Yedi Kadım Soy Ve İnsanlığın Sonu, İnsanlık Hangi Soyda

It is forgotten in this videom or a mystery, but in the religion of Islam or in other religions thousands of years have been told to us, but the cadence of this truth is crooked and the end of mankind You can subscribe to the channel before the video starts, or you can ask questions with your comments or share your ideas. This adventure that started thousands of years ago has enabled us to come to our present position. There are phases in the world until the present human being emerges … a change and development that has reached mankind and which has been going on for millennia of years to create the modern human system … the first root lineage, called the Polarean lineage, is the theosophy … the polorean land of mankind is a divine being, not the etten, not the bone. second root line, Hyperboreadır … The most important feature of Hyperborea is that it is bisexual. Hyperborea people have a bigger size than today’s people. Older people have told us that their lengths are long and heavy, which confirms that the hyrperbore can logically exist. third root lineage, lemurian lineage … the people of the legendary mu. The lemurians are also giants … the most important features of the lyric Hyperborea are now separated by their sex as male and female … they could breed and breed … the massive structures of the pacific islands, the pyramids of corn, the third generation of people who made the works of the south american civilizations incomprehensible … fourth root line; Atlantis man … at this stage human beings have civilized, formed civilizations, domesticated animals … they have developed a system of beliefs that is unique to the legends of previous sayings … thrush root; the religions have emerged, the mythical expressions of the other roots have become beliefs, the states have been established, demolished, mankind has begun to make its own laws … Are there six or seventh stem roots? nowadays the 5th root, the 6th root, the transition to the soya, the human being … the gods have begun to confront, now with the possibilities known by science, they have begun to create their own worlds, to possess the secrets of the world and of the universe. The sixth root will be a transitional evolution and the development and change of the human will end with the seventh root line … In the sixth lineage process, mankind will discover divine talents and today will have the powers that we can not confide in. There are thousands of years in the golden age, but now we are very close to the golden days of good news … In the 7th generation of roots, each person will now become a god … inna lillah and inna ileyhi raciun Praise be to Allah, the Almighty! We came from O and we will return to O … Here we are going to come to Allah allahha briefly, we will go to the allaha, so that the end of mankind is no longer according to the Islamic religion, we understand that we are going to leave the eternal bone and go to the spiritual, that is to say, as energy. Death is the beginning, not the end, as the ancients said. As described in the ancients, we will be separated from our mortal body, endless life for us, and filled with eternal life and energy. We are talking about the energy of Allah and we are finally able to say it as the religious and scientific dimension. Scientifically in the world we see seven layers consistently seven layers 7 layers sky 7 layers 7 ced etc. such definitions are based on the old ones and we can say that we are approaching the 7th.

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