What to Do if You Are Spiritually Awakening (3 Things You Must Do Now!)

If you are going through a spiritual awakening, there are 3 things that you must do now. Hi, I’m Saratoga Ocean, and I help people to navigate their spiritual awakening so that they can live their life purpose as lightworkers and starseeds. In this video, I’m going to share 3 important things that you must do right now so that you can feel clear, peaceful, and balanced throughout your spiritual awakening. Now, recently I got a question on social media from someone asking me if they could turn off their spiritual awakening. And I completely understand this question, because an awakening can be fraught with confusion, rapid changes, and a lot of overwhelm. It’s easy to sometimes feel like you wish it would just all go away so your life could go back to being what it once was. Now unfortunately, if you feel that way, you can’t turn off your spiritual awakening because there are forces of nature in this universe that are creating this awakening that are much, much bigger than we are, that are even much bigger than our planet. So I decided to make this video to help you better understand what is happening, and also help you better learn how to navigate the experience so that you do feel much more centered and in control. So let’s talk about the three things that you need to do to feel empowered during your spiritual awakening, instead of freaked out, confused, or even sometimes depressed. Thing number 1 is vitally important you guys, because thing number 1 is that you need to understand exactly what is going on so that you can be clear about your situation. And that’s the first step to really getting your feet on the ground during a spiritual awakening. Because you see, if you don’t fully understand what is happening in the bigger picture, you’re going to feel pushed and pulled in all these different ways. And it’s going to be extremely difficult. So what you need to do is establish a new context for your life, which is what I’m going to show you how to do. So in a spiritual awakening, there are basically two things going on. There is your life before, when you were asleep, and your life now, where you are waking up. And these two things are often at odds with each other. But see, when you understand that the process of a spiritual awakening is moving from a state where you’re unconscious and asleep, to one where you’re waking up to a completely different reality about yourself, when you understand that that’s what’s going on, you can actually start to put yourself in a position of command over your experience. So let’s just talk for a moment about what was happening before your awakening. And that would be the life where you were basically programmed from the day you were born, all the way up to the present time, and essentially told what you’re supposed to be doing, when you should be doing it, how you should be, the kind of person you could be. And it’s all very uniform and preordained, you could say, by the outer world. So what happens is you develop a false, compliant identity. You learn to wear a carefully crafted social mask. You learn to do what you’re told and to comply with what is expected of you. Now in this situation, you are basically asleep because you’ve been conditioned to repress your infinite, true self. Because guys, that self is not going to comply with what I like to call this conveyor belt type of existence that exists on this planet. And the thing is, you’re never really supported to discover who you really are. Instead, you are supported to be a compliant citizen of whatever society you are a part of. So what happens is the false self that you are encouraged to develop also develops a simultaneous false life. And all of that happened because the human beings on this Earth falsely believe that they’re kind of in charge of the whole cosmos. But guess what? They’re not. And that’s why spiritual awakening is occurring. That light, that power, that presence of Omnipresent Love that is beyond your wildest imagination, is emerging from within each and every one of us. And every person is beginning to awaken to that truth of who they really are at whatever rate and in whatever timing is best for them. So you’re basically waking up to an awareness of a new life – the life that you were actually meant to be living. It’s kind of like the universe says, “Okay, everything around this person has conditioned them to repress who they really are. So now that that person is unconscious and asleep, we need to turn on the lights so that they can awaken from within.” So here’s a key point that I want you guys to pay attention to. Essentially what happens in a spiritual awakening is that inner light that is you – that is connected to the creator of all that is, the ultimate truth – what is happening is it’s becoming more powerful than the programming that you’ve gotten from the outside. And that’s essentially what waking up really is. You are slowly coming out of the programming that was inflicted upon you by society, by religion, by education, by the whole structured world of what I refer to now as the old Earth. In other words, the essence of an awakening is that you are becoming more conscious. So the first thing that you need to do to understand your situation is to become consciously aware of the inherent duality that is existing in your life. There’s the programmed reality, and then there’s the true reality that is emerging from within you that is perhaps inspiring you to feel differently, to look at things differently, to be attracted to different things, and to perhaps even take a completely different path in your life. And that’s essentially your soul talking to you. So here’s how you want to look at this in really simple terms. You want to think about nurturing yourself out of that highly programmed state into a new experience that is much more aligned with your inner being. Now, thing number 2 that you must do if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, is to seek your true life purpose. Now, your true life purpose is not some assignment that you’re going to instantly recognize. It’s actually a process of unfoldment and discovery. What you are looking for is your true purpose as an infinite, cosmic being who chose to incarnate on this planet at this particular time. See because, up until now you’ve likely been living society’s purpose for you. So a spiritual awakening is when you shift from a purpose that was placed upon you from the outside, to a new purpose that emerges from a higher place from within you. So discovering and living your life’s true purpose is quite possibly the most stabilizing and the most empowering thing you can do when you are undergoing a spiritual awakening. In fact, it’s one of the chief purposes of a spiritual awakening. The purpose being to direct or guide you to your true path in life that comes from your infinite cosmic self. And this is extremely powerful, you guys, because it’s the universe’s purpose for you, instead of the purpose that is put upon you from a highly controlled, what I often think of as a slave-based society. And if you guys want more detailed help in discovering and living your life’s purpose, I have a free ebook on this. And I’ll put the link in the description below and all you have to do is click it and you can get it. It’s entirely free. But for right now, let me give you two quick but very powerful tips of how to discover your life’s purpose. Tip number 1 is to stay in close touch with your inner being. And this is actually best done through daily meditation. Because as you spiritually awaken, your inner being, your soul, will begin sending you signals. And this will come in the form of thoughts and inspirations that are generally guided by your intuition. And also your intuition is going to strengthen as well. And the second tip is to simply pray for guidance. Ask your angels to help you. Ask the universe to give you signs. There’s so much help out there wanting to support and guide and direct you and all you have to do is ask. Now thing number 3 that you must do if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, is decide that you are going to go on a healing journey. A spiritual awakening usually involves a tremendous need for healing. Because what’s going to happen is you’re going to start to realize how much in your life you have been turning against yourself. You will start to realize the deep level of repression that you have likely fallen into in order to survive in this highly controlled and programmed reality. You may start getting in touch with the pain that this repression has inflicted upon you, because it’s impossible to remain unconscious to that pain any longer. So as you become aware of that pain, realize that you need to heal from perhaps decades of unwittingly turning against yourself because you were expected to do so. Also realize that your life needs to heal as well. This relates to whatever degree your life is out of harmony with who you really are. So as your inner being begins to wake up and become conscious again, you will also become more conscious of the damage that was done by your former level of repression. And the thing is you’re going to find it very difficult to anesthetize yourself again and go unconscious to that pain. And this is the part of a spiritual awakening that sometimes freaks people out and can even cause depression if you don’t understand what is actually going on. It’s important to understand that these painful revelations are completely normal and necessary. And no, you’re definitely not going crazy. You are experiencing and realizing all of this so that you can consciously make the effort to heal. And the simplest definition for healing is to restore one’s original harmony. So your healing involves healing yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. So view your healing as a process and a journey. Be patient and loving with yourself. The simplest way to view your need for healing is to recognize that you are being compelled to restore harmony and alignment in your life on all levels, and to restore it in a way that corresponds with who you really are. You are being charged with the effort to discard the literal deformity that was foisted upon your being when you were told by the outer world who you are and who you’re supposed to be. So be patient and take it one day at a time. The pain involved in a spiritual awakening can actually be viewed as a healing crisis. But it’s one that finally gives you the chance to feel whole again and permanently healed of all discord within yourself. And always remember that there are powerful, benevolent forces of Light and Love in this universe that support your healing. So you’re never ever alone in the process of your own spiritual awakening. So those are the three things that you must do when undergoing a spiritual awakening to restore balance, harmony and equilibrium throughout your being and throughout your consciousness. The first one is to understand your situation. The second one is to seek your true life purpose. And the third one is to begin a conscious healing journey. And if you focus on these three things, you will be on the road to some tremendous experiences of empowerment during the process of your amazing spiritual awakening. Now, if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and share it out with your friends. And be sure to hit the subscribe button and that notification bell so that you are notified each time I post a new video to guide you through your spiritual awakening. And leave me a comment below and let me know if this was helpful for you. And with that, I’m sending you loads of light, love, and positive energy. Have a beautiful day. Namaste.

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