WE MUST DO THIS EVERY DAY | Spend Quiet Time With God – Morning Inspiration to Motivate Your Day

WE MUST DO THIS EVERY DAY | Spend Quiet Time With God – Morning Inspiration to Motivate Your Day

You know I know of no better way to start my day Slowly and calmly than with a quiet time with God if I start rushed I’m going to stay rushed If I start my day in a hurry, I’m gonna spend my day in a hurry, but if I start my day with God I’m gonna spend my day with God. I have a choice to make if I start my day with God He stays in the front of my mind all day. It’s like a continuing conversation That gets started it lets God set the agenda It lets him set the the pace it puts God in control if I start just by giving the first part of my day To him somebody once said that God is your commander-in-chief So don’t forget your daily briefing Meditation is the most important aspect of Prayer Most of you never meditate Never You talk too much in prayer You never hear from God while you’re talking And 99% of your prayer is you talking And when you finish talking as far as your concerned the exercise is over so you leave Let me tell you your dream is never revealed to you while you’re talking We think prayer is talking When you go to prayer again, please pray 10 minutes and sit for 60 And just listen you’ll be amazed how loud he speaks. Finally he gets to talk Prayer is you talking Meditation is you listening Suppose you, and I have a conversation You come to see me ask for some things you tell me everything and then don’t wait for me to even tell you what I want to do you just leave That’s stupid isn’t it we do it to God all the time God gonna say wait, don’t go. I didn’t answer you yet. Were you going and you’re gone You think you already did your prayer time, see And you keep asking God, how come I’m not hearing from you How come I’m not getting any direction from you God saying because you don’t wait for the directions You give me instructions A forest is not a head of the seed It’s in the seed. Your future is in you been there all along but there’s too much noise Soon as you get home click remote on. In the car boom, boom , boom God is saying man, this is a lot of noise for the last 50 years. I can’t even get to this person How did God talk to Abraham. God said leave your home Let’s talk in the mountain See the reason why you can’t discover your even your what your born to do is because You don’t even make time to discover it Because it is not so important what we say to God as it is what God says to us Sometimes I think there’s so much noise around us that we cannot hear God And how can we walk with a God that we cannot hear? We must hear from him He’s our navigational system The way the Navigational system operates in the car. That’s the way God wants to operate in your life What I love about my system is even when you do something dumb and make a wrong turn it recalibrates and says turn Around make a u-turn and go back Sometimes we need God to tell us when we’ve made a wrong turn Now how to make a u-turn and get back on track and go where we need to go but how can he talk to us when the first thing we do is grab the telephone and we start talking all kinds of people about what we’re going through and what’s happening in our lives and what’s going on with Our children and what’s going on with our marriage and we’re watching TV and we’re listen to music and all the while God is saying if you cut all that stuff off for a minute. I want to talk to you. I want to talk to you. I want to speak to you. I want to show you how to get through this season in your life This moment in your destiny this present danger that you face. He said I can navigate you through it just like that Time with God quiet time Is actually God’s idea Because if God didn’t want to speak to you Then he wouldn’t have given us his word He wouldn’t have given us the Bible. If God didn’t want to hear from you. Then he wouldn’t invite you to pray. I mean, why would God invite you to come into his presence if he didn’t want to be in yours He loves you And He’s very communicative. God is a chatterbox He wants to talk to you He has something to say to you every day in his word and he wants to hear from you every day in prayer He’s highly relational So if I’m gonna set time aside in the morning to have my quiet time with God just a few minutes Well, what does that look like? How do I actually do a quiet time? The first rule in this setting time aside for a quiet time Is slow down slow down and that probably sounds obvious, but sometimes Obvious things are not so obvious. You have to slow down because God is never in a hurry And you can’t hear God’s voice if you’re just rushing all the time You have to slow down to hear what he wants to say to you That’s why you have to get up a little bit earlier So you’re not just rushing into your day and you don’t have time so you just find a quiet place You grab your Bible maybe a journal get a cup of coffee Or tea or whatever you want in the morning and just go spend a few minutes with the Lord Here’s what Jesus said about it in Matthew 6. He said here’s what I want you to do Just find a quiet secluded place So you won’t be tempted to roleplay before God. You’re not gonna try to put on airs or impress anybody He says just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage and the focus will shift from you to God And you will begin to sense his grace now Since a quiet time is a conversation with God Then you should probably let God start the conversation because this may be news to some of you. He is God and you are not So you probably ought to start by letting him start the conversation. You don’t start with an hour of prayer You don’t start by telling him what’s on your mind Start with just a moment of prayer A simple moment that says Lord here I am I’m ready. I want to hear from you today. Would you just open my eyes Open my ears Open my heart to whatever it is you want to say. See everybody thinks that hearing God’s voice is this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it’s this every once in a while He only talks you in special occasions. That’s not true. He’s talking to you every day He wants to talk to you every single day. Look at the scripture in Isaiah 50 says this he awakens me morning by morning. He awakens my ear to listen as a disciple God’s trying to talk to you every single day You just have to listen You just have to listen either you don’t know his voice Or you are too busy to listen See don’t let the busy of your day drowned out the voice of your God Let me tell you some are busy. BUSY. Being under Satan’s yoke Busy busyness will rob you of the ability to hear your God Because we like to fill up our day with all these things to do and before you know it you go days weeks sometimes even months and years without hearing God’s voice and the enemy will use busy to keep you from God doing God’s will and hearing his voice See margin is the opposite of busy Margin says I’m gonna value my quiet time with God. It’s the most important part of my day. So that’s where I’m gonna Invest my time You want to start your day off with quiet time, but let’s be a little honest some of us aren’t morning people Some of us ain’t morning people. Okay, I get it I’m not really a morning person either so some of us has to get real creative about our quiet time for some Maybe it’s just turning off the radio on the way to work so you can spend a few time a few minutes of silence with God Maybe it’s the first 15 minutes of your workday before you do anything else. I’m gonna spend time just listening and praying or maybe at lunchtime you eat your food a little bit faster for 15 minutes and spend the rest of your time with God Or maybe at night instead of binge watching six episodes on Netflix You watch five and use that last hour to spend some time with God Whatever it is, that’s not the point. The point is make sure you value margin enough to protect your quiet time with God Because God absolutely wants to speak to you. He loves speaking to you I don’t know what trouble you may be facing or pain you may be feeling but I do know this you need to hear God’s voice And the way you’re gonna hear God’s voice is if you slow down and listen

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  1. Honestly sometimes when I have finished praying and I stay to listen to God I find myself thinking about so many things,when I do I decide to leave that place.

  2. Why is that? Every time I’m trying to change my path and listen to my savior my wife argues with me about my past and talk bad about my two daughters from my previous wife , she’s like a talking demon . I wondered why I probably deserved of what I have , only God knows why I’m with her.

  3. Ģod puts us first in his thoughts so there is no reason we shouldnt do the same. The more time we spend with him the better relationship we have with him. Its a no brainer.

  4. Stop talking, listen to what God is saying…. I’m so guilty of that. I talk talk talk, I need to listen. God bless you all! ❤️

  5. This channel has helped me understand the meaning of meditation and quietness. So blessed with this I have shared with friends and family. God bless

  6. God help me to hear your voice and live for you because you die for me. Show me the way oh lord without you I can't do anything.

  7. Thank you Father God as I agree and claim this prayer this morning and declare by the reason of the anointing and by the power of this prayer points that it's well with me today and forever in Jesus Mighty name. Amen Amen Amen

  8. Yes I agree and believe spending time with, God is blessing to our daily life…trusting him in everything we do, is the best thing we can do for, ourselves daily ❤🙏❤

  9. I love it when I can be still…. Calming the thoughts are a real challenge!!!
    God bless u all may u find your quiet place and hear the word of God speak he needs us to shine his love in this difficult world.

  10. GOD has spoken to me before and what an amazing experience. LORD I pray for the ability to hear from you more, I love you heavenly father thank you for all you have done for me.

  11. Thank You Father God that I can spent time with you so I can hear your words in my spirit and let you lead and guide me in everyday life. Help me to be quiet so I can hear your voice so I want miss what you have for me to do or help someone alone the way as I go by my daily walk or who you may send my way. Glory Hallelujah Amen

  12. “The Lord says to Peter: ‘I say to you,’ he says, ‘that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not overcome it. And to you I will give the keys of the kingdom of heaven . . . ’ [Matt. 16:18–19]. On him [Peter] he builds the Church, and to him he gives the command to feed the sheep [John 21:17]

  13. I am troubled in this life i lost my job and lost my home and my car and now i am hopeful that God will bless me with winning the lottery jackpot so I could live out my life untilv i reach the finish line i pray for the homeless people cause i could relate life can be a battle but i have not given up I believe that God will bless me and have mercy on me in 2020 so I could turn my life around and bless each and everyone in the world and universe now and forevermore! Amen 💖

  14. I awake the first thing I do each and every day is pray then I read a few chapters of scripture, I'm going to try you're advice by praying the sitting quiet …I've made a prayer closet and feel something different from in there compared to out in the open..I'm truly trying to get right with our Lord I'm going to be baptized as soon as I can find someone to do it. I was a serious hard ore drug addict for yrs but when I began to seek his help I was able to eventually get off them then I quit smoking, and hanging with the wrong friends.because of my life addiction I've yet to find friends who are clean …But I'm sure it's only a matter of time before change happens…I do know that I've taken the truth of who I am to God and I'm starting to feel that I can be saved. This is my 1st testimony ..I've read in bible that one must do that …One thing I've noticed as of late that I love people and want them to be well and happy and I cry so much more easily.God bless each of you and may you be blessed by our Heavenly Father

  15. I found that without spending time with God everyday I get too caught in my worries….. I need God everyday not just every other day

  16. God is love and mercy. Jesus said 'love God above everything and love your neighbor as you love yourself.' Then He didn't want people mistreating his Mother and He didn't want people fighting and arguing about his word. Love God above everything and Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

  17. Thank you!!! At my first encounter almost 3 years ago HE said, and still try to remember me every day: "Be still and know that I am GOD" … so hard for me still … now I take my silence time, it is so precious, HE is so precious…
    And thank you for translate the meaning of "busy" 😉

  18. Prayer is not only about God meeting your needs, it’s about a intimate relationship eternity is knowing God, seeking to know him, spending time with him, dancing with him, laughing with him,walking hand in hand. Did you know that Jesus has needs also like your company, he is seeking intimacy with us, he is looking for a bride.Not just hearing from him or him guiding you , it’s about a deep intimate love realationship between a bride and a bridegroom, John the Baptist said it well he said THE BRIDE BELONGS To THE BRIDEGROOM.

  19. Listen mindfully He is always with us all day all night everyday in everyway He will never leave us nor forsake us
    Be still! Listen!
    In Jesus name we pray in God we trust
    Amen ♡

  20. I trust and believe that we do pray to God and forget to give time to listen to him, what He has to to us in return. Thanks to remind me about this.

  21. God so Good
    Jesus Christ gave everything for me what I require in tough situations, even I am not suit for blessings
    Lord still did good things
    But final I was hurt jesus christ so much deep with sinful things
    Lord I am not good and not have true slavation in my life
    I am cheater I am sinner before Heaven and creater of Universe

  22. We're so busy drowning ourselves in the chatter of social media and chatter of our mind and ego which is already riddled with countless desires, vanities, insecurities, past memories, highs and lows, that we forget to realise we're just frail creatures of flesh and blood, who could be gone the next day or next year. We are so transient that we cannot take anything for granted, we should focus on essentials such as love and care of family and extending that circle of love as wide as possible. Only love remains and endures , all other things and material comforts and pleasures just fade away and leave you unfulfilled and longing for more, consuming you with cravings which can never satisfy your soul…. only love and God can truly fill your soul with endless joy and bliss and quench the insatiable hunger and thirst within.

  23. Noice!,noice! Noice! Dear lord am Sorry,,,all this time I have been under much noice,despite the fact that I always start my day with you bh I literally spent few moments or time with you,,,,bh watch me out,,,am gonna change for the better.

  24. Spending time with God is like being obedient to your Creator.
    The One who sees you better than anyone else… 🙏🏾👏🏾

  25. Good morning God… how are you today? As of me battling my own problems,I trust you father I want to say thank you for everything in my life.

  26. I wake up at 3 am, every day, and spend quite time with my father,sometimes God want us to spend time with him, without God given me a message.

  27. God is always on my mind sometimes I dont talk all day
    I love my quite time with God
    I pray I listen
    I talk to God all day long sometimes
    I have a lot of quit Time
    I listen to Him everyday everyday I hear from Him
    I'm never too busy to be with God all day all night Hes always with me I always make time for my Sacred Savior in Jesus name I pray
    Amen ❤

  28. God is always be my side He always be my first and Savior my salvation my hero my life he bless me everyday for ever where I come he always guide me. He guide my decision my heart my mind everything IAM yours God

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