The issue is actually geo politics and water resources The Indus rives originates from Tibet and reaches Pakistan via India and its tributaries Chenab and Jhelum are the only sources of fresh water in Pakistan So Pakistan is dependent on these rivers for agriculture This is what President Ayub Khan said in 1959 So there is more to the issue of Kashmir than just the land and its people After becoming the Home Minister Amit Shah held a rally in Kashmir. He also cleared his stand on Kashmir in Parliament We also want the government to work towards the welfare of humanity in Kashmir. But for that it is important that the human lives should be saved. The question is whether removing article 370 will help resolve this issue. If the solution to the Kashmir issue was so simple, then the situation would not have worsened. People of Kashmir believe removal of article 370 will break the link that joins Kashmir and the rest of India It is also believed that removal of article 370 will lead to increase in violence in Kashmir The Kashmir war is not only restricted to India and Pakistan. After the 1962 Sino-Indian war, China has also become an important part of this issue And Pakistan and China share a good relation. But the most important question in this whole situation is that what do the people of Jammu and Kashmir want? Before taking any decision on Kashmir, the government should think about its repercussions on the people of Kashmir and on the safety of our army men and what do the people of Kashmir think about these decisions It is believed that till date only Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government made an honest effort to resolve the Kashmir issue He made an attempt to keep Kashmir and Kashmiris with India by undertaking the way of peaceful talks But after that, the differences between Kashmir and rest of the country kept increasing Kashmiris are targeted across the country after attacks like Pulwama. They are branded as traitors We need to introspect if we only want to
Kashmir as a piece of land or we also want the people of Kashmir to be a part of India We cannot see Kashmir without the Kashmiri muslims or the Kashmiri Pandits It was never a communal issue. It has been made into one by people to suit their vested interests So we need to stop adding fuel to fire Because by the time you finish watching this video, another innocent Kashmiri might have lost his life in Kashmir Or another youngster would have decided to join militancy So please think each time you are outraging over Kashmir, whether your outrage is based on facts, figures and reality of Kashmir or not I do not regret if I was emotional in this video because it is an emotional subject We have received a very emotive response on our Kashmir video There has always been a lot of misinformation about Kashmir Just like the previous video on Kashmir, even this video will be appreciated and criticized by many But no body can tell us that we are spreading a wrong narrative or misinformation or that we are factually incorrect. Whether you agree with me or not but we should always argue on facts In today’s times, too many people blindly believe the narrative propagated on whatsapp How can we debate on a complicated issue like Kashmir if we are unaware of the basic facts related to our country The people who are criticizing me and asking me to provide a solution to Kashmir’s problem themselves need to understand the issue of Kashmir first So let us all Understand the problem of Kashmir in depth and then we can discuss about a solution to it Please comment in the section below and let us know your views on part 2 of the 100th episode of Deshbakht Just like you gave a huge response to part one of the episode, share your thoughts, comments and views on the second part also And please press the bell icon and subscribe to our channel because I plan to go live on this topic Thanks to our Patreons and our ultimate Deshbhakts We have reached our 100th episode and we would strive to reach our 1000th episode So support us on To buy Deshbakht Merchandise then go to All links are given below

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