Why Don’t Mormons Pray to Jesus?

Hey guys, how’s it going? We’re going to
talk about cool stuff today What happened? It was just straight to the point. I shoot straight to the point. I’m a no mess around kind of guy. Alright so today we’re gonna talk about
why Mormons only pray to Heavenly Father, God the Father, instead of straight to
Jesus or the Virgin Mary. We’re gonna kind of talk about why we do it the
way we do it and a lot of other Christian religions do it the same way
that we do it, which is great — but first, if you want to read about — you want to figure out what LDS people believe about God, go watch
our episode on the Trinity which will be linked because, you know, what we don’t
believe in the Trinity so we’re not talking about the Trinity, we’re talking
about God the Father, Jesus Christ, the spirit of separate people so if you don’t
understand that, go watch the episode and get back to us. Anyway,
alright take it away. Yeah. Understanding our beliefs on the Godhead
would be important when understanding how we pray we pray to God the Father
in the name of Jesus because that’s what Jesus told us to do in the scriptures.
Yeah. It’s basically, when it comes down to it,
there are several accounts in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon where– when
Jesus was on the earth, he told us that we pray to the Father in the name of
Jesus Christ. One example of that is in John chapter 16 and in verse 23 it says,
“Verily, verily I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he
will give it to you.” So clearly that’s Jesus talking and he says it right there,
we don’t pray to anyone but Heavenly Father because that’s what Jesus told us
to do in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon. Yeah. From the Book of Mormon it
says here, “And they shall be a scourge to the people of this land.” Hahaha “…and they
shall believe in me that I am Jesus Christ a Son of God and shall pray unto
the Father in my name.” We learn from Christ to pray to the Father.
It can sometimes be confusing because in the scriptures, the people
sometimes pray to Jesus and we can see how that can be confusing but they
actually only pray to Jesus when he’s there on the earth and they’re like
praying to him while he’s there and Jesus also always instructs to pray to
the Father. So the people might be praying to Jesus and you could also
interpret that, they’re just like praising him as he’s there but
Jesus always directs to pray to the Father so that’s what we do, but in his
name, which is very important because we believe that Christ is our mediator,
not meteor– he’s not a meteor, he is our mediator between us and the Father which is
important and a lot of people will ask what does that mean? Because it’s sort of a
complex thing. Here’s, here’s a way I like to think of it. If I
call someone, right, if I call you David– Um that never happens but yeah– to be fair, I don’t call anyone. It’s okay, I send you texts. I get texts every once in a while. We text every once in a while. They’re both married like we don’t hang out as much because they’re married and they’re
always like in married Provo, I’m out partying… But um, so like if I were to call David– I’m talking to David, right? But the
only way that call is going through is because of the cellular company which I
have, whether it’s Sprint or Verizon or AT&T but I’m calling David, it’s only
getting there because of that provider so it’s literally happening in the name
of, in the process of and the company of AT&T or Sprint and so when we’re praying
to the Father, it’s happening in the name of Jesus cuz he’s the only reason
we know who to pray to, he’s the reason we know how to direct our prayers, it’s
all done because of Christ so it’s done in his name and not everybody does it
that way and a lot of people question why. For instance, we don’t pray to the
Virgin Mary or to Saints and obviously I’m talking about the Catholic Church– or
certain Orthodox churches– sure, they do. I don’t know any but probably. They do. I’m not a Catholic, I served my mission in Mexico and had a lot of interaction
Catholicism there so as I understand it, and you can correct me if I’m wrong in
the comments, as we believe that Christ is our mediator to the Father, some other
religions believe that the Virgin Mary or other Saints are their mediator to
Christ who is also in turn their mediator to the Father and so the
question is, why don’t we pray or go through the virgin or the Saints to get
to Christ to get to God and essentially just because Christ said to go
through him and that’s basically where we stop. It’s just not, according to our
interpretations, it’s not scriptural that we need to do that. And in their
defense, prayer is often translated as ‘ask,’ right? So they just think, “Okay, well all we’re doing is asking Saints to pray on our behalf.” We can totally
see where you get the logic from. I mean it is logical, it kind of makes sense if
you’re taking that interpretation but I do like just the, “If any of you lack
wisdom, let him ask of God” and I just think it’s always written in plain words
in the scriptures: Ask God the Father. I know it’s a lot of prayers, I’m not
saying like it’s like an email where he’s like backed up to 6,000 years. I think God
is a Being that is so complex and so much larger than we can understand, he
can get all of our prayers. So we just want you to pray to God the Father,
that’s what Jesus directed, that’s what the prophets have directed so that’s what we
do. I think my personal opinion and feelings on the matter are that, I mean
obviously the Virgin Mary is an extremely important character in history, the
mother of Christ, and there are a whole plethora of saints but I feel like as
important and as great as those people were, they shouldn’t distract us
from going to our Heavenly Father as you mentioned, through Christ. At the end of
the day it is God (Heavenly Father) and his son Jesus Christ. That should be our
entire focus. Yeah, the role of the Virgin Mary really is just more of a role model
or an example type of role, it’s not someone who we
consider– we don’t consider her deified or anything like that. I know some
churches don’t worship her but they just view her very highly and we do too but I
think it’s just in a different way. Definitely. Just a different way. I think
that in that topic of Saints, I think that we’re not saying that those
people who are made into Saints in the Catholic Church didn’t, you know, have
really cool miracles, that they didn’t do amazing things, they did but we’re
just going by the way Jesus directs. Think of it this way. If you’re with
Mormons and they were like, “All right, so I’m gonna pray to Brigham Young and he’s
gonna ask Jesus to pray in my behalf,” you’d go, “That’s a little weird,” you know, so that’s sort of how we look at it, like we don’t, we don’t take anyone else,
we don’t pray to Paul or Oliver Cowdery or anyone and ask to pray in our
behalf, we just go straight to the Father and I think that’s important because it
shows that you can have a relationship with God the Father. I think a lot of
people don’t really understand what that means or actually growing up, we’re often
told like to have a relationship with God but that was just sort of a
saying but what that really means is getting revelation back after you pray, right? It’s not just us exclaiming things or just saying that we’re grateful for
things but prayer really is communication. Having a personal
relationship with God comes through praying to him, not to anyone else,
not that you can’t have a relationship with God if you’re a Catholic or pray in
all these different ways but– I think to have a true relationship with
God that’s going to continue to progress and in the most honest sense,
right? So in the restored gospel, the restored gospel has been given to us by
God the Father Jesus Christ and so in the restored gospel, by them we know who
to pray to by their direction but essentially on this show all we’re doing
is and sort of inviting you to say, you know, it’s always been this way but there
is another option here and I want you to actually explore and look at what we’re
saying because there is something here that you should not ignore. Well said, well said. I hope that makes more sense to you why
Mormons pray to Heavenly Father and we don’t choose to pray to anyone else and
hopefully you guys will take our invitation and try out praying like a Mormon and if
you don’t already, if you are a different religion or if you’re just
investigating the church, we really encourage you to pray. You start by
addressing Heavenly Father and you end with in the name of Jesus Christ amen.
And you just go from there. Pray what’s in your heart and let us know what
happens. Comment below. We’re really excited
to hear all of your experiences and we love you guys. You guys laugh at me every time I say that. I love them. It’s a happy laugh, I’m glad you love them. I love you guys too. We’re dudes, we just… we live in a culture of toxic masculinity, we’re not allowed to say love. Be sure to subscribe to our channel on YouTube if you enjoyed this. Hit the notification bell so you get notified every single time we upload, be sure to comment, like and share this video as well, as we have other
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