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and Listen Carefully. What you unfortunately know as religion in the world today is just somebody’s belief systems. Somebody believes God is round.
Somebody believes God is square. Somebody else believes he is a triangle, that’s the situation, isn’t it? And you must understand this, once you start believing in something which is not yet a reality for you you are bound to be in
conflict with somebody else because somebody else is bound
to believe something else. ‘No, no, no, I believe in my God
but I am not a violent person, I will not fight with anybody’ All this is just make up. If they provoke you
sufficiently you will fight. Like for example, let’s say you believe God has four hands. I believe God has no hands. These are two belief systems. Tomorrow out of your love for God you put a 100 feet tall
statue in Coimbatore City, of course with four hands but suddenly I feel so hurt. These four hands look so ugly because God actually has no hands because that’s my belief. So, tonight I will go to that statue, I don’t intend to cause
any damage to your God, just to make him the way
he really is without hands, so I just cut off the four hands. Tomorrow what’’ll happen to you? You want to cut off my hands, isn’t it? Simply because you believe one
thing, I believe something else. As long as people believe in
something conflict is inevitable because you may say – ‘No, no, we are all brothers, we are all one, we are… everything is okay with us’; all this bhai bhai
(brotherhood) stuff. When we really have to come to a point ‘When I believe what I believe is right I will try to manifest it. I will try to make it a common thing everywhere,’ isn’t it? Yes? Once I believe what I believe is the truth, naturally I will try to
impose it on other people. I don’t call it imposition; I
call it saving you from ignorance. Yes or no? Once I firmly believe that this is the way God is I will try to put it on to you just to save you, not to hurt you, but you will get hurt
because any imposition hurts. When you resist I will use other methods to put it into you whatever those methods are sword has been used,
money has been used, every kind of inducement has been used, isn’t it? Simply because I believe one
thing, you believe another. Religion is not about belief system. All religions started as a method to turn inward but….. its an inward step. An inward step can be taken only by an individual. Isn’t it so? It’s a very intimate thing; something very, very concerned with only with you and
nothing else to do with anybody else. But when people try to
organize this inward step, naturally it gets distorted. Now, we want to do our
religion on the street. Religion cannot be done on the street,
it can only be done within you. If you become truly religious you must be beyond any kind of
conflict, isn’t it, both within and outside? That is the whole crux of the
religion, isn’t it? But today religion means conflict. If you utter the word religion you are
talking generally in terms of conflict that is happening in the
world, isn’t it? This is because you have reduced an
inward step into a set of beliefs. Because if you have to take an inward step you have to transform yourself. If you have to believe something you don’t have to transform yourself you can do whatever nonsense you want and
still believe God is up in the heaven, isn’t it? Yes? The crudest people, the cruelest people on the planet
have always been talking about God. Isn’t it so? Yes or no? All the warmongers in the world
have been talking about God. Isn’t it so? And God has been helping them. See, the moment you believe something you have a new kind of confidence, that’s the biggest problem. When idiots become very
confident the world is in danger. An intelligent person is
constantly hesitating with life. With every step he wonders whether what he is doing is okay or not but a fool has absolute confidence and when his stupidity gets stamped by God that’s it, no looking back, just can go on doing the most
idiotic things without any problem about it. The very nature of your intelligence is such that if you do something stupid today tonight your intelligence will bother
you, ‘why did I do this?’ Isn’t it so? But if you get God’s stamp on your stupidity you don’t have to turn back and see. You can do grossest things on the planet and not bother about it, feel very proud that you are anyway going to go to heaven because you
did all this nonsense. There is no experiential dimension, you’re just believing something. Once you believe something,
your belief and somebody else’s belief are bound to clash somewhere. The conflict in the world is not between good and
evil, please see this. Though people always claim it is so, it is not true. It is always one man’s belief
versus another man’s belief. So, religion has become a problem because we have reduced it
into just a set of beliefs. If it was experientially true that you really felt God then could there be conflict? There is no such possibility, isn’t it? But, because you are growing from belief system, you are not willing to make the effort of going
beyond what you have gathered from others and looking at life by yourself; that is why there is conflict. If you do not know there will be no conflict. If you know there will be no conflict at all but when you pretend to know there is bound to be conflict. I think if your intelligence functions, if you allow it to function your intelligence is incapable
of believing anything. Isn’t it so? Yes or no? Yes? Your intelligence wants to know; it is not ready to believe anything actually but you are forsaking your intelligence because your fear is so dominant you feel comfortable in believing. But if you allow your intelligence to take you ahead your intelligence doesn’t believe anything, it wants to know everything, isn’t it? Yes? Is that the nature of your intelligence? So, if you allow your intelligence to function then you will see all your beliefs will just fall apart because you know… you don’t know, isn’t it? But it takes a lot of pressure to make you admit it! but actually you know that you don’t know, isn’t it? Do you know? Yes. Then what’s the problem? You don’t have to admit it to anybody, at least to yourself can’t you admit okay I don’t know’? If you don’t know do you see you have to use your intelligence? Do you see this? See, suppose let’s say its pitch dark. You don’t know how the ground is. Do you see how alert you will become, every step that you take? That’s how it is – when you do not know everything becomes bright, it is just looking. Your intelligence is all hyped up and looking. When you assume ‘I know’ everything settles down and you
go on with your stupid life, isn’t it? Is it alright if you use your intelligence? Do I have your permission? Hum? Is it okay for you to use your intelligence or is it against God? It’s alright. I am asking you is it against God if you
employ your intelligence and live your life? If God was against intelligence
he wouldn’t have created it, isn’t it? If the creator was against you functioning intelligently it wouldn’t have been given to you, isn’t it? So if you employ your intelligence you will see your intelligence is not
willing to believe anything, it is only the fear in you. Don’t you ever believe that it is bhakthi. No bhakthi, just fear which is making
you believe things, isn’t it? That’s why you made it “bhaya bhakthi.” There is no bhaya and bhakthi together. If bhakthi comes I am sorry, you know what’s bhaya bhakthi? Hum yourself no? Bhaya means fear,
bhakthi means devotion. See, if devotion comes fear will not exist in you. If fear exists that means devotion has not come but you made a hybrid. You want to have both, bhayabhakthi. There is no bhaya bhakthi, just bhaya, only fear. No fear and devotion cannot exist together, please see this.

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