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  1. first up, great job on the video! editing was super smooth and i love the pictures lol

    second, agree that morality is dynamic and should be made to change as society does. when it is based on a 5,000+-year-old religious text, that isn't as possible as it would be if it were based off the changing climate of the social order. even as a nihilist, i can't reject moral principles (just religious ones lol) because we DO share this planet and should actively consider our impact on others when shaping what's right and wrong. maybe if we weren't the dominant species, we could see this a lot easier and perhaps take into account the whole perception of life instead of the one inside our bubbles.

    great topic!

  2. there are no golden rules to live by so we have to create our own through mutual understand which will benefit earthlings. great video! 🙂

  3. If morality doesn't exist everything is in chaos… Morality stops us from doing wrong on other people, because deep inside our hearts we know that it is wrong I believe it is morality… Comes in different form because we all are different but it is inside of us saying what is wrong and right… It is covered in layers upon layers of subjectivity but in its core a solid truth remains as its foundation that of "all us are Equal and each of us is Sacred"…

  4. 3:06 i disagree, morality isn't only about treating others, for example If u value ur life, u believe it is moral to protect it from danger and immoral to expose it to danger.

  5. You put a picture of Trump as a projection of a Liar. Can you find one instant when he lied? I'll wait….

  6. This is a stupid depiction on what morality is. Yes, let's all listen to this Russian skeptic and take his work on what morality is. Sheep, a bunch of sheep

  7. For me is more common sense and good will. Do right and good actions, for the right reasons and for the sake of it, of doing the right thing. Don't follow the "boy/girl scout mentality" or don't do right and good things simply to go to Heaven, like most religious people do.

  8. By the way God didn’t sacrifice his mighty messenger for our sin, the concept of sin forgiving is there in ezikiel 18:20-30.

  9. If morality is made up to benefit the society (like in the 2 man world example) then Why would you feel bad. A huge part of morality is not opinnion or function. Its that we think that all humans have some worth. That harming other in Itself is harming you. IF You where alone in a world and another Guy came alonge and you diside to live alone it would be best and benificial for your survival to kill him. He might eat your food take your ground or potentially try to kill you for the same reasons. But that doas not make it Moraly right to Do so. function and society comes second you misses the first.

  10. How to make society function better is often a matter of personal preference. There is no way to make society better for everyone.

  11. 5:32 sorry, but it still makes sense to have strict rules about our sexual behavior. The data is quite clear, especially for women, that the more sexual partners and the younger the first sexual experience the less likely a woman is to ever form a stable relationship. Since our society needs families then it is clear that we need to return a bit toward being more sexually conservative. And furthermore, single motherhood is still one of the biggest problems we face. The statistics are quite clear about how single mothers fail young boys in particular.

    A lot of what you've said in this video makes the case for why religion is a better system for coming up with moral values. You failed to come to sensible conclusion on many of the moral subjects you touched on. Why? Because you lack the rational facilities to do so. It is best if individuals in a society don't try to rationalize morality on their own.

  12. Umm. Yeah you used trump and that made me dislike for one. For two ? I’m. It falling for your bullshit. Or this false info and the twisted ways.

  13. How sad that you think morality is that simple, there will always be influences in a persons life that dictates their moral compass, so to say that we need to sit down and talk to fix it is like saying if Hitler and Churchill had a good chat, then war would not have happened!! A strange way of looking at life! You should get out more and see if your method works, because I know that it won't.

  14. I never comment on YouTube videos but PLEASE KEEP MAKING THESE VIDEOS MAN! This is my new favorite channel! Loving it




  18. morality is something that persons use as a control mechanism… for example includes doing the right thing at all times… a person begs on the street because he wants to provide for his family everyone says look a job since it is moral to contribute to society by paying tax and all those things when he looks a job then he is turned down because of inadequate qualification and experience when he robs someone the same person who refuse the job and who he probably who he begged earlier society see him as being morally wrong where it is society did not give him an opportunity… we are survivors the best of the best survive most successful business persons did not treat persons well but what they get a free pass why though when they are so called morally wrong

  19. Yes thats true we shouldn't let two men get married, yes nobody gets their morals from the bible, God doesn't look like that, but you have to understand the bible very carefully, God sacfrise his son for the sins of humanity, I know it sounds stupid but it really makes perfect sense, humans become so evil that God was gonna destroy humans but instead he had his son die instead of their place, but remember Jesus rose from the dead, so if we accept what Christ did on our behalf and repent from our sins, God isnt saying you should kill your kids.

  20. You people are fixated in what God says about morality in the old Testament and you refuse to take into account His forgiveness of sin and the reason why we strive to live morally correct. His law is fulfilled in our hearts and even if we're not perfect, we strive toward perfection through His Grace and Mercy. HOW HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND!!

  21. sometimes i feel strong and i even scares my self … strong in that way that makes you can do anything and don't care what others will say .. for example : homeless who lives in the street i feel they are happier than us .. we care a bout the rent but he has all the city anyplace for free .. and more strange thoughts going throu my strange brain

  22. Well i don't know about christianity from where they come up with this story about jesus but i am sure what allah ( in ur words god) says becomes morality. And God not the one u showed in ur picture

  23. First gays spread aids. 2and gays live less its bad fr them . telling them its OK its stupid cause its not.the woman is killing a person which is that child may be your mom should have aborted you .good? U need to explain which month is OK to abort the child cause its a person human eventually.

  24. I didn't like the examples in the beginning. you can not say that gays getting married are acting morally bad . Gay people are just people who love each other there's nothing wrong with that.

  25. Sleeping with different people and having sex before marriage do have some negative impact on society. And etcetera.
    Not saying it should be illegal or anything, but it does.

  26. You are confused about morality and ethics. Ethics are for betterment of society, morality is for the individual

  27. Morality is useless for me as long as people think it’s important and follow it themselves. It is quite the advantage to be immoral

  28. I’m not very religious but god didn’t sacrifice Jesus, jesus sacrifice himself to god for humanity sins

  29. So if your dog dies of natural causes and the meat is fine is it morally wrong not to eat it because it would increase the food stores of humanity?

  30. It seems that the essential purpose of all religions is a moral aspect "to bring man nearer to God, and to change his character, which is of the utmost importance." ~ Baha'i Faith

  31. Excellent video by animations, I liked when you said people don't crucify their children to forgive neighbors sins. Very good critical reflection there. Morality equals our preference. You also reflected on other areas.. a very educational video.. please make more critically reflecting videos like this. Thanks

  32. Awesome stuff. Lol.. I’m currently in the process of leaving religion and have learned that my lens morality has become more community based as well. Great video.

  33. God is the author of morality. In the same way that God authored common sense. If we just stop over over analyzing morality we will find out that moral laws are universal, in that, moral laws will remain the same whatever era you are living in.

    So your argument what was moral before can be immoral now is wrong. Take Polygamy. It was considered acceptable before but now is wrong. Guess what???? It was never right to begin with.

  34. To make society better what the hell are you spewing. You sound like hitler can't just simplify morality like that..

  35. I haven't look for more videos but I wish there was more explanation about why morality can't be individual but social. I always thought that something like a moral agreement was called ethics. TBH I'm quite confused.

  36. Change the title of this vid to this week in atheists stupidly…..for the love of God if you havent read the bible stop talking about it!!!!

  37. Morality is not a rule. Rules can be changes. Morality cannot be changed. It's not a feeling within a society or an accepted practice during a certain point in history. Truth is truth. There are societies today that believe that it's okay to mutilate the genitals of young girls. There are places where grown men pay to rape children and the authorities do nothing about it. Is that moral? It's accepted there. So why would it be immoral there? Morality is one of God's laws that is written on our hearts and is not changed by a where, a when or a who. You know morality, because you know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. You know morality, because God made you in his image and because you have a conscience, a soul that feels and a mind that thinks. An immoral act does not suddenly become moral, because it changes it's address. It does not suddenly become good, because it's accepted by a cultural or becomes trendy like wearing a pair of Air Jordan's.

  38. You talking about God letting Jesus to die for us, yet you are okay with killing babies. You are hypocrite here. Nice. Very nice.

  39. "Don't lie;
    don't steal; and,
    always learn from your mistakes."

    "All thieves are liars — and all liars are thieves, even if it's just to steal your trust."

    "You can't have your cake and eat it, too."

    "Everyone pays the piper sooner or late.”

  40. For instance:

    During the time of Hitler the people decided, that killing jews is beneficial for their society.
    So the majority of people thought the actions they are doing is "moraly right", whereas other societies in other countries thought that is
    "moraly wrong". What now?

    If someone killed your children or any member of your family, you would think of vengeance, even though you think, hurting someone is "moraly wrong".

    As an atheist, there is no and there can't be 'objective morality'.
    Moral is time-based, based on local dependence and situation-based

    sixty years ago, homosexuality was "moraly wrong", now it is totally accepted.
    Maybe in twenty years, having intimacy with animals or even dead people, is totally accepted.
    You never know!

  41. So efficiency and convenience/pleasure (pleasentness) is the driver and author of morality and thus the meaning of life (as the meaning of life is to seek to carry out or attain what we see as objectively moral)? That's hedonism and destroys the idea of selflessness, virtue, etc. as they are not necessary and even contradictory to the idea of hedonism. If that's the case, and morality and the meaning of life is intrinsically hedonistic by nature, then morality becomes self contradictory because in this hedonistic world morality allows for a violation of morality so as to attain pleasure and efficiency? You are mistaken, morality has to be based in the idea of good, not efficiency.

  42. the current state of my toolbox

    1. every moral statement or act must support the florishing of morally enabled beings.
    2. otherwise it is an amoral or an immoral statement or act.
    further down the order.
    m. morality aims at the reduction of suffering and the increase of happiness.
    n. morality tolerates amoral statements or acts..

    Why is that so? because you care for the adoption of your statements or acts for the sake of your own florishing.
    We can see for instance why universal or global antinatalism can only make amoral or immoral arguments
    while there can still be moral arguments for local or individual antinatalism.
    But we can also see that telling an inconvinient truth is morally superior over sparing the recipient the suffering of that truth, if that enables the recipient.

    only actualized acts convey information. noone can easily know the pros or cons of the abstinence of an act.
    morality as a rhetorical device can inform us about the values of the non-actualization of acts.

    morality is further to be considered everyones personal and growing toolbox. we may share certain tools. many may have the swiss army knive like the golden rule, which may be propper sometimes but not allways. some may hold their special inspiring manuals.
    and it cannot really be objectively proven, that my above statements (1,2…m,n) are true. i only cleaned up the mess in my toolbox.

    we differ on how to judge, but the optimal way refers to the toolbox of the person to be judged, not the toolbox of the judge.
    practical judgment asks:
    1. do you set possible goals and what are they?
    2. with what actions do you support your goals?
    3. do you avoid conflicts in order to achieve your goals?
    no judement is harsher than the judgment a person inflicts on himself. If guilty, the judged may ask for help and education.

    morality therefore asks for education and teaching about:
    what are possible goals, what are the best methods, and explain the world and her rules within the goals are to be actualized.

  43. The christian example was terrible and shows a complete lack of understanding of scripture… -_- epic fail
    there is still an issue only the Bible would address and that is it's knowing of the cause and effects over multiple generations from the original immoral act . This argument presented in the video is only for the here and now. What about the effects in the future due to that one immoral act done in the present? Afterall does not the first move in chess affect the last move?

  44. Moral and oral are connected morality makes us human and like it or not there is a moral order and ill gotten gains effect it ! Trickery based sex is immoral and so is feeding a culture that makes decent men want to trick females etc

  45. When the person fully understand the meaning and the reason of the Blood, Death , Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ from his death on the Cross 2000 years. Then he will decide and participate on it by making Jesus Christ his personal Lord and Savior then that person will really know the Truth about the Moral life that God wants us to live. Following the Principles of Jesus Christ is the only sure way to live a life of Morality that can lead us to Eternity of life that he promise to all people.
    To know more about this revelation of Morality from Jesus Christ? Just send your questions in my email address [email protected]😇
    Let us all together save life by living the True Morality from Jesus Christ Teaching.

  46. Ahh, bro, God didn't send his son to be killed, He sent him to die for the sins that people had caused so that people don't have to end up in the sin and go to hell. Ye, it is complex if you just read it plainly. It can be a misunderstanding. But your other examples are helpful. Just making sure you don't get the different idea about Christianity that's all. 😀

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