What Are Most & Least Religious Countries?

What Are Most & Least Religious Countries?

when Yelp international with a new poll out ask people how religious they are in different countries so let’s find out who the most religious countries and then we’ll find out who the least religious are okay number one in the world I’m I can’t believe this Thailand is the most religious country in the world I’m super shocked by that I’m serious I didn’t see that coming ninety-four percent uh say they are religious in Thailand is a massive study by the way sixty-three thousand people as almost sixty four thousand so Thailand summer what are many as number two ninety three percent was only two percent atheists obviously differences people who are neither they’re undecided they’re not really sure Bangladesh uh coming in tied with our mini at ninety three percent but they have the distinct honor of having zero percent atheists George is number four Morocco’s number five Fiji’s number six when diverse list look at this Muslim Christian Buddhist uh and and uh and honestly some places unknown to me at least as South Africa ninety-one percent and mixed obviously as well uh they could be of different religions but they are religious right Algeria ninety percent religious also zero percent atheist Kenny 89 percent Macedonia eighty eight percent so those your top ten countries all different religions but they agree that they are very very religious and they believe in the sky god am i putting a little bit of spin on that okay what why people offended by the word sky got he’s a guy he’s up in the sky right if you believe in them we should like yet it’s awesome that’s my sky got okay anyways now let’s go to least religious countries uh these are more uh to my liking coming in at number ten in essence cuz they did poll 65 countries and number 56 in least religious was Germany 34 percent religious that’s very small god bless their hearts 17% atheist declared atheists saying no I am I’m not confused there is no God I’m an atheist okay so while Vietnam at 57 okay god bless Israel that’s ironic we’re proud of Israel at only 30 percent religious eight percent atheist which is significant uh religion a bit problem in the Middle East and in Israel they of course some are very religious and uh unfortunately extremist cause problems there but I’m hard to see that overall it’s religious country UK coming in in the top ten least religious as well then Hong Kong and Netherlands Czech Republic Sweden Japan and China so a lot of northern European countries but at the end there you saw China number one and look at this tiny number only 7% are religious in China they got a lot of folks there so as a person who’s agnostic who is a devoutly against religion right I don’t claim to have the answers okay I dunno what’s wrong I know the two plus two does not equal 5 and I know in my estimation there is no sky god that said ok you dude walk on water but I’m gonna confuse everybody else in the center but over there in a and a impose and a for over there and I’m gonna get you guys all messed up and I’m gonna give you all these laws that apply for 2000 years ago that none exist so when I see China the most populous country in the world only 7% religious I think it’s an awesome number and 61% atheist in China yet by my estimation wonderful so how did the u.s. do uh 56 percent of religious six percent atheists um we get there we get there about twenty percent of the country is saying that they don’t believe in religion but you know some are easy some agnostic some are spiritual just not religious they don’t believe in the dogma so so we’re in the middle not bad we got some room to uh to grow in my opinion to become less uh you know tied to the mythology of the past now here comes bad news overall when you look at the numbers globally an average of two thirds of people still consider themselves religious so if you are in the rational world and you don’t believe in virgin births and uh and talking bushes and a lot talking to you on a mountaintop uh well you’re in the minority okay the people who do believe those myths are still two thirds of the world and uh and then one final one that’s even a little bit more depressing I’ll explain why as is the case in a second they say overall those on a thirty four tend to be more religious than other age groups as do those without a formal education but in general religious people or majority in all educational levels now we know their majority overall just told you that but why the young right it’s because some countries like Iran for example have an enormous percentage of population under the age of 25 now a lot of those countries that have very religious backgrounds unfortunately don’t have great education Iran is not the best example of that the education system in for example in Afghanistan is horrific much much worse in Iran and in the less educated they are the more likely they are to be religious and a lot of those countries have higher percentage of young so Japan doesn’t have a lot of young people comparatively whereas Afghanistan Iran it said those countries have more young people and they’re more religious that’s what leads to more of the young people across the country on average being more religious but I’m not yeah that’s a bad number right but I’m not worried about that because part the problem is they don’t have access to information I believe that information is the answer knowledge is the answer now of course religious people believe especially Christians the exact opposite now why do I say specially Christians because in the Bible and you can say it’s fair to say that this also since is in the Old Testament also applies to Jews and obviously by extension because the Muslims say they believe it as well to Muslims as well but it it’s it’s in the first chapter Genesis do not eat the poisonous fruit of the tree of knowledge the one thing religion hates the most is knowledge that’s why Boko Haram means in their native language a Western education is evil a reality they’re not in favor of any education they think all education is evil because they think knowledge leads away from religion of course it does of course it does because when you get any bit of knowledge you realize that the stars in the sky are not little pinholes that God poked into the sky to create a vision of heaven that was what the really original religious people believe there’s a seven headed dragon in the New Testament and the Old Testament okay is all sorts of insane mythology and when you have the Internet when you have information when you have knowledge and education we will win in the end these all myths will be wiped out I know it seems really hard to believe but look we’ve got the most populous country on our side and the more information people have in all these countries the less of a toehold religion we’ll have have right now we’re the minority but work up

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  1. Great societies are built by people in religions. The reason the art and mainly everything lately is utter fuckn pissy shit. The best things are founded by those in religion(other than war).
    Look at modern architecture and art…… It's shit! Then look at architecture and art in the past, where most were Christian. That artwork is iconic.
    Also the fruit of knowledge symbolizes how the devil has made us all less innocent.
    Anyway its too much of me to ask you atheist liberals to try and look deeper into religion.

  2. those that practice religion regularly live longer, earn mo mo mo money, are happier and have higher education on average than those that don't. At least according to some article I read, study was done by a British university I think.

  3. I have always thought that religion and lack of education go hand-in-hand and it strikes me that, looking at this map, all the other countries apart from the USA that are highly religious are also lacking an education system worth the name. They are also very poor 3rd world counties.
    America is at the same level regarding religion as are these poor, uneducated 3rd world countries. All the other so-called civilized countries in the world do not have this obsession with religion. The only conclusion I can come to from all this is that Americans are uneducated.

  4. Oh you don`t challenge peoples faith dude. As a Chinese I just want to point out the fact even 7% are religious that means the number is more than some country`s population. I guess that is religious can do so far in China. I`m atheist but I don`t oppose it.

  5. In sweden there are only muslims that are religious, only place you can find christian belivers are in a place called småland, and the little jewish population lives in malmö or göteborg so the rest is atheist(kinda) but many people are still registered in the church and celebrate holidays.

  6. I feel have to point out some oversights in this video. A big reason why China is the world's least religious country is because religion was targeted for extermination during the Cultural Revolution. Back in those days, people were sent to jail and tortured for having a religion, and because of that traditional Chinese religion is well and alive in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but has mostly disappeared in mainland China. China is still officially an atheist country, and although religion is now allowed once again, the Chinese government places very severe restrictions on the public observance of religion. In fact, if you work in the public sector in China, your employment contract will invariably stipulate that you are not allowed to have a religion.

    While I am not very religious myself, I really hope that America and other secular countries do not go down that path. I value the right to choose my religion, or more appropriately in my case, to choose not to have a religion, and I do not want the government imposing atheism on me. Forcing people not to have a religion is just as bad as forcing people to believe in a particular religion. The way to do this is to provide access to information, and allow people to come to a conclusion by themselves. That's how I eventually came to my decision on religion, and I really hope everyone will have the freedom to come to this decision by themselves, and not have it forced on them by the government.

  7. Most claimed Atheist is not a true atheist, most of them is just a christian Haters or anti white supremacy. That is why they easy to sympatize with Islam. And most of “atheist” willing to convert to Islam. That’s what happened in europe. And the leftish media love this, making fake numbers and statistic .

  8. How about Philippines in the most religious country??.. Even on weekdays, churches are always full of people..

  9. This isn't correct.

    Germany is 61% religious, not 34%
    The UK is 68% religious, not 30%
    The Netherlands are 49.9% religious, not 26%
    Sweden is 71.6% religious, not 19%

  10. Both numbers for Germany are wrong. Where did you get that? Not from our governement I bet.
    About 53% are religious in Germany. Even paying 10% church taxes (idiots :D).

    But nearly the entire youth is atheistic. Means that religious people are dieing out and this number is falling 1.5-2% every year.
    So about 2020 we will have more non religious than religious people (most of them atheists of course).

    Eastern Germany (former know as GDR) is 80% non religious (atheistic) right now and still rising.

    Take that China ;P

    Greatings from the biggest atheistic community in Europe. 🙂

  11. The chinese number might be imflated because of their repressive government.

    Still, it makes me happy to see our humble republic in the top 10. There is hope yet.

  12. Where's Saudi Arabia? It's illegal to be atheist there.
    Also, "massive study". Lol this is not massive. Only 64 countries in it? There are almost 200 countries. Like wtf.

  13. I know there are many Muslims in the west of the country and some Christians in China, there was even a canteen especially for muslins in my university.
    But personally I have never known a religious Chinese in my life.

  14. My country is one of the most religious. I'm from Mexico. Us Mexican atheists are seen as bad people. I told my religious mother that I was a agnostic atheist and she thought I believed in Satan.

  15. The only significant difference change that will happen in the world if religion goes away completely is that Muslim nations would become more developed and advanced. Everything else would stay the same.

  16. Just to clarify the Germany number- I lived there for a while and if you tick the box saying you are Catholic your employer will give a tithe of your paycheck to the church! One tenth of your income!

  17. China – The hope of the world … ONLY if they were a bit more democratic, the would be the most powerful and great nation on earth

  18. "Do not eat the poisonous fruit of the tree of knowledge" (Genesis 1). This really explains everything. It makes me think that religion was created by men for the purpose to have control over people back in time. They dont want you to learn because the less you learn, the easier controllable you are. It is very obvious in this chapter.

  19. In Islam knowledge is valued and encouraged. "seek knowledge even if it leads you to China". We don't believe the forbidden fruit of knowledge nonsense.

  20. Dude, you have a great opinion towards China? Do you know why so many atheists are in China? Because religious people suffer there for their faith. Because their political system enforces atheism. I bet you have a great love for Stalin, right?

  21. Atheist Countries are Dictatorships because :

    No Freedom
    Low Birthrate
    No Human Rights
    Working continuously
    Relationships are rare
    Population is unhappy
    Family Values are insignificant
    Religion, Spirituality is forbidden
    State monitors every Step from citizen's

  22. The Han population in China accounts for 92% of the total. The Han Chinese believe in ancestors, Confucianism and Taoism, but they are not religions, but philosophy. Confucius said: Respect for ghosts and gods far away, we believe that man will conquer heaven, and this is not the government's prohibition of believing in religion.

  23. This is weirdest video. Because if there is coutry 20% Religious and 30% Atheist then what is that 50% of people? Because how Israel can be in least religious countries

  24. I'm surprised that France doesn't make it in the list of the least religious countries in the world. How come Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Vatican City aren't among the most religious countries in the world?

  25. Thank you for mentioning the fact, that many religious groups look down upon knowledge and try to suppress learning. It's a very important key factor.

  26. Now check how many of the religist states are rich and how many from the least religist are rich …

  27. The best way for humanity is to became an atheist no religion no ideology then only scientific thinking will became the path for well-being of humans, religion is stupidity

  28. I’m an Ex muslim & I wish my country forget about this ancient tradition and move forward for better/ advanced life !

  29. I really want to see some people with another religion or atheist, I want to share my ideas with them

  30. Knowledge does not lead away from religion but rather it leads you closer. As you learn, you understand the importance it has your life.

  31. I will be one of the few Atheist in the whole country Ethiopia. I hated Ethiopia because everyone I know were religious. I am glad I moved out 8 years ago

  32. It is funny that Israel is one of the least religious country because the excuse and reason of that country's existance is a religion 😂.

  33. Religion is already declining. We don't even know the data of Islamic countries regarding atheist. Islamic terrorist fighting to spread their religion, Missionaries after oppressing people for century have now resorted to money to convert. But ultimately when development will come it will decline. 21 st century will be the last century of religion. 22nd century will see religion in minority and ultimate end.

  34. I'm chinese; I read the bible (censored version, excluding genocides and rapes and stuff) as a fairy tale book as a kid. I had not met any real religious person in my life before traveling to the US. A fun fact is that I found myself knowing more bible stories than a lot of my american high school peers. Maybe they didn't really read the old testament stories. Anyway, it's pretty amusing to see some people in the comment section arguing that China is not as non-religious as others describe it is when it's clear that these people might have never been to China or have a Chinese acquaintance. Maybe it's the same drive of ignorance that allows some to have faith.

  35. As long as the U.S wasn’t on the Top 10 most religious…were winning only 56% are religious in which 15-20 yrs ago that number was around 80-85%…

  36. the thing that bothers me about the china number is the government frowns upon religion, its like asking how many people in the usa do heroine, people are scared to answer truthfully… im sure the ussr was very unreligious… i want real free atheists, thats why i invest in stocks from japan sweden and israel

  37. Wrong data .
    India is the most religious country in the world. I know because i am indian. I am proud to be born in such a religious country. No one is atheist in indian society. I am also religious person.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳.

  38. i'm from finland and i don't personally know any religious people irl, none of my friends or family members believe in god (to my knowledge).

  39. Glad to see that Brown people are in the majority who believe 🙌🏾… sounds geographically, historically, and spiritually correct!!

  40. Vietnam is 0% Atheist. It's False. And Correcting you sir * if you have ever studied scientific miracles in Quran, then you must not be uttering shit here *. Education ? Duh? Religion is booming in china, korea, japan, russia – all are well educated

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