Will Kundalini Awakening Demotivate Materialistic Pursuit? – 961

Will Kundalini Awakening Demotivate Materialistic Pursuit? – 961

Be Blessed by the Divine! Manav Singh, this is a video for you Will Kundalini Awakening Demotivate Materialistic
Pursuit? Good news is NO Manav, it will not Kundalini Shakthi is your life-force As you awaken your Kundalini force To Ajna Chakra from Mooladhara Chakra Then to Sahasrara And then to higher levels You will gain consciousness awakening. You will gain awareness of your own life-force Pulsating in various chakras As you begin to focus And improve concentration On various chakras in your body Your brain will go down To the alpha level of frequency Theta Delta level. There are various research papers That has been published Of the benefits of keeping our mind In the Alpha calm state of the mind. In the alpha state of the mind Our mind gains the power to manifest Whatever we desire in real life In higher levels When we go to Theta and Delta Below 8 cps 4-7 cps is Theta 0.5-3 cps is Delta We will desire what will manifest We will get rid of desires that will not manifest That should not manifest. We will not desire things that will hurt us or others Now or in the future Physically or mentally. Only that desires which should manifest in
real life That will manifest in real life According to the divine order of the law of
cause and effect Only those desires we will begin to desire Therefore, our materialistic pursuit Will be in line with the law of cause and
effect We shall hurt anyone in the way of earning
our money We shall try to remove the pain of others Seek their blessings In the process of earning money for ourselves Such is the power of kundalini awakening Such is the benefit of a kundalini yogi. Thank you, Manav Singh, for inspiring the
video If you would like to contribute to this channel Visit SimplifiedKundaliniYoga.com Be Blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.

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  1. Obiviously it will streamline the importance of materialistic and immsteralistic….

    At the end the stand will be for immsteralistic ….

    Correct sir

  2. Dear sir my kundalini was awakened.
    I was feeling full of energy inside my body.
    I was totally changed.
    My friends are wanted to changed me.
    Then slowly slowly i started to take bad habit due to my friends.
    I was started smoking masterbating.
    Then i lost my kundalini energy.
    Now again I'm practicing bramhacharya.
    Pls guides me to uplift my energy force.
    Pls givr me your contact. I'm very curious to awakened my kundalini energy back. 🙏🙏

  3. Sir, can you do a video on if there is any specialty on meditation during maha shiva rathri? And if so, how should it be done?

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