Woman Dies After Denied Abortion – Cenk on ‘Morality’

Woman Dies After Denied Abortion – Cenk on ‘Morality’

thirty one-year-old woman in ireland
uh… died after she had a miscarriage and doctors refuse to terminate the
pregnancy uh… when she was about seventeen weeks pregnant she went into
the hospital and complained about severe back pain and the doctors realized that she was
miscarrying so she started asking them after an abortion because the pain was
excruciating however out the fetus allegedly still had a heart beat and uh… the doctors told her that they
would not uh… abort because they only abort in cases where the woman’s life is
in danger and so they they had not heard the
abortion uh… few days later uh… it she died from something known
is that set the senior and uh… it was a yuko live uh…
infection that she had and you know she left behind a husband
and their devastated and the fact that doctors denied her this abortion is just ridiculous it’s ludicrous yet in this is a problem when we make decisions
like this uh… that are not based on logical reason or even honest the humanity of the
people say they do this for morality is this for al is this moral miss the
muslim world we have ever heard doctor saying that they won’t operate when she obviously even she was
vomiting proper whole day she was an extreme pain
obvious issue has and we pay long infection in the beginning to our
meeting today in the right before so for us but that by the end of the baby was in a
survive anyway she asks for an abortion multiple times
and he she was desperate at one point com she was fully dilated uh… and and feed the miscarriage it
shoes in the process of having a miscarriage and she asked for them to
you know opal abort you know get get this out of my body uh… and the doctors told her it only
take a few minutes just you know just wait it out uh… as she was you know japan meeting
and the arctic fluid it was an issue isn’t horrible condition and they still
denied what she asks for and out her husband says that doctors told her uh…
i’m sorry the doctor said that you know this is a catholic hospitals and that’s what the long island that’s
the law yeah uh… and at the husband says i had
neither irish nor catholic but they said there was nothing they
could do this vessel exactly what’s wrong with
this why are you putting your morality on me begin this to my wife hinman curious i’m furious and it is that my
wife why do why i have to listen to your
insane rules from new orleans is taxed well i think
that no one should marketing handle religion was fall it’s that’s what’s out
there we would do for western democracies assault believe in that is just this barbarism when you see the actual
effects of it you know oftentimes when we talk about
extremism we talk about countries in the middle east but when you look at some of
the laws that island house when it comes to contraception when it comes to you abortion you realize just how religious
there really are for instance it wasn’t until nineteen
eighty five that ireland allowed uh… people over the age of eighteen to
purchase condoms without a prescription contraband completely until about
nineteen seventy nine on cell n and recently what relatively recently in two
thousand five three women now filed a lawsuit against
ireland because they have to travel out of the country to receive an abortion so
understand because that sounds really confusing are they supposed to be a billboard
generally not get the life is in danger as it was in this case and we started
talking about well that’s the problem according to the
constitution abortion is flat out the legal but in nineteen eighty two supreme court
ruled that it could be legalized the situation one
woman’s lives at risk if you continue the pregnancy the
problem is nobody knows how to interpret that this for that’s conflicting and so some hospital say well no we’re
not gonna do the work no matter what some hospitals do that’s nowhere to run a country and that
not only is that no way to run the country apples completely and against your pro-life stance because
women are dying as a result of your refusing to terminate uh… a pregnancy you know i’ve done up fears that is not viable right fears that isn’t even gonna
survive you know it like in this case they know
that she is going through a miscarriage so you’re not saving anyone’s life in
this situation but in this case i think the doctors were so afraid of breaking
the law that they decided to play it safe and just not do anything about it
army go further i think uh… for the most religious people that take it for this kind of extreme
ravine most the moral people in the world and so it’s not like already religion
and its morality or dividend or they’re just the same as there is no doubt they’re not the same as everybody’s when you takes stupid laws that don’t
meet any sense that our team in your bible it doesn’t
even say you should have an abortion your bible anne apply to everybody what they are in
your religion about your religion whether a group and they don’t agree and
some people dying because of it that’s is the moral of act as you could
possibly do and why because law an auto some and purpose in teen sixteen hundred
years ago made a political document that he said jesus might have said
o_j_’s of those friends might have said before that he has been swept this
assaults don’t they there in the pump daring leonard i like
that and now we have these neanderthals in america that want to take us back to
me is dark in the thousands nobel’s across the country walk back reproductive rights i can’t believe we’re having this comes
as it did so many states their weight i’m so sick of people’s religion then and so sick of it and possibly know you have to do my
review that do my religion block wall while at the rear of the trip i don’t i don’t believe her religion i don’t believe it get the effects well
question about it i don’t have responded i was fresh air
date but analysis i’ll plan allows a_t_p_
it’s a blue so idon’t yesterday tracker autorad
quite like they saw and heard progress police in a couple of logic and reason but we
have a conversation about haiti update here as a result basis for this law ok fine don’t talk
about it but you can’t have a place that i got i
think two thousand years ago told the
pocketbooks that he talked about that will assist
but he said harris has seen in her body canceled at last fall internet back fifty hundred years ago as it may be you
shouldn’t do this so that events i’d like your wiped out stopped you fundamentalist bullshit

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  1. well it gets even worse in the country Nicaragua.
    women are even denied of therapeutic abortions even if their baby are endangering them or are being at risk of dying.

  2. The Jewish Talmud has said that when fetuse is threatening the life of the mother you can abort because they liken it to taking the life of a potential murderer

  3. Dying woman enters hospital with a dying baby in her womb that has no chance of survival. Doctors decide to wait on saving a life for the other life to die before they'll treat her. Woman dies. Never should have been allowed to happen; they chose a life that wasn't going to make it anyways, over a life that could still be saved.

  4. The doctor was wrong because the doctor can give an abortion to preserve her life. So the issue isn't the law it was the doctor.

  5. I know abortion is a tough and ugly conversation I am pro choice but I do not agree with late term abortion unless it's to save the mother's life and I don't agree with ppl using abortion as birth control I will do everything in my power to help teach my nephew and niece about safe sex when the time comes, if either of them are ever in the situation that they are thinking about abortion they will know that I would help 100 % raising a baby but I would also help them if that wasn't what they want, I get why ppl fight against abortion but I think that ppl don't stop to ask why a person is making the choice every case isn't the same and it's heartbreaking to abort a baby but making it illegal will not stop it, it will just make it dangerous the best thing we can do in this country is to make birth control free and teach safe sex

  6. The baby had a heartbeat. Hire is this a miscarriage? The woman didn't die due to being denied the "right" to kill the baby, she died because of an ecoli infection. It is very likely that the woman would have died even if they killed the baby.

  7. They should have helped her. However, if the family practiced female mutilation which is accepted by their morality, would that be ok?

  8. I agree with Ana and Cenk's opinion on this but it's amusing, nay ironic to see Cenk go in to a mad rant about religion considering how much of a arse kissing, apologist for Islam that he is.

  9. Because of Ireland's laws on abortion not only one but both people died , that is two for the price of one, way to go Catholic Church.

  10. OK let me throw in my two cents as an Irish pro-life atheist. This is a terrible incident but it is not the fault of the law. This was the doctors' fault for not performing the abortion. They mis-diagnosed her many times and should've identified she was going to die early on and performed the abortion. This isn't the law's fault here, it's solely on the doctors.
    I also want to address Cenk saying how pro-life ideas are stemmed from religion. As an atheist my views are obviously not influenced by religion. I personally see it as immoral to end the life of a fetus even if the mother was subject of rape. I want to clarify that rape is a heinous crime and those found guilty with irrefutable evidence should be castrated or killed, but why should the sins of the father take away that child's life? it seems immoral to me.
    Its people like TYT who always roar 'sexist' or 'bigot' at those who hold generally conservative stand points and call people who hold them standpoints 'religious nuts' or other names along those lines. They should stop trying to be so virtuous and maybe listen to other people's point of view.
    That's just me though feel free to disagree and I'll try to have a debate with those who act maturely.

  11. Okay fundamentalist religious people are the most immoral? Let's talk about that. 0.2% of abortions in the United States are from rape. The amount of women dying from pregnancy is extremely low and only 1% of those women are from the United States to begin with where our jurisdiction is. Using 0.3% (being generous) of abortion circumstances to justify killing the other 99.7% of babies is absolutely disgusting and immensely immoral.

  12. Ireland is probably the most decent western country, unlike the UK were they encourage school girls to abort abort abort.

  13. I absolutely adore this guy (despite his bad language). He cares . In fact, at one point I thought he was going to burst into tears!

  14. A miscarriage happens to be a terminated pregnancy, a natural abortion. The standard protocol is a D&C.
    Get your information from a qualified source. Your reporting is VERY flawed.

  15. Abortion should be legal, even if the fetus was healthy. Having a baby is a huge decision and some woman would be better not having that baby – for the baby's sake. MY BODY, MY RULES.

  16. This the problem when we allow Religious believes that control no other people's lives. This is what theoracy look like. This is immoral.. criminal.. fundermentalist Christian Taliban.

  17. This is fake news. It was medical negligence not legality that lead to her tragic death. Look at all the investigations! In cases where the woman's life is at risk the pregnancy is terminated, even in the Catholic catechism the life of the mother is prioritised.

  18. I always find it interesting how similar Christianity and Islam is. However, it's usually Islam everyone denounces and is afraid of. "Islam is so anti-women, Islam is so anti-LGTBQ" and so on, when in fact the Bible and Qur'an is very similar on many points (yes, I have read both). I am European (Swede) and I hear a lot of people who are afraid of the "Islamization of Europe" and that "Sharia law will take over". Well, you don't need Muslims to implement Sharia law. Irish Catholics seems to manage that just fine by themselves. Madness.

  19. All democrats, including Hillary, are for abortion under certain circumstances whereas Republicans are against abortion in almost all cases. So while "Bernie or Busters" may say that Hillary and Republicans are the same, this is a concrete case where this shows the Bernie or Busters to be WRONG.

    So Young Turks, stop equating the DNC, Hillary with Republicans. They are different. Remember that next time you make a video doing false equivalence between the DNC and Republicans

  20. This where politics should never enter into a doctor's or patient's decision on what to do, otherwise, you end up with a dead patient.

  21. Cenk, you're absolutely right, people who step in and make decisions based on politics instead of what's best for the patient are totally immoral people like these assinine christian fundamentalists

  22. Anyone here from 2018? Doctors should be legally obliged to put saving human lives over their views on abortion/ their religion.

  23. I dont agree with abortion but, she was miscarrying, the baby wouldnt survive….this is a very bad medical decision….condolences to husband family friends….this is tragic no words……

  24. Here's the thing I don't get about Irish laws. Catholicism is very small in Ireland. It feels like the Irish government or other authorities don't even consider the circumstances under which the woman is having the baby. The Irish constitution main aim was freedom and to be treated fairly. People fought for equality. People died for it and left families for it. It's basically limited freedom then if your willing to let a woman die just because of a law based on religious reasons.

  25. You shameless charlatans! You have hijacked a tragedy for your own agenda. Disgusting. I am Irish. I am also in the medical field. This lady died of sepsis. I challenge anyone to show me a medical textbook where abortion is the recommended treatment for sepsis. Ireland has one of the lowest maternal mortality ratios in the world ( not that facts matter). Consistently lower than countries that have abortion on demand including the UK, USA ( whose stats wouldn't look out of place alongside many from the developing world), Canada etc etc. Ireland consistently scores as one of the safest countries in the world to give birth in. Ireland founded the first ever maternity hospital ( Rotunda, Dublin). Explain how women die in childbirth ( in large numbers in some countries) from sepsis in the UK, USA etc if the condition can be treated with abortion? Abortion has eliminated almost 60 million American lives and you guys have the audacity to lecture us on 'morality'? I will never trust a word that comes from the young Turks again you have opened my eyes to how biased you are.

  26. Can you not go to different hospitals there?? I had to go to multiple different hospitals to get the care I needed when I was dying.
    Edit: I'm in the US

  27. So you say that the patient shouldn't have follow the hospital or countrys religion. Ok…Question…..Should a CATHOLIC doctor be forced to follow YOUR atheism.and perform a procedure against HIS religion?? Funny you have NO PROBLEM violating the doctors beliefs if not the same as yours

  28. "If this was my wife I'd be furious."

    Somehow even a strong word like 'furious seems like a vast understatement.



  31. Yes, the existing system is not perfect but the proposed terrible price is not a solution.
    Ireland, give your compassion to unborn! Save innocent souls and yours hands clean from the blood of innocent…

  32. I totally agree with you Cenk. Some people believe religion is going to solve everything when it’s not. Only common sense solves the problems in this world. I believe in omnipresent beings but will never practice any religion because of bullshit like what was discussed in this segment.

  33. I’m Irish and this Friday, Ireland is voting to repeal the 8th amendment in other words to legalize abortion or keep the remaining laws. This is the first time I will ever be voting as I am now old enough and I am so excited to vote alongside my friends, family and country to vote yes and legalize abortion. Ireland was the first country to legalize same sex marriage by popular vote in 2015 and now I believe the yes vote will win once again! Ireland is making great progress away from the Catholic Church. In my opinion the youth of Ireland are not very religious as they were decades ago and when this happened to Savita (the woman who died in the hospital that you are mentioning in the video), the youth of Ireland were not very religious even then. I’d say a high percentage of the country was outraged by what happened to her and now her face is on posters that are campaigning for the yes vote.

  34. Repeal the 8th! Vote is tomorrow, people. It's not even just about abortion! It's about women having a say in what happens to our bodies!

  35. Watching this on the day that the 8th Amendment (Abortion ban in Ireland) was repealed. Love Cenk's passion.

  36. Over half a decade later and this story comes full circle with Repeal The Eighth being successful. I'm so happy with the journalism TYT has been doing and so proud to be a subscriber.

  37. I’m very fortunate to live in a city that has one of the best trauma hospitals in the US. And it is a university hospital, not run by the churches. And the biggest irony, is that this is the only hospital that will take people that can’t pay. If you don’t have medical insurance, the Christian hospitals will barely stabilize you, then sent you to University. So much for Christians and churches being charitable, and atheist being evil.

  38. So how do you determine which human to murder, and at what risk to be wrong?… The baby or the woman?? They'r e both human and they're both alive…so…. 😛

  39. 2018 sees a change in the law….so NOW they would have given her the termination and she would be alive?

  40. stupid catholic law like an asian woman who was having a painful pregnancy and when she requested an c section and her family refused so she threw herself out the hospital window killing herself and the baby why are these archaic laws and views about pregnancy and abortion woman all over the world have the right over their bodies have the right for birth control and that catholic law needs to go and asian families need to let the pregnant women their choice over their bodies

  41. i absolutely hate abortion, but I agree with every thing your saying. Medicine in general should be between a doctor and a patient and those are the only two people who should be making decisions about someone's body politics and all politicians need to be completely removed from the transactions of medical care…

  42. I surprisingly actually agree with the rant in this video fuk all the extremist fundamentals out there using religion as a front

  43. This isn't about morality or forcing their religious beliefs on this lady & her husband. Every SINGLE ONE OF THOSE DOCTORS WANTED TO HELP HER & ABORT. They just couldn't because of the STUPID LAW!! OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY WENT BALLISTIC ABOUT THIS SITUATION…. To the extent that we were going to completely topple the Government that was in place unless they put it to a public ballot…. WHICH THEY DID. AND THE PUBLIC OVERWHELMINGLY BY A MARGIN THAT HASTO BE THE LARGEST LANDSLIDE VOTE EVER IN RECORDED VOTING HISTORY IN THE WORLD THE COUNTRY MADE DAMN SURE THAT THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. And I know its of no compensation to Mr. Hallapinavar whatsoever, BUT DAMN NEAR EVERYBODY VOTED TO LEGALISE IT & they did in Mrs. Savita Hallapinavar's name & thinking of the tragedy that occurred when Mrs. Hallapinavar (RIP) died.

    But PLEASE don't think we are religious zealots, who try to ram our "religion" (Ireland has a LOT of people who were baptised who are atheists now) We're also a country where Everybody, no matter whether they are Catholic, other Christian varieties, Muslim, Hindu, Urdu, Sich, Jewish, Scientologist, Russian Orthodox, Believe in fairies, or Anything else you like & we cater for them all, as well as churches we do have mosques, All of the other various temples and gathering places that human beings go to to pray or worship, everybody has their place of worship, and we'd absolutely throttle anyone who appeared to be pushing their agenda or beliefs onto someone else. That's what "The Troubles" were about: half religious extremism, half "Give us our entire country back (the people in Northern Ireland ~has to be the smallest country in d world~, & the people in the Republic of Ireland were saying "Nah you can keep that lot; they're ur problem children anyway! & we can't afford them, or all the sh!t they cause, killing each other & blowing everything up n all- keep 'em!) so forcing anything now would be an extremely Bad Idea.
    EVERY SINGLE ONE of Savita's doctors wanted to help and do what she asked, they tried everything to be able to help her; they sought intervention from the President, the Prime Minister, they sought intervention from the pope (& got it, in the form that in this case it's not one bit religious to have any woman die for the sake of a baby that'd already died herself, & the Pope spoke to the Prez) it's that they cannot make any new law retroactive in any case, but they did put it to a vote as quickly as possible, because the HUE & CRY OUT/BACKLASH WAS THAT SPECTACULAR!!
    WE'RE NOT ALL NARROW MINDED Simpletons, nor are we a country of Religious Bigots/Zealots by any measure!: they're all ancient or dead/almost dead now, thank Goodness! The bible thumpers of our country are swiftly becoming extinct, as is their influence!! (the foremost proof of this is the fact that the last time Abortion was put to a referendum in Ireland was in 1983, when the Bible Bashers wielded ALL of the power, which they used to bring about the polar opposite of the result of this years referendum, IE they voted overwhelmingly to maintain Abortion as an illegal offence…)
    Now that they no longer hold political influence, we keep religion & politics separate! I hasten to add that we hardly ram religion down people's throats, when we were one of the first countries in the world to legalise Same Sex Marriage by public vote, and that was by an overwhelming majority also.
    Its not our fault that almost a century ago the Church basically wrote our Constitution & the feckless gobshites in the government back then let them: we weren't even born tíl multiple decades later!, but we are changing it as fast as is humanly possible & telling the church where to stick it (apart from in little boys & girls!) while we're at it.
    So, with respect, if you're going to report on stories about Ireland, kindly report ALL OF THE FACTS/DETAILS, & not just a very selective few that effectively demonise our entire country!! Not to mention the few that you did report you got wrong, Eg: a miscarriage does not have a heartbeat; if it does you have not miscarried…

  44. At that stage, there was no law to save her life, but an act was created after Savita died to prevent repetition of a similar situation. The same case was used years later to repeal the 8th for abortion on demand, up to 12 weeks so far. This talk doesn't have chronological accuracy. But having repealed the 8th has many claiming the lack of a legal backlash for those performing the abortion.

  45. It is NOT an abortion as the baby was already DEAD so this case is a non argument. All abortions (meaning there is an alive baby) are murder, full stop and should be illegal. At 13 weeks the baby is already kicking and sucking on its thumb with formed organs. There is no excuse to murder a baby.

  46. How can be those Turks so stupid? If you have a misscariage, the baby is already dead. This child was obviously alive. In case it was already dead, I support that woman's right to get that dead fetus out of her just as I support abortion ban.

  47. Seriously cenk have you nothing better to be angry about? This lady knew the laws and could have driven to Belfast to get the abortion she craved. No sympathy for anyone who tried a home abortion

  48. Know this one girl who had an abortion after her third kid…. I wish she died just like her forth innocent kid because the rest of her 3 kids she had after that are a waste of lives🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ just like her first 2

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