What Is The Afterlife? – Two Minute Message

– Hey everybody, Daniel Fusco here. Welcome to today’s Two Minute Message. I love to encourage people to
take the long view of life, which means, so much of
what we do is focused on this side of eternity, this life. Maybe God gives you 40 years,
50 years, 60 years, 70 years, 80 years, 90 years, whatever, right. But the Bible also teaches
that there is a life after this life, we
call it the after-life. This is speaking of eternity. And one of the things I always tell people is that the after-life is not
the after party of this life. See, once this life passes,
we move into the next life. Just like a caterpillar being
transformed into a butterfly. The life of the caterpillar ends, but the butterfly life begins. And in a lot of ways this life, at the point that we take our last breath, on this side of eternity, we
enter into the after-life. And I want to tell you that
the after-life is not like an updated version of this life. It’s not like a
recapitulation of this life with a few added features. The Bible actually says
that eye is not seen, nor ear is heard, nor has
entered in the hearts of men the things that God has
prepared for those who love Him. What that means is that, the after-life is beyond
our comprehension. That life in heaven with Christ, it’s fullness of joy, it
says in the Book of Psalms, which means, the fullness. It actually means a cup that
is so full it’s overflowing. It’s beyond our ability to comprehend, and so what this life is
meant to be a blessing, and is meant to be lived to its fullness, in accordance with God’s plan, but the after-life is
so much more extravagant and mind-blowing that we
can’t even comprehend it on this side of eternity. So, take the long view of this life. Live this life for God’s glory and make sure that your
after-life is secured in Christ, that you might experience
that fullness of joy that God created you for. God bless you today.

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